Traffic Light Allegedly Sabotaged By Former UDP Town Council Employee

There is no doubt that the people of Orange Walk voted for Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team because they wanted change and progress for Orange Walk Town, something which the former U.D.P Town Council failed to do.

But since Bernard took office several irregularities committed by the UDP have come to light including nonpayment of employee contributions to Social Security in the tune of almost $31,099.

And on Saturday the town council also found out that they have to deal with the problem of sabotage.

On Thursday March 8th the traffic light situated at the cross section of New Cheetos mysteriously stopped functioning. Immediate plans to repair the light were set into action and this past Saturday when engineers from Chetumal Quintana Roo repaired the light, they came to the conclusion that the traffic light was tampered with.

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

This traffic light situated at the intersection by New Cheetos is only one of three sets of traffic lights that can be found around town. With an increase in traffic the objective of the traffic lights is simple- to control and regulate the flow of traffic and reduce speeding risks. With hundred of Belizeans and visitors passing through Orange Walk on a daily basis the lights now play an important role when it comes to safety.

We are sure that you noticed that for approximately two weeks the traffic light located by New Cheetos was out of service. That’s because right after the newly elected Orange Walk Town Council took office all indications are that one of the former UDP town council workers decided to sabotage the traffic light.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W Town

“When we took office on the 8th of March our lights were all fully functional and on Friday morning I was approached by Mr. Vasquez, the former school warden, asking for the keys for the traffic lights and he came to me saying that he had to service the traffic light because of the rain, the rain may have caused water to go into the box and so forth, this would have been on the 9th of March, and so when he came to me, he came to me so that saying that the water might have created a burnt out issue on the CPU, first he came that it was the breaker sand then he came back to me saying that it was the CPU, we manage to immediately get in contact with our Mexican counterparts, we ordered the CPU but when we took the CPU parts to our colleagues there in Mexico they checked and said that yes indeed the CPU was burnt.”

Professional opinion suggests that the lights mother board was purposely damaged.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W Town

“It could have only been caused if there was a shift in electrical power supply or so within the system.”

Hipolito Novelo-Reporter

“So was it sabotage?”

Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W Town

“Definitely, because we are only checking this morning, where there should been positive it was placed on negative and where there  suppose to be negative so the breaker were not placed on the right areas it was all loose and it shows that somebody had tampered with it and the only last person that we know had came to this traffic light before it went off was this same young man but we are looking at it right now and the gentlemen here would give us his assessment, we already have the part so that we could get our traffic light back and running.”

So why did it take so long to solve the problem? Well, according the Mayor Kevin Bernard the parts themselves were not that easy to get a hold off.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor O/W Town

“The parts took a delay because we had to get it all the way from Merida and so we had to source out these things and we immediately got in contact with the gentle man here and they had offer their services to us free of charge as a relationship we had with our Mexican brothers over Chetumal and I also want to thank them on giving us that opportunity and being able to assist us in solving this problem. Despite all the sabotage and the negative attacks this council is continuing to work and to serve the people.”

While repairing the traffic light, professionals discovered that the lights timing mother board was also tampered with. After obtaining legal advice the council is expected to make a former complaint to the Orange Walk Police Department for criminal charges to be brought against the individual accused of sabotaging the semaphore.

In related news, thanks to the Orange Walk Town Council the Orange Walk community can now enjoy free wireless internet at the Central Park, Barracks and Fort Cairns Market.