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Editorial: If You Don't Like the Law�Change It
It seems foolish to debate whether or not a certain law should be imposed and it is absurd to ask an officer in charge of the police not to enforce it. Laws are not to be individually interpreted by law enforcement individuals and citizens can not interpreted the law based on their personal interests. We the good people of Belize have voted leaders into our government who we have entrusted to create and mandate laws that are in the best interest of the people. By doing so we also agree to abide by them and support law enforcement individuals who have sworn to uphold them.

SPHS Students Office Practice
Seniors graduating from the San Pedro High School are required to participate in the Office Practice program at the end of their second term. This is the time where students are paired with willing organizations and businesses to partake in a two-week internship program based on their majors or area of interest. Academic students are paired with medical providers and environmental groups while Business students get to experience working in the business fields offered. The San Pedro Sun takes this chance to meet and learn more about these students who represent the future of San Pedro's work force and entrepreneurs.

San Pedro joins in celebrating Earth Day
San Pedro joins the world in celebrating Earth Day 2012 through a massive clean up educational campaign, commencing April 16th and culminating on Earth Day, April 22nd. Councilor Carlos Barrientos, councilor tasked with the portfolio of Town Beautification is at work assuring that the beaches were cleaned all through the Easter Vacation. He pointed out the fact that even after such a large influx of visitors, our beaches remained very clean. He plans to continue "Maintaining our Island Clean" through education and action. Barrientos, along with other councilors will be visiting the various schools sharing the importance of garbage collection, cleanliness and keeping San Pedro Clean throughout the week.

Misc Belizean Sources

Desde'L West Official Music Video
Benque Viejo's Mas Fama has released the Desde'L West official music video. It's good all around. Good editing, and video work. You'll see Benque in the background, and you'll know the group. Keep up the great work, Mas Fama.

PHOTOS: Generation of Fire's 1st Devotion 360 Retreat
The Generation of Fire Youth Group had their first retreat at Hummingbird Haven. Looks like they had a great time. "Lifting up a Generation that is passionate, and after God's own Heart!!!Pictures from our first retreat at Hummingbird Haven. Generation of Fire Youth Group"

Feed the Children Fashion Show
Richard Holder, the brilliant mind behind RH Photo Belize, made the latest promotional photo for the Feed the Children Fashion Show. The fashion show is only 2 weeks away. Mark your calendars for the 28th of April. It'll be at the posh Bedran Hall at the San Igancio Resort Hotel. Thanks goes out to Richard Holder for donating his time and skill to helping out Cornerstone Foundation. Forever Young Fashion World, located in the JNC mall, provided the fashions.


Western Belize beats both the USA and Britain for eating French Fries or chips. They make them out of BREADFRUIT and they are half an inch thick slices of breadfruit. I have my own supply for the two breadfruit producing seasons a year. Got my own tree by the corner fence. The breadfruit chips, taste like well done, the best FRENCH FRIES or CHIPS done in the USA and UK. However here is where the difference lies. The outer crust may be a FRENCH FRY with all that flavor, but the interior of the BREADFRUIT FRY is soft and tender like the most delicious mashed potatoes. The combination is out of this world. To be found only in Belize. Fried in coconut oil yet, the flavors and crunchiness cannot be beat anyplace else in the world.

International Sources

Holistic Healing Practices From Around The World
Belize: According to Joshua Berman, author of Moon Belize, the people of Belize still use many traditional herbs and plants to treat various illnesses, especially the Maya. Travelers can find "medicinal herb trails" throughout the country, and Maya healers are found in the Maya Centre and in some southern villages in the Toledo District. Herbal medicine, often referred to as bush medicine, is a big part of Belize's cultural heritage. Plants are used to treat everything from everyday headaches and coughs to more serious ailments like diabetes and infertility. One popular cure for digestive problems and upset stomach is taking allspice tree leaves and making them into a tea. Moreover, the native scoggineal plant is helpful for relieving headaches and fevers by tying it to the forehead. For the common cold or flu, contribo vine can either be made into a tea or soaked in rum. And, if you've got itchy or burning skin ailments, like sunburn or bug bites, relaxing in a bath prepared with gumbolimbo bark (shown right) is very helpful.

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