Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me a space to vent my frustration about some of the things that a driver must endure here in Belize.

First, let me start with all these "dollar taxis" and taxis in general. There are too many dollar vans on Mahogany Street, and let's not forget the buses.

The Licensing And Transport Board's guide to public service tests states at number 23: "The driver of a public service vehicle may pick up passengers at any place."

Now understanding that, all taxi drivers take that literally to mean that they can block traffic, stop at the corner or any place that they are hailed, and the same goes for the buses.

Then there are the pedestrians who for some reason or the other think that they have the right of way at all times.

Imagine this, there is a sign clearly marked on the Northern Highway and by Atlantic Bank. It says, "Prohibited Crossing 7 to 9," but each and every day there are people who ignore that sign.

Furthermore, there are days when traffic wardens are out there stopping traffic. There is a charge and a fine in the City Council traffic violations which is R 132 [1]: Fail to obey traffic sign or signal.

There is also one there, R4 S/I 45/7: Driver to give way to pedestrians.

Note that it did not say that a driver "must." You can check that out at .

Each and every day people put their lives and the lives of their children in danger. People, it is time to open your eyes. You are made of skin and bones, and a motor vehicle is made of iron and bolts .

Then there are the people who stop on the highway to make a left turn. The law states: "If a person wants to make a left turn on a major road or highway, you must first proceed right, to allow oncoming vehicles to pass, before proceeding left," but lo and behold, I see from the lawmen, the police themselves, not abiding by the laws that they are paid to upheld.

The City Council can make good money charging these people, including the police, for as the Prime Minister, Mr. Barrow said, no one is above the law.

Thomas Charlesworth
(Ed. NOTE: We feel the same way you do, Mr. Charlesworth.)