The Belmopan City Council was officially sworn in on March 19th at the Independence Park. In his address at that swearing in ceremony; Mayor Simeon Lopez spoke on some of their manifesto pledges to the residents of Belmopan. Well tomorrow will make exactly a month since the Mayor and his slate has been in office and according the City Administrator Ismael Garcia the regular duties of the council continues but they are moving towards fulfilling one of those manifest promise.

Ismael Garcia
As you know, we recently had our stall out at the city limits where we awarded a prize to the first rider that got to Belmopan; we awarded a five hundred dollar prize. The Belmopan City Council also continues to carryout its basic function of garbage collection, but we are also looking at some new initiatives. For example, the George Price Boulevard is not trafficable and very shortly we will be rehabilitating that road so that it becomes trafficable to the residents of Belmopan and provide an alternative entrance to the city. We are doing this through a joint venture with a private investor and we are hoping that very shortly they will be able to use that road. What happened is that during the construction phase of the US Embassy, several of the heavy trucks were bringing material on the road and eventually it became virtually impossible for smaller vehicles. So shortly residents will see the George Price Blvd be rehabilitated to a level where it can be used quite frequently.

As Garcia said those works are expected to start shortly.