They are not exactly the epitome of the Niagra Falls, but the Hidden Valley Falls make up in beauty. The flowing and graceful way the water just cascades down the rock face into the valley bellow, is a sight for sore eyes and soothing to the soul.

They are also called the 1000 ft Falls, but do you know, they actually plunge a sheer 1500 ft drop from the ridge to the valley floor!

We had a long drive from the main entrance at the forest station, San Ignacio to the falls. About 1 – 1 ˝ hours. What is so amazing was that we were not supposed to be there. We didn`t know that and nobody told us.

We were visiting at the end of the rainy season and by rights, nobody is allowed to drive up. The yellowish, clay roads become quite slippery and dangerous. Our faithful Suzuki got us there. It was a bumpy ride, but an exciting and peaceful drive through the pine forest. We had the place totally to ourselves.

We were admiring the faun and flora along the way. A few times we stopped the drive to admire the orange groves, landscape and flowers. Orchids grow in abundance there. In some parts of the forest the trees were blackened which looked rather strange. This was due to forest fires that had happened during the summer. We were glad to here that the forest has a remarkable way of recovering from such fires.

There was a safety plan for those who venture up to the Hidden Valley Falls. The number plate of your vehicle was registered before you entered and if you did not reappear before sundown then a search party would come looking for you. That was a comfort to know!

A small narrated clip about the Hidden Valley Falls in Belize. Publishing a few facts about this small piece of paradise.

As you enter the area of the falls there is a large picnic area overlooking them and also a platform that could hold around 4 people overhanging the valley where you can take great shots of the beautiful cascading water.

How to Get There

If you are not joining a tour but are driving, make your way to San Ignacio. The entrance to the reserve is at the Forest Station, St Augustine. If you are coming from Belize City, you should take the Western Highway to Belmopan and then San Ignacio.

If you are coming from the south take the Southern Road and the Hummingbird Highway. This is a beautiful road. I took some shots of a tarantula there. We felt like David Attenborough and his crew!

Make sure you ware or at least take with you something warm and even waterproof. It gets rather misty as you can see from the videos, depending at what time and time of year you visit. A good pair of trekking boots will do nicely too.