If you know even the smallest piece of Belizean History - you'll know that this blessed spot was founded as a logwood trading post. Those logs were extracted from deep in the Belizean interior and floated down the Belize River to the harbor in what is now Belize City. But not all the logs made it - some of them sunk in the Belize River and were lost to time. But not lost forever. Centuries later, the massive trees were preserved in the water because they weren't exposed to oxygen - and for some time, a few ambitious enterprises have been searching out and extracting these logs.

One of those companies is named Greener Lumber and recently its work was featured on Al Jazeera Television's English Broadcast.

The type of old-growth mahogany fetches premium prices on the world market. Greenerlumber offers Mahogany, Bullet Tree, Sapodilla and Santa Maria.

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