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The San Pedro Sun

Missing Person: Stephanie Mejia
A family from the Boca del Rio area in San Pedro Town is seeking the assistance of the general public in locating their missing child. The missing teenager is 15 year old Stephanie Mejia who was last seen on Saturday night, March 24th in the vicinity of the Central Park. Stephanie Mejia, 15, has been missing since Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 8PM. Brother, Giovanni Mejia, 21, visited the San Pedro Police Station on Tuesday March 27th around 1PM to place the official missing person’s report. According to Mejia, his sister Stephanie went swimming with her aunt and other family members on Saturday afternoon. After spending the day at the beach, she returned home and informed her mother that she would need to meet with her classmates later that night to work on a school project. She was last seen by her family around 8PM, when she left en route to the town core area, where she was to meet with her classmates. Giovanni states that he discovered from asking Stephanie’s friends that she left them around 8:30PM that night, en route to meet with some other friends to do her homework after which she was to head home. That was the last she was seen by anyone.

Belize named second best snorkeling spot in the world!
Belize was once again chosen as an international first pick, this time topping the list of perfect destinations for diving and snorkeling. On March 24th, 2012 ‘The National’, one of the few English newspapers based in the United Arab Emirates, with a circulation of over 40,000 and supporting 200 staff writers posted across the globe, nominated Belize as the second best snorkeling location in the world. According to the newspaper, “The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is perfect for a day trip for snorkeling at the reef while observing a wide variety of fish including jacks, snappers and barracudas. You can spot turtles gliding, dolphins playing nearby and manatees swimming and congregating in the grassy sea beds.” This rating is now being added to a list of accolades Belize has received for snorkeling and diving. “This has been a really great year for us, because this top 10 nomination for snorkeling comes on the heels of our beaches being ranked 7th, 8th, and 9th in Central America by Trip Advisor, the world’s largest internet travel website,” said Yanick Dalhouse, Director of Marketing and Industry Relations for the Belize Tourism Board. “These awards are absolutely fantastic and only validate what Belizeans have been raving about for years.”

Ambergris Today

Lime Juice
One of the most famous drinks in San Pedro is lime juice. Everyone enjoys this refreshing drink made from tangy limes grown in Belize. Belize grows plenty of limes of all sizes. Sometimes the bigger ones don’t have as much juice as the smaller ones, but you can’t tell by looking at or smelling the limes. I’ve come across some dry limes, even though they appear juicy from the outside. Once limes are squeezed, you just have to sweeten to your taste. For me, lime juice is like living every day. There are some sour things to deal with now and then. You have a choice how you receive bitter events. We can’t control what happens daily, but we can make choices that bring us closer to joy. Despite what is going on in your life, choose to turn your sour events into sweet lime juice. In doing this, you can also teach your children to make lime juice. Showing them the sweeter side of life, gives them a chance to turn the sour days around finding and spreading joy as they grow in life.

Video Pick: Bikini Model Kate Upton is Sizzling in Belize
Hot Beach Bunny Swimwear Shoot - She's known for her stunning physique, she’s an American model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is Kate Upton and she has been featured in a batch of just-released, sizzling hot Beach Bunny Swimwear shot, where else, but in BELIZE! Check out sexy Sports Illustrated beauty Kate as she flaunts her perfect figure in a variety of bikinis while frolicking in the tropical waters of Belize, Sanctuary Island, Turneffe Atolls to be exact. She even tweeted about her experience; Kate wrote on her wall: “I made it back to the states Home sweet home :) but Belize was amazing!! @BeachBunnySwim.” Inspired by the golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean, Beach Bunny Swimwear & Kate Upton heat up for summer with our oh-so chic Beach Bunny Bronze Collection.

It’s time again - Earth Hour 2012
Earth Hour is a global initiative in partnership with WWF. Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited to turn out their lights for one hour on Saturday March 31st, 2012 at 8:30 PM to 9:30PM to show their support for environmentally sustainable action. The event began in Sydney in 2007, when 2 million people switched off their lights. By 2011, Earth Hour had created history as the largest voluntary action ever witnessed with participation across 135 countries and every continent, including the world’s most recognized man-made marvels and natural wonders in a landmark environmental action. It also marked the start of something new – going Beyond the Hour to commit to lasting action on climate change. And with the power of social network behind the Earth Hour message, we hope to attract even more participation so we can build a truly community committed to creating a more sustainable planet. In 2011, WWF felt proud of Central America’s participation in Earth Hour. Six of the seven countries in the isthmus participated officially with the capital cities and government authorities and a total of 17 Central American cities/towns had Earth Hour events. Of these, Earth Hour events were hosted is nine municipalities in Belize. Together, all of us made it possible for the world to listen and know that Belize and the wider Central American region was committed to real and serious actions for reducing our carbon footprint. We were part of the largest world-wide campaign to date for climate action.

Belizean Fashion Designer in Caribbean Design Show
Rebecca Strim, 18, was born in Belize and has only four years of fashion designing under her belt. She is a self-taught designer who attempted to study fashion at The Art Institute of Vancouver, but now has the amazing opportunity to partake in Mission Catwalk, a Jamaican reality series that airs on TVJ. This is a great opportunity for Rebecca to promote both Belize’s fashion and tourism industries. She and fifteen designers from around the Caribbean are competing for enviable prizes on the second season of the fashion design reality series. The lucky winner will receive: • An opportunity to show a collection at the London Fashion Week 2012. • $500K Cash prize. • Industrial sewing equipment • A contract to sell their designs at SOHO Boutique. • A six-page fashion editorial in Ocean Style Magazine. • A scholarship to pursue fashion program at London College of Fashion • A scholarship to study tailoring at Savile Row Academy in London. The show’s purpose is to find and develop talent and when it first aired it focused solely on Jamaican talent, but for season two the show sought a more regional audience.

Misc Belizean Sources

The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Quintessentially Belizean - Part I - Politics
Nothing good was going to happen today. Somebody would get in a fight, somebody would get hurt – something, something bad was going to happen today. Miss Lacey knew that as she slipped her stockinged feet into her sensible black shoes. She had on her nice flowered dress, which would look good with one of her favorite hats, but today was not the day to be prettied up. No sir; she had to go vote. Her mama and papa always voted Blue (PUP). Then she got married. Her husband Arthur, may God rest his soul (because if it was up to her prayers, he would never rest in peace), he was a Red (UDP) man all the way through. When Mama found out they were courting, she asked Lacey if she couldn’t find someone else, somebody better (by which she meant PUP). When you married, you voted family colors. To Mama, Lacey was going from Blue to Red. In their small community, that was the best gossip, more than the wedding.

San Pedro Library needs sponsors for programs
The program that need funding at the moment is the Children Easter Program which will be offered to children between the ages 7 - 10. This program includes many activities. Some would be Story Reading , Arts and craft, games and Easter Hunt. After this we will also need funding for Summer program which runs for 2 weeks. This is a program offer to children of all ages. This program also includes some of the activities I have mention, and at the end we take the children for a day trip. Another annual program that follows would be Christmas Program. This program is 3 days as the Easter one. It all depends on the amount of kids that participate in the programs. At the moment I don't have an exact amount, but from my previous years, I would assume for Easter and Christmas which runs for 3 days, we spent at least $1,500.00 BZ and Summer which runs for 2 weeks I would assume triple the amount.

HON. GASPAR VEGA on debt-for-nature swaps Dec 2011
Remarks by HON. GASPAR VEGA DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER AND MINISTER OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT (BELIZE) Oceans Acidification Side Event United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC-COP 17) 8th December, 2011 Distinguish Delegates, Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of the Government and people of Belize, I wish to extend a warm greeting to all those who worked diligently to make this Oceans event possible and for giving me the opportunity to share with you an exciting, innovative financial mechanism that, we hope, will provide long term, timely and predictable financing for Marine climate change adaptation initiatives in Belize. As is the case for so many of you here this evening, our oceans continue to be the lifeblood our people and our economy; it is therefore necessary for us to do all we can to curb the adverse effects of climate change. I also want to use also this occasion to highlight the impacts that ocean acidification is having and will continue to have on our marine environment, our economy and our people.

Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Program
PROJECT: BELIZE MARINE CONSERVATION AND CLIMATE ADAPTATION PROJECT TYPE OF IMPLEMENTING ENTITY: MULTILATERAL IMPLEMENTING ENTITY IMPLEMENTING ENTITY: WORLD BANK EXECUTING ENTITY/IES: PROTECTED AREAS CONSERVATION TRUST AMOUNT OF FINANCING REQUESTED: $6 MILLION (In U.S Dollars Equivalent) Global and regional climate change impacts 1. Belize is a small, upper-middle income country with a population of 310,000 and a percapita GDP of US$4,115 (2009). It is situated on the Caribbean coast of Central America with Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. It lies between 15º45´ and 18º30´ north latitude and 87º30´ and 89º15´west longitude. Total national territory covers 46,620 km2, which includes 22,960 km2 (8,867 miles2) of land and 1,060 cays. Belize has a typically moist tropical climate. In accordance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Belize chose the year 1994 for its first National Inventory of Sources and Sinks of Greenhouse Gases. The results of the Inventory reveal that Belize is a net sink for greenhouse gases, i.e., it absorbs more than it emits. Yet, Belize is extremely vulnerable to adverse impacts of climate change. Therefore, the national objective is focused on identifying feasible adaptation options to address climate change. Through its membership in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Belize is a partner in the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS). Its UNFCCC negotiating position is therefore coordinated within this body. Belize is also a member of the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD). It attempts to reconcile the negotiating positions of these two groups into a larger unified voice to achieve the objectives of the Convention.

PHOTOS: Beltraide's Current and Effective Marketing Strategies Workshop
Looks like a lot was learned at the last Beltraide workshop in Cayo. "To strenghten the competitiveness of Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Guest houses, within the Tourism Industry, BELTRAIDE hosted a workshop entitled 'Current and Effective Marketing Strategies' at the Lodge at Chaa Creek, Cayo District on March 21st, 2012."

Sacred Heart Junior College Open Day Friday
SHJC is going to give away two One-semester tuition scholarships! On Friday March 30th, 2012 from 10am - 12pm & 1pm - 6pm, Sacred Heart Junior College will be having its first ever Open Day. It will be a day in which prospective high school graduates and the general public can come and find out about the different Associate Degrees, Adult Continuing Education, and Certificate programs that they offer. Highlights of the day will include information on: - Academic life at SHJC - Scholarship Opportunities at SHJC - Admission Requirements - Campus Life at SHJC - Sports at SHJC If you are about to graduate, if you're currently working but have not yet obtained your AA degree, if you didn't complete High school and want to do so, or if you are interested in doing Certificates in the areas of Pre-Med and Tourism, stop by SHJC on this day. Email [email protected]

Cayo Outdoor Theatre This Week
The Cayo Outdoor Theatre has selected their 2 movies of the week. Tonight, in downtown Cayo, they'll be showing Crips and Bloods: Made in America. Tomorrow night, Wednesday, they'll be showing Sin Nombre in Benque. Thursday, they'll be back in downtown Cayo with Sin Nombre.

Hokmah's Daughter showing in downtown Cayo tomorrow night
The Full Trailer to Hokmah's Daughter, the Beverly Small Story

Rebecca Stirm competing in Mission Catwalk
Here's a long teaser trailer for Mission Catwalk. At around 2:10, Belmopan's Rebecca Stirm can be seen interacting with the judges, and explaining her styles. Good luck, Rebecca!

Channel 7

Ruperto Vicente took over the FFB 10 days ago after Bertie Chimilio ran it for 14 years. As you might be able to imagine, it was a major transition - but nothing could have prepared Vicente to meet only a thousand dollars in the bank account of the richest sports federation in the country. Today, at his first press conference, he told the media that the Federation is broke and cannot meet its payroll commitments:.. Ruperto Vicente, President FFB "I want to say to us today that the dark days are over for football. So today I am happy to say to you that this is a new day in football." And with that dramatic pronouncement FFB President Ruperto Vicente told an audience of football lifers about the FFB's grim current state of affairs and his optimism for the future. Ruperto Vicente, President FFB "For the first time in 14 years we are changing the face of football. It will no longer be controlled and managed by 2 persons."

For the past few nights - we've been telling you about the misappropriation of monies at city hall - allegedly under the hand of pay mistress Shirlene Sabal. As we reported last night - the total is seventy thousand dollars - and today the mayor explained just how it was done - and showed us the eleven page audit detailing 258 fraudulent payroll entries: Here's how he explained it:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "The extent to which there was a lost to the city council at this present moment it comes to $69,586.00 to be exact." This audit report - complete don Friday - shows irregular overtime payment -made out by pay mistress Shirlene Sabal. Mayor Darrell Bradley "The pay mistress could have perpetrated this fraud on the public revenue because too many functions were concentrated in herself and what she would do is that she would simply in some cases forge some of the documentation for approvals for overtime and what she did is she targeted certain areas where we would routinely have overtime; works, sanitation - people would routinely be out on the weekends - out in the evenings and when you look at the report there would be very small amounts, $200 here, $150 there and so it was something which over a period a time could have come under the radar because of who she was in the city council; the function she was responsible for and then also the amounts that were involve and the areas that she targeted."

Last night we told you about a hunting trip that resulted in the death of a Salvapan resident. That man was Antonio Jimenez, a 44 year old Guatemalan Farmer and father of 6. He went to hunt with his friends to get a meal for his family - but things got confused on the hunt, and he ended up getting shot by his best friend with a 16 gauge rifle. Today we spoke to his family after the post-mortem was conducted and his sister-in-law told us how they are dealing with his death. Evelyn Abrego - sister-in-law of deceased "I was at home when I heard the phone ringing, it was my sister, she told me to calm down and take it easy because we have some bad news. I was shock, but I tried to be calm. My sister told me that Antonio Jimenez has been killed."

Late yesterday morning, 23 year-old Frank Edwards was acquitted of murder in the Western Session of the Supreme Court. Edwards was one of 4 men accused of committing the deadly robbery of the Scotia Bank branch in Spanish Lookout on March 30, 2010. The robbers were able to escape with approximately $300,000 in cash, while killing the 32 year-old KBH Security Guard, Steven Rudolph Lopez. Edwards was the man charged for that murder, but he was not caught in Belize; Guatemalan authorities picked him up in the Santa Elena area of Guatemala. His caution statement to police was the only piece of evidence Crown Counsel Cecil Ramirez had to link him to the murder of Lopez, but it was ruled inadmissible by trial judge Troadio Gonzalez.

53 year-old Jose Alfaro, a Guatemalan businessman of Ladyville, was arraigned for attempting to commit human trafficking when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. It is alleged that sometime between February 22 and March 16 of this year, and on March 17, he tried to recruit a 16 year-old female minor to become a prostitute in his bar in Ladyville. Alfaro pleaded not guilty to two counts of the same charge, but he couldn't be granted bail because the prosecutor objected on several grounds. The prosecutor told the court that Alfaro is a flight-risk because he is a Guatemalan national. Secondly, the prosecutor asked the court to consider the serious nature of the crime, its penalties, and the age of the victim. He also objected to bail on the grounds that he may be able to interfere with the victim and the witnesses.

24 year-old Michael Forman, who was charged with the October 2009 murder of 27 year-old Eddie "Mac" Neal, was acquitted in the courtroom of Justice Herbert Lord today. Foreman's trial, which started last week Thursday, was prosecuted by Crown Counsel Kaysha Grant, who called 5 witnesses in the case. However, none of the witnesses gave Grant any identification evidence that she could use against Foreman, and as when she closed her case, Foreman's attorney, Nigel Ebanks, made a no-case submission on his behalf. Justice Lord then upheld that submission and directed the jury to find Foreman not guilty of murder and the alternative charge of manslaughter. He went right back into police custody because he is currently on remand for a firearms-related offense.

The high school Math Olympiad may have fallen by the wayside this year, but one city primary school decided to do its own thing. St Mary's Hall in Belize City was abuzz with excitement today as the students of the primary school took part in their first ever Math Olympiad. 5 groups of students ranging from Standard 2 to 6 competed against each other in the tournament. And while it was all fun for the students, the activity aimed at helping to improve their mathematical skills in a fun and unique way. 7news stopped in. Michele Lopez, teacher "Today we are having an annual math Olympiad. This is the first year we are doing it. The school had realized that we had a few academic problems and so we develop short and long term goals and we had a 5 year goal to try to improve the academics in the school."

A YWCA employee was robbed at gunpoint in her workplace. Elvira Chacon, a 29 year old accountant went to work as usual at 8:30 yesterday morning. As she was getting settled in at her desk which is located on the second floor of the building, a man of dark complexion came in and aimed a firearm at her. He took a cash pan which contained $170 dollars and a wallet belonging to Sonia Linares which contained personal documents along with $150 dollars. The man then took another cash pan which held an undisclosed sum before fleeing.

Belize is once again at the top of another international tourist list, this time topping the list of perfect destinations for diving and snorkeling. 'The National,' an English newspaper based in the United Arab Emirates, nominated Belize as the second best snorkeling location in the world. This top 10 nomination for snorkeling comes on the heels of Belize's beaches being ranked 7th, 8th, and 9th in Central America by Trip Advisor.

And a pair of tourists we saw got that tourist bulletin - but maybe misunderstood where Hol Chan is. This morning, our new team's attention was caught by a pair of bikini-clad tourists parading down Albert Street. Now, it's a cruise ship day, so there are plenty of tourists around, but these ones weren't modest about their attire - they wore nothing but a bikini top and bottom. And their scant attire attracted not the attention of residents of the city who definitely gave them a double-take. Which made us wonder, what are visitors told on the ship that would prompt them to wear a bikini in downtown Belize city? Here's what they told us: "I'm Jenny, I'm Jasmine."

Channel 5

Football Federation of Belize is broke. Weh di money deh?
There’s no money in the bank account of the Football Federation of Belize. Its new president, Ruperto Vicente made that statement at the first press conference since Dr. Bertie Chimilio was ousted after fourteen years as president. Vicente has not met with Chimilio since the election but he says that his executive is waiting for ...

No witch hunt for former F.F.B. President, Dr. Bertie Chimilio
Vicente also says that the F.F.B. wants to work with Chimilio since he still represents football with several organizations. But regarding the empty bank account, and a lack of financial statements for the past decade, Vicente says that a commission of inquiry will review last year’s financial statements, whenever they become available.   Ruperto Vicente, ...

Drowning near Iguana Creek
On Sunday at around two-thirty, twenty-eight year old Jamie Lizama of Lower Barton Creek went swimming in Unitedville along with six others, mostly minors, but Lizama never returned from that outing. According to his sister-in-law, Ingrid Leslie, the current in the river was strong but after struggling, Leslie said she was able to make it ...

Is GSU force on gangs justified?
Tonight’s question is: Do you think the use of force on the gangs by the GSU is justified? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected]

Tracy Taegar Panton, new C.E.O., Ministry of Tourism
There’s word tonight that Tracy Taegar Panton has taken up the job as C.E.O. in the Ministry of Tourism. Panton, who was with the Belize Natural Energy Trust Fund, has reportedly resigned and will return later this month to tourism. After many years in the industry, in 2009, Panton’s contract as Director of Tourism was ...

Over $60,000 siphoned from City Hall
An employee of the Belize City Council has allegedly misappropriated and siphoned funds in a scheme that involved employee overtime. The pay mistress, Shirlene Sabal, has been suspended from work and it is expected that criminal charges will be brought against her. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the report from the auditors has been complete ...

Robbery at YWCA
The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) is celebrating fifty-six years of service to the country. But tonight there is not good news coming out of the Y. On Monday, a twenty-nine year old accountant, employed by the organization, reported to police that upon arriving at work around eight-thirty in the morning, she was robbed at ...

Michael Foreman Not Guilty of Murder
Twenty-four year old Michael Foreman was this afternoon acquitted of the October 2009 murder of Eddie Neal. Neal, popularly known as Eddie Mac, was gunned down near the corner of Central American Boulevard and North Creek. It is alleged that Foreman shot the twenty-seven year old once in the head after beating and robbing him. ...

Accused of stabbing pregnant ex; unborn child dies
There was public outrage following the vicious stabbing of a pregnant woman and an elderly man on August second, 2010. Twenty-eight year old Valerie Sheran and seventy year old Ernesto Ireland survived the attack, but her unborn child was killed. The stabbing was believed to be triggered by jealousy; days later, Sheran’s ex-boyfriend, Henry Patnett, ...

Ladyville resident charged with Human Trafficking
A Guatemalan national is tonight behind bars after a sixteen year old minor accused him of attempted human trafficking. The teenager alleges that between February twenty-second and March sixteenth, fifty-three year old Ladyville businessman, Jose Alfaro attempted to recruit her to work as a prostitute. She claims that he made another attempt on March seventeenth. ...

Maya Women’s Expo in Belize City
There are only a few days left in March, which is being celebrated as Women’s Month. But there are still several activities coming up, including a Maya Women’s Expo in Belize City. Since 2012 is the year of the Mayas, the Women’s Department is putting the culture in the spotlight with the two day event, ...

Youth Ambassador Program will send youths to U.S.A.
High school students from across Belize City gathered at EP Yorke High School this afternoon for the launch of the Youth Ambassador Program 2012. In the weeks ahead, thirteen adolescent males and females will be selected to represent Belize in the United States through an exchange initiative organized by Partners of the Americas. The program ...

15 year old San Pedrana is missing
A family on Ambergris Caye is asking for public assistance to locate a missing teenager. Fifteen year old Stephanie Mejia of the Boca del Rio area in San Pedro Town was last seen last on Saturday night in the vicinity of the Central Park. Stephanie’s brother, Giovanni Mejia, told San Pedro Police that on Saturday, ...

Legalize it! Regional Security Meeting discusses Drugs
A regional security meeting was held over the weekend in Guatemala. It was billed as a summit but only two heads of government attended. Panama’s president Ricardo Martinelli and Costa Rica’s President Laura Chinchilla were in Antigua for the meeting. Belize was represented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and Minister of National Security ...

Pope in Cuba with President Raul Castro
Pope Benedict is on a historic two day visit to Cuba; it is first to the island of some twelve million people, of which only about ten percent is estimated to practice the faith. Benedict landed in Santiago where he prayed at the chapel of La Virgin de Cobre, the site of the statue of ...

House Hunters International Cayo Adventure
Belize is not just a travel destination for overnight tourists or cruise ship tourists. It is becoming a home for some of those individuals who are adventurous to leave the concrete jungle for the humid tropical forests of the region. Recently the Cayo District was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International. Two biologists were seeking ...

Hottest Show in the Land; KTV is Live on Five
Do you have tickets for tonight’s KTV Latino? Well there’s still time to be a part of the live audience at the Bliss and enjoy a night of caliente performances. Group A is running the show tonight and they’re bringing something for everyone to the stage; from old school rancheros to the new generation Reggaeton. ...


Police News
Police in Corozal Town are investigating a report of a burglary. 66-year-old Servalerio Garcia reported to Police that sometime between last Tuesday afternoon and Monday someone burglarized a house located on Duck Lane Farm, four miles Lagoon in Corozal District. Thieves made off...

Freak accident leaves man hospitalised
A freak accident this morning on the northern highway in Orange Walk has left a man hospitalized at the Northern Regional Hospital. Love News understands that around 8:30 this morning 37 year old Elmer Novelo from the village of San Jose San Pablo along with 20 year old Omar Call...

Darren Banks sentenced and fined
33-year-old Darren banks, charged with drug trafficking for 26 point five pounds of cannabis, was sentenced to three years and fined ten thousand dollars by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he was found guilty of the charge. Senior Magistrate Fraser explained to Banks that s...

YWCA celebrates 57th Anniversary
On Saturday the YWCA held its open day in celebration of its 57th anniversary in Belize and on Monday the institution was hit by an armed gunman. Love News understands that at around eight forty-five yesterday morning a gunman entered through the main door and said that he was th...

Teenager charged with aggravated burglary
18-year-old Casey Lozano one of several persons who allegedly burglarized the home of 66-year-old Sheila Gentle was charged with aggravated burglary when he appeared in court in Monday. No plea was taken from Lozano because the Director of public Prosecutions Cheryl Lyn Vidal wil...


Traffic Light Allegedly Sabotaged By Former UDP Town Council Employee
There is no doubt that the people of Orange Walk voted for Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team because they wanted change and progress for Orange Walk Town, something which the former U.D.P Town Council failed to do. But since Bernard took office several irregularities committed by the UDP have come to light including nonpayment of employee contributions to Social Security in the tune of almost $31,099. And on Saturday the town council also found out that they have to deal with the problem of sabotage. On Thursday March 8th the traffic light situated at the cross section of New Cheetos mysteriously stopped functioning. Immediate plans to repair the light were set into action and this past Saturday when engineers from Chetumal Quintana Roo repaired the light, they came to the conclusion that the traffic light was tampered with.

Hon. Liselle Alamilla's Portfolio Amended
A press release sent out by the Maya Leaders Alliance on March 16th announced that they were dissatisfied with the Barrow Administration for giving Honorable Liselle Alamilla the post of Minister of Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples without consulting the leaders of the indigenous people. That press release triggered a chain reaction that tossed Alamilla into the spot light. Apparently the release had some effect, whether it is positive of negative that’s another question. This afternoon the Governments press office announced and we quote “There has been an amendment to the portfolio responsibilities for Hon. Liselle Alamilla. Her portfolio now consists of: Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development” end quote. We note however, that the release did not state whether the portfolio of Indigenous Peoples will still exist or has been completely wiped off. When we contacted the Chairman of the Maya Leaders Alliance, Ligorio Coy today, he told us the organization will comment on the issue until after the executive meets sometime this week.

LICU Says Customer Satisfaction Is Priority
Have you ever walked into a business and left completely satisfied? Much of the weight of satisfaction is placed upon customer care service and companies take great interest in training their staff in order to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to increase customer satisfaction. One such company is the La Inmaculada Credit Union which opened its door back in 1949 amidst an atmosphere of colonial rule. Despite the fact that LICU has blossomed into a credible institution over the years, the company is constantly looking at means and ways to improve customer service. This past Saturday the credit union’s staff took part in a follow up training program under the direction of President and CEO of Aikman and Aikman, Derek Aikman.

Good Deals Found At Business Expo
Today the La Inmaculada Roman Catholic School held their first business expo as part of their Child Stimulation Month activities. The expo served as an opportunity for students to interact with the business community and experience their products and services first hand. Reporter Janine Ayuso has the story. Janine Ayuso-Reporting Today the La Inmaculada Roman Catholic School was packed with energized students and parents who went from booth to booth in order to observe and enjoy what each business had to offer. A total of 12 businesses took part in the event. And if you were looking for good deals in ice cream, chicken and many other items then the expo was the place to be. Wilfred Wicab, Caribbean chicken “Today we were invited from La Immaculada, and then we have our promotions too like for example the rice, we are giving the rice, like the 50lbs. rice we are giving for $43 and the 20lbs. we are giving it for $17.50, the chickens too have different prices, we have it less than in the retail shop.”

Women Display Their Talent
We are on the brink of culminating this year’s women’s month. In keeping up with the celebrations, this past Saturday the Banquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk held its annual Exposicion de la Mujers Talentosas in reorganization of Women’s Month under the theme, “Connecting Girls Inspiring Future”. The event gave women the opportunity to showcase their skills and art works from crocheting, beading, care decorating and even poetry. Hipolito Novelo-Reporting From poetry to handmade jewelries, face painting to hand made stuff toys; the Banquitas House of Culture was overrun by talented women and their works of art.

NDACC Holds Poetry Competition
The National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) seeks to pull youths away from inclinations to use drugs by introducing them to positive alternatives. One of those alternatives was a poem competition which saw students expressing their thoughts through poetry. Hipolito Novelo-Reporting National statistics show that since 2006 a high percentage of Belizean youth have been experimenting with drugs at a young age. To make matters worse that percent increases every year. Many children do drugs just to fit in and as they say be cool. But truth of the matter is that illegal and prescribed drugs can damage ones health especially if used on a daily basis. The National Drug Abuse Control Council has for many years been generating awareness about the dangers of drugs. This past Friday NDACC, in conjunction with Youth For the Future and the Sandy Hunter Library, awarded the top three winners of a Poem Competition which saw the participation of a number of high schools.

Students Sit First Part Of PSE
Today was one of the most nerves wrecking days for 7176 standard six students who registered to sit the Primary School Examination. The first half of the exam consisted of English and Science papers. The examinations are one of the key aspects of transitioning from primary level to secondary level education in the country. Today as students sat the first half of the PSE, we found out how well prepared they were. Maria Nemhard, Student “Well to me it was easy, everything that was there my teacher had already thought us and I think she did a really good job on teaching us everything.” Janine Ayuso-Reporter “When did you start preparing for PSE?” Maria Nemhard, Student “A long time ago I think since I was in standard four, I didn’t believe in taking all these extra classes but I did study on my own and I tried my best and I put in all my effort.”


Sodomy case adjourned in Corozal Magistrate’s Court
The case of thirty five year old American missionary Bryan Sears, accused of molesting a trio of brothers in the Corozal district continues to languish in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court. Sears appeared in court on Monday as the preliminary hearing resumed; but the matter was again adjourned. Sears, who remains on bail, is now scheduled ...

Gunman targets the YWCA for robbery
On Saturday the YWCA held its open day in celebration of its 57th anniversary in Belize and today the institution is reeling from a morning armed robbery at its Saint Thomas Street/Freetown Road offices. Love News understands that at around eight forty-five this morning a gunman entered through the main door and said that he ...

No one hurt as sea plan crash lands
There was a small plane crash in southern Belize over the weekend. Our Toledo Bureau Chief Paul Mahung filed this report on Sunday. Police have released more details on the crash of a small plane in southern Belize as investigators from the Civil Aviation Authority have been dispatched to investigate. According to the new information ...

Vista del Mar resident wins new car
Belize Estate Company Limited this morning handed over a check to the Belize Red Cross and in doing so also presented the winner of their fifty five thousand dollar, 2011 Ford Fiesta car raffle, which helped them get the funds together for their Red Cross donation. Sales and Marketing Manager Diedra Haylock explained what the ...

Social Investment Fund facilitates educational opportunities
The Government of Belize is providing an opportunity for thirty eight Belizean Youths in need to further their education. As a result the Social Investment fund and various educational institutions signed important agreements yesterday at the SIF headquarters in Belmopan. Director of Public Relations at the Social Investment Fund is Mike Hernandez. The total estimated ...

St. Mary’s primary holds math olympiad
The Math Olympiad for secondary school students may have been shelved but it does not mean that the competition has gone away. One Belize City primary school is keeping the critical thinking event alive. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.

Primary School students sit PSE part 1
The nation’s Standard Six students today stepped up to the plate to sit the first half of the PSE. Love TV’s Maria Novelo spoke with some of the students as they exited the exam room in San Pedro town.

Cancer awareness in San Pedro town
The cancer awareness drive continues around the country. For a report from San Pedro town, here is Love TV’s Maria Novelo.

Health fair to be held in Punta Gorda
An event to promote healthy food and body will be held in Punta Gorda this week. Our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

CJ hears application for leave to lodge election petition
On February seventeenth Yolanda Schakron’s bid to seek electoral office in the big leagues was quashed when the Returning Officer, Noreen Fairweather, rejected Schakron’s nomination. Fairweather’s rejection was based on grounds that Schakron, who said she had already begun the process to renounce her US citizenship, was still deemed a US citizen until the process ...

Social Investment Fund facilitates educational opportunities
The Government of Belize is providing an opportunity for thirty eight Belizean Youths in need to further their education. As a result the Social Investment fund and various educational institutions signed important agreements yesterday at the SIF headquarters in Belmopan. Director of Public Relations at the Social Investment Fund is Mike Hernandez. The total estimated ...

Two accidental killings in Cayo
There are two tragic fatal shooting incidents coming out of the Cayo district tonight; but neither of them would fit under the banner of crime news. In the first incident, a Belmopan man was fatally wounded while on a hunting trip. Our Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz has the details. In the second incident, a seven ...

FFB coffers empty; office bare
For over a decade Dr. Bertie Chimilio ruled the Football Federation of Belize with an iron fist. That firm grip on the body governing football in Belize was relinquished a couple of weeks ago in free and fair elections. But the new leaders of the FFB are finding out that winning the election might have ...

Man injured in tractor accident
A man was seriously injured this morning when he became tangled up in a piece of machine that was being used to cut bushes along the Northern Highway in the Orange Walk district. The incident happened around eight o’clock this morning and the victim has been identified as twenty year old Omar Calles. Information to ...


FFB hosts meeting to discuss football and finance
FFB‘s new president says that it’s a new day for football in Belize. Ruperto Vicente, the newly elected president, ...

Body of a drowned man surfaces near Iguana Creek Bridge
The warmer temperatures are here and with hotter days, Belizeans find their way to the rivers, creeks and different...

Paymistress to repay funds embezzled from the Belize City Council
News out of the Belize City Hall is not good for Shirl Sabal. Mayor Darell Bradley has informed the media that the ...

Local designer gets international runway exposure
Fancy Purple Paint is the brand of Rebecca Stirm. Plus TV has featured her local fashion shows held at the George P...

Preliminary hearing takes place for Yolanda Schakron's election petition
Since February 17 Yolanda Schakron has been battling to get a court ruling against the denial of her run as a polit...

Parents detained after 11 year old accidentally kills sister
We reported last night on the death of a 6 year old girl who was accidentally shot by her 11 year old brother. Well...

Overpacked van crashes into ditch, passengers hospitalized
Yesterday we told you about the unfortunate shooting of a seven year old and 44yr old Antonio Jimenez. After follow...

Woman reports early morning armed robbery
A Radio Announcer residing in Belize City was held up at gunpoint. GLORIA LIMA, reported that on March 25 at 7:00am...

Thief runs off with money from the YMCA
ELVIRA CHACON, 29yrs, Belizean Accountant of the Young Women’s Christian Association and a resident of 4564 Vernon ...


Did Solomon Gabourel get what he deserved?
His common-law wife said he was a “kind and hard-working man”... Police report that in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Solomon Gabourel, 34, was stabbed to death, apparently while attempting to rob a hot dog vendor who operated from the Battlefield Park on Albert Street. He was fatally stabbed in the abdomen.

Funeral services for the late Audrey Courtenay
Today, The Red Cross, The Nurses Association and other distinguished organizations, businesses and persons, said goodbye to an outstanding woman, Mrs. Audrey Courtenay, wife of Vernon Harrison Courtenay.

Barrow’s fragile gang truce in jeopardy?
GSU and Police units accused of another brutal raid, but no retaliation, say victims; authorities to investigate... On Wednesday night, March 21, several residents of Taylor’s Alley, off Orange Street and close to the downtown area of Belize City, were allegedly viciously assaulted by armed members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU).

Memorial Park being turned into pedestrian walk
What had been one of Belize City’s longstanding recreational and historical landmarks, the Memorial Park, is undergoing complete demolition, as the Belize Tourism Board is undertaking a project for the construction of the Fort Point Pedestrian Walk Project—a BZ$5.5 million project.

Cayo girl, 7, shot and killed by elder brother
A father has been detained by police for questioning in relation to an incident which occurred in a remote area of the Cayo District between the villages of Valley of Peace and La Gracia, in which Lucy Mateo, 7, was shot and killed in an apparent accident by her 10-year-old brother.

Judgment for Yolanda Schakron Friday 2:00 p.m.
“They [the applicants] submitted that she [the Returning Officer] ought NOT to have decided - not that she made a wrong decision.” - Denys Barrow... “The returning officer can only look at the nomination paper—not at the qualification in question, such as the issue of nationality.” – Lisa Shoman

Oscar’s year, Oscar Qurious, Jr. completes sweep with 2012 Junior Cross Country garland
After a 9th place finish in 2010, and then a 6th place finish in the 2011 Junior Cross Country Classic, young Oscar Qurious, Jr. finally made it to the top of the hill in junior cycling for 2012 when he completed a sweep of the three big races of the year with no less than the 2012 Junior Cross Country championship yesterday. Krem radio announcer Ejay Hill reminded us that Oscar had also won this year’s Krem New Year’s Day Classic in the 55-mile Junior category; just last Sunday, March 18, he took 1st place in the Ariel Rosado Memorial Belmopan Junior Classic; and yesterday, Oscar made it three big victories in a row, winning the final sprint to the finish line to claim the garland for the 13th Annual Junior Cross Country Classic 2012.

Playoff race hot at Week 7 of Premier League
Only 2 teams each from the North and South zones will qualify for the playoffs, and at the completion of 4 Saturday night and 2 Sunday afternoon games in Week 7 of the Premier League of Belize 2012 opening season, the situation is getting more desperate for some teams, as already a few are mathematically out of contention for a playoff spot.

EDITORIAL: Wisdom and propaganda
“Nobody does something for nothing. No such thing as a free lunch. People come together in a coalition because they think it is to their personal advantage, and to the degree that their personal direction and aspiration merge with that of the others in the coalition, they will move forward.”


Laguna Bacalar: A Lake Bluer than the Sea
Lake Bacalar, just 25 miles north of Chetumal, is incredibly close to San Pedro and is incredibly beautiful. Looking out over the lake, it is hard to believe that it is fresh water and not the Carribbean. Bacalar is the second largest fresh water lake in Mexico (the largest is Lake Chalapa southeast of Guadalajara), the bottom is limestone and the lake sparkles. There is definitely a good reason that they call this laguna the Lakes of Seven Colors. It could not be more blue. But, as usual, let´s back up a bit. Early in the morning, I took the San Pedro Belize Express from Ambergris Caye to Chetumal, Mexico. (Did you know that they are running a special for Belizeans and Belize residents? Only $85bzd round trip. The regular cost is $135bzd.) We were all ready to leave right on time at 7:30am when a boatload of 46 European tourists, a few different tour groups, arrived from Caye Caulker to go through immigration. Oh my...we ended up leaving over an hour late.

Belizean Cuisine: Breakfast Style Johnny Cakes from Belize (Recipe)
The more I travel within Belize, the more I fall in love with the cuisine, and I have barely scratched the surface of what really makes up the country’s best dishes. Breakfast in Belize is one of my favorite meals and this is easily attributed to an overindulgence of fry jacks and Johnny Cakes over the years. Johnny Cakes are really just like hard sandwich rolls, but there is something so homey and addicting about them. You might be familiar with them from other cultures around the Caribbean and Native American Indians. Some people refer to them as Journey Cakes as they would stay fresh for weeks, making them the perfect travel food.

International Sources

Enforcement of award. D.C. Circuit invokes extraordinary mandamus power to overturn District Court's stay order in arbitration enforcement action between a company and the Government of Belize
On the Belize Government's motion, the district court issued an indefinite stay order pending final action in the Belize Supreme Court. BSDL, which did not oppose the Belize Government's motion, appealed the stay order to the D.C. Circuit court. The circuit court noted that a stay was not ordinarily a final decision subject to immediate appeal pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1291. Nor did the stay put Plaintiff "effectively out of court" such that the stay could be considered a de facto final decision. The court therefore treated BSDL's appeal as a request for a writ of mandamus, given the "emphatic federal policy" in support of arbitration orders in the context of international commerce.

Cyprus replaces Belize as training area
Cyprus has stepped in to fill the gap following the mothballing of Belize, which was used to train young officers as platoon commanders. Seventy Sandhurst graduates are on exercise Grim Warrior for the battle camp phase of their training. Although the Mediterranean is very different to the Caribbean jungle, the training has been adapted to replicate battle conditions.

USA Under Secretary Maria Otero Travels to El Salvador and Belize
Under Secretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Maria Otero is traveling to El Salvador March 26-28 and to Belize March 28-29. During her trip, Under Secretary Otero will engage on a variety of themes, including citizen security, community policing, youth, social inclusion, trafficking in persons, and financial inclusion. Under Secretary Otero’s visit will highlight U.S. partnership with El Salvador and Belize to improve citizen security in Central America. While in Belize, Under Secretary Otero will engage in bilateral discussions with senior government officials on citizen security, trafficking in persons, and financial inclusion, and, in addition, will meet with civil society leaders.

Flags, convenience and bending the rules to steal Africa's fish
Take this stern trawler. It flies a Belize flag. That's Belize in the Caribbean, famed as a haven for wealthy UK tax-dodgers, so you might well think that the ship was owned and operated by a company in Belize, right? Wrong. From what we can fathom it is actually owned and operated by a company in Latvia. That's Latvia, in the EU, on the balmy shores of the Baltic. A far cry from the Caribbean. We've seen other similarly confusingly flagged ships out here hoovering up fish from West African waters. Despite the flag that says 'St. Kitts & Nevis' or 'St. Vincent & the Grenadines', the money, management and power lead back to places like Lithuania, Iceland, Spain, Russia, and even Belgium. So what exactly is going on? Why on earth would all these European countries be linked to Caribbean flags? What next, Belize and St. Kitts to enter the Eurovision Song Contest?!

Belize Facebook Infographic
According to current statistics, Belize has approximately 66,260 Facebook users, making us 157 on the list of countries where Facebook users are based-- 49% of those users are males and 51% are females. The number 66,260 means that 21.07% of the people living in Belize have at least one Facebook account. That number may appear to be low but compared to how much people accessed the internet in Belize in 2010, it is extremely high. According to the 2010 Population & Housing Census of Belize, 73, 575 people used the internet in that respective year. Now if we compare that amount to the number of Facebook users that exist in Belize it is impressive. More than 90% of those internet users have a Facebook account. If you ask me that is a really high number and it is not a surprise because I notice that every person I know have a Facebook account, even a few gardeners and taxi drivers. The research shows that 33% of those Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 24. The statistics also show that there is more demand by the females than of the males-- 33,793 of the 66,260 users are females and 32,467 are males. The lowest numbers of users are those of ages 65 and up which constitutes a 1% of the total Facebook population in Belize.

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