Screen_shot_2012-04-04_at_7.52.05_PMApart from the police safeguarding the town and your home from unwanted visitors, the Orange Walk Fire Department is also ready to take charge in case of a fire emergency.

We all know that in a matter of seconds a vacation can turn into tragedy if the right measures are not taken to prevent a fire. With that in mind today we spoke to the Chief Kenneth Mortis of the Orange Walk Fiore Department who gave out some tips on how to keep your home safe.

Kenneth Mortis, Chief Substation Officer

“What we have done we have launched our safety pamphlet and it pretty much covers wild fires or what we call brush fires in this time of the year, we have noticed a high increase in terms of response to bush fires and so forth, our pamphlets here kinds of like guides you how to go about preparing yourself and your neighbours for these fires, what we ask is to keep your surrounding pretty much clean if you have a high bushes and so forth to keep it low and even if you live in a more bush or more populated areas where they have some bush then we ask to go a minimum of six feet perimeter in the neighbour and what that does it reduces the chances of a forest fire coming and clashing close to your property and we are pretty much trying to work with the community in terms of getting themselves ready and also to educate the people about what to do in the event of a fire.  The safety precautions remain the same, we try to encourage household users not to over load a simple electrical outlet, we also try to encourage to do the extra investment to put in a heavy duty extension cord and we try to encourage those want to be electricians not to make made shifts extension cords and those are some of the common factors that we have found and it is a hazard I mean let’s look at it every day bucket  go to the well only the water won’t drop out so we don’t want what you have worked a lifetime to try and care to be lost in a matter of minutes.”

Before leaving your home you should also inform a neighbor that you will be out for the long holiday.

Kenneth Mortis, Chief Substation Officer

“This Easter break we normally find forest fires, we normally find road traffic accidents and this is a festive time of the year as well and this is also time of the year when motors, w have a tendency to want to go out and do a road trip and then go to consumption of alcohol so the same message comes out from the police department and the same message goes from us, if you drink don’t drive and if you drink then have a designated driver, it is not a pretty site to respond to a scene whereby you find a four car piled up and there is casualties all over the place, we take things for granted ones too many and these are some of the simple, simple what we call back to roots precaution that we are trying to re instil in our community.”

Viewers are advised that the departments contact number has been changed from 322-2090 to 302-2090.