Last night, we told you about 19 year-old Victor Foreman, the Ladyville resident who drowned at the Vista Del Mar waterfront on Holy Saturday at around 3 p.m.

We only gave you our preliminary information about it, but because it is a very-well trafficked area, and a popular hangout spot for Ladyville residents on the weekend, we decided to investigate further.

What we found out today, is that Victor was not the adventurous type to risk going so far that he wouldn't be able to be able to return safely. No, he died from getting trapped in a large underwater hole - 1 of 5 actually - that are in the area.

His mother told us that her information is that these holes are the remnant of dredging of the area. According to her, the professional divers who rescued her son's body from out of the sea told her that the hole is very deep.

She told us about how her family went out as they usually do for fun on the weekends. They couldn't have known that Victor would drown.

Here's what she told us about the ordeal.

Theresa Calderon - Mother of the Drowning Victim
"My children and my sisters - I have 7 sisters. Not all of them were out there, but I think there about 6 of them out there. I was not out there; I have been ill since Wednesday. And we usually out go out to Vista Del Mar to play out there and to bathe. We didn't know that it was a dangerous spot. We've always been going there, and we didn't even know that these dredges were out there. And I had no problem with them going. Their aunts and a lot of cousins were out there. They were out there playing ball, and they didn't realize that they had gone too far out. The funny thing is that ones who were out further, one of them start drowning, and she was shouting for help. The others were puzzled because she was in closer than they were. And they wanted to know how that was possible. They all then ended up in this situation because this hole - they didn't know about it - and then everybody started fending for themselves. One my sons' friends, Giovanni Williams, went for help. That's why my other son didn't drown. He was trying but he got tired because - he said - the water kept pulling them down. He kept looking back for his brother and telling them about him, but everybody was tired. So, nobody could have gone back, and it was too late. He already went down. I'm so happy that a lot of people helped; a lot of people didn't, but we got a lot of people to help, and the body was rescued quickly. So, it's painful and everything, but there is one thing I want to say. Whoever is responsible; please do something about protecting our children out there because I know that a lot of people don't know. I don't think that they know how dangerous it is. It is very dangerous, so somebody, please do something about it."

Daniel Ortiz
"You touched on a very important topic. This is a well-trafficked area. People go there often, I know, as much every Sunday, and this is the first time that someone has said that there are holes being dredge in waterfront there. Do you know anything of this dredging?"

Theresa Calderon
"I have never heard about it, until the incident. I heard initially that there were 2, but my final information is that there are as much as 5. Nobody knows where they are. You are swimming and then the water was not clear, where you can see where you are going, noticing that it's a hole and then moving away. That's not what happened, and the thing is that only 1 died, but it could have been about 8 or 10 because I'm only counting from my relatives, he also had friends out there."

Daniel Ortiz
"How did everyone out there describe this hole? How deep was it?"

Theresa Calderon
"There are a lot of stories, and I don't want to give something that is wrong. I don't know but the professional divers who went for him said that it was deep, it pulls you down, and it's murky. So, if you go down, you might get stuck down there, and you get tired very fast."

Daniel Ortiz
"So does it seem as though it is commercial dredging being done there?"

Theresa Calderon
"I think so, I don't know if it's recent or a long time. Victor doesn't like crowd; He would never go out and venture. He is the one who would stay at home. We've been invited to parties, and he is the one who stays at home. He is very quiet; everyone can tell you that. He is a very quiet person."

As noted in the interview, many Ladyville families go to this area, and it has raised concern about these holes that currently exist there. One resident has even gone and placed a sign in the water near one of the holes to warn people that they are venturing too close.

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