The 42nd Annual BNTU Convention kicked off this morning in Orange Walk with a short parade from the Banquitas House of Culture to venue, D Star Victoria Hotel. Teachers from across the country have gathered for the two day meeting with the intention of discussing and coming out with plans and strategies of how to address issues affecting teachers in performing their duties. This year's theme is "BNTU - Demanding decent working and learning conditions for all." In his address at the opening ceremony, BNTU National President Luke Palacio spoke on how significant the theme is to the issues teachers want addressed by the government. Palacio says the demands being made by the teachers are non-political. Other resolutions are planned to be discussed at the meeting as well such as the union's national finances. Keynote address was delivered by veteran and retired educator Armando Leiva. Activities for the teachers have been planned for the two day stay which includes a trip to the re-known Cuello Maya site, the oldest in the Maya world. A pageant is being held tonight at Gala Lounge starting at 7:30.