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Bruno reached up with ease to grab a pepperberry – green and shiny in the afternoon light. The thick of the vines shaded us from the late day heat.

“Here Miss Kristin. Try this. Let me know if you think its hot!” He then handed me a small, round kernel. I bit into it and a numbing, spicy shot filled my mouth.

I turned away from my guide and host. “Oh my god. That IS pepper.”

I cracked a smile as the burn headed up my nose and down my throat. I heard the snickering and felt a playful “ha-ha” slap on my back.

Almost as soon as the burn surged, it dissipated.

I faced the group.

“Ok, What’s next?” I said with a triumphant smirk

“Vanilla beans.” said Canti.

“Ok. I KNOW those.” My baking and pastry prowess strengthened my tone.

” Just watch me.” I said in a snuff.


The Belize Spice Farm is open for visitors. Watch the hand pollination of vanilla orchids, tour the nursery of local and exotic plants, and tastes spices from around the world that have adapted to the climate of Belize, and that grow in its rich tropical soil.


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