There is nothing, and we repeat, nothing, cuter than baby aerobics. Well, perhaps a koala snuggling up to a baby panda - but we don't have those here, so exercising pre-schoolers it is. ABC pre-school has had many activities planned and executed for Child Stimulation Month, and one of those activities included a morning of aerobics on Friday, March 23rd. It's healthy, it's fun, the children get out to play, and who can resist a stretch or two to take off the mind from learning those pesky ABC's?

Leading the exercise class was Teacher Susana, an internationally certified exercise maven who talked to the children about the benefits of exercise, including the need for proper stretching and breathing. She led the children into their first stretches, slowly easing them into a faster routine.

From there onwards, it was a blur of tiny hands and feet, a bit of stomping, marching in place, jumping jacks, running in place, and always, breathing properly. It was a joy to watch little friends helping each other out, holding hands so their little companions could balance and stretch.

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