March is soon over, and with it, Women's Month comes to a close. But before it ends, the Institute of Creative Arts is having one last celebration. This send-off is "WIA- A Night of Cabaret", a show which will feature talented singers, dancers and actors. We spoke with the programme officer, Kim Vasquez, and she told us who and what to expect.

Kim Vasquez, Programme officer
"We have a show entitled WIA - a Night of Cabaret. This is the culmination for us of the program women in art. We do this every year during women's month here at ICA and what we are doing is sort of a performance art showcase. We are doing it cabaret style." "This is the third year we are doing a performance art showcase under women in art. Since we were going with a cabaret theme that we wanted to give it the true cabaret experience and come out from the Bliss and go somewhere else where you can sit down around tables, you can eat food and you can drink and you can enjoy a relaxing evening."

"What can the public expect to see?"

Kim Vasquez, Programme officer
"They can expect to see 9 performers including a guest artist from the states; a young performer. We have 2 guest stars; Nelita Castillo and Jenny Lovell and we have quintet on young ladies that will be performing and they will be backed by the New Generation Dance Company."

"As I said it's a cabaret, so you can look forward to see in addition to them doing songs, they will be doing some drama. They will be interacting with the audience. There will be dance, so it will be very exciting and it's a festive way to end off women's month."

The show will be held on Friday night and begins at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the Bliss for $20, and will also be sold at the door.

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