YC Belize is here! The high energy, interdenominational annual youth conference is scheduled for tomorrow March 30th. International musical artists Emrand Henry and Monty G, as well as local artists will converge on Belmopan at the UB Gymnasium for the one day event. In July 2006, Emrand Henry garnered four nominations in the Marlin Awards which is the Caribbean's most prestigious Gospel Music Awards. St. Lucian by birth, Henry called in to Plus TV's rise and shine this morning.

Emrand Henry, Artist
It is awesome to be here in Belize and getting ready for YC Belize tomorrow. A lot of people are excited, the young people, are excited, I am excited, Monty G is excited and so we are just getting hype for the show tomorrow and it is an honour to be here in Belize to minister to a lot of young people.

Louis Wade Jr., Host, Rise and Shine
Tell us some of the songs you will be singing this weekend.

Emrand Henry
Well tomorrow I will be doing Thank You, What is Going On, I will be doing Soca, I will be bringing a variety of genres to the table tomorrow, so that will be a very nice show tomorrow. So we are calling all the people to come out. Every youth, if you are fifty years old and you think that you are still a youth, you can come out, you're still young at heart, come out.

YC Belize also gives an opportunity to local worship teams, dance groups and a host of Belizean artists such as Jah Soldiers and Dennis G to minister to youths in attendance. The other international artist on this weekend's lineup is Ramont (Monty-G) Green who was born in Miami, but raised in the Bahamas. Monty G has received numerous awards himself and several other nominations.

Louis Wade Jr., Host, Rise and Shine
How is Belize treating you?

Monty G, Artist
Belize is treating me good, we are having a great time, Michael has been a great host and he is telling us a lot about your country and definitely exposing us to the different foods that you have here.

Louis Wade Jr.,
What are some of the songs that will make up a part of your play list?

Monty G
Definitely Live in Love, Christian Party and All My Love For You from my current album - those are only some of the songs that I will be performing. There will be a mixture of some old and new songs.

Emrand Henry and Monty G will be backed up by Belize's own Centa Stage Band. Both artist were practicing along with the band last night for tomorrows concert and plus news got a firsthand look. This year's YC is being held under the theme, 'Surrender' and it promises to be greater. Don't have your ticket yet, you can still get them for only 35 dollars at retail outlets.