from Ray Auxillou.....

The Caye Caulker library is Village Council operated. I heard by the rumor mill, that the National Library Service would have liked to take it over. Right now the library opens about 3 hours a day, weekdays. They have a lot of books, more than the Santa Elena Library out West, or even the San Ignacio Library. I´m enjoying reading new stuff. Reading about two books a day.

Apparently the stumbling block with the National Library Service from the rumor mill, was that they would have to go to the expense of sending a librarian commuting from the port town of Belize, on a daily basis. Thats $30 a day water taxi fare. No local Caye Caulker town librarians would be tolerated, it was said. How true I don´t know? I have no idea why not? There are high school and college graduates on Caye Caulker. We have our own High School. Maybe three thousand population.

The library is excellent. Apparently they have a continual leak of water into the library. The place floods over a long weekend. From the BWS water pipes in the walls I was told. They break the wall and fix a pvc coupling, ( glue probably dried ) then the pressure of the water in the pipe changes for some reason and it popps new joints in the old building pipes, buried inside the wall and starts new leaks from the pressure. Has to be mopped daily.

The current librarian service is excellent. Expat immigrant family, lady. Does after school kids stuff with children too.