Don Hector Silva honoured for his contribution to the nation

The National Library Service and Information System hosted a Meet the Author session yesterday. The man of the hour was none other than Belizean visionary, historian and political figure, Mr. Hector Silva Sr. Silva has published several critical writings documenting the history and development of Belize. And he was thus honored for his invaluable contribution to the nation. Students of the Belmopan Comprehensive High School and UB were in attendance to glean from one of Belize's last living legends. David Gibson career Public Officer and diplomat gave the introduction of the author.

David Gibson
Don Hector Silva is founder of the National Agriculture Show in 1961, which we look forward to every year, an advocate for the recognition of workers' rights and the importance of Labour Day, which became an officially recognized occasion in 1962. Drawing on his past personal and professional experiences, Don Hector has offered two very readable historical text - the George Price Legacy published in 2005 and in 2012, a brief history of the Cayo District. Judging from the content of "The Farmer Attention to Detail Anecdote," it is certainly to be a very interesting read. He continues his research on Belizean History and often shares his thoughts and opinions through the media of television, talk shows, public radio and public forums.

Silva took the podium and proceeded to chronicle his participation in the building of Belize.

Don Hector Silva
It is an honour for me to have been selected as one of those who are seeking for the truth - gathering scattered thoughts to be able to arrive at what is the truth about Belize. Students, you all are the men and women of tomorrow and your preparation today will cause you to be great contributors to what I term as the second revolution that is now needed. We went through the first phase of the first revolution, but the movement called it the 'Peaceful and Constructive Belizean Revolution' - peaceful because we did not believe in violence, constructive because we had to build a nation.

He also expounded on the genesis of the movement toward independence and the players who were involved.

Don Hector Silva
Who am I? - That question was answered on September 21st 1981. Who are we? - Belizeans, above anything else. We are no longer British Hondurans, we are no longer British subjects, we are Belizeans. So who am I? That who am I actually was brought forth by a struggle. The struggle for Independence which was founded by five great men who everyone should know - John Smith who is still alive in new Orleans, George Price who passed away, Philip Goldson who also passed away, Lee Richards who passed away and Nicholas Pollard. Those five men got around a round table to plan what Belize was to be. In some instances it was very tough, but the struggle always went forward. Therefore, when that was accomplished, we were able to say I am a proud Belizean.