Punta Rock and Reggae artist Positive Vibz, is one of the most entertaining and hype performers currently on the scene. Now, he has launched his third album, "2 Sides of Positive Vibz".

For this one, the 25 year old has collaborated with major players in the Belizean music industry for this album, and today he told us what to expect and where he got his inspiration.

Positive Vibz, Punta Rock and Reggae artist
"I have out my 3rd album and this album is entitled "The Two Side of Me - Positive Vibz" Punta Rock and Reggae culture and teachings. That is my roots as a Garifuna person. I ended up doing my roots music which is Punta Rock and of course I have a passion and love for reggae as well. I believe through reggae I can teach; slow down the pace and teach the people what they need to know."

"I believe that I am incorporating as much Belizean artist as possible on this album because at the end of the day it's not about me but every single musician in Belize."

Robin Schaffer
"How is this different from your previous albums?"

Positive Vibz, Punta Rock and Reggae artist
"I have fans that want me in Punta Rock and there are fans who want to hear in doing reggae and so what I do is satisfy the ear on both sides meaning that I put the two genre of music on one CD; Punta Rock and Reggae for my listeners. So if you only want to hear reggae segment you can play that or if you only want the Punta Rock segment you can play that likewise."

"The mission is to have it in as much Belizean homes as possible. That is the dream, motive and mission."

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