A wave of reformation has been sweeping over the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) since Ruperte Vincente assumed leadership, under the promise of integrity and transparency and development of the human component of the sport. PlusNews visited with Sr. Vice President Sergio Chuc. He outlined a series of very necessary steps being undertaken to bring football in Belize once again, into an era of prosperity and inclusion.

Sergio Chuc, Sr. Vice President, FFB
The new administration is taking a more proactive approach and a more hands-on approach. It's not only going to be the executive receiving training, we think that football is very big and we need a lot more people involved than just the executive and therefore, we are starting off this month with the grassroots football training. There are several things going on this month, one of the main ones being the grassroots football training, whereby we are training coaches at the grassroots level. What basically the grassroots level is talking about is football between six and twelve years old.

Chuc further expounded on the missed opportunities for representation within the region but that measures are now being taken to ensure the Federation's preparedness for all future tournaments.

Sergio Chuc
Basically what Mr. Pelayo is doing is just representing the federation. There is a meeting in Guatemala City early next week to get the format of the eliminations for the under seventeen and twenty Central American Nation Cup at that level. Belize will not be participating in those tournaments because we did not register. Mr. Pelayo is basically going there just to learn the ropes so that next time around when this comes, Belize will know exactly what to do. The deadline passed sometime last year.

Next week we will look at the financial constraints currently affecting the Federation and how innovation and selfless acts are propelling its progress.