Screen_shot_2012-04-16_at_8.12.55_PMAt the Corozal Community Hospital on Sunday morning, officials from Belize and Mexico played witness to the signing of the first ever By-National Agreement between the Belize Medical and Dental Association and the Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo. The agreement supplements the unique bond that Belize and Mexico share and as we found out on Sunday it will also further develop the health partnership that has been fostering for many years now between the both medical institutions.

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

At 10:00 Sunday morning ceremonies for the first ever Health By-National Agreement between Belize and Mexico got underway. The agreement, signed between the Belize Medical and Dental Association, BMDA and Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo, seeks to formally establish a conjunctive effort to develop the health systems of both countries.

As the agreement was etched on paper in front of a number of witnesses, President of BMDA Joel Cervantes shared the details of the program.

Joel Cervantes, President BMDA

"The signing of this document represents the beginning of a strong prosperous relationship between the Belize medical and dental association and the Colegio Medico de Quintana Roo, it is indeed historic that there are four major organization that are gathered today that cements the dream to work for the common good of the people of the region."

Demonstrating his full support for the program, President of the Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo Francisco Lara stated, that the agreement is a joint venture that will benefit both countries.

Francisco Lara, President, Colegio de Medicos Quintana Roo

"Hoy el escenario se transforma, el escenario nos lleva a organizaciones no gubernamentales como la que precibe el Dr. Joel Cervantes y un servidor, busquemos continuar con ese trabajo que se ha hecho por m�s de cien a�os."

Francisco Savedra, Representing the Mexican Ambassador

"Es por eso que este tipo de iniciativas de sociedad civil, de profesionales tienen que florecer y con el apoyo del gobierno vamos a desarrollarlo asi.

Pablo Marin Minister of Health

"The two associations have done a remarkable job and have created this platform, this foundation upon which and even stronger partnership can be constructed."

According to Cervantes beneath the black and white lays a symbolic significance.

Screen_shot_2012-04-16_at_8.12.37_PMJoel Cervantes President BMDA

"The agreement is something very important because it shows us the responsibility that we have as doctors and dentists here in Belize to partner very closely with our Mexican counter parts.This has a symbolism behind it but we have been working for the past year really uniting the medical and dental association with the Mexican college of doctors in Quintana Roo."

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

"And like you said this is not just black and white but something that will move forward in the future."

Joel Cervantes President BMDA

"Well, it had been moving forward we haven't had something signed before but it is going forward for example, our Mexicans counterparts perhaps have a little bit more structured than we have at this point and if you basically would ask me who is the BMDA nobody knows who's the BMDA so what we are trying to do is giving a civil face that people in Belize could say oh yeah this is the group of doctors that they worked both within the public and the private sector and they are doing this for Belize and Belizeans but we are doing this, we are working with our Mexicans counterparts with their experience and they are showing us how we are suppose to take thing along, shape them and do them from a Belizean perspective."

After the ceremonies representatives from both countries were given a tour of the facilities at the Corozal Community Hospital.