Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley today announced that he is in talks with the Kolby Foundation boss John Woods to relocate homeless people from the streets of the old capital to a facility on the prison compound in Hattieville. At a mid-afternoon press conference Mayor Bradley told journalists that based on the humanitarian point of of view as well as the Christian base with which Woods conducts his operation, he is confident that the homeless will be kept away from the general prison population but at the same time in an atmosphere that is both hospitable and much better than what they currently experience. Close to three dozen mostly homeless men are based out of the Battlefield Park and the verandah of the old Bata building at the corner of New Road and Queen Street in front of the police station. In addition to relocating the homeless to Hattieville, Bradley says that the exercise would provide counseling for them, with a view to eventually reuniting the homeless with their families. There is also the possibility of offering a detox program for those who are hooked on drugs and in some cases, the relocation exercise would also seek to provide the families of the homeless with financial support to assist with their care. The mayor announced that he has had preliminary talks with the Kolbe Fondation chairman John Woods but there have been no formal agreement reached as yet.

Patrick Jones