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The San Pedro Sun

Renown writer Robert Kiyosaki visits San Pedro
On Tuesday, April 3, renowned investors, authors, and entrepreneurs, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki visited Ambergris Caye, Belize as part of a global real estate investor's summit to explore real estate investment opportunities in Belize. The Summit took place on a Caribbean cruise, with 220 attendees of the real estate investment conference. John Turley, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Island Real Estate was a participant of the cruise and part of the investor summit, and helped to organize and host the visit of 120 of the real estate investors from more than 14 different countries, during their Belize shore excursion to Ambergris Caye to look at investment opportunities.

A Threatened Species Struggles for Survival
While human development is increasing at alarming rates, some of the oldest species on our planet are struggling for survival. Fragmentation and destruction of habitat is only one of the causes of this tragic turn of events. Another is the delicate 'circle of life' that rolls out of control once man has intervened. Both these factors are affecting one of Belize's oldest living species� the crocodiles. This past weekend the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) visited one of the most unfortunate habitat problems faced by threatened American crocodiles on Isla Bonita today. Encroaching development is pushing the croc populations into unsuitable habitats. While some local developers are working with ACES to relocate these non-problematic crocs, many crocs are moving themselves and ending up in areas where not only their survival is compromised but the survival of their young is unfeasible.

Wilmer Cartajena missing for over 20 days and the family wants answers
The Belize Police Department is still clueless and has no significant lead into the disappearance of 27 year old Wilmer Cartajena. The fisherman, who lived in the Basil Jones Area located some 12 miles north of San Pedro Town, was last seen on March 24th. After 21 days of being missing San Pedro Police says that there has been "no solid lead." A national bulletin with Cartajena's picture and a detail description has been circulating countrywide. "With no other information other than what the family told us (the Police), we have had no other lead from the general public," said Sergeant Basil Reyes of the San Pedro Police Station. The family told Police on April 1st that on March 24th sometime between 9:30AM and 10AM Cartajena was seen in the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town. The family says that he was seen near the bridge in a white boat along with four males of dark complexion, heading in a northerly direction along the eastern coastline of Ambergris Caye and wearing a white T-shirt, short pants and black Costa del Mar sunshades.

Easter on La Isla Bonita!
Over the Easter weekend Ambergris Caye was very busy with foreign and local tourists alike. Visitors by the hundreds swarmed the island by sea and air. The streets of the island were packed and most hotels registered full occupancy. Restaurants were busy, grocery stored packed, local business saw high sales and the island had entertainment and events for all ages. One of the many highlights over the Easter weekend was the three-day performances of Tropical Salvadoran Musical Group Sinkronia. The group of ten including dancers took center stage at Wet Willy's, entertaining locals and visitor with a variety of music ranging from cumbia, salsa, merenque, punta and other tropical music

Ambergris Today

Minister Lisel Alamilla - Finalist of Prestigious Conservation Award
Belize's newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Liselle Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards.

Easter's Sport Weekend
Caye Caulker Water Taxi/ SPTC Volleyball Tournament (Saturday, April 7, 2012) 1st Place - Jason Cabral & Gustavo Moratoya. Volleyball Tournament Sponsored By SPTC/X-Lounge/Latitudes Cage (Sunday, April 8, 2012) 1st Place - Jason Cabral and Gustavo Moratoya. SPTC Under 15 Football Marathon The San Pedro Sport Council held a football marathon for children 15 years and younger on Saturday, April 7, 2012. It was a much anticipated event as the children had been asking for a sports marathon to take place, the games were played at the Old Football Field and below are the results for the marathon. 1st Place - San Pedrito Blue Dolphins

Earth Day - Clean Up Campaign
On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2012 and help Mobilize the Earth�. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. The San Pedro Town Council is embarking on a Clean-up Campaign starting on Monday, April 16 and ending on Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, 2012. Councilor Carlos Barrientos explained to the media what his plans are for this clean-up campaign.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Big Six: Luxury dive resorts
Turtle Inn, Belize This 25-room seafront hideaway is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. It offers year-round tank dives around the cays and bays of Belize's Caribbean coast or seasonal night excursions to see whale sharks from April to June. Other activities include canoe trips to inland lagoons and tours of the C The Big Six: Luxury dive resorts ockscomb nature reserve, home to 80 protected jaguars.

Francis Ford Coppola Resorts launches 'Alexandra Cousteau Discovery Experience with Coppola Resorts'
Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of renowned environmentalist Jacques-Yves Cousteau, has joined forces with Francis Ford Coppola Resorts to launch an exciting eight-day 'Alexandra Cousteau Discovery Experience with Coppola Resorts' in Belize. Intrepid travellers will have the opportunity to explore the far reaching corners of Belize, following in Alexandra's footsteps with an authentic insider's perspective into some of the most pristine areas of this beautiful country. The itinerary incorporates the people, places and adventures that make this one of the most exciting destinations around. It was inspired by Alexandra's trek through the mountains and lowlands of Belize and diving off the coast of Placencia with her husband Fritz Neumeyer, during a scouting trip to Belize in the autumn of 2011. During this time, Alexandra was gathering information for her upcoming documentary, 'Expedition Blue Planet: Belize', a film designed to raise awareness about Belize's crucial water issues. Slated to begin production in 2012 it will focus on Belize's freshwater and marine environments.

National Agricultural and Trade Show
Agric is here again, and will be the last weekend in April, they 27th through the 29th. Congratulations to all the winners of the Farmers of the Year awards. "The National Agriculture and Trade Show is proud to announce the winners of the Farmers of the Year award for 2012. The awardees are as follows: Woman Farmer of the Year - Mrs. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District. Senior Farmer of the Year - Mr. Jorge Moralez, Consejo Road, Corozal District Junior Farmer of the Year - Mr. Nandy Aldana, Concepcion Village, Corozal District. The NATS Committee would like to congratulate the winning farmers and would also like to thank the others nominees who participated in the competition."

Cayo: Buy and Sell Weekly Classifieds
This week's Cayo Classifieds is out.

Belize Wildlife Conservation Network
The Belize Wildlife Conservation Network is finally getting their medical equipment out of customs. They can now Xray all the animals that are injured to get a better idea of what is wrong. This will be the only Xray machine for wildlife in Belize. Unfortunately, they are being required to pay GST on the expensive equiptment, and are in need of more funds. If you would like to help them out, they have a sponsorship plan. In fact, they have 4 levels: Parrot, Ocelot, Tapir, and Crocodile. You can email them at [email protected].

PHOTOS: 6th Annual NRM Symposium pictures
Pictures from the 6th annual NRM Symposium, hosted at the University of Belize. The MSBC, BWCN, and ERI had a great gathering, and the reports from the event said that everything went great. "The theme of the two-day symposium was 'Conservation through Cooperation: Practical Approaches for the Management of Natural Resources in Belize.' It was designed to bring together researchers, managers, students, government agencies, and NGOs engaged in natural resource management in Belize, to share their findings and evaluate the status of resource management in the country."

Channel 7

Last night we told you about the latest on Vernon Cuthklevin's containers which remain impounded at Customs. As we reported, tests show that the six containers are loaded with a chemical called methylamine hydrochloride. That is considered a precursor chemical for the manufacture of meta-amphetamines - an illegal, highly addictive drug in the United States known as "Crystal Meth." There are about three thousand sacks of the chemical and estimates are that could produce about 400 metric tonnes of "Meth" - with a presumptive value of TEN BILLION DOLLARS. And while that is presumptive, the customs Department is looking to fine Cuthklevin a very real 2.3 MILLION DOLLARS! That's the estimated actual market value of the methylamine hydrochloride, plus duty, plus freight, times three - which is the standard fine for making a false declaration.

Last night it made headlines when the Ministry of National Security apologized, on behalf of the Commissioner and members of the Belize Police Department, to the residents of Taylor's Alley for the excessive behavior of its officers." First time ever that's happened - and so today we went Taylor's Alley to ask how they feel about the unprecedented apology. One of the men who was brutalized told us, straight up - apology not accepted:.. Tulio Caceres, Victim of police brutality "I don't know what will be the outcome or how they will deal with their unit, but it will still exist, it will only be calm down for a little while. At the end of the day if something doesn't get resolve of this it is wrong because they just came and brutalized us for no reason when they could have dealt with us like human beings because we are not animals."

Late this evening, a man lost his life in a fatal traffic accident in the Lord's Ridge Cemetery. Just before 5 p.m., a motorcyclist, whose identity was confirmed to us as Kent Skeet, was westbound on Cemetery Road. By all indications to our newsroom, he was speeding, and when he got to the median area, seen here, his front wheel accidentally hit the median. This caused him to lose control of the motorcycle, and he was flung unto the grass where he died on the spot. His family members hovered over the body and kept on repeating that his neck was broken; they were in visible distress at the scene.

Belize's Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington is in Cartagena Colombia for the Sixth Summit of The Americas - which starts on Saturday. Today he met with the Secretary General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza. They discussed the political climate in the region and the key issues that will emerge at the Summit of the Americas. One issue topping the agenda is violence fueled by the illegal drug trade. The meeting took place in the Convention Center, which will be the main headquarters of the Sixth Summit of the Americas. 33 North American, Latin American and Caribbean leaders will participate in the Summit.

The community in Corozal is still shaken up after a brazen armed robbery on Tuesday afternoon. Three armed Hispanic men tied up the owners of an electronic store before taking over a hundred cell phones. Angelo Pasos, co-owner of White Sapphire store, was working at about 2:30 Monday afternoon when three armed gunmen stormed in. They tied up Pasos and his worker, Jose Martin Rodriguez, from whom they stole three gold chains valued at $650. They then stole approximately 125 Digicell and Smart phones before fleeing in a tinted white car. The store still has not re-opened for business.

Last night we told you about the Mayor's action plan for his first hundred days in office. It's an ambitious list of 100 things he and the council will have to do in the next 9 weeks. And one of these objectives under the Restoring The Quality of Life heading caught our attention. Point number 94 on that list says the council will enforce the laws dealing with bicycles. But what does that mean? There's a whole generation of bicycle riders who don't even know that there are laws on the books for riding bikes. The mayor explained yesterday at the press conference that it's just common sense. Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor "It is against the law to ride two persons on a bicycle. It is against the law to ride a bicycle up stop and it is against the law to not license a bicycle. Those are 3 examples which again I do think that we need buy in and we need public campaigning. But the things we are talking about are not things which are novel." "The regulations are there. When you look at the traffic code, when we look at all of these things; all of these things are there. What we need to do is enforce it."

The next time you're at First Caribbean Bank, take note of the music playing in the background because for every tune you hear, every lyric sung, a musician is earning - maybe only a small percentage of a few cents, but earning nonetheless. It's the first time artists are being paid to have their music broadcast in Belize, and it's an agreement that First Caribbean Bank had reached with a group bscAp to license the music of performers. Jason Guerrero stopped by our studio today where he explained the importance of establishing this relationship. "They have now licensed to bscAp. We are a licensing agency and we represent our members who are composers, creators of music both nationally and internationally. Nationally we have about 60 plus members right and internationally we have thousands of members."

Last night, we told you about Giovanni Choto's historic cross country ride where he not only took home the coveted garland and the first prize; he also won a record 78 of 101 station prizes. And today, the prizes kept coming. The Ministry of Sports handed over the additional $5,000 dollar cheque which was promised as a bonus to any Belizean who won the race. He also received a $6,000 cheque from United Insurance, reserved as well for a Belizean who came first. So, that's a total in sixteen thousand dollars - just for finishing first! Add to that another nine - thousand - plus dollars in cash and gift certificates from station prizes and you've got the richest pot for any sporting event in Belize: twenty five thousand dollars! Now, all this fortune, fame and acclaim has been heaped on a very unassuming 23 year old. After the ceremony, we asked him about what he plans to do with his other station prizes, and about the sudden over-night celebrity status he has gained.

Channel 5

Taylor's Alley residents say government apology falls short
The Ministry of National Security issued a rare apology Wednesday to the gang members of Taylor's Alley who were badly beaten and injured by the Gang Suppression Unit during a raid on March twenty-first. The findings of an inquiry determined that the GSU and police had used excessive and unjustifiable force against Taylor's Alley. In [...]

Minister of National Security, nevertheless, supports work of the GSU
In his usual Thursday morning appearance on Wave's morning show today, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, said that his ministry firmly supports the work of the Gang Suppression Unit despite the unwarranted aggression during the Taylor's Alley shakedown.   John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "The case of brutality and excessive use of force [...]

6 containers filled with Methylamine Hydrochloride; will owner, Vernon Cuthkelvin, be charged?
Will any charges Speaking to News Five this evening, attorney at law Lionel Welch, who is representing Vernon Cuthkelvin, says from what he knows, no charges will be brought against his client for the content of six containers that were confiscated by the Customs Department in February. Tests confirm that the forty foot containers contain [...]

Fatal traffic accident near cemetery in Belize City
A Belize City mechanic is tonight dead following a traffic accident this evening near the Lord Ridge Cemetery. At around five o'clock Kent Skeet was riding a motorcycle belonging to Keyon Williams in the vicinity of the graveyard when he lost control of the bike and crashed into a nearby tomb. Skeet sustained massive injuries [...]

2012 Cross Country Winner, Giovanni Choto collects Cash Winnings
Giovanni Choto restored the pride of the country when he broke the foreign rider's hold on the Holy Saturday cross country cycling classic. In solo fashion, Choto crossed the finish line in six hours, sixteen minutes and forty-five seconds. He led the pack for almost the entire race, which from all accounts is one that [...]

Girl with rare face tumor to undergo major surgery on Friday
The last time we saw her, twelve year old Catarina Ishim was headed for Knoxville, Tennessee to receive a much needed surgery for a rare, malignant tumor called Leimyosarcoma. When we first met Catarina, in San Pablo, Toledo the family's kept their hopes high through their faith because Catarina had undergone two surgeries in Belize [...]

Stealing $15 worth of food equals 7 year conviction
In the courts, a small loot has landed a convicted burglar in prison for seven years. That's the news that forty-seven year old Anthony Reneau received when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith late Wednesday evening. During his trial, Reneau was unrepresented but submitted to the court that he should be acquitted because [...]

2 men sentenced for Attempted Murder and Robbery of San Ignacio Ice Vendor
An ice vendor of San Ignacio, who was viciously attacked by two men in September 2010, lived to tell his story in court. The testimony by forty-five year old Leonardo Velasquez sealed the conviction of nineteen year old Leonel Daly and thirty-six year old Abelino Brice�o Junior who were charged with Attempted Murder and Robbery. [...]

Summit of the America's to be held this weekend
Heads of government from the Western Hemisphere, including those from the United States and Canada are converging in Colombia for this weekend's summit of the Americas. The Belize delegation is led by the deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega and includes Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington. Elrington met this morning with the Secretary General of the OAS, [...]

US Visas Fees up by $40; from $280 to $320
You may not be heading to Colombia, but if you intend to travel north, as of this Friday, the cost of applying for a non-immigrant US visa will increase by forty dollars and does not mean it will be approved. The hike in the fees is the result of a routine review by the US [...]

Audubon's 4th Annual Green Walk in celebration of Earth Day 2012
Numerous organizations worldwide are preparing the celebration of Earth Day 2012; a day set aside to promote environmental awareness and small steps to a "greener" life. Earth Day is on April twenty-second, but on the twenty-first the Belize Audubon Society is planning its fourth annual Green Walk. It's a cleanup campaign on the Western Highway [...]

Farmers of the Year; Winners from the North and West
The annual National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) will be held this year from April twenty-seventh to the twenty-ninth at the showground in Belmopan. Earlier this month, the NATS committee announced the theme for this year "Agriculture: creating greater business opportunities, a healthier population and a more robust economy". And today, the winning Farmers of [...]

Local Youth Organization feeds the homeless
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley announced while unveiling his hundred day plan on Wednesday that the council is working with the Kolbe Foundation to find a way to house the homeless persons from Belize City. Before that happens, however, for the past several days, the homeless in the downtown area have been treated to hot [...]

Healthy Living looks at Salmonella
Cleanliness is next to godliness. That practice is as good as gold for whatever we consume. In this week's edition of Healthy Living we look at salmonella; a common bacteria in Belize that spreads quickly but can be prevented easily with proper hygiene. Here are tips from Pediatrician Cecilio Eck.   Marleni Cuellar, Reporting When [...]


Thursday, April 12 - POLICE NEWS
The spate of burglaries and armed robberies continues. The latest incident was reported last night in Belize City. Businessman Joseph Kee reported to authorities that his house on Queen Street was burglarized sometime between five o'clock yesterday evening and nine thirty l...

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY FOR CAYO STUDENTS Apr 13, 2012 Standard six students all over the country are at this time contemplating which high school they would like to attend, however it doesn't come easy for everyone since the cost of high school education is unreachable for some. There is good news for students in the Cayo Dist...

The winners of farmers of the year awards have been announced. Maria Balan from Paslow Falls, Cayo District is the Woman Farmer of the Year, Jorge Moralez from Consejo Road, Corozal District is the Senior Farmer of the year and Nandy Aldana from Concepcion Village of Corozal District is the Junio...

Belize's Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla has won a place as a finalist for the Whitley Awards which is considered to be the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions. The nomination grants Alamilla an opportunity to tra...

The Gang Suppression Unit has come under some heavy heat over the past few months for raids that its members have conducted with claims that brutality and abuse were major ingredients in those forays. The last such allegation with respect to a raid through Taylor's Alley on...


Autopsy reveals how Lerone Johnson died
One week after he was brutally murdered on Custard Apple Street, the family of twenty one year old Lerone Johnson is preparing to lay him to rest on Friday afternoon. But today, the police released the results of the autopsy conducted on Johnson's body. According to the pathologist, the cause of Johnson's death was [...]

Minister says gang truce remains fragile; but holding
The last week and a half has been the most deadly time of the year so far, with at least five murders recorded during that time frame. It is a murderous plague that has descended on Belize City leading into and throughout the Easter holidays. Minister of National Security John Saldivar admits that the gang [...]

Scholarship offered for Cayo high school
Standard six students all over the country are at this time contemplating which high school they would like to attend. That decision, however doesn't come easy for everyone, since the cost of high school education is beyond the reach of some parents for their children. But there is good news for students in the Cayo [...]

Teachers wrap up annual convention
The annual convention of the Belize National Teachers Union has ended in Orange Walk Town. Correspondent Arturo Cantun reports.

Taylor's Alley residents reject apology, threatens to sue government
The Gang Suppression Unit has come under some heavy heat over the past few months for raids that its members have conducted with claims that brutality and abuse were major ingredients in those forays. The last such allegation was with respect to a raid through Taylor's Alley on March twenty-first and warranted an inquiry commissioned [...]

Big truck knocks traffic officer off his bike
Traffic officers are there to alleviate bottlenecks in traffic flow and lessen the number of traffic accidents. But this afternoon one traffic officer found himself on the other side of that spectrum when he was knocked off his motorcycle. It happened shortly before three o'clock this afternoon just as the officer, Carlton Cumberbatch, was descending [...]

Mechanic killed on motorcycle accident near cemetery
A fatal traffic accident this afternoon on the Western Highway has claimed the life of thirty four year old Belize City mechanic Kent Skeet. The accident happened just after five o'clock this evening at the entrance of the Lord Ridge Cemetery. According to some of Skeet's friends, they were socializing just minutes earlier on Supal [...]

Commission of Inquiry finds GSU was out of line; GOB apologizes
The findings of an investigation into complaints against the Gant Suppression Unit made by residents of Taylor's Alley have been submitted, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the GSU. According to a statement from the Ministry of National Security, the investigators appointed by the Minister earlier this month, found that on March twenty first when the GSU descended on Taylor's Alley, the behavior of the Police Officers was excessive and unjustifiable. The official statement says that while the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasion for the use of force, they were of the opinion that there is no indication that this was such an occasion.

City Council unveils 100 days plan of action
It has only been little over a month since the new City Council took over in the old capital and today its Mayor, Darrel Bradley held his first press conference in that capacity at City Hall. The purpose, as he outlined, was to announce their progress of a 100-day plan of action, implemented in the first week of taking over. The goals, classed under four topics, focus on the Council's competency and deal squarely with governance and accountability, infrastructure and works, beautification and sanitation, and quality of life crimes. And already they are being realized, according to the Mayor.

Gunmen jack BWSL office in Belmopan
The Belmopan branch of the Belize Water Services Limited in Belmopan was robbed at gunpoint yesterday evening. The cashier, forty six year old Gabriela Pinto told police that around five fifteen yesterday evening, three men of dark complexion entered the building situated at the Garden City Plaza in the nation's capital. One of the men produced a firearm, pointed it at Pinto and demanded money. Fearing for her life, Pinto says she handed over a Belize Bank deposit bag containing seventeen thousand, five hundred and fifty eight dollars and eighty five cents in Belize currency, in addition to two hundred and seventy US dollars. The men then made good their escape. Police investigations continue.

From the police blotter
Police in Belmopan are also investigating the burglary of a house on Caracol Street. According to a report, the house, belonging to Delmaree Fairweather was burglarized sometime between Easter Monday morning and nine thirty last night. Stolen in the burglary were three flat screen television sets, all to a total value of six thousand, four hundred dollars. In Belize City, fifty six year old Janet Arnold has reported being the victim of a burglary. Arnold, who lives on Seashore Drive in the Buttonwood Bay area of Belize City, reported to police that sometime between midday on Holy Thursday and four thirty on Easter Monday afternoon, her house was broken into. Stolen in the burglary was an assortment of electronic items and jewelry valued at forty nine thousand, four hundred and fifty dollars. Police investigations continue.

Investiture ceremonies held in Belmopan
Investiture ceremonies were held today in Belmopan. Six Belizeans were honoured for their outstanding and selfless service to the community and were given citations by Governor General Sir Colville Young. [VO STARTS HERE] Receiving the insignia for Commander of the British Empire was attorney at law Bernard Q. Pitts, for his contribution to the Law and Public Service; Dr. Ann Gillett Elrington received the insignia as Member of the British Empire, for services to the Belizean Diaspora and Medicine; Louise Bridget Lewis, received the medal as Member of the British Empire for services to Education and Community Development; Mayor Simeon Lopez was awarded the insignia of Member of the British Empire, for his contribution to Education and Public Service; Ludwig Lightburn received the insignia as Member of the British Empire, for his contribution to Sports and to the Belizean American Community and Enelda Rosado, received the medal as Member of the British Empire for her dedicated contribution to Education and Community Development in Belize. The investiture ceremony was held at Belize House in Belmopan. Deadline looms for cell phone registration
If you own a cellular phone and still have not gone in to register it with your service provider, well you can breathe, at least for another month. The deadline, initially set for tomorrow, Thursday, has been extended at least for another month. This is because quite a significant number of cell phone owners have still not complied with the new law. A check with BTL today revealed that of the 200 thousand prepaid customers they have, sixty thousand people have still not adhered to the requirement. And because that reality makes it next to impossible to get all those phones on the list, another extension has been granted. But if you want to beat the rush and avoid the last minute frenzy, the process is rather straightforward. All you need to do is take the phone, and in the case of BTL customers, your SIM card to the nearest customer service office, along with an official identification document, such as a voter's, driver's or social security id card or a passport. Minors who own cell phones must also go through the same process but accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you're a non-Belizean, you can register your cell phone using a valid passport or international driver's license. Cell phone owners need to bear in mind that after the new deadline passes, unregistered phones will be disconnected from the service. The registration of cell phones became necessary under legislation enacted by the government to crack down on criminals who use the phone to carry out their deeds.


Daughter of Benjamin Nicholas remembers the life of the late artisan
Benjamin Nicholas will be remembered as one of the great visual narrators of Garifuna origins and settlements in Be...

Current proceedings regarding Rosewood moratorium
The debate over the exploitation of Rosewood in the Toledo District is currently a back burner issue, but is still ...

A closer look of Belize City Council's hundred day plan
As we reported yesterday, a press conference was hosted by Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley. He discussed the Coun...

Motorist crashes and dies in Belize City cemetery
A man crashed and died at the Belize City cemetery this evening. Details are still sketchy at this time, but this e...

Commission of Inquiry finds GSU guilty of excessive force
The findings of the Commission of Inquiry set up by Police Minister John Saldivar has been presented. The inquiry w...

Cycling star Giovanni Choto receives cheque from Ministry of Sports
The glorious ride to victory is paying off. This afternoon Giovanni Choto was presented with a cheque for $5000.00....

Arrest made in the shooting death of Michael Garbutt
Police have made an arrest in the broad-daylight murder of 23 year-old Michael Garbutt which occurred on Albert Str...

US Embassy hikes price for visa by $40
Bad news again for folks applying for a US visa; Belizeans will be paying more for the visa starting tomorrow Frida...

Man charged in fatal traffic accident of toddler
A 21 year old man appeared in court today on charges of manslaughter by negligence. This is in relation to an Easte...

Field of 2,000 marijuana plants destroyed by Police
Toledo police have destroyed yet another marijuana plantation. Early in the morning on Wednesday April 11, an Anti ...

125 cell phones stolen from store in Corozal
From North to south, there have been reports of armed robberies of various businesses. In the north on Tuesday, Ang...

Cell phone registrations deadline today
The deadline for cell phone registration is here and this time it's not a false alarm. That deadline is officially ...

Farmers of the Year recipients named
The National Agriculture and Trade Show has announced the winners of the Farmers of the Year award for 2012. Woman ...

Four persons charged in connection to 2011 robbery at Farm Center Compound
4 of 6 persons charged in connection with a robbery which unfolded at Farm Cemter Compound located on North Front S...

The Guardian

Another Application to File Petition Granted; Inevitable Prolonged
The PUP have been filing applications for election petitions for the past 3 weeks now, and it's safe to say that the Supreme Court judges, who have heard them all, have only allowed them on very slim grounds. The Tuesday petition is another prime example of a venture that is wasting the court's time.

Report on the Findings of the Investigating Team into the Alleged Brutality in Taylor's Alley
The Team that was established by the Honourable John Saldivar, Minister of National Security, to inquire into the allegations of the complainants of Taylor's Alley, submitted its findings on the 4th April, 2012.The team found the behavior of the Police Officers on the 21st of March 2012 in Taylor's Alley to be "excessive and unjustifiable." While the team is mindful of the fact that there may be occasion for the use of force, they were of the opinion that there is no indication that this was such an occasion. The evidence is that the Police took the complainants by surprise and they received immediate compliance from the complainants.

Minister Lisel Alamilla wins a Place in the Finals of Prestigious Conservation Award Competition
Belize's newly appointed Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Hon. Lisel Alamilla has been named as a finalist in one of the world's most prestigious wildlife competitions, the Whitley Awards.

Rebecca Stirm wins reality show fashion challenge with Belize-inspired design
Roaring Creek native,Rebecca Stirm, emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean Fashion Designer Reality Series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica. Stirm and 14 other designers were challenged by host and executive-producer Keenea Linton-George to "create an outfit that reflects the style and culture" of their individual countries joined by "the common thread of independence." The designers, who hail from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad, were challenged to work within a short time frame and with a US$20 budget.

Board of Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center thank Alfrain Supaul
Alfrain "Mr. Hype" Supaul rode courageously in the 84th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. While most were riding for fame and fortune, he rode to raise awareness on the constant financial constraints experienced by two of the country's most important child care institutions, Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center (DMCCC) and Stella Maris School. Alfrain has always loved cycling and he recently took up the sport as a leisure activity. After just four months of training, he managed to ride pedal to pedal with local and foreign elite riders for most of the 140 mile race. While he did not win the race, his determination to finish won the hearts of many across the jewel. Supaul will hand over the money raised to the institutions at the end of the week but the board members of DMCCC could not wait to express their appreciation.

OW hosts 42nd Annual BNTU Convention
- Demanding decent working and learning conditions for all." - Priority will be given to proposed salary increase for teachers Teachers nationwide from the 10 branches attended the 42nd annual convention in Orange Walk Town at the D - Victoria Hotel under this year's team, "BNTU - Demanding decent working and learning conditions for all." The two-day convention began with an opening ceremony at around 9:00 this morning, first with a teachers' march from the Banquitas House of Culture down to the Main Street and then to the Belize-Corozal Road, where the hotel is located. As it is customary, the welcome address was delivered by the town's newly elected mayor, Kevin Bernard and the presentational address by the newly elected president, Luke Palacio.

Community Activists Meet to Discuss Management of Port Honduras Marine Reserve
Managed Access refers to a license system that grants access to fishing in the general use zones of marine reserves. The Managed access license system was implemented last year as part of a two-year transition period for fishermen and managers to adjust to the system. At the implementation of this program, the Port Honduras Marine Reserve Community Managed Access Committee was formed to evaluate applications for managed access licenses for fishers of PHMR and make recommendations to the Fisheries Department. The Committee members consist of representatives from Monkey River, Punta Negra, and Punta Gorda communities, the Fisheries Department, Rio Grande Fishermen Cooperative and the Toledo Tour Guide Association.

The Desperatation of the PUP Written by Wellington Ramos
I find it very strange that the oldest political party in Belize, the People's United Party, is petitioning the Supreme Court to try and overturn the results of the elections that were held in several constituencies in Belize. This, they believe, will give them a chance for bi-elections to be held in these constituencies and possibly make them win more seats to form the new government in Belize. The People's United Party ruled Belize from 1956 to 1984 under the leadership of one person the late George Cadle Price. They had more than enough time to develop Belize and make it one of the most industrialized countries in Central America. Since the independence of Belize, the United Democratic Party just won their fourth election to of the PUP in post independence wins. They have never been given the chance until now, to win back to back elections so that they can continue with their reform agenda to clean out the mess they inherited when they took over the reins of government from the People's United Party.

6th Central American Cub Scout Encounter Costa Rica
The 6th Central American Cub Scout Encounter took place in Iztar�, Costa Rica from March 31st to April 4th, 2012. This five-day event catered for boys and girls ages 7 through 11 from all Central American countries and included the participation of Cura�ao and Mexico. The Belize delegation included two Cub Scouts from Belize City, one from Corozal and one from Toledo. They were accompanied by four Cub Scout Leaders, one parent and the Director of Education, Jersha Lennan as the Delegation Leader. The purpose of the event was to provide educational activities to Cub Scouts under the theme "AVATAR". Such as seen in the movie, here the children discovered a new world of people whose focus was on the protection of our trees and forestation, conservation of life, energy, water and the preservation of nature and ,cultures across the land and world. The activities were divided into five sections: air, earth/land, water, and community and expounded on social living through friendly practices, impressing that no matter the country or culture, nature can be conserved and preserved for the survival and growth of all living things with the aid of human beings.

Closed Season for Sea Cucumbers
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development and Belize Fisheries Department advises the public that in accordance to the Fisheries Act (Chapter 210, revised edition 2003), that the SEA CUCUMBER FISHING SEASON is OFFICALLY CLOSED as of April 13, 2012. This is as a result of the filling of the fishing quota for the fishing season 2012. Therefore, no person shall take in the waters of Belize or buy, sell or have in his possession SEA CUCUMBER. Any person, who contravenes any of the provisions of the Fisheries Act shall be liable on summary conviction as stipulated in the Act. Furthermore, the Belize Fisheries Department takes this opportunity to remind the public that any person(s), who engages in any fishing activity shall abide to the Fisheries Act. For further information, please contact the Fisheries Department at telephone number 224-4552 or 223-2623 and at email address: [email protected] .

Police United and the Belize Defence Force stays at the Top of the Standings
The Premier League of Belize concluded its ninth round of competition with six games played across the country. On Holy Thursday, April 5, out at the Marshalleck Stadium in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, the host team Hankook Verdes blasted the visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters by the score of 7-1. The goal scorers for the home team, Hankook Verdes,were Julio Ayala in the 5th and 32nd minutes of play; Julian Maldonado in the 10th, 20th, 68th, 90th +3 minutes of play and Jose Monroy in the 25th minute of play. For Paradise/Freedom Fighters, the goal scorer was Leonard Valdez in the 54th minute of play. The competition then continued on Saturday April 7, with two games on the schedule. At the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the league-leading Police United won over San Ignacio United by the score of 3-1. The host team San Ignacio United FC got on the scoreboard first when Victor Morales scored his team's only goal in the 2nd minute of play.

Senior Women's Softball Regular Season commences on Wednesday, April 11
The 78th Belize City senior female softball regular season commenced on Wednesday April 11, 2012 at Rogers Stadium, the home of softball in Belize. This year's competition will see the 4 teams battling for the prestigious crown in 8 rounds of competition before the commencing of the playoff round. The champions and sub-champions will represent the association at the 22nd Annual National Women's championship scheduled for August 24-26, 2012 at Rogers Stadium.

Another Application to File Petition Granted; Inevitable Prolonged
The PUP have been filing applications for election petitions for the past 3 weeks now, and it's safe to say that the Supreme Court judges, who have heard them all, have only allowed them on very slim grounds. The Tuesday petition is another prime example of a venture that is wasting the court's time.

8 Tragedies 1 Deadly Easter Weekend
The 2012 Holy weekend was one of the most deadly in Belize's history. The first unexpected death occurred when 19-year-old Victor Foreman went swimming with friends in the Vista del Mar area on Saturday, April 7. He was swimming way out in the deep when his friends noticed he went under and did not resurface. Foreman drowned shortly after 3 that afternoon. The second tragedy was the murder of 37-year-old Herman Lanza. Lanza is a former gang member, who served time in prison and turned his life around. He turned to faith and attended church regularly. Lanza was finally on good footing when he recently got a job as the driver of a doctor. However, he was always conscious of the fact that his past could come back to haunt him. On Saturday, April 7, it did. He was riding his bicycle near the corner of Casuarina and Poinsettia Streets in the Lake Indepence Area, one block away from his Black Orchid Street residence, when he was ambushed by multiple men. Lanza struggled with the men but was shot to the head, hands, abdomen and back. His attackers fled the scene and Lanza was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he died undergoing surgery. Police recovered four expended 12-gauge cartridges and 2 9mm expended shells on the scene. No one has been charged as yet and police continues to investigate.


Easter Weekend Sailing news from San Pedro Sailing Club Belize
On Easter Saturday, twelve intrepid members of the San Pedro Youth Sailing program, two in each boat, raced round trip between Caribbean Villas and The Hotel. During intermission at the new Hotel's Molly Malone's Pub treated them to a leisurely and hardy lunch of hot dogs, mac & cheese, and drinks. Then the sailors changed crew mates and boats and raced back. The races were for fun, but they were endurance tests of a constructive sort.

Mysterious Spot On Ambergris Caye: Abandoned Wedding Chapel and a Giant Whale Too? Essene Way
Located about 3.5 miles north of the bridge, sandwiched between Captain Morgan's Resort & Casino to the south and Coco Beach to the north, is Essene Way. A large property right on the beach that has been closed for quite a while, I took a walk around this place yesterday and found it very very intriguing. It has a wedding chapel, biblical references, angel and eagle statuary, large empty pools, a huge cement whale, a crumbling dock, a cracked basketball court and overgrown trees and bushes. There appear to be quite a few people living on the property. Open as early as the 80s, this property was called The Belizean Hotel. The luxury hotel was built and run by a French family, the Pierres, (possibly the heirs to the company that produces Perrier water) but sold when a family member passed (or it went bust...there are a few accounts). Apparently they were well known for lavish parties and entertaining. According to, the facility was then purchased in 1993, was renovated for $7 million USD and then opened in 1997 by developer, biblical scholar and food supplement entrepreneur Tom Ciola (owner of "Hot Stuff" supplements) to offer free vacations to terminally ill adults. Mr. Ciola entered into a $2 million USD contract with an American company for complete solar energy. There was also a reverse osmosis water treatment system in place. When the resort opened, Ciola stated that they didn't have enough funds yet to make the property 100% humanitarian but that was the end goal. (Rates at the time were quoted as $125 USD a night).

International Sources

Belize, Suriname Meet With OAS
elize Foreign Minister Wilfred Erlington held a meeting Wednesday in Cartagena with Organization of American States Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza. The two are in Cartagena for the Sixth Summit of the Americas. The meeting took place at the Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala Convention Centre in Cartagena, which will be the main headquarters of the summit. Insulza also met with Suriname Foreign Minister Winston Lackin in Cartagena, discussing the main issues of the summit, which begins this weekend under the theme of "Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity." Theo were the latest in a series of meetings by Insulza, who talked Wednesday with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Insulza spoke earlier Thursday at the opening of the Workers Forum, which is being held within the framework of the Sixth Summit of the Americas.

Choto : A National Hero!!!
After watching foreigners come into Belize and dominate the biggest cycling event of the country for six straight years, support for cycling became extremely fragile. Long time sponsors became reluctant to make contributions to the event. Emil Moreno, President of the Belize Cycling Association, gave an interview on March 26 explaining how difficult it has been over the last few years to attract sponsors. In fact, as of March 26, the association still had not secured prizes for the first twenty finishers of this year's race. Thats why, for the survival of cycling in Belize, it was imperative that a Belizean pedaled his bike across the finish line of the 84th Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic first. Team owners knew the state of the sport very well. Some cut down on the number of foreigners they normally bring in and some did not bring any at all. Those who did contract foreign riders gave clear instructions that they were riding for the Belizeans on the team. Even the sponsors fixed their contributions to prompt team owners to push for a Belizean winner. If a foreigner won the race, he would receive $5,000 but if a Belizean won the race he would receive $15,000. Thousands of dollars and the fate of the sport was riding on the bikes of Belizean cyclists. However, all the incentives in the world could have been provided but on race day the victory belongs to who wants it most.

The Bird Watcher: A birding preview from Belize
My wife and I just returned from Belize, a slice of paradise in Central America, where we got our annual sneak preview of migratory birds that will soon head our way. From weensy warblers to great egrets, we can't wait for them to arrive in northern New Jersey, even if some are just passing through on their way to points north. For birders, the annual spring cavalcade of orioles, herons and ospreys is one of the joys of living on the Atlantic Flyway: We get so many species, often in good numbers, that it's tough to keep track of them all. In all, of the roughly 200 species of birds seen on our trip, nearly three dozen will head north soon or are already on their way. The greatest number of migratory birds we saw was the warblers, with more than a dozen species that have become synonymous with spring to so many American birders: yellow warbler, magnolia warbler, chestnut-sided warbler, American redstart, black-and-white warbler, Kentucky warbler and more.

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