Joe Bradley is the famous host of WAVE Radio's Fus Thing Da Mawnin' Show. But, when he gets off the show - he's a regular employee at the City Council. He's been there for years where he works as a Compliance Officer.

But now, Bradley's son, Darrell is the mayor - and ultimately, Joe's boss.

It's a peculiar situation and raises some valid questions - particularly after 25 city staffers were laid off - many of them, like Joe, politically affiliated.

So we today asked the mayor, does he dare review his own Dad's employment?

Jules Vasquez
"Would you be willing in these staff reviews to even review the job, let's say of your father, Mr. Bradley?"

Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor
"Well, I would say again, what we have done is that we have done - when you talk about a review, we have reviewed all the staff at City Hall even in the month including Mr. Bradley. So I'm familiar with what he does, and what revenue he brings into the council and the level of performance that he and service that he delivers to the council itself."

Jules Vasquez
"And you're satisfied?"

Darrell Bradley
"Yes, and I'm satisfied, so it is not a situation where, where saying that, 'oh I let go this one because I want to let him go'. This is not something that I got up one day and said this is what we want to do. This is something that we had been looking at since March 8."

Jules Vasquez
"Are you able to objectively assess the performance of your own father?"

Darrell Bradley
"Well I didn't, we have said though is that, that is not something only that the mayor does. This is why we are bringing on board Mrs. Ordonez; this is why we are bringing on board a chief internal auditor. So that, if I decide that we need to do something, then Mrs. Garvin can come to me and say, 'You know what mayor; this violates this policy; that is a conflict of interest.' We have a very competent city administrator; we have a deputy mayor. We have 10 councilors; we have competent staff. So this operation is not something that well I look at Joe Bradley and I evaluate Joe Bradley on what he does. We have an HR; Mr. Bradley has an HR file. So, there multiple people who look at this, and there are multiple people who are involve in our assessment."

Joe Bradley told us that having his son as mayor is no cakewalk for him either since people often call him trying to reach the mayor.

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