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The San Pedro Sun

No Alcohol to be sold on Good Friday!
According to the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act Chapter 150 of the Laws of Belize section 27 states that: " 1. (a) all licensed premises in which liquor is sold under a publican's general license shall be closed - on Christmas Day and Good Friday; 2. (a) All licensed premises in which liquor is sold under a malt liquor and cider license shall be closed - on Christmas Day and Good Friday 3. Any person who during the times at which any licensed premises are required by this section to be closed (a) sells or exposes for sale in such premises any liquor; or (b) opens or keeps open such premises for the sale of liquor; or (c) allows any liquor, although purchased before the hours of closing, to be consumed on such premises, is guilty of an offence"

Parked golf cart crushed by container
A golf cart was totaled when a container fell on it while parked in front of a store in the San Pablo Area of San Pedro Town. The incident occurred sometime between 9:30AM and 10AM, while workers were offloading cargo from the container in front of Island Pool Supply. It appears that the container tipped over and crushed the parked golf cart when part of the ground caved in. The San Pedro Sun understands that the driver of the cart had just parked and was inside the store picking up some supplies. The incident occurred so fast that nothing could have been done to prevent the container from falling over the cart. Luckily no one was hurt in the freak incident. According to Julie Putnam of Island Pool Supply, some merchandise was damaged, but everyone is really thankful that no one was hurt.

Ambergris Today

Video Pick: Celeb Jennifer Lawrence had "UnBelizeable" Vacation
Oscar nominee and movie star of the recently released The Hunger Games (March 23) in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence recently vacationed in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize and spent a fantastic time at the Victoria House, one of the leading resorts on Ambergris Caye. During one of her press interviews while promoting her new movie roll, Jennifer mentioned that she had an "UnBelizeable" vacation. And get this - Jennifer's vacation was courtesy of The Oscar's as it was included as part of her 'goodie bag' for being an Oscar nominee. It's a 'vacation in a bag' as they described it.

SPTC Promoting Road Traffic Safety
The San Pedro Town Council has embarked in a Road Traffic Safety Campaign promoting safe driving in the island of San Pedro. In speaking with Mr. Chris Nu�ez of the transport department he stated that they are currently placing large banners on the streets with safety tips as well as distributing safety tip flyers to all drivers. In addition, all speed bumps and street corners (no parking areas) are being given a paint job. Councilor Kenrick Brackett whose work portfolio includes the transport department also mentioned that they will be fixing and placing traffic signs where necessary as part of the campaign.

Golf Cart Pancaked by Cargo Container
OOPS! The owner of this golf cart is probably upset that he chose to park it next to this container; talk about being at wrong place at the wrong time. While the folks at Island Pool Supplies were unloading a container full of cargo, the unexpected happened - it toppled over and literally 'pancaked' a golf cart that was parked adjacent to it.

Misc Belizean Sources

National ICT Policy for the Government of Belize: Scoping Exercise
Mr David Spiteri Gingell was assigned by the Commonwealth Network for ICT (COMNET-IT), on behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat, to work with the Ministry for the Public Service, Governance Improvements, Elections and Boundaries (MPS) to carry out a scoping exercise for the design of a National ICT Policy (NICT) for Belize. The terms of reference for the assignment were the following: - To carry out a technical mission to kick start the National ICT Strategy development process in Belize. - To prepare a Small State Network for Economic Development Funding Proposal. - To create appropriate working groups for the ICT Strategy. - To design and form a project management program. - To prepare the Government administration to enable earliest quick start of project and technical expert. - To assess funding options for the development of the strategy (not its implementation, at this stage), The scoping assignment was carried out between Friday 6th February and Friday 13th February.

Towards a Sustainable and Efficient Belize
Towards a Sustainable and Efficient State: The Development Agenda of Belize represents a tangible expres- sion of the Inter-American Development Bank's commitment to generating knowledge as part of its assistance to its borrowing member countries and illustrates the Bank's willingness to accompany Belize in its efforts to overcome its development challenges. This intellectual contribution to some of the most important issues regarding Belize's economic and social development is directed primarily at two audi- ences. First, it is directed at Belizean policymakers, offering a technical and internationally comparative perspective. Second, it is aimed at the wider public who are interested in Belize's economic and social development but who find little material available on the subject.

Slickrock Adventures Eco-Resort Serves Lionfish for Breakfast in Effort to Help Save Coral Reef
Last week Lucy Wallingford served her guests a breakfast of the invasive, reef-destroying lionfish. Her eco-resort off the coast of Belize, Slickrock Adventure's Adventure Island, has now joined a movement spreading throughout the Caribbean; to establish this invasive fish on restaurant menus to stimulate a commercial lionfish industry. Lionfish first appeared in Florida, as a result of a home aquarium release. They have spread quickly and reached Glover's Reef, where Adventure Island is located, four years ago. Because they are a Pacific fish, they have no natural predators in the Atlantic - and they eat just about everything. Lucy bemoaned their arrival: "They're bad for the entire coral reef ecosystem, and we are out here on Glover's Reef, which is recognized as one of the most pristine reefs in the Caribbean." Glover's Reef is so pristine that it is protected by the Belize government as an official Marine Reserve - therefore, only catch-and-release sport fishing is permitted. However, due to the negative impacts lionfish have on the reef ecosystems, the Belize Fisheries Department exempted the lionfish, so not only is catching and eating them permitted, it is actually encouraged.

Sawdust Art Project 2012
Benque Viejo's House of Culture is having their Sawdust Art Project for Good Friday. It'll be today from 6:00am up. Thanks to NICH and the Benque HoC! "Live the momentum of Good Friday - Viernes Santo, in Benque Viejo, this is a call for children, youths, and adults who wish to be part of this colorful creation"

PHOTOS: Burns Avenue Upgrading pictures
Burns avenue is coming along nicely. They've gotten most of the bricks laid in the road. Great work, guys. There are a few pictures of the Cayo Outdoor Theatre on there too. Tonight they are playing Un Rey el La Habana.

Channel 7

We are going into Easter, one of the holiest observances of the year - but there's no letup of violence in the city. A 21 year old was killed this afternoon in Belize city, almost exactly 24 hours after a 23 year old was killed yesterday on Albert Street. But today's killing happened off Faber's Road extension where Leron Johnson, a working man, was shot to the head - through his motorcycle helmet. We'll have the full story of his murder coming up, plus an interview with his mother. But first, there has been a disturbing string of brazen armed robberies in the city over the last 24 hours. The most recent one happened this evening at the Belize Waste control dumpsite. A pair of armed gunmen were waiting for the owners of Belize Recycling Company to pay their employees - when they pounced and snatched most of the payroll.

And, A business in a much trafficked area of the city was robbed at gunpoint this morning. It happened at around 9:30 at Paula's on Cemetery Road. A pair of dark-skinned men reportedly held up the store and robbed two of the employees and a customer of all of their cash and valuables, and they then escaped. Due to the surveillance evidence, police have already detained one of the assailants, and they are looking for another. The owner of the business did not want to speak to the media.

AND, last night in the city, a man was robbed also at gunpoint. Peter Morgan, a 39 year-old resident of #76 King Street, reported that on Tuesday night at around 9:15, he was in his yard packing up some clothing and shoe merchandise when he was approached by 2 dark-complexioned men armed with guns. They robbed him of two bags containing 24 single tennis shoes, along with an assortment of clothing, which has a total value of $3,900.

Tonight a distressed sibling is appealing for information on the whereabouts of his missing brother. Delvin Galvez, better known as "Peelie" is a 28 year old Belmopan resident who has been missing for two weeks. He disappeared without a trace and today his brother, Richie Galvez told us why he is very worried. He spoke to us via phone from Punta Gorda. Isodoro "DJ Ritchie" Galvez, Brother of missing person "He went missing from Thursday March 22, 2012 at about 5pm. He was last seen getting into a blue car with a Hispanic man right in front of his home at #13 Iguana Avenue in Belmopan City and today actually is 14 days; two weeks that he went missing. He went missing on his birthday which was on the 22 March." "We are just appealing to the public that if anyone knows any information that could help us then please get to us or a family member. We would really appreciate it."

21 Year old working man Lerone Johnson was killed this afternoon in Belize City. It happened near the Faber's Road Extension where a gunman shot him in the head - straight through his motorcycle helmet. Monica Bodden was on the scene and she tried to find out why anyone would kill the hard working 21 year old. Here's her report:.. Monica Bodden reporting This is where the shooting happened at the corner of Custard Apple Street and Neal's Penn Road at about 3 o'clock this afternoon.

A teenager will spend three years in jail for stealing a car. Yesterday, 18 year-old Rodolfo Carrera was arraigned in Magistrate's Court for theft. His friend, 26 year-old Charles Requena, had been arraigned for handling stolen goods on Tuesday. It is alleged that Carrera stole a 1997 Nissan Altima car, and left it with Requena. The vehicle, valued at $3,200, belongs to Nicaraguan businessman Yadir Reyes, who reported to police that sometime between Saturday March 10 and the following day, his car was stolen.

A distraught family has been left concerned and confused after a back and forth with the courts over their jailed pregnant daughter. Stacey Humes is a 30 year old woman who, according to her family, has been denied bail without any explanation. It all started with a domestic dispute with her common law husband in September of last year. Humes had a restraining order against her, and she violated it. We spoke with her mother who wished to appear off camera, and she outlined some of the challenges her daughter has been facing. Mother of Stacey Humes "She never knew that there was a restraining order for her. She went to the house one day and he choked her, she picked up a brush and throw at him."

25 year-old unemployed William Joseph Usher is spending his second night of a 5 year sentence for burglary. He was convicted yesterday before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. On September 29 of last year, Police Officer Virgil Perez responded to a burglary in progress at Carlos' Fruit Shop, on Central American Boulevard. Perez testified under oath that he caught Usher red-handed as he broke a portion of the wall open which he used to enter the shop. He was able to arrest Usher before he could steal anything.

Yesterday in the Western Session of the Supreme Court, 19 year-old Leonel Daly, and 36 year-old Abelino Briceno Jr. were convicted of attempted murder and robbery. It was alleged that the attacked and robbed 45 year-old Leonardo Velasquez. In the trial which started on April 2, Crown Counsel Cecil Ramirez called 7 witnesses, but his key witness was the victim himself. Velasquez, a shaved ice vendor, testified that on September 20, 2010, at around 11 p.m., he was walking on the side of the road in the Savannah area of San Ignacio. He said that at around that time, Daly and Briceno attacked him, stabbed him twice in the left side of his chest, and robbed him of $23.

The 84th. Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic will start on Saturday at 6:00 am from in front of Leslie's Imports. The final number of riders who will start the race is being finalized at a technical meeting which is being held right now. But what we do know is that only a very small number of foreign riders will be participating in this year's race. And that means, that for the time in years, A Belizean cyclist has a fair chance of winning. That sounds like good news for Belizean fans who've been longing for a hometown victory since Shane Vasquez did it in 2006. But it the great Belizean hope for real? Or is it just hype? We went out on the road this morning to find out more:..

Today, many Belizeans headed out to their Easter weekend getaways - and that meant a crowd at the water taxi terminals. So how crowded was it? Our news team went terminal hopping to find out how the water taxis are dealing with the beach seeking throngs. Here's what she found out:.. Jose Marin - Employee, Caye Caulker Water Taxi "It's the usual, more than the ordinary. So, it's the last minute and people are coming out to go to the cayes. I believe that the rush started late. The years before this, they usually would start earlier at around Tuesday, but right now, today's Thursday, and the rush is picking up. When there is too much, we send 2 boats, like just now. We sent off two boats; it was a bit more than the ordinary, and that's how we handle it. But we are still running at an hour in time and such."

The Easter Season is the Fisherman's Christmas, where the fish are plentiful, demand is high, and the pay is good. And the fishes were most abundant today at the Conch Shell Bay Fish Market as everyone rushed to get their catch for tomorrow. Our intern Robin Schaffer stopped in amidst the bartering and scaling to find out from the Fishers the types and prices of the fishes that they were selling. Robin Schaffer "What kinds of fishes are most sought after today? What's everybody trying to buy today?" Lennox Lino - Fisherman "Only fish." Robin Schaffer "What's the type of fish - the species of fish that everybody mostly going for?" Lennox Lino "It's most snappers, jacks, and barrows. We have for $5, $6, and $7. Prices went up for the couple of day, and afterwards prices will go back down at least a dollar off the price."

30 year-old John Emmanuel Brown and 31 year-old David Anthony Phillips got into a fight over a woman yesterday. Now, it's not the kind of thing we usually report, but it happened in front of the Belcan Police Sub-Station! And that's why they ended up in court on charges brought against them because of complaints they lodged against each other. According to Phillips, yesterday at around 7:30 a.m., he was near Belcan Bridge when he saw Brown approaching him. Brown allegedly swung a machete at Phillips - while Phillips defensively threw a bike at him. But Brown swung again, this time Phillips blocked the machete with a forearm - but it inflicted a very deep wound.

Channel 5

Francis Fonseca denies bribery allegation
On Wednesday, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin granted leave for the United Democratic Party's Lee Mark Chang to file an election petition against Francis Fonseca, leader of the People's United Party and area representative for Freetown. Chang, who contested the seat in the recent General Elections, is accusing Fonseca's agents, Albert Vaughn and Hugh Bodden of [...]

San Pedro Town Council Good Friday Controversy with Police
There is a standoff tonight between the San Pedro Police Department and the San Pedro Town Council over the sale of alcohol on Good Friday. The Town Council has advised business establishments that they can resume selling alcohol as of nine o’clock on Friday night. But that does not sit well with the officer commanding [...]

Is it an inside job? Murder of employee with cash
There was a murder shortly before four o’clock this afternoon on Custard Apple Street, off Fabers Road extension. The deceased, twenty-two year old Leron Johnson, was killed during a cold and calculated robbery. Apparently, Johnson was tasked to transport cash belonging to, a popular tour guide operation. It is believed that he was lured [...]

Police looking for suspect for Albert Street Murder
Albert Street in downtown Belize City was the scene of a ruthless murder on Wednesday afternoon and tonight the gunman that shot twenty-three year old Michael Garbutt is still on the run. The merciless killing was witnessed by Garbutt's aunt who is visiting from the United States. She was waiting for him in a nearby [...]

Early morning robbery of Paula's Store
The brazen afternoon murder on Albert Street and this evening's murder are only two recent examples of the callous nature of criminals in the old capital. Another incident involving gun toting thugs occurred this morning, but the victims were spared and their emotional wounds will be healed. At nine o'clock this morning, Cemetery Road, one [...]

Viewers strongly oppose cost of incomplete stadium fence
Should the government have spent two point six million dollars on the perimeter fence at the Marion Jones stadium that is still not completed? That was the question of the week and the viewers are overwhelmingly against the exorbitant cost. Eighty-four percent of participants on our e-poll voted no, while sixteen percent said yes. One [...]

A car so sweet, it was taken twice
An eighteen year old is going to prison for three years because of a stolen car. That decision was handed down on Wednesday afternoon by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith in the case against Charles Reque�a and Rodolfo Carrera. Reque�a was charged with Handling Stolen Goods while Carrera was charged with the Theft of a [...]

2 men charged for brawl, woman's affection heart of issue
Also in court, two men appeared before separate magistrates this morning to be charged in connection with a brawl that took place near the Belcan Bridge on the morning of April fourth. The first to be arraigned was John Brown, who is charged with Aggravated Assault and Wounding for allegedly attacking David Phillips with a [...]

Easter is Christmas for Conch Shell Bay Fishermen
The national holidays on April sixth and ninth, are a testament to the dominance of Christianity in Belize. The mores that accompany Good Friday signify that fasting and eliminating red meat from the diet, are observed across the country. And that is the primary reason why the price of fish increases during Easter. News Five's [...]

Mass exodus to cayes and beyond for long weekend
Belize has its unique Easter traditions. If residents don't implement holiday plans by Thursday evening, they remain at home through Good Friday and observe the launch of the Cross Country Cycling Classic. But once the race is on the road, car radios are blazed with updates as the wheels spin inland or the boats ride [...]

To avoid driving tragedies, heed safety tips
Judging by the number of closed businesses, it is clear that some people are on their way to their holiday destination. But too often people are carefree and careless which then taints the holidays with the wreckage and tears of tragedy. So Raphael Martinez, Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security, has some [...]

Ministry of Security advice for home protection
And to beat the heat during the Easter holidays, just about everyone will be flocking to the beaches, rivers and other watering holes across the country. Martinez also has some advice to be safe while swimming as well as tips on securing your homes while you’re away.   Raphael Martinez, Acting Police Press Officer "We [...]

The right documents and knowledge for Mexico travel
Now that you have every safety tip for every possible occasion that may occur in Belize, one embassy also has a few words of advice for those who intend to hop over the northern border. Mexican destinations such as Cancun and Merida are popular Easter vacation spots for both Belizeans and visiting tourists. The Embassy [...]

Jesuit of St. Martin De Porres shares Easter Message
Much has been said about safety in the departure from urban centers to vacation hotspots in the country and across the border. But the celebration of Easter is rooted in Christian tradition. After the forty days of fasting, prayer and penance, prescribed during lent, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day [...]

The Choto Brothers; all five riding for the garland
The staging of the eighty-fourth Annual Cross Country Cycling Classic is set for Holy Saturday. With big cash prizes, and the country awaiting a Belizean to take the garland this year, it is expected that the Cross Country may very well be one of the most exciting yet. Since Shane Vasquez won the coveted title [...]

Healthy Living takes the sun out of heat related illnesses
The next four days will be filled with fun in the sun as most people spend a lot of time outdoors during Easter. But it's important to avoid excessive sun exposure and remember to stay hydrated. In this week's Healthy Living, Internist, Dr. Daniel Godinez, talks about the range of illnesses from mild to severe [...]


Keeping the true meaning of Easter alive
And while most of the country will be celebrating and travelling for the Easter, we remind viewers that the signifi...

Court grants application for Lake I election suit
The first application for election petition which was granted was by Justice Michelle Arana, for election petition ...

Francis Fonseca speaks out on Freetown election petition
The office of the Hon. Francis Fonseca has issued a press release regarding the Election Petition which will be fil...

Man fatally wounded during afternoon robbery
Another Belize City resident succumbs in yet another case of robbery. Leron Johnson was fatally wounded in a robber...

Machete brawl in front of police sub-station
A broad daylight machete attack occurred at about 7:30 a.m., near the Belcan Bridge, in Belize City. The attack too...

Fight for the garland in 84th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country
It's the long Easter Holiday once again and the 84th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic is entering high ge...

Bullet grazes Belize City teen
On Tuesday Evening, a 16 year old was grazed by a bullet while he was at his Belize City home. It happened at aroun...

Police destroy marijuana plantation in Belmopan
Yesterday between the hours of 9:00pm and 11:00am, Belmopan Police conducted a search about 2 � miles north of Spri...

String of robbery plague Belize City
Belize City Police are investigation reports of robbery. At approximately 9:30 a.m. this morning police received a ...

San Ignacio store robbed, one person detained
A daring daylight robbery goes down in the heart of San Ignacio. A little after 2pm yesterday afternoon Celina's Su...


Tour guide gunned down in cold blood
It's Holy Thursday, the start of the most solemn time of the year when Belizeans join in observing and celebrating Easter. But tonight, on the eve of the holiest of Christian holidays, there is grief and mourning as the senseless bloodshed that has been plaguing Belize City has claimed another life. Around three o'clock this [...]

Raising forest fire awareness in Toledo
A major event to promote awareness of forest fire prevention and management will be held in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

CJ approves application for election petition against Francis Fonseca
On March seventh, the PUP's Francis Fonseca won the elections for the seat with 1, 558 votes over the UDP's Lee Mark Chang, who garnered 1, 408 votes. But the UDP has been alleging that there were cases of bribery from within the Fonseca camp and there was talk of an application by Chang for [...]

Investigation underway in drowning of tourists
On Tuesday's newscast we told you about the tragic incident in which two tourists perished while on a snorkeling trip to the Holchan Marine Reserve. An investigation to determine exactly what transpired is underway. Love TV's Maria Novelo has an update.

BELIZE: The best place in the whole wide world
There is no doubt that Belize is the best place in the whole wide world. And the folks over at the Belize Tourism Board are doing all within their power to let world know that we're welcoming of all who want to sample some of what Belize has to offer. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and [...]

All systems a go for Cross Country Cycling Classic
It is a tradition that dates back to 1928. And over the decades, the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic has grown to be Belize's most prestigious one-day sporting evening. Over fifty champions have worn the garland in the 84 year history of the race and on Saturday the quest for cross country immortality will [...]

Neighborhood brawl reported in San Pedro
A neighborhood brawl in San Pedro town earlier this week left one person injured. The incident has apparently been smoothed over and the tempers calmed. Love TV's Maria Novelo reports.


The Guardian

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Reina's pastries offering Pizza
Free Delivery. 666-8163


The Reporter


Our Sojourn in San Ignacio: Beautiful Birds
We added quite a few birds to our life lists on our recent trip to San Ignacio and the Cayo District of Belize. We also saw many we'd seen before. It is hard to get decent bird photos with a 12x zoom, but here are the ones worth sharing. If anyone disagrees with any of our identifications, please let us know in the comment section below -- thanks! We saw both male and female Rose-Throated Becards numerous times as they were adding onto their interesting round nest in a tall tree. Both birds would fly into the woods, then come back with nesting material to add to the top of the nest. The nest hole is in the side. We didn't get a photo of the male, unfortunately, but this photo of the female that Barry took is the clearest bird photo of any he took, I think.

A few Easter weekend events on Ambergris Caye
Easter is always the busiest weekend of the year in San Pedro. Many families come from mainland Belize to enjoy our beautiful island and if you have not made a reservation yet good luck as places are usually booked up by now. Below are just a few of the many Easter weekend events happening on Ambergris Caye. Walking the beach on Easter Sunday and seeing everyone out having fun is always one of my favorite Easter Activities on the island.

The Search for Cheap Food on Back Street and a Hidden Gem Found: Briana's Deli
Back Street (more properly known as Angel Coral Drive) is a road of small, local food shops, tiny grocery and produce stores, old school houses, used clothing stores like this one My Clothes Shopping in San Pedro and more. It's a very eclectic local mix. Yesterday, trying to recreate the yummy local taco dining experience of Mexico, we set out to yummy, local tacos. We used A King's Life's blog on the chicken tacos of San Pedro as a guide. We headed to town at about noon and let me tell was HOT. The summer is definitely here. The temperature forecast was 90 degrees for the day (we haven't seen that in a while.) By the time, we got there, we were positively wilting. Taco time. And here is what we found out quickly. Taco time is the morning. All of the carts are pretty much cleared out by 10am. Even this shop selling my favorite, Tacos Al Pastor was closed for business. tacos today.

International Sources

Billionaire Huang Maoru, a China-born, Belize national
Huang Maoru, a China-born, Belize national, leads retailer Maoye International. The company is headquartered in tha mainland Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen, located just across from the Hong Kong border. Huang's wealth is off from year ago amid a drop in Maoye's Hong Kong-listed shares on worries that slowing economic growth in China will crimp consumer spending. Yet Maoye's business growth has been healthy. Sales in 2011 increased by more than half to $532 million, helping to boost net profit by 11% to $102 million. Huang's wife, Huang Jingzhang (who shares ownership in the company), retired as a director of Maoye International in 2010.

'Top Chef' meets 'Survivor' on latest food reality show
In Episode 2 of "No Kitchen Required," Madison Cowan, front, Kayne Raymond, left, and Michael Psilakis put their culinary skills to work on Belize cuisine amid the native elements for BBC America's new reality show. (Tim Calver) "No Kitchen Required" is a new show from BBC America in which three chefs from three corners of the English-speaking world travel to remote locations to have their way with the native cuisine, and vice versa. If the words "Top Chef" and "Survivor" were not uttered in the same sentence at some time while this series was being pitched, I will eat my own cooking. All the chefs have appeared on reality TV, but in the 21st century that is just what chefs do. Top-rated Michael Psilakis has been on "Iron Chef"; probably not coincidentally, he is an executive producer of this show. Though he's the least colorful of the three, his clothes remain impressively unwrinkled under difficult conditions.