The Water Falls Paradise Found?

Have you had a chance to capture the beauty of the Belize water falls? Did you know? The Garden of Eden is to be found sitting in the midst of the Five Sisters Falls. If you are in doubt take a virtual trip with me and see for yourself some of the most awesome of Belize attractions!

Travelling inward for about an hour from the Hidden Valley Falls, you can reach a family of spectacular falls. The Five Sisters Falls. This breathtaking view is part of the largest protected area in Belize. You will appreciate landlord Carlos Popper`s achievement of blending in an eco-tourism facility to help preserve this hidden beauty spot.

The water falls flow into the crystal waters of the Privassion River. One of the loveliest parts of my visit was that we could wander over the little white bridge, onto the little island in the midst of these gushing waters. Apparently, there is a star gazing party held on some nights at this spot. We did not get a chance to join in as our visit was just after the rainy season, and also, we were not staying at the lodge in the cabanas so we had to find our way back before nightfall.

This place is most romantic for honeymoon couples looking for something with a difference. Using the hammocks on the verandas of the cabanas should be interesting and something amusing to write home about.

Remember to pack walking shoes, a warm jacket, insect repellent and sun block. And honeymooning grooms, if you thought of giving your bride an orchid as a token of love, forget it! No need! She will be dazzled and bowled over by the 450+ species of orchids found there as well as other exotic plants and flowers to delight the fauna and flora enthusiast.

I had a nice surprise waiting for me at the top as we climbed up to the restaurant towering high above us. I thought we were alone at the Five Sisters water falls, but there sat 4 special people related to me in the faith and another who was serving. This was a rendezvous made in heaven.

We sat talking about how beautiful this place was. It was as if we were in paradise. So what would the real paradise to come be like?

We shared chocolate cake, looked at some shots on my video of the Hidden Valley Falls which they had not seen, and had a relaxing and peaceful time together.

You may not want to leave this place but we really need to be getting on our way in the jeep. We have a schedule to keep!