& the Thunderbolt Water Taxi

I took the San Pedro Belize Express from Chetumal to San Pedro, Belize to get back home but my friends needed to cross the border another way. They too were coming to San Pedro for Easter week but they have a truck and lots of equipment.

Note: If you have been in Mexico for more than 7 days and are leaving by boat or by land (rather than plane), you need to pay the exit fee of $294 pesos (about $24 USD). Here is a relatively new twist or really just one that they have been cracking down on recently, you need to pay the fee at a bank and not at the border. A GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. There is a bank near the border but it is not open on weekends and, like my friends, you may need to back track to Chetumal. Luckily, they have a car but if you don't...you'll probably have to get a taxi to find the bank.

Dani and Cesar left the truck in Corozal. Not just on the street but at an RV park managed by Henry Menzies. Mr. Menzies is pretty well known and runs a taxi/transfer service driving people from Corozal to Chetumal and back all day long. For more information on the RV park or the transfer service, check out: BelizeTransfers. They are paying $5 USD a day to leave their truck in the secured park.

Early the next day, they woke up early to get the Thunderbolt boat from Corozal to San Pedro. You have two options if you are going this route. 1. You can fly on either Maya Island Air or Tropic Air. The flights leave 5-6 times a day and cost $95 BZD each way. The flight is about 20 minutes. 2. The Thunderbolt Boat (which also stops for pick ups when requested in Sartenaja) leaves Corozal at 7am. And returns from San Pedro at 3pm. The trip takes about 2 hours and cost $45 bzd one way or $80bzd round-trip. For more information, you can email them at [email protected]

Arrive at the Thunderbolt 15 minutes early. There was a decent sized crowd already and the boat was packed. You pay for your fare once on the boat.

The ride was relatively easy and drops you off at the back side of the island. Back by Sunset Grill and the old football field.

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