A police report has been made against Minister of National Security John Saldivar. According to a caller to a morning show this morning, she made the complaint after she and Saldivar's party got into a testy verbal exchange last night in Cayo. 7news has confirmed that there was a very heated exchange between Saldivar's group and the woman - and, if you can believe it, it all started over an order of garnaches - you heard it right, garnaches!

Apparently Saldivar and his group of about 8 were getting some late night garnaches after an evening out. They were waiting for their order to finish - and Saldivar reportedly took one of the garnaches that the vendor was preparing - before she had finished the order. The woman - who had also ordered garnaches - protested loudly that Saldivar had taken one of her garnaches. They got into a back and forth - and Saldivar's crew jumped in verbally attacking the woman.

She claims that as she left - one of Saldivar's party stoned the vehicle she was in.

Saldivar today told us that it is a simple misunderstanding being blown out of proportion.

Channel 5