In February the Orange Walk Town Council officially launched their manifesto entitled “Change is Here” which covers a multitude of plans and ideas. The manifesto serves as contract to the people and is fixated on solutions and not promises. In the area of Youth and Sports the council committed to provide free internet access to all students, youths and citizens in public areas.

In seeing the importance of embracing and making technology available for students and youths on a whole, the council immediately embarked in its plan to provide free internet access which is now available.

Ian Cal, councilor

“Well basically what we did that in our manifesto we had included that we are going to provide free wireless internet for the people of Orange Walk and I am happy to announce that we have completed that project, we as the town council when we came in we immediately battle this project and we can say that now today is a reality but we didn’t only stopped with providing free wireless internet but we are also are providing a feed to the Barracks and as well to the market area so people can start enjoying that wireless internet that was much needed by many students around town, I mean internet is something that is needed, the school actually demands internet to do your research, your homework and things like that and it is kind of hard in this hard times students find it a little bit hard to take out that little extra four dollars to go to an internet café and pay that for an hour now they can come out here if they have a laptop, their phones and do their research on it free of cost courtesy of the Orange Walk Town Council but of course it is the taxpayers money and we are just giving back to the community as well.”

The Central Park is the ideal venue to foster those who wish to take advantage of the free internet service. But in its current condition the venue might not come across as the ideal place. Therefore the Town Council has in plan to completely restructure and renovate the area.

Ian Cal, councilor

“What we plan to do is to renovate the entire park, at this point here we are at the beginning phase of actually embarking into getting an actual plan as to how the park will look because we are going redo the entire park but we decided to go ahead with this wireless because it isn’t much, it can be established at this point and we can have students start using it immediately and when it comes putting things in place that will come with the renovation of the park because we don’t want to incurred two cost at the same time people can use what we have here right now and when we finish the park it will be a family friendly green area for people to come and enjoy Orange Walk.”

It might raise concern that the areas where free internet access is available can lure criminals. The council however, is already engaging on security measures.

Ian Cal, councilor

“Well we just finish having a meeting with Orange Walk BTIA to launch the new center and with them we actually are going to work together to provide security for the park itself once it is completed and this is open we are going to have security monitoring the park as well because it is very much needed and we all know Orange Walk Central Park needs a lot of help and a lot of people hanging around that should not be around you know, and we need to improve that as well we have taken that into account and we are going to look at it as soon as possible.”

Along with the refurbishing of the park another focal point of the council is to revive the internet café below the Town Hall.

Ian Cal, councilor

“If you guys can remember back then we had an internet computer café under the Town Hall we are looking to reopen that back again pretty soon with computers, now for those who don’t have a laptop or internet capable phones we want to open back that resource center to provide printing as there for a $1 people can do their printing just to cover the little cost that the council will incur.”

Other plans to improve the Orange community are already being spearheaded.