Belmopan residents sign petition against proposed farmers market

The placing of the proposed New Farmers Market continues to plague the residents of the Mountain View are. The Council received a grant last year, valuing 2.2 million BZE dollars from the European Union, through its Rural Development Project for the construction of a new market. That EU grant required that the council builds the proposed market on land belonging to the council and that consultation be held with residents. The council held numerous consultations but it was not well received by residents of the area. At the swearing in of the new council for the City of Belmopan only a couple weeks ago, one of the Mayor's manifesto pledge to the residents of Belmopan was to proceed with the placing of the market project on the grounds of the park.

Simeon Lopez, Mayor, Belmopan
The new Market plaza will soon begin to rise out of the ground on the Devon Beaton Park. The design and plans have been completed and bids are now being prepared for contractors to bid for the construction of this market.

But how far will those bids go is the question, as this morning plus news received an e-mail from Diana Locke detailing a petition against the constructing of the market at the Deavon Beaton Park. The three page letter detailed reasons against construction of the market in the mountain view area and recommended placing. The letter was addressed to Mayor Simeon Lopez with copies sent to Area Representative the Hon. John Saldivar, and the CEO's in the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Labour, Local Government Rural Development. Also accompanying the two page letter though was an attachment with twelve pages of signatures from residents of the immediate vicinity and surrounding area totaling 182 signatories, against having the market placed at that location. Plus news spoke with Mayor Lopez earlier today who said he's not ready to comment on the matter yet, but that they have received a copy of the said petition and will be reviewing it.