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The San Pedro Sun

On Easter Saturday, twelve intrepid members of the San Pedro Youth Sailing program, two in each boat, raced from Caribbean Villas to The Hotel. Molly Malone's Pub treated them to a leisurely and hardy lunch of hot dogs, mac & cheese, and drinks. Then they changed crew mates and boats and raced back. The races were done purely for fun, but served as endurance tests of a constructive sort. It is about five miles between the two resorts, making these the longest races the young San Pedro crews have been challenged by so far. The race north was into the wind, which required the most tactical course changes. On board the Playa Blanca boat, Kevin Velasquez and Jorge Oliverez led the entire way, only to discover an unlucky way to lose that their sage adult instructors had neither anticipated nor forewarned about: they ran aground about 5 yards short of the finish line! Blanca Velasquez and Zizi Ayala skimmed by them in the Playa Blanca boat to win by a nose. Faith Noel & Lily Hayden aboard Caribbean Villas arrived in 3rd place.

Minister Lisel Alamilla wins a place in the finals of prestigious conservation award competition
Belize's newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Liselle Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards. The nomination means that Hon. Alamilla will now travel to London in May for interviews with the panel of experts who will decide which of this year's seven international candidates will win a share of Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) grants worth a total £210,000 GBP for their projects. The results will be announced during a ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society, Kensington Gore, London, on Wednesday 9 May at which WFN's patron, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) will present the prizes.

Bill Gates touring Belize onboard Attessa IV
The Attessa IV has been adrift off Ambergris Caye outside the Belize Barrier Reef since early Tuesday, April 10th with the world's second richest man on board. Aboard the 330ft private super yacht is Bill Gates along with six family members and a crew of 23. The vessel, captained by Sergiy Pashchenko, was given the clearance to navigate into Belizean waters just before mid-morning and has permission to remain in the country until May 9th. According to sources within the Immigration Department, the vessel was cleared by personnel that flew in from Belize City. The Attessa IV is expected to make stops at various world renowned destinations including Hol Chan Marine Reserve, southern Belize, The Turneff Atolls and the Great Blue Hole.

Ambergris Today

The All-In-One Store
I still have about ten volumes to write about the very first ones in San Pedro, but will deviate for this week due to a request to write about this store just for the fun of it. I will call it the ONE-INALL STORE to begin with but will share its name just in case you can't figure out the identity of this store. It was the first music store in San Pedro and there was no better quality because it was the only one at the time. There you could buy the latest selections of just recorded hits in high definition TDK cassette tapes. You remember these cassette tapes, don't you? You had about six to nine songs on one side and another number of songs on the next side. If you wanted to search for a particular song you had to forward or rewind or find some numbering system to do so. These tapes were sold in this store and you could also enjoy seeing the "maestro" recording them from another pirated tape.

Costa Del Mar's Fly Fishing Film Tour Coming to San Pedro
Fisher Folk get ready for an unforgettable event that will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2012, as Tres Pescados Fly Shop brings to you the Costa Del Mar's Fly Fishing Film Tour 2012. Fishermen around the world video their best fishing experience and submit it to Costa Del Mar and the very best films, out of hundreds, are chosen to be a part of the Fly Fishing Film Tour that takes place yearly in the United States and Canada. This will be the first ever international screening for this event and it will be the first time it is shown in a Latin American county. Wil Flack of Tres Pescados Fly Shop will host this event at the end of Barrier Reef Drive in front of the Tres Pescados Fly Shop. During the film show a total of 11 films will be showcased including the Film "GeoFish: A Mayan Prophecy", which is about four fishermen from the US who made their way to Belize on a truck running on cooking-oil to get the best memorable fishing experience in their life.

Following His Dad's Footsteps
Mayor Danny Guerrero is presently serving his term as mayor which in Spanish is an "Alcalde". Well, he is simply following his father's footsteps as his dad, Mr. Efrain Guerrero Sr. was once the alcalde or village council chairman for this village. We were privileged to get hold of a flashback via Facebook of Chairman Efrain Guerrero as he went to the main pier to welcome and do some business for San Pedro with two government ministers. Pictured along with the chairman was Sandy Hunter, Minister of Public Service. Mr. Octavio Alamilla was also present as the treasurer of the village council. Also featured is Mr. Priciliano Gomez, who was probably a member of the village council. And the long standing Area Representative for Belize Rural South was Honorable Louis 'Cuz' Sylvestre (pronounced Sylvester) to whom can be attributed many great accomplishments for San Pedro village and town.

Transvestite Show Sparkles at AIDS Commission Fundraiser
The San Pedro AIDS Commission once again presented the spectacular show of Noche de Estrellas Part II. The fundraiser is one of the two biggest events the Commission hosts every year and with resounding success of last year's show, the Commission brought the superstars from Merida, Yucatan once again to entertain during the Easter festivities. El Show de Las Estrellas del Momento, a show from Merida, Yucatan, included five performers doing their best imitations of Latin singers like Lady Gaga, Marisela, Alejandro Fernandez, Madonna and others! This also included one of the best shows in acting, drama and singing as they performed a parody of a popular Mexican show "Mujeres Asesinas", they did their version of "Travestis Asesinas".

Misc Belizean Sources

University of Belize Earth Day on the 19th
The University of Belize will be having an Earth Day celebration on April, the 19th. They'll have booths, food, games, competitions, and much more. Digicell will also be there so you can double and triple up.

The Institute for Sustainable International Studies has some pictures of the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education's Biological Research Station. They took a few good pictures.

VIDEO: One Day on Earth Trailer
The SISE House of Culture is doing their movie night on Earth Day...Earth Night. They will be showing One Day on Earth, which is the first film ever shot in every country in the world on the same day. Sounds like quite a project, and it must be quite diverse. "ONE DAY ON EARTH creates a picture of humanity by recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world. We explore a greater diversity of perspectives than ever seen before on screen. We follow characters and events that evolve throughout the day, interspersed with expansive global montages that explore the progression of life from birth, to death, to birth again. In the end, despite unprecedented challenges and tragedies throughout the world, we are reminded that every day we are alive there is hope and a choice to see a better future together."

PHOTOS: University of Belize Relathon Record
The University of Belize had its annual Relathon, and the males set a record breaking time of 7 hours and 10 minutes. Congratulations to Garrett Bermudez for making a mile in 4:49. Check out the great pictures they got of the event.

The Popol Vuh explained
Since it is virtually impossible to summarize the Popol Vuh the way I want to, I have decided to break down each part of the five-part tale. This story of the Maya creation is one of the most amazing tales one can read and it takes a little time to explain it properly. First, Popol Vuh translates into "Book of the People," and it is the Quiche' account of the creation of the Mayan people. The first part covers how the Gods are really not very smart, make numerous mistakes and certainly have no thought out plan as to the creation of the Earth and all life that dwell upon it. The two main divinities that start this experiment of creating the earth and all life upon it are Heart of Sky (also called Hurricane) and Sovereign Plumed Serpent. As the classic line goes, "in the beginning�" the sky was created covering a cloudy earth with was covered with water. At this time, no animals or humans walked the earth, until Heart of Sky conferred with Sovereign Plumed Serpent and decided to create the earth. With a single word, landmasses began to rise out of the sea. The mountains separated from the water and were instantly covered with cypress and pine. From this, the earth, the sky and the water were all separated.

PHOTOS: Sawdust Art Project and Carpet making in Benque
The Benque House of Culture had their Sawdust Art Project and Carpet creating event, and the Banquitas House of Culture was there to experience it, and take tons of great pictures. Glad to have Orange Walk's HoC come down and have a great time. It was a great cultural event, thanks to the Benque HoC. "Representing Banquitas HOC and Institute of Creative Arts Orange Walk at Benque Viejo del Carmen for the Sawdust carpets. It was a great pleasure to witness the rich culture of Benque and an honor to be part of this community activity. We give thanks to Ms. Nayell for showing us around and for making us feel at home. Oh and also to her volunteers: Edson and Daniel! It was a wonderful experience and we all learned a lot."

Channel 7

Exactly three weeks ago - a joint police force comprising the Gang Suppression Unit and the Anti Drug Unit descended on Taylor's Alley with what residents say was brutal and excessive force. It made the news - and got the attention of the new police minister John Saldivar - because the GSU was publicly implicated, again, for police brutality - with a political directorate that had become wary of bearing the political costs for the unit's excesses. Minister Saldivar convened a three person team lead by former police commissioner Hughington Williams to investigate. That team submitted its report last Wednesday and the main findings were released to the media an hour ago.

We haven't had an update on Vernon Cuthklevin's containers in two weeks: well tonight, they are still impounded at the Customs Department and from what we're hearing they aren't about to go anywhere. That's because unofficial reports that we've say that the tests from a foreign lab came back and they show that the six containers were loaded with a chemical called methylamine hydrochloride. That is classed as a precursor chemical for the manufacture of meta-amphetamines - which, as we've told you, is an illegal, highly addictive drug in the United States known as "Crystal Meth." And because precursor chemicals are usually targeted for drug markets in the USA, the local investigation is being actively being followed by DEA agents in Belize. Reliable reports to us say that the estimate is that the close to three thousand sacks of methylamine hydrochloride could produce about 400 metric tonnes of meta-amphatamines.

Last night we told you about the deadly, tragic weekend - which claimed the lives of eight Belizeans. Well one more man died over the weekend - after he had been beaten up last week. 59 year old Jeffery Garnett - a resident of Hattiville- was badly beaten by 2 men of his village on April 3rd. One week later - which was yesterday- Garnett succumbed to his injuries at the KHMH. The incident happened in Hattieville. It is said that Garnett went looking for his son that night when he was attacked by the men at a shop. He received a fractured skull and was in a coma for almost 7 days. His son, 20 year old Dorian Garnett was also attacked and beaten by the same two men early that day. Today Garnett's son told us the dispute which caused his father's life, was over his baby mama drama.

oday two men attempted to rob Blue Marlin Restaurant in downtown Belize City. It's the fourth time the restaurant has been targetted - but the robbers probably didn't expect the owners to be prepared for the attack. Two armed masked men entered Blue Marlin just before midday with guns trained at the owners. Mark Young, the proprietor's son, began to wrestle with one of the men while the owner Douglas Young pulled out his licensed firearm. Upon seeing this, the robbers fled on bicycles, but the incident did not end there. Young chased one of them in his vehicle, knocking him over before calling the police. We spoke with Douglas Young about the frightening incident, and he told us what caused him to react so bravely.

Last week Wednesday, 7News showed you the broad-daylight murder of 23 year-old Michael Garbutt on Albert Street. Well today, his alleged killer, 18 year-old Dennis Robert Matura, was arraigned in Magistrate's Court. Matura, a resident of Wagner's Lane, appeared in front of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. Because of the nature of the offense, no plea was taken, and no bail was granted. Matura was remanded to prison until June 1, his next court date. As we reported, last week Wednesday at around 3 p.m., Garbutt was standing in front of Dee-Dee's Restaurant. He was waiting for family members when a gunman walked up Simmons Alley, shot him in the head, and escaped back down the alley.

A City home was cleaned out over the Easter Weekend. 56 year old Janet Arnold who lives on Seashore drive reported that between noon on Holy Thursday and the afternoon of Easter Monday - her home was burglarized. The thieves made off with an assortment of electronic items and jewelry valued at a staggering $49,450.

If you've seen Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in his media appearances after one month of being in office - you'll know he means business. After all, he fired 25 staffers straight off - many of them being good UDP's. And he's hoping to continue that result-oriented trend with a One Hundred Day Action Plan. It makes 100 pledges to be delivered by June 16th, the first 100 days in office. The list is mighty fancy, and very ambitious, but considering that we're already at day 32, is it too ambitious? That's what we tried to find out a city council press conference today:

Today makes three weeks since Delvin "peelie" Galvez has been missing. Last week Isodoro "DJ Ritchie" Galvez, his brother, appealed to the public for information. Well tonight his mother told us that she just wants her son back home. Heledora Cruz - Mother of Missing Person "I like to tell them please have mercy on me, because I miss him a lot and I want him. If he's seeing or hearing, please let him call me at least and tell me that he is ok. And I ask the ones who have him, if they could please let him go. I don't want any police action. I don't want no case or nothing, I just want him back. I'm pleading to the public and the police department, if they can please help me find back my son even if he is not living, even if he is dead I would want ti find him back to put him to rest if thats it. I pray to God that he comes back."

Last night, we told you about 19 year-old Victor Foreman, the Ladyville resident who drowned at the Vista Del Mar waterfront on Holy Saturday at around 3 p.m. We only gave you our preliminary information about it, but because it is a very-well trafficked area, and a popular hangout spot for Ladyville residents on the weekend, we decided to investigate further. What we found out today, is that Victor was not the adventurous type to risk going so far that he wouldn't be able to be able to return safely. No, he died from getting trapped in a large underwater hole - 1 of 5 actually - that are in the area. His mother told us that her information is that these holes are the remnant of dredging of the area. According to her, the professional divers who rescued her son's body from out of the sea told her that the hole is very deep. She told us about how her family went out as they usually do for fun on the weekends. They couldn't have known that Victor would drown.

Belize's Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development is a finalist for the Whitley Awards, one of the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions. Senator/Minister Lisel Alamilla was shortlisted for her work with the Ya'axche Conservation Trust, and will travel to London in May for interviews with a panel of experts who will then decide which of the seven international candidates will win a share of the Whitley Fund for Nature - which is worth a total of $210,000 Pounds which is about $334,261 US Dollars. The results will be announced in London on May 9th where the Whitley Fund's patron, Princess Anne will present the prizes.

Today six distinguished Belizeans were honored by the Queen for community service. Bernard Quentin Pitts received the insignia for Commander of the British Empire for his contribution to the Law and Public Service; Dr. Ann Gillett Elrington received the insignia as Member of the British Empire for services to the Belizean Diaspora and Medicine; Louise Bridget Lewis and Enelda Rosado both received medals as Members of the British Empire for services to Education and Community Development; Receiving the insignia for Member of the British Empire was Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez JP for his contribution to Education and Public Service, and finally, prizefighter Ludwig Lightburn who was a world middleweight contender in the 50's was distinguished with the insignia as Member of the British Empire for his contribution to sports and the Belizean American community. The Governor General handed out the insignias on behalf of the Queen at his official residence in Belmopan.

Joe Bradley is the famous host of WAVE Radio's Fus Thing Da Mawnin' Show. But, when he gets off the show - he's a regular employee at the City Council. He's been there for years where he works as a Compliance Officer. But now, Bradley's son, Darrell is the mayor - and ultimately, Joe's boss. It's a peculiar situation and raises some valid questions - particularly after 25 city staffers were laid off - many of them, like Joe, politically affiliated. So we today asked the mayor, does he dare review his own Dad's employment?

Last night, we told you all about Giovanni Choto's historic cross country ride, his fifteen thousand dollar first place cash prize and what he plans to do with the money. But, what we didn't mention is that the 23 year old also won 78 Station Prizes - which is a record. The previous record was 41 held by Guatemalan cyclist Luis Macu in his cross-country ride about ten years ago. Of course, Choto also had more to win: this year's race featured a record 101 Station prizes. 64 of those 78 prizes are in cash or gift certificates totaling $9,225.00. The largest were three five hundred dollar prizes.

Crimes In Cayo
Three men robbed Belize Water Services Limited in Belmopan yesterday evening at closing time. At around 5:15 in the evening, Gabriela Pinto, a 46 year old cashier was working at BWS located in the Garden City Plaza in Belmopan, when three dark skinned men entered the building. One of the men then took out a gun resembling a 9mm pistol and aimed it at her, demanding money. Pinto, fearing for her life surrendered a grey colored Bank deposit bag containing $17,558.85 in Belizean currency along with $270 US. The total loss came up to $18,098.85. And yesterday morning in Santa Elena town, Santos Simeon Gonzalez, a 30 year old Belizean Park Manager for N.I.C.H. was walking down La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena Town when a masked man emerged from the vehicle and ran towards him, holding a chrome 9mm pistol in his right hand.

Youths Feed Homeless
A youth organization is completing its second annual Easter project - and this year it is feeding the homeless. Youths Creating Talent is an organization created and run entirely by youths, and instead of spending the Easter relaxing under the sun, they have been serving food to homeless people in Battlefield Park. Today they served 130 plates of food, and Justin Gill, the founder of the organization, told us what made them take the initiative.

Channel 5

Ministry of National Security apologizes to Taylor's Alley residents
The Taylor's Alley incident in which gang members claimed that they were the object of brutality by the Gang Suppression Unit and members of the Police Force took place on March twenty-first. The incident threatened the fragility of the gang truce and a Commission of Inquiry was set up comprising former Commissioner of Police, Hughington [...]

No Arrests yet for Easter Weekend murders
In the past seven days, six persons were viciously murdered. In the old capital, four families are grieving and in the Hattieville community, two other families are looking for answers for the murders of their own. Police beefed up their presence in the Old Capital but that was no match for the criminals. There have [...]

18 year old is charged from ruthless downtown murder of deportee
While no arrests have been made in the past weekend's murder, one man was charged today for the murder of twenty-three year old Michael Garbutt, who was killed in a most heinous manner in broad daylight and in the heavily trafficked downtown area. Today, the man police believe shot Garbutt three times to the head [...]

Is the spike in violent crimes an indication that the gang truce is failing?
Tonight's question is: Do you believe that the spike in violent crimes is indication that the gang truce is failing? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected].

Over $17,000 stolen from BWS Belmopan Branch
Three robbers netted over seventeen thousand dollars from BWSL in Belmopan in a Tuesday evening robbery. Reports are that around five-fifteen on Tuesday evening, employees were inside the branch office packaging the cash when three masked men entered through the unlocked front door. According to sources, the security guard, Clinton Nah had his back to [...]

Brothers fight off robbers at Blue Marlin Restaurant
Shortly before noon today there was another robbery in downtown Belize City. it happened while patrons of the popular Blue Marlin Restaurant on Regent Street West were purchasing lunch. A pair of armed masked men entered the establishment. Two of the business owner's sons, Mark and Douglas Young, sprang into action and a brief struggle [...]

Murder stats down in first months of 2012
The bodies piled up at the City morgue, where we are told, there is no more room left following the past weekend's murders, drownings and traffic accidents. But is crime up? We checked our internal statistics for the first three and a half months of last year, and the matching period this year. Here is [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley unveils 100-day Plan for Belize City
Since officially swearing in as Mayor of Belize City on March sixteenth, Darrell Bradley says he has had to make tough decisions at City Hall, including the recent firings of twenty-two employees. Those choices, according to Mayor Bradley, are in line with a hundred day plan that was initially unveiled during the U.D.P.'s manifesto launch [...]

City Mayor questioned about his father's employment at CitCo
The recent termination of twenty-two employees of the City Council has also been met with strong criticism from those who believe that cost-cutting measures resulting from the findings of the internal audit should affect the top heavy administration of the council. When asked if an evaluation of his father, Joe Bradley's performance as a compliance [...]

Revenue Collection in the City Traffic Department "healthy?"
According to the details of the plan, the council intends to slash its overall expenditure by twenty percent. Conversely, it proposes to increase the revenue collected at the Traffic Department by twenty percent. When asked if the idea is practical, based on weak collections, Bradley said revenue generation at the Traffic Department is – quote- [...]

Belizean making waves in Caribbean Fashion Design Competition
Belizean, Rebecca Stirm of Roaring Creek is hitting it big in a Caribbean fashion designer show. Stirm, who heard about the reality series through a friend, auditioned and was accepted as one of the competitors vying for three million Jamaican dollars or over thirty thousand U.S dollars in prizes including the opportunity to show at [...]

Minister Lisel Alamilla is a finalist for Prestigious Conservation Award
Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla, has been named a finalist for a prestigious conservation award from the Whitley Fund for Nature. Alamilla has been selected for her work with the Ya'axche Conservation Trust, which promotes the protection of the Maya Golden Landscape in southern Belize. As one of seven international finalists [...]

San Pedro Fisherman missing for weeks
A San Pedro fisherman has been missing for eighteen days. His family and police on the island are now asking for the public's assistance in locating twenty-seven year old Wilmer Cartajena, also known as Chix, a resident of the Basil Jones area, which is twelve miles north of San Pedro Town. Cartajena disappeared on March [...]

Top 6 for the hottest show in the land; KTV Latino
KTV Latino was live at the Bliss on Tuesday night and as always, the show was packed with excitement; especially for the in-house audience that walked away with many raffle prizes. Only six contestants remain as Group A & B merged and they all put up a fight for their place in the competition. Each [...]



On Sunday, one year old Bryden Chan was knocked down and killed in Sarteneja village in the Corozal district. On Tuesday, police formally arrested and charged twenty year old Luis Tzul in connection with the fatal traffic accident. Tzul, a resident of Copper Bank Village has been...

If you own a cellular phone and still have not gone in to register it with your service provider, well your time is fast expiring. That deadline to get your cell phone hooked up to the national network is tomorrow, Thursday. A check with BTL today revealed that of the 200 t...

Belizeans wishing to visit the United States of America will have to pay more to get a visitor's visa. In a circular sent out by the US Department of State, effective Friday of this week, an adjustment in visa processing fees will go into effect. The circular sa...

The findings of an investigation into complaints against the Gang Suppression Unit made by residents of Taylor's Alley have been submitted, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the GSU. According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security, the investigators ...

The 42nd Annual BNTU Convention kicked off this morning in Orange Walk with a short parade from the Banquitas House of Culture to venue, D Star Victoria Hotel. Teachers from across the country have gathered for the two day meeting with the intention of discussing and coming out w...


Dreadful Traffic Accident On Easter Sunday Claims The Life Of One Year Old
An Easter trip on Sunday turned deadly for a couple from the Village of San Estevan as their one year old son lost his life as a result of a dreadful traffic accident. Reports are that baby Brayden Chan was playing with a group of children along the beachside in the Village of Sarteneja when he ran across the road and was knocked down by a black Ford Pickup Truck driven at the time by 21 year old Luis Tzul from the Village of Copper Bank. As a result of the accident the toddler received severe head and body injuries and died while on the way to the Corozal Community Hospital. Today when we visited the Village of San Estevan and spoke to Brayden's mother she told us that her son died in her arms.

Traffic Accident On Holy Saturday
Thirty three year old Deon Spencer a Belizean contractor from the Village of Hattiville also lost his life during a traffic accident. On Holy Saturday when police visited mile 17 on the Western Highway they observed Spencer's lifeless body lying face down on the right hand side of the road suffering from head and body injuries. Reports are that Smith was riding his bicycle along the Western Highway when he was knocked down by a black and grey Mitsubishi Montero SUV traveling from Belmopan towards Belize City. The vehicle was driven at the time by Julian Martinez, a 32 year old Belizean mechanic from Belize City. Martinez has been charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention, manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit.

First Murder On Holy Saturday
Over the holiday weekend a slew of murders underlined the Easter celebrations in Belize City. Both incidents portrayed the common involvement of gun violence in the City which claimed the life of two Belizeans. The first murder took place on Holy Saturday when 32 year old Herman Lanza, a resident of #5 Black Orchid Street in Belize City was fatally shot around 9:00pm. Lanza was riding his bicycle on Casaurina Street when upon reaching the corner of Poinsetta and Casaurina Street several gun shots were heard. When police arrived at the scene they found Lanza lying on the pavement in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds to both hands, left side of upper abdomen, right side of back and right side of forehead. Lanza was taken to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing surgery.

Two Orange Walk Residents Sought By Police In Connection To Burglary Report
Tonight Eduardo Solis from the Village of August Pine Ridge and Valerio Magana from the Village of San Felipe are being sought by Orange Walk Police in relation to a burglary that took place in the Village of San Felipe. On April 7th, Adalid Wicab, a 34 year old Belizean cane farmer from the Village of San Felipe along with his family left home en route to Chetumal, Quintana Roo. But despite the fact that the house was left properly secured a burglar or burglars found their way into the premises. According to Wicab, when he and his family returned home on the same day they noticed that the house had been burglarized and stolen were a number of items including $5,000 in cash, one gold bracelet valued at $450.00 and one gold chain valued at $1,800. Total value of items stolen amounted to $7,250. Police investigations continue.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Discussed During BNTU Convention
The National Convention is BNTU's highest authority in which teachers from across the country get the opportunity to voice out their opinions and make suggestions on how to enhance the responsibilities of teachers. Attending the opening of the convention today was Mayor Kevin Bernard who gave the welcome address and retired educator Armando Leiva who gave the key note address. After the formal introductions were made, it was off to business as BNTU's National President Luke Palacio, took to the stand and spoke on the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The agreement, which has a total of 23 proposals made to Government includes the salary adjustment of teachers.

Burglars Caught Red-handed In Corozal
Due to a recent increase in burglaries that has plagued the Corozal community, police have intensified their mobile patrols across the town and from the looks of it the plan is working. Yesterday while on mobile patrol police responded to a burglary in progress in the vicinity of Halls Layout. When the cops arrived at the scene of the incident they noticed that the front door of a house belonging to one Cynthia Wits, a Belizean office manager, had been pried open. As police made their way inside the dwelling they observed a male person ransacking the place. The individual is a 15 year old minor; therefore, we will not disclose his name. What we can tell you though, is that he is a high school student. The individual was arrested and charged by Corozal Police for the crime of burglary.

Another Election Petition Filed By The PUP Accepted By The Courts
Yesterday marked the deadline for the filing of election petitions and from all accounts the People's United Party wasted no time and filed the last petition to be accepted. Before the Easter Break Orlando Habet, the P.U.P Standard Bearer for Cayo Northeast filed an election petition against Area Representative Elvin Penner on a number of grounds including the allegation that Returning Officer Jose Castellanos did not permit a recount of ballots and that bribery was involved during the election process. Viewers might recall that Orlando Habet lost to Elvin Penner by a mere 17 votes. Yesterday the case was heard before Justice Minette Hafiz who heard arguments presented by Habet's Attorney Said Musa and Penner's Attorney Rodwell Williams. After listening to both sides Justice Hafiz struck out the allegation of bribery; however, he granted leave for the petition for a recount. Here is what both Musa and Williams had to say about the court's decision.

2012 Hurricane Names Released
Noted scientists Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray from the Colorado State University have just released their annual predictions for the 2012 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season. The forecasters predict a below-average Hurricane season based on a number of factors which suppress hurricane activity including the cooling of the tropical Atlantic Ocean and the developing El Nino in the Pacific. The forecast is based on a new extended-range early April statistical prediction scheme that uses 29 years of past data, according to the report. 10 named storms are predicted to form in the tropics this season along with 4 hurricanes, 40 named storm days, 16 hurricane days, 2 major hurricanes, and 3 major hurricane days. Of the two major hurricanes there is the probability of one major hurricane of a category 3 or higher tracking into the Caribbean. The hurricane names for 2012 have been listed and are as follows: Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, and William. The Atlantic Hurricane Season starts on June 1 and ends on November 30.

New Life Presbyterian School Constructs New Auditorium
Today the mixing and shoveling of cement signified the continuation of a delayed auditorium at the New Life Presbyterian School here in Orange Walk Town. A team of volunteers from Brampton Canada arrived yesterday through the aid of a non profitable organization, Promise Keepers Canada, to assist the school in the final construction of their auditorium. While the lecture hall plays a fundamental part of the children's physical development the volunteers are extending a helping hand to promote the message of Christ. Deon Smith, Team Leader "We've collected money from home which goes towards the project and some of the materials that we gathered and we also collected material and soccer balls for the kids in the school." According to the School's Principal, Ruth Ku, the refurbishing of the overdue auditorium could not have come at a better time.

BNTU 42nd Convention Kicks Off With Parade
"Demanding Decent Working and Learning Conditions for all" is the theme for this year's 42nd annual Belize National Teachers Union Convention held here in Orange Walk. The two day convention kicked off this morning with a parade through the main streets of town which served as an innovative attraction for Orange Walkenos to come out in support for the rights of all educators. With over 2,000 members associated with the BNTU there was minimal attendance for this year's convention due to various factors. Luke Palacio, National President BNTU "We do have a concern yes that at the same time that we hold our convention teachers are engaged in marking PSE that is their choice we also know that at this time sometimes UB resumes classes in fact I think they resumed yesterday so we do know that some of our members are attending UB we cannot fault them for not being here sure we would like to see our numbers increase greatly in terms of attendance of convention but the important thing is that we are having our convention and we are able to have a quorum that makes it legal and that is where it stand but we are going to continue to device ways to try and encourage more of our members to attend our convention."


Armed hold up of Blue Marlin's restaurant
Two brazen thieves went looking for more than food close to lunch hour today but one of them ended up getting a lesson in life instead. The duo rode up to the Blue Marlin's Restaurant on Regent Street West at around eleven forty-five this morning and produced two guns in an attempt to rob the [...]

Teachers convention underway in Orange Walk
Hundreds of teachers from all over the country are tonight gathered in Orange Walk town for their annual convention. The rotating gathering is being hosted by the Belize National Teachers Union. Correspondent Arturo Cantun reports.

Trio jailed for illegal weapon and ammunition
A man and two women became inmates of Belize Central Prison today after they were found guilty of firearm and ammunition offences. They are thirty seven year old Kent Rose; twenty year old Emily Garcia and nineteen year old Stacey Humes. The trio was found guilty of keeping prohibited firearm, keeping prohibited ammunition and keeping [...]

Duo charged for burglarizing the judge's house
Two men, thirty eight year old Christopher Mckoy Jr. and 44 year old Kent Smith, who allegedly broke into the house of the president of Belize Court of appeal Justice Manuel Sosa, at number 29 Southern Foreshore, were charged with burglary when they appeared today in the Number One Magistrate's Court today. Mckoy and Smith [...]

Cost of US visas increases � again
Belizeans wishing to visit the United States of America will have to pay more to get a visitor's visa. In a circular sent out by the US Department of State, effective Friday of this week, an adjustment in visa processing fees will go into effect. The circular says that the fee for most nonimmigrant [...]

Closed season declared for Sea Cucumber
It is a relatively new fisheries species that is being harvested in Belize. And today the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development announced the closing of the Sea Cucumber season. Now most people were not even aware that sea cucumbers were being harvested in Belize, so we decided to find out more about this [...]

Driver charged in death of Corozal toddler
On Sunday, one year old Bryden Chan was knocked down and killed in Sarteneja village in the Corozal district. On Tuesday, police formally arrested and charged twenty year old Luis Tzul in connection with the fatal traffic accident. Tzul, a resident of Copper Bank Village has been charged with the offences of manslaughter by negligence, [...]

Benque Viejo celebrates Easter in dramatic fashion
While most people chose to celebrate the Easter holidays with merry-making in various parts of the country, in western-Belize, devout Christians, predominantly Roman Catholic Church followers spent the time living out their faith. Our cameras were there to capture some of the images, and Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Harlan Wagner worked together to bring you the following story.


Family swim in Placencia turns deadly for father of two
Aside from murders, the Easter weekend was also marred with the drowning of several individuals. We look first at t...

Hon. Lisel Alamilla named as finalist for international Whitley Awards
Belize's newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Lisel Alamilla has been ...

Belize mourns the lost of a master artist
Belize mourns the loss of one of its greatest artistic prodigy, Benjamin Nicholas. The National Institute of Cultur...

Six Belizeans presented with insignias on behalf of Queen Elizabeth
In Belmopan today Governor-General of Belize, His Excellency Sir Colville Young handed out insignias on behalf of H...

Update on 11 year suffering from facial tumor
Catarina Ishim has been admitted to the ward in the USA. She was immediately scheduled for a trachea and G-tube pro...

Belize City Council promises to cut spending by 20%
The Belize City Council today held a Press Conference at City Hall discussing The Council's 100 Day Action Plan and...

Storekeeper turns gun on armed robbers
An attempted robbery took place at the Blue Marlin Restaurant at #13 Regent Street West in Belize City. At 11:50am ...

Teen's body pulled from river
In the third drowning a young resident also of Ladyville tragically lost his life. Nineteen year old Victor John Fo...

Fatal traffic accident in Hattieville, driver charged
On Saturday night death came knocking for a Hattieville resident. Deon Spencer was killed in a fatal traffic accide...

Sources say over seven grand stolen in BWSL robbery
Yesterday PlusNews broke the story of a robbery at the BWSL Belmopan office located at the Garden City Plaza. PlusN...

Sea cucumber fishing season ends
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development and Belize Fisheries Department has issued a release ...

Burglars catch big break at Belize City home
A residence in Button Bay, Belize City was burglarized over the long weekend. Janet Arnold, reported to police that...

Man drowns during fishing trip
In another case of drowning, Mary Unger, a Canadian National of Vista del Mar, Belize City, reported that around 2:...

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates and family vacationing in Belize
And just in case you missed it in the newscast last night Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, is in Be...


Gas prices in Belize increase and other exciting news
As I mentioned in my Gas Prices in Belize write up, everyone likes to know the price of things. A recent email from Trey prompted me to blog follow up on increased price. Gas is now 12.17 bzd and Diesel 11.26 bzd. Tim said "gas went up a whole bunch more. $80 to fill RZR now". Sharon - Wealth Ships Expat Relocation services and Michele - Life's a Beach Observations on Life and Real Estate in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, please leave comment if you had increase since you weighed in on that last post. Exciting news - San Pedro Lobsterfest 2012 schedule of events is coming very soon. I am not so patiently waiting for the go ahead to announce the first 3 confirmed events aside from the Block party on June 23rd. I can tell you they are going to be super fun [especially the Sunday June 17th one] and worth marking the dates on your calendar. This year is going to be biggest and best ever, starting Friday June 15th, 2012 and finishing with the big Lobsterfest Block Party on Saturday June 23rd, 2012. If you have not booked your flight to Belize yet start looking for a good deal, you won't regret it - this is a bucket list party.

The Buzz: Bill Gates in San Pedro, Belize & Flour Tortillas...You Foil me AGAIN!
Yesterday afternoon a HUGE boat pulled up just outside the reef off Ambergris Caye. It's honestly the biggest boat I have ever seen. It is ridiculous. Everyone on shore and on the Internet was abuzz with gossip...Jimmy Buffett? Oprah Winfrey? Beyonce and Jay-Z? Pictures like this were surfacing on Facebook...from the San Pedro Harbourmaster. Turns out Bill Gates (worth about $60 billion USD), his family and a crew of over 20 are on board and registered to stay in Belize until May 9th. (He is merely renting it.) They are supposedly sticking around San Pedro for a bit and then headed south to the cayes and atolls. Since he is probably reading my blog right now (and undoubtedly stunned by my technological savvy and reporting prowess), I'd like to say "Welcome to Belize, Bill...cocktail hour starts at my condo at 4pm. Let me know if you need a copy of my resume ready. Or maybe let's just meet up at Wet Willy's for Ladies Night? It's your call."

Belize Shark Project - Part I
Many of you realize that the environment around us is fragile and if we wish to have conserve its strength and beauty for our future generations, then we need to work together - but many do not realize that for our well known and loved marine ecosystem here in Belize, the shark population is key to its longevity. Rachel Graham, the Shark Expert here in Belize, came to Caye Caulker yesterday to inform us of the work that she is doing with the assistance of Belize Dive Services, on Sharks here in Northern Belize. Rachel's work prior to this was done with the Whale Sharks down in the South of Belize and now that their populations are not high risk, she has turned her attention to both sharks and their lesser known cousins the rays. Rachel told us 'The world is finally learning that many populations of sharks and rays are in global decline as a result of excessive fishing pressure. With tens of millions of sharks and an unknown quantity of rays captured yearly as by catch to the tuna and swordfish fisheries and as targeted catch to supply the voracious demands of the Asian fin soup market and the Lenten season's requirement for white meat.'

International Sources

PHOTO: Belize Barrier Reef : Daily Escape : Travel Channel
In 1942, decades before Belize became an international destination coveted by divers, Charles Darwin studied the evolution of its incredible coral reefs. The Western Hemisphere's largest barrier reef is still evolving, but it's only one of many that support a Pixar-like array of colorful fish, sponges and more than 70 species of coral. Oh, and above ground, Belize throws in some Mayan ruins for bonus.

Time for Caribbean Nations to Manage Their Judicial Affairs, Says CCJ President
The president of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Sir Dennis Byron, said regional countries should "complete their independence and sovereignty by claiming the rights to completely manage our judicial affairs." Byron made his comments as he addressed regional journalists at "an engagement meeting" in Port of Spain. The CCJ president said he supported the views of the Trinidad and Tobago calypsonian, "Singing Sandra" who, during the just concluded Carnival celebrations in her homeland, urged Port of Spain to become a full signatory to the court as the oil rich twin island republic celebrates 50 years of political independence. The CCJ, established in 2001, has both an original jurisdiction to interpret the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and appellate jurisdiction aimed at replacing the London-based Privy Council to which many CARICOM member states belong.

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