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The San Pedro Sun

Suspect shot by Police then charged two weeks later
Two weeks ago, on March 29th, 25-year-old Tyson Rodriguez, a resident of Caye Caulker village was shot by police after a pursuit through the village streets. Rodriguez was put into police custody over the weekend and by Tuesday April 10th, he was charged for numerous offenses in the Belize City Magistrate Court. According to media reports, Rodriguez was charged with the theft of a silver beach cruiser which belongs to Luciana Espinal, aggravated assault for a knife which he allegedly pulled on PC Juan Choc, possession of a controlled drug for 1.6 grams of cannabis reportedly found on him when he was detained, drug trafficking for 4.8 grams of cocaine and escaping from lawful custody.

Ambergris Today

Bridge in Dire Need of Repairs
Listening to the concerns of some residents who say that the bridge is structurally unsafe and needs to be replaced, Mayor Daniel Guerrero and Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero paid a visit to the structure on Saturday, April 14, 2012, along with contractor and engineer of Medina's Construction who was responsible of erecting the bridge.

Conch Season to Close Two Months Earlier
Conch Fritters, Conch Soup, Conch Chowder and Conch Ceviche, these are just some of the delicious plates we Belizeans love when it's conch season. It is one of the most popular fisheries products other than the lobster which together contribute over 90% of the total value of exported seafood products in Belize. But this year, conch season in Belize has been cut short by almost two months by the Fisheries Department that is closing it down on April 24, 2012.

Destination to Paradise
Scenes like this one are the reason why so many tourists have been attracted to Ambergris Caye and San Pedro. It is a scene like this that inspired Jerry McDermott to name his hotel on Ambergris Caye the Paradise Hotel. Then consequently San Pedro started advertising to the world market as a Paradise destination with "NO phones, No television, No problem."

Misc Belizean Sources

The new 787 plane: pilots review
I just completed the first pilot training class on the 787 at United Airlines, an airplane which is destined to replace the 767 and live for many years after I retire. Here's what I've learned in 787 training so far. By the way, last night we passed our MV (maneuvers validation) check ride, with emergency after emergency, and the FAA observing. Tonight was our LOE (line-oriented evaluation), again with FAA - this time 2 FAA observers. It's 0200 and I just got back to the hotel and poured a well-earned glass of wine to celebrate. I now have a type rating in the 787. Phew. I'm pretty confident this will be the last one for me. I've summarized some of the major differences and unique features of the 787 versus more traditional "old school" airplanes like the 777 (not kidding) - from the pilot's viewpoint. Our "Differences" course takes 11 days to gain an FAA type rating, which is a "common" type rating with the 777. The course has been like drinking from a fire hose, but has finally come together. Some of our pilots attended Boeing's 5-day differences course, and deemed it unacceptable. The FAA approved the Boeing 5-day course, but our guys decided it lacked too much information. FAA is observing our checkrides now, and taking our course as well, to certify the training. We're just the guinea pigs.

VIDEO: Croc Emergency - Donate Today!
Please donate today for the rescue of these two crocodiles and the construction of ACES Wildlife & Crocodile Rehabilitation Center in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Go to or to help now! Thank you, ACES/ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

CHAC BALAM: a novel by S. J. Mazzullo
Dr. Sal Mazzullo, a long time friend, and who has brought students from Wichita State University to Belize for many many years, has written a new book. An event transpired in the Maya world 2000 years ago that Maya high priests recorded in artifacts they safeguarded in a hidden temple in Belize. The Spanish church learned of the event in the early 1500s and brutally murdered thousands of Maya priests in Central America to guard a secret that would have toppled the church had it been made known to the world. Five centuries later, after discovering enigmatic Maya artifacts beneath an ancient temple ruin deep in the jungle of northern Ambergris Caye, geologist Dr. Jim Stewart and his archaeological colleagues are unexplainably beaten and jailed by local authorities, and then left to die in a cave beneath the temple. After a daring escape, they are pursued across Belize and then into the U.S. by a relentless madman who is intent on killing them for reasons unknown to them. While running for their lives, they eventually learn the madman's identity, and uncover the startling ancient Maya secret by decoding the artifacts they managed to keep. Now aware of the church's centuries-old cover-up of the secret and involvement in their plight, they flee to Europe to confront the church in a final bid for their survival.

University of Belize's Earth Day is Thursday
UB is having their Earth Day Fair Thursday, from 9am until 4pm. There will be 3 different competitions. There will be food, drinks, raffles, games, and much much more. Go find out about Earth Day 2012.

Equinox Tour of Belize's Caracol Mayan Ruins
Well written article about the overnight in Caracol. The next one is on the Summer Solstice. Contact NICH at [email protected] for more details. As always, there are great words describing Dr. Jaime Awe. "Although clearly a scholar, Dr. Awe has an appealing personality and an infectious sense of humor. He was not at all the serious, elderly professor of archaeology I had expected. He is quite youthful in appearance, although he must be in his mid to late 50s, given his years of study and field work. He is an engaging speaker and tour guide. It was a delight to accompany him on his journey into an long past era at the Caracol site..

PHOTOS: DJ Geraldo at Meluchi's
DJ Geraldo rocked Meluchi's on Saturday night! DJ Super Mario had his birthday party, and the DJ's were out to celebrate. Everyone danced the night away, having a great time. The Hennessey shots flowed, and one lucky girl won a case of beer.

2012 Mayan Calendar from Orange Walk
The Banquitas House of Culture has posted their 2012 Calendar, and it features local ladies, and many of the most famous Belizean Mayan ruins. Xunantunich and Caracol are both featured as backdrops for the calendar

PHOTOS: UB's ATLIB Football Finals
The University of Belize took 3rd place at the ATLIB Football Finals that were played in Mango Creek. It was a tied game, and CJC came ahead during the penalty kicks. Congratulations, Black Jaguars! "UB Black Jaguars traveled to Mango Creek to play in the ATLIB Football National Tournament in March. Black Jaguars' first game was against Corozal Junior College (CJC) who they started to lead 1-0 but then CJC tied the game. Unfortunately lost in the penalty kicks 7-6. Black Jaguars won Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College 4-1 to secure third place in the tournament."

Joris Hendrik Designs
Joris Hendrik Designs has teamed up with Vanessa Awe, Will Moreno, and a handful of others, and came up with a brilliant photograph. Natalie Aleman, one of his top models, is the star of the picture, of course. This is the official teaser for his Earth Month Project.

VIDEO: Should Vehicles Be Allowed on Burns Avenue?
Pandy does some interviewing downtown to see what people think about allowing vehicles on the newly refurbished Burns Avenue. Many viewpoints are given, proving Pandy's skill at journalism. "No" seems to be the more popular, and better, choice. Those bricks were made for walking, not heavy loads. Give the video a look, and leave your comment.

Channel 7

It was another deadly weekend: there were three murders: two in Belize City and one in Belmopan. We start in the city where two men were killed in less than 12 hours. The first murder is inexplicable: a 51 year old man and father of four was walking on Banak street when he was gunned down for no known reason. Here is what it looked like at the scene and what police and his family are saying:.. At 1:45am on Saturday morning, police cordoned off Banak Street as the body of 51 year old Darrington Rivers lay on the side of the street dead. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer "Sometime around 1:20 Rivers was walking on Banak Street towards Central American Boulevard. Residents of that area have said that they heard several gunshots fired and upon making checks outside they found Darrington laying in the street."

Twenty hours later - another man fell to gun violence in Belize City. 25 year old Clifton Flores was killed on Wagner's Lane where he was known to hang out. Wagner's Lane - or Jump Street as it is known - has been the site of an extraordinary number of shootings in and around the area for the past few years. And on Saturday night, there was one more - but this one was fatal. Clifton Flores died on the spot - and here is what it looked like at the scene: "What we have gathered so far is that Flores was on Wagner's Lane socializing on the side of the street with some other men when a lone gunman approaches him and open fire on him."

And last night the violence in the city continued. An 18 year old was shot to the midsection in the Port Loyola Area. Just after 8:00 pm, Christopher Jorgenson was at the Jane Usher Basketball court on Curl Thompson Street - which is just across from his house. "We know that on the 14th, Jorgenson and some other guys were on the basketball court on Kurl Thompson Street; this is in the Jane Usher Boulevard area when two men rode up, one facilitated the other with a firearm and he fired several shots injuring Jorgenson on that court."

And just a block away from where that shooting happened - this morning just before 9:00 am, a Chinese grocer was shot in front of his store on Jane Usher Boulevard. It was an armed robbery and the robbers pounced just as WUO ZHENG WU was about to enter his store. His wife had opened the grill door when two men came up to him. "ZHENG WU returned home after shopping and as soon as his wife opens the burglar barred door two men rode up on separate bicycles, one of them brandishing a firearm. He was shot in his right lower arm where he was robbed in excess of a thousand dollars."

So with all these acts of violence, can we declare the gang truce officially over? The police press officer told us that's a policy position and he can't comment on it: "Sir, are you all prepared to concede that violence in the city is at a fevered pitch and that whatever fragments or figments of a truce that were existing have now been expunge. There is no truce, its full out warfare."

A 24 year old resident of Maya Mopan was killed this weekend when he was intentionally run over by a man who was either in a drunken or deranged rage. Roberto Galdamez allegedly knocked Rudy Marroquin off his motorcyle and then drove over him as he lay sprawled out in the road. The bloodstain on this dirt road marks the exact spot where 24 year old Rudy Marroqin fell off the motorcycle. In this patch of bushes on the side of the street is where the driver of the bike - 25 year old Pedro Teul landed.

Our next story is about a mixture of irony and cruelty so odd, if it weren't in the news, you might think it's a joke. It's about a man from Belmopan who was partying in Belize City on Friday night. He had a lot of cash on him - and didn't want to get robbed - so he went to the only place he thought he'd be safe: the police station - to wait for daybreak when he would go back home. Only thing is, he did end up getting robbed - except it wasn't by some regular old jacker - it was a by a police special constable! 33 year-old Ronel Rivero, had over $1,000 dollars in cash on him. He alleges that at around 4:30 on Saturday, he went into the station to try to secure his personal cash until his bus to Belmopan was ready to leave. He said that the police sergeant on duty asked him out of precaution to show him the money just to make sure that he didn't have any illegal items while he was there.

In the run-up to the 2012 double election, Chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission Alberto August came under fire from the opposition for being too political for that post. Well now, August, who is a staunch UDP supporter from Cayo is stepping down. August told us that he wants to become active in the party's campaign machinery - and so he has informed the PM that he is stepping down. His replacement will reportedly be former Attorney General, BQ Pitts. August will now focus on political work - and will also assume the chairmanship of Belize Water Services Limited. That post has been vacated by Herman Longworth who is now an elected representative and Minister Of State with responsibility for Sports. August has been a director on BWSL's Board for the last five years.

A man who was caught in the act of burglary - will spend 8 years in jail, even though he didn't manage to steal anything. 36 year-old Lynton Sutherland, an unemployed resident of Pink's Alley, was convicted of burglary when he appeared in Magistrate's Court today. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but he will spend 8. According to Dr. Pedro Gonzalez's report to police, at 8 o'clock p.m. on Friday, he went to his warehouse on Handyside Street and caught Sutherland, who had broken in. Dr. Gonzalez said that he was able to detain Sutherland in the building, until police officers arrived and arrested him. He was eventually charged with burglary.

Last week we told you about the decision to cut short the 2012 conch season. It's because the conch quota for this year has already been filled. So, the season will close from April 24th to September 30th of this year, leaving fishermen short of 2 months expected revenue from conch. This was decided at a meeting last week Friday, but to alleviate some of the financial hardships that the fishers face, the fisheries department and the Co-op heads decided that a grace period of 10 days will be given for fishermen to sell off their conch and wrap up operations. As a result, the season will close on the 24th, which is now one week away.

On Friday night you saw Mike Smith detail a remarkable of being detained, abducted, and beaten up by a pretend police with a "play-play" badge. He told the cops that the man flashed a badge, put a gun to his head, took him to a home in Port Loyola and then beat and questioned him. He told police that the man responsible for this roguish act is Reginald Wagner. Well - that's the name on the police report - but today we spoke to Reginald Young who says that he is the man being implicated. Except, that he says he did not do what he is being accused of - but, he did do something - and it was all because of a stolen Samsung cell phone:..

There have been a staggering nine murders in the past eight days, eight of them in the Belize district. That brings the murder total for 2012 to thirty - which is a little behind last year's figures, which showed 37 murders at this time. And while overall murder figures were down last year, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, in 2011 Belize was the fifth most dangerous country in the world. The ranking is based on murders per one hundred thousand citizens, and with 39 per hundred thousand, Belize is tied with Guatemala and Jamaica. Coming out as the most dangerous country was Honduras with 86, and following close behind was El Salvador with 71. Saint Kitts and Nevis came next with 68 and was trailed by Venezuela with 67.

It's been a little over two weeks since Katarina Ishim left for Tennessee to receive lifesaving surgery. The 11year old from San Pablo village has been suffering from an aggressive tumor almost the size of her head. It started growing in 2010 and it was surgically removed last year, but it grew back aggressively this year and was large enough to threaten her life. Doctors say the surgery is going well, and after the final phase of the surgery, which lasts 10-12 hours, they should be able to determine if the cancer has been fully removed.

Channel 5

2 Belmopan residents knocked off motorcycle; 1 dead, 1 injured
In a spate of violent crimes that started twelve days ago on April fourth, a total of nine men have been murdered. Over the past weekend, the bloodshed continued with one murder in Belmopan and two in the City. The violence was not confined to murders; two persons were also shot in separate incidents, including [...]

Belize City gangster is killed execution style on Wagner's Lane
Turning to the city where hell broke loose on Saturday night. A gang affiliate, who has had numerous run-ins with the law, was killed execution style. A gunman rode up and emptied his firearm on Clifton Flores, who was hanging out on the street side of his old neighborhood on Wagner's Lane. Unlike a previous [...]

51 year old man murdered on Banak St.; is it a case of mistaken identity?
A few hours after the murder of Clifton Flores, fifty-one year old Darrington Rivers, a bicycle repairman of Belize City, was killed. His grieving relatives believe it is a case of mistaken identity. Rivers, who lived on Coffin Street, a block south of where he was killed was walking along Banak Street in the direction [...]

Basketball game ends when a teen is shot on Jane Usher Boulevard
Also on Saturday night, a teenager was shot shortly after eight o'clock when he was playing basketball. One bullet hit him on the lower left-side of the abdomen and another grazed him on the right arm. The Jane Usher Boulevard resident, eighteen year old Christopher Jorgenson, was on the basketball court across from his house [...]

Chinese grocer shot during robbery at his business
While the criminals kept away on Sunday night, this morning there was another shooting in the city. The victim, Chinese grocer, Wuo Zheng Wu is lucky to be alive after robbers targeted his store on Jane Usher Boulevard shortly before nine this morning. Wu was carrying in soft drinks through a grill door when one [...]

After 20 hours of surgery, Catarina Ishim is not in recovery
Back on March sixth, we introduced you to twelve year old Catarina Ishim. Well, tonight we can report tonight that Catarina is recovering from a marathon surgery that lasted about twenty hours at a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital. Catarina, the young girl from San Pablo, Toledo, was disfigured by a cancerous tumor that kept growing despite [...]

Conch Season closing 2 months early
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development confirms today that the conch season will close early this year. According to the ministry, a ten day grace period is being granted to fishermen and cooperatives for the delivery of conch up until next week Monday. Thereafter, the season officially closes on Tuesday until September thirtieth. [...]

Huge overdraft facility left unpaid by previous Orange Walk Town Council
The Orange Walk Town Mayor, Kevin Bernard, came under fire soon after he assumed office for reports of dismissals at the Town Hall. But this morning, Bernard called a press conference to expose irregularities under the previous Town Council. Earlier this month, Bernard revealed that fifteen employees were hastily granted three year contracts shortly before [...]

Social Security/Income Tax deducted but not paid for OW Town Hall employees in 2011
Aside from the heavy overdraft incurred by the previous administration, the mayor also disclosed that the mandatory Social Security contributions and Income Tax deductions were deducted from employees' salaries but never paid in. According to Bernard, he has also discovered that the former mayor signed off an eighty-eight thousand dollar contract with the defeated Orange [...]

City man gets 5 years for Burglary plus 3 years for Unpaid Fines
A Pinks Alley resident who was caught burglarizing the warehouse of a Belize City doctor confessed to his crime and will now do the time. Thirty-six year Lynton Sutherland appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and pleaded guilty to a charge of Burglary. A non-custodial sentence could not be imposed since Sutherland has two [...]

Belmopan resident accused cop of jacking him at Queen St. Police Station
You would think that you would be safe at the police station, but it turned out otherwise for a Belmopan resident. Thirty-three old Ronell Rivero alleges that he was robbed inside the Queen Street Police Station on Saturday. Rivero says that around three-thirty that morning he was out socializing and had a little too much [...]

14 year old still missing after 3 weeks
Fourteen year old Alieya Lanza, a student of Anglican Cathedral College, was reported missing by her parents a little over three weeks ago. Alieya went missing along with fifteen year old Paula Gentle. Since then her family has been searching tirelessly to locate her despite their belief that she may have ran away with a [...]

The Annual Succotz Fair; food and fun for family this weekend
The village of Succotz, on the outskirts of Benque Viejo Town, is a predominantly Mestizo community rich with culture and steeped with traditional art, music and dance. This weekend the annual Succotz Festival takes place and if you're heading to Succotz, you can look forward to good food, fun and plenty of activities for the [...]

Football and Cycling; James Adderley's Full Update on Sports Monday
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The final schedule to regular season play in the Premier League of Belize, found FC Belize as journeymen to Juventus at People's Stadium yesterday looking to nail and even a spot in the 4 team playoffs set to kick off this Sunday, April 22nd. [...]


Monday, April 16 - POLICE NEWS
Belize City Police are investigating two murders that occurred over the weekend. Police say sometime after 10 o'clock Saturday night they responded to a scene on Wagner's Lane where they saw the lifeless body of 25-year-old Clifton Flores with several gunshot wounds to the left ...

The annual Succotz Fiesta is here once again and the party starts on Friday night at the football field in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. Chairman for the Succotz Fiesta, Wilson Pat told Love News Pat says that the fair is made possible through the primary sponsor...

The conch season for Belize is coming to a close a full two months ahead of schedule. The announcement of the early closure was made on Friday by Fisheries Department officials. According to Senior Fisheries Officer George Myvette, the conch season, which normally closed on...

Arturo Cantun reporting� "The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association was set to meet yesterday in San Roman Village Corozal but due to a shortfall in attendance the meeting was not held. This morning we spoke with Ramon Aban, chairman of the BSCFA who told us that...

Arturo Cantun reporting� "New Minister of National Security, John Salvidar is on a national familiarization tour visiting the different departments that come under the new ministry which includes Police, the BDF, Coast Guard and department of Immigration. This mo...

The Orange Walk Town Council held a press conference today at the Town Hall to reveal the administrations financial standing after having conducted some investigations since taking office in early March. Dalila Ical reporting� Kevin Bernard - Mayor, Orange Walk Town ...


Marijuana Plantation Goes Up In Smoke
Corozal police made a major marijuana discovery at around 6:00 this morning when they visited the Village of Chan Chen in the Toroch Area. At the site police uncovered four hundred mature marijuana plants ranging from 4 to 6 feet in height and several buckets of Marijuana seeds. The cannabis plants were uprooted and incinerated along with the seeds. No one was found in the area at the time of the discovery.

Father of Eight Killed In Hit And Run Accident
Forty seven year old Bacilio Novelo, a resident of Yo Creek Village in the Orange Walk District was the victim of a fatal traffic accident on April 13th. According to Novelo's niece, sometime during the late hours of Friday night her uncle left home on his motorcycle, that is the last time Novelo was seen alive by his family. On Saturday morning they received the tragic news that Novelo had been knocked down and killed while riding his motorcycle on the Yo Creek Road. Investigations have revealed that around 5:00pm on Friday Novelo was travelling towards Yo Creek when a brown Astro Van heading to Orange Walk ran him over. At the time of the incident the vehicle was being driven by 29 year old Abner Sosa, a resident of Yo Creek Village. Reports are that Sosa, who did not stop and render aid, handed himself over to authorities on Saturday morning.

Broker From Burrel Boom Charged For Thursday Evenings Shooting
The Corozal District has been faced with a down pour of burglaries and on Thursday evening it also recorded a shooting incident which left 24 year old Abraham Eck suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest and forearm. After conducting their investigations Corozal Police detained 48 year old Micheal Clark, a Belizean real estate broker from Burrel Boom Village and 31 year old Jury Charlie from the Village of San Antonio in the Corozal District for questioning. Tonight news is that police have officially charged one of the men for Eck's shooting. CTV3 News understands that this morning 48 year old Micheal Clark appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where he was charged for the crime of grievous harm. Viewers might recall that on April 12th Eck and a group of friends were hanging out in an area known as Patchakan Creek in the Village of Patchakan when an altercation ensued between him, Clarke and Charlie. Clarke allegedly pulled out a 9mm firearm at some point of the confrontation and fired several shots at Ek injuring him on the chest and forearm.

Orange Walk Mayor Speaks on Financial Anomalies Found At The Orange Walk Town Hall
Immediately after taking office on March 7TH the Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard ordered that a special audit on the council's finances be conducted. As we aired on March 21st the findings of the special audit were jaw dropping as major anomalies including unpaid Social Security contributions for employees, a lucrative contract between the former council and Denny Grijalva and a possible embezzlement by one of the council's former employees was exposed. Today during his first press conference as Mayor of Orange Walk, Bernard, accompanied by Councilor's Josue Carballo and Ian Cal at the head table, officially informed the media about the findings on the special audit. The Mayor started off the press conference by discussing the council's finances but don't get your hopes up because it is not good news. From what we were able to gather the former U.D.P Town Council headed by Philip De La Fuente basically devoured the council's coffers like a pack of wolves.

Bi-National Agreement Signed Between Belize And Mexico
At the Corozal Community Hospital on Sunday morning, officials from Belize and Mexico played witness to the signing of the first ever By-National Agreement between the Belize Medical and Dental Association and the Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo. The agreement supplements the unique bond that Belize and Mexico share and as we found out on Sunday it will also further develop the health partnership that has been fostering for many years now between the both medical institutions. At 10:00 Sunday morning ceremonies for the first ever Health By-National Agreement between Belize and Mexico got underway. The agreement, signed between the Belize Medical and Dental Association, BMDA and Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo, seeks to formally establish a conjunctive effort to develop the health systems of both countries. As the agreement was etched on paper in front of a number of witnesses, President of BMDA Joel Cervantes shared the details of the program.

Honoring The Junior Farmer Of The Year

Corozal Residents Take Advantage of Free Health Clinic
At the top of the newscast we told you about the By-National Agreement which was signed between Belize and Mexico, but what we did not tell you is that on the same day the agreement was signed residents of Corozal Town participated in a health fair also held at the Corozal Community Hospital. Hipolito Novelo has the story. The Corozal Community Hospital this Sunday saw a flourish of community members as they partook in the "theory and practice" health fair. The event, organized by the hospital, sought to provide basic health information as well as to offer free medical attention to those in need. During the fair both non-governmental and governmental organizations informed the general public on issues such as sexual reproduction, common diseases and drugs. Educating youths on sexual and reproductive health was a group called Gojoven.


Weekend violence claims two more lives in Belize City
Just as the last week ended, the new one has begun with news of violence and bloodshed. Love TV's Patrick Jones and video journalist Brian Castillo were on the crime bet today and here is their report.

Barry Bowen Bridge needs urgent repairs
Concerns about the deterioration of the Sir Barry Bowen bridge in San Pedro town are being addressed by the Town Council. Love TV's Maria Novelo has the details in the following report.

Jailed for counterfeit money
33 year old Deon Smith, a laborer of a Partridge Street address who was found with a $20.00 Belize currency counterfeit note, was sentenced to one month today by Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, after he pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit currency. The incident occurred around 2:40 pm on Saturday, April 14. The police [...]

Police minister embarks on nationwide tour
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar has embarked on a familiarization tour. With a report from Orange Walk here is correspondent Arturo Cantun.

Work continues on Cayo Welcome Center
It was announced last year that San Ignacio Town will house a New Welcome Center. The new facility will be housed where the old bus terminal was situated. This center is to be a venue for tourism expansion in the area. Our Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry and video journalist Jonathan Cariddi, took a tour of [...]

Orange Walk man dies in motorcycle collision
An Orange Walk man is dead following a Friday night traffic incident. Forty seven year old Basilio Novelo, a resident of Y Creek village, succumbed to injuries hours after the crash. According to reports reaching the RSV Media Centre, Novelo was on his way to Yo Creek village, when upon reaching about a quarter mile [...]


Suspect circumstances surrounding rumours of Sr. Superintendent transfer
Over the Last few years the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio have been experiencing a sharp rise in murder...

Catarina Ishim undergoes surgery to remove facial tumour in the US
Catarina Ishim is recovering from life-saving surgery at East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, USA. She ...

Mechanic accused of kidnapping speaks out
Reginald Wagner has spoken out about the claims made by Mike Smith. He was lying. Belize City resident Mike Smith c...

Man dead after bizarre confrontation in front of Belmopan nightclub
An early morning fiasco in front of La Cabana Night club turns deadly for one man. On Saturday 14th April Police re...

Belize City Police investigating weekend murder
On Saturday April 14th at 1:30am Police responded to a scene on Banak Street, Belize City where they saw the lifele...

Another man slain in Belize City
A Belize City man is shot whilst sitting on street side. On Friday April 14, at 10:20pm Police responded to a scene...

Gunshots fired at basketball court, man in critical condition
On Sunday April, 15th police visited the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they saw Christopher Jorgenson suffer...

Daring robber makes his move inside Police Station
He felt that being at a station to wait until time passes for him to go catch his bus was the safest spot to be. Li...

Taylor Street community says sorry isn't good enough
In last week's newscast we reported on the findings of the Commission of Inquiry set up by Police Minister Hon. Joh...

Chinese store robbed
Belize City Police is also investigating an armed robbery that took place earlier this morning. WUO ZHENG WU, Chine...

Arrest made in shooting of Ranchito Village resident
Last week Friday we reported on the shooting of Abraham Ek, a resident of Ranchito Village Corozal, who was shot to......

Caye Caulker Chronicles

VIDEO: Greasy pole challenge on Easter weekend
The greasy pole being on the of the most funnest and popular games to play on Caye Caulker happened during the Easter weekend for the first ever Easter Temptation. The Caye Caulker Lobster Fest Committee out-did themselves in putting together fun competitions for the entire family. Here's a feature on the greasy pole for all to enjoy:


The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Quintessentially Belizean - Part III - Sunday
The first to arrive at the Mai house was Aunty Rose. The children heard her all the way from the road side, calling out her usual jolly "Diiiiiiiiaaaaasssssss!" Following her trail was her little girl - half naked already with just her skirt on, hem stuck in the waistband and frilly lace underwear showing who knows how far down the road. She twirled her shirt in the air, dropping it every so often, and then picking it back up to toss back up in the air. Rose had given up on her child looking presentable, choosing her laughing, happy four-year-old over the sulky, screaming nightmare she could be. Bertha, the eldest girl went out to greet her aunt, who was precariously balancing a covered pot and extra-large purse. With the pot safely ensconced in Bertha's hands, Rose reached out to fix her Benita's skirt as they headed into the house.

Belize Prices and fun facebook status questions
I have done several prices in Belize and cost of living in Belize write ups and they have always been of interest. This time I decided to try something new and use facebook status questions to get people to weigh in on pricing and useful information that people who are traveling to Belize or moving abroad will want to know. - I just paid $17.25 bzd for a bag of frozen cranberries, anyone outside of Belize have a price comparison? Anyone on the island have a good spot for decent priced brown rice?

A Must Do in San Pedro: Brunch at Estel's
There are a few places that I recommend to EVERYONE that visits Ambergris Caye. You need to snorkel at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Have a beer or two at the Palapa Bar. And you must have breakfast at least once at Estel's Dine By the Sea. You'll find it right on the beach in the center of town just south of the Central Park. The floor is sand, both inside and out, and when I was there last week, some live music was playing. Nice touch. The inside is decorated with all sorts of crazy local knick knacks. There are no menus at the table...head inside to check out the chalk board. I'd hate to be the one who is in charge of fixing this when someone accidentally brushes up against it.

On Hudut and Huggability
"I tell you no lie, its hard work. " Therese said. She herded the girls out in the yard with her grandchildren. "We will call them in when we need them. Right now, you need to help me with those plantains." The sticky sweet resin of the skins pulled at my hands like rubber glue. It made for slippery handling of the fruit inside. Mark got straight to work. "Tell me what to do!" he said. She smiled at him and then hugged him. "My sons are the only ones who like to do this. Maybe I adopt you after today." she smiled. Therese Castillo, known in Hopkins Belize as "Miss Therese", lives in the heart of town.

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SLIDESHOW: New efforts to save seahorses and other marine life from extinction
Scientists and conservationists are working to breed seahorses in farms at aquariums and laboratories across the country in an effort to save the threatened creatures from disappearing.

Belize's New Marketing Strategy: Apocalypse Tourism
It's 2012, and Belize is trying to lure visitors to the Mayan end of the world. We're all familiar with various brands of shoes and shampoo. But what about the brands of sovereign states? In the fierce competition for tourist dollars, nations are brand names, too. They have public images that change over time and can be shaped by marketing. They can turn suddenly trendy, or hopelessly uncool, in the minds of travelers daydreaming about future vacation spots. A little while back, I accepted an invitation from the Belize Tourism Board to take an all-expenses-paid tour of that country. This is what we in the media term "a junket." The BTB hoped that by bringing me down there, and showing me a decent time, they could nudge me into writing a travel story for American readers-a story reporting that Belize is a gorgeous, climatically temperate place populated by friendly, law-abiding people. I'm not going to write that story. (Even though I loved the country.) ...

'We became like family'
A 14-day trip to a rural village in Belize left a lasting impression on two dozen Langley Secondary Grade 11 and 12 students, who chose to spend their spring break fixing up a school and interacting with kids there. The LSS group, which included three teachers, were greeted by students of Double Head Cabbage School in Belize with an assembly and a skit. The skit was put on by the students there who speak and write Creole, but are able to speak some English. "We had no idea what they were saying but it was funny," said Grade 12 LSS student Jacquelyn McComb. "They were really shy at first but pretty quickly we all got along. They talk so fast though." Within the first two days, the group of LSS students had painted the entire interior of the school and two murals on the outside of the high school. The LSS students then went on to begin pouring concrete beams and build trusses for the roof of an outdoor eating area.

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