Efrain Paul Alpuche Jr.

Ever since they took up office at the Orange Walk Town Council, those in charge in that municipality have been acting without regard for the employees, who were working there, firing them at will and replacing them with cronies.

The heavy-handed manner in which the council is being run spilled over into the life of an everyday citizen of Orange Walk Town on Friday night when the multi-tasked Efrain Paul Alpuche Jr., 45, who is the Sanitation Supervisor at the Orange Walk Town Council /driver and body guard of the Mayor, was arrested and charged for allegedly threatening radio personality, Dillon Jones on Friday, March 23rd. Noteworthy is the fact that Alpuche took the position which the new Mayor Kevin Bernard had deemed redundant when he fired Roberto Pate. Pate was the first to be victimized by Bernard.

Alpuche was detained by police on Friday evening and escorted to the police station where he was held awaiting charges of threatening words against Jones. Apparently, Alpuche, walking around with a puffed up chest and an over-inflated ego, approached Jones at a paint supply store located on the Belize-Corozal Road. Since his party won the municipal elections in Orange Walk, he has been driving around in the Mayor's vehicle pretending to be the Mayor himself. Well, on this occasion he parked the Mayor's truck in front of where Jones was and approached him as if Jones was one of those people whom he supervises. It appears as if this man thinks he can boss people around even outside of his council-assigned duties and in so doing he threatened Jones. He began cursing Jones and threatening him telling Jones that he was willing to pay the courts $250 if he committed himself.

This rash action prompted Jones to make his way to the police station and file a report. Alpuche was then arrested and held at the police station, causing the PUP radio station to spring into action and beginning to incite violence because the Mayor's sideman had been arrested. That caused a gathering outside of the police station all because of irresponsible behavior by the mayor's sideman and the PUP radio station in Orange Walk Town. In the end, there was not much that transpired and Alpuche was granted station bail.

He later appeared in court where he pleaded not guilty and was offered bail in the sum of $750. The case was then adjourned to April 25th when both Jones and Alpuche will appear as Alpuche filed a counter claim against Jones.

With this kind of cowboy like behavior, it is no wonder why the People's United Party was not elected to government. They hardly secured control of two municipalities and this is their behavior imagine what would have happened had they won.

The Guardian