In an effort to create a greener Belize Orange Walk Technical High School has organized a fashion show to be held this Saturday as part of an awareness campaign. Putting a twist on the awareness approach, the fashion show will be highlighting reusable waste material to implement an alternative to recycle garbage. While the dress designs and unusual ensembles might be far from the common fashion shows held in Orange Walk, it serves as a fundamental part of the schools development.

Silvia Aban, OWTHS Teacher

"This fashion show has three purposes the main one is part of the list campaign in which Love Fm has been embarking on, it is a competition that has been open to all high schools around the country of Belize and the purpose of it is to make the public conscious about the garbage disposal and keeping liter free in the country of Belize, the third is also on the development of the high school specially in the vocational department.  The proceeds will be used for the refurbishing and the  infrastructural development of some of the vocational  rooms, we have had these rooms since the school open its doors so we want to make it more presentable and more conducive to learning."

And while disposable plastic cups and bottle stoppers might seem like regular everyday rubbish, the objects will be the spotlight of the event which might very well wind up as a new trend.

Silvia Aban, OWTHS Teacher

"We wanted to make students conscious of their garbage, as I mention it before, we are making it from newspaper, recycled material, crape paper, plastic bag, Dixie cups, disposable plates, we are also making use of stoppers, these are garbage that many people dispose of and do not make use of it any more so we wanted to enhance students creativity in coming up with designs which may be functional and maybe the new style of this era and as part of this fund raiser also we are making it a first time project for the school.  The main highlight of this fashion show is actually to make it different from other fashion shows that other high school have been having as events, this is the first time in Orange walk that we are having something made of recycled goods, so it is nothing the public can miss out we definitely will have many more designs thirty more designs, these are just an example of two of them so there is a lot to expect from the students."

Students involved in the fashion show were presented with the task of designing their own unique outfits placing their creativity at an ultimate high.

Mareny Ayuso, Student

"I wanted mines a little bit different from other so I picked balloons and then I came up with newspaper."

Shanini Canul, Student

"News paper is something that people use to read and they throw it away and why throw it away when you can recycle it and make it out of something.  I love my community and really I want to make a different and not to throw away garbage like how other people do and show them that you can make something out of that garbage and you can make something very good out of it and not just throwing it away."

The fashion show is scheduled to commence at 6:30pm at the Multi Purpose Complex. Admission fee is $10.00 and children under the age of ten enter free. The general public is invited to take part in the event which promises to be anything but ordinary.