The Belize City Council today held a Press Conference at City Hall discussing The Council's 100 Day Action Plan and Changes being made within the Council. This press conference was hosted by Mayor Darrell Bradley. Bradley said that the idea of the 100 day plan is to ensure that citizens understand and appreciate the new mode of operation. The action plan focuses on four priority areas including: Creating a responsive and accountable government; Ensuring that the city is clean; developing infrastructure and lastly enforcing quality of life crimes. Mayor Bradley outlined the respective portfolios of City councillors; the council plans to engage external auditors and complete an independent financial audit and carry out institutional and human resource audit of the council. In infrastructural works the council will procure a roller, grader, back-hoe and other necessary equipment for works. The council promises to cut spending by 20% and put in place systems to obtain financing through a fifteen-million dollar municipal bond. In the area of quality of life crime the council seeks to work with the Kolbe Foundation, Human Services and the police to deal with vagrants.