Belize Telemedia's 2012 telephone directory will be available to the public on Wednesday April fourth. But it was officially launched today with a grand unveiling of this year's cover. This year's edition highlights the Maya Deer dance -as the company joins in with the rest of Belize in celebrating the 2012 Mayan Calendar.

Here's more on the new directory.

Brieanne Reyes, Directory Services Manager
"This morning we are unveiling the 2012 Belize Telemedia Telephone Directory. We are very excited, we have invited guests, it's kind of a preview because the books will be available to the public next week. So we have a special treat for invited guest this morning."

"This year we have a very vibrant cover. We also have great article; the all about Belize section that features the different cultures of Belize. The Yellow pages is packed with great vibrant ads. Our advertisers really did a great job this year in producing their ads and so we are very pleased."

"This year we will also be producing the directory on Apple and Android apps. Thats something that a lot of customers will be looking forward to."

Gayle Ozaeta, Sr. Public Relations Officer
"Normally we keep the cover along the line of whatever is happening within the country and this year 2012 which is the Maya 2012 end of the calendar year. Although it's the end of the year, it's a new beginning. We look at it as a new beginning and we wanted to depict something different. Something that people hardly ever get to see or experience and that's why we chose to highlight the Maya Deer Dance and the story behind it."

"The Maya Deer Dance is a very sacred dance. There are many rituals performed before it actually happens. They don't entertain too many people until very recently when they did it for Prince Harry's visit. It's very sacred, there is a lot rituals behind it; blessing of the costumes before it is worn. That's why we chose it, to highlight something different, from a different angle."

Monica Bodden
"The photograph on the telephone directory; it was taken where?"

Gayle Ozaeta, Sr. Public Relations Officer
"It was taken at Julian Cho School in the Toledo District by one of our very own PR representative Ms. Denise Vanzie. So it's very special to us. As from the company it was taken by one of our very own and it also highlights something completely different that Belizeans hardly ever get to experience."

The new Directory will be available for customers countrywide on April 4th.

Channel 7

BTL previews new telephone directory cover

BTL previews new telephone directory cover

Telephone Director Cover
Next to the Bible, the telephone directory is perhaps the most used book in many homes and offices around the country. And it's that time of the year again, when the focus shifts to the BTL Directory. The book's front page has always been a topic of some discussion and marvel and this year, considered the year of the Mayas, Belize Telemedia decided to look in that direction. Telemedia's Senior Public Relations Officer, Gayle Ozaeta, told our colleagues at 7 News that right in tandem with the Maya's spiritual prophecy, the cover of the 2012-2013 Directory depicts a new beginning. BTL customers can visit their nearest BTL customer service offices and collect their Directory free of cost, but the books will not be available until Wednesday of next week.