Tomorrow night, the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts will feature an internationally renowned Israeli piano duo. The Silver-Garburg piano duo have performed all over the world and Belize is the 65th country that they will be playing in.

Their concert is free, but our intern Robin Schaffer discovered that isn't what makes this show a must-see. She caught up with them shortly after they landed and found out what will make tomorrow's performance expressive, elegant and romantic.

Gil Garburg, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"We just landed about 2 hours ago. It's beautiful and very relaxing here. The way from the airport we saw the Belize River. We will see how it goes, we are still only a few hours here."

Sivan Silver, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"Music is music, it's not really important for how many people it is played and it is an important venue - for us every concert is important. In every concert we experience the music and also the listeners are part of this experience."

Gil Garburg, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"The public creates the time in which we make the music and every public has a different way of listening and therefore the time is different."

"We also interact with the audience."

"There are a lot of young talented Belizeans who are interested in music. Are you hoping to inspire them with this concert?"

Gil Garburg, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"Well I think eventually it's their decision if they want to. We always play the best we can."

Sivan Silver, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"I think from my knowledge, especially when people are not expose very often performances and to music and especially to love music, sometimes even one concert can change their concept or can open their minds or can make them enthusiastic about something."

"It can even create them becoming a professional musician, even if it just makes them love the music and appreciate and then want to hear more and want to deal with it more I thinking good because first listening to the music and appreciate it is even more important than being a musician yourself."

"Eventually you have to have the freedom of a performing artist to be completely free in the performance. In order to do this together we have to work a lot just to become like one person on stage."

Gil Garburg, Silver - Garburg Piano Duo
"We imagine the music in our heads and then what will come is our image will come through the piano."

"Piano duet is more tricky because you have to work with the next person and do exactly as they do. What we are trying to get eventually is everyone is completely free to have exactly what he/she wants but still play together."

Tomorrow's concert begins will begin at 8 p.m., and two aspiring Belizean pianists, Samantha Smith and Daniel Hung will be opening the show.

And to make a correction to a story from last night, the WIA- Cabaret show is tonight, not tomorrow at 8p.m. at Old Belize.

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