It was not reported in the police sitrep and Orange Walk Police are being tight lipped about the situation but CTV3 News understands that the owners of Butchy's Lounge, Noel Grajales and his wife Yaninie Grajales were held up at gunpoint yesterday around 5:00 in the morning. The couple, we understand, had just arrived home after closing the establishment when they were approached by a male individual armed with what is believed to be a 16 gauge shotgun. The armed robber pointed the firearm at Grajales' wife demanding that the couple hand over the money. The assailant's action is what triggered Noel to react and before he knew it he was struggling with his attacker. Somehow Grajales managed to take away the firearm from the burglar after which he placed a beating on him. When we spoke to Grajales today he told us that he believes the robbery gone bad was staged. So far police have one person detained. We understand that the individual is a former employee of Grajales.