We've already shown you what the Tourism Development Programme is doing in Belize City at the Memorial Park.

But the programme also has designs for Placencia, Ambergris Caye and San Ignacio.

In Placencia, that means building a multipurpose municipal pier and plaza - which also calls for upgrading the village's famous sidewalk.

Now, with all the mega-developments in and around Placencia - the pier and the sidewalk which were once the center of that village's life have been neglected.

But the project plans to restore the area's popularity and increase its appeal to visitors and locals.

Work is underway, and Chairman of the Village Council Charles Leslie says it will be a major plus for his village:

Charles Leslie Jr. - Village Council Chairman
"Well, I think that the project will basically revitalize Placencia. I believe that it will create a catalyst for further development."

Jose Vivas - Project Manager
"This project consists of the pier, the plaza pier, and also the sidewalk. You can see what we have demolished here from the pier that was in the water. The existing sidewalk will be capped, and will have to put in turns on the sides. It will also have coloring, and concrete work done on it, so it will look really nice. And along the sidewalk, there will be some trellises that will be made of wood. There will also be some seating arrangements so that people can enjoy."

Lloydia Westby Caballero - Villager
"Well the walkway, because as you know, historically this is one of the oldest landmarks in Placencia, and it definitely needs this upgrade. I can see people - we get more attraction to the sidewalk."

Carl Gabourel - Villager
"I do believe that we will have more visitors to this this part of the peninsula because it is an old landing port, and everybody comes to tip of the peninsula."

The value of the project is 2.5 million dollars and the contractor is Maheias United Concrete and Supplies Limited.

You can find full details on the projects planned for all the municipalities at the Sustainable Tourism Programme website - which you will find a link to at 7newsbelize.com.


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