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After more than 12 years in the business, the time has now come for new, young and fresh blood to be injected into the STAR Newspaper. It is in this light that the reigns are being passed on to my son, Albert Nigel August, who after several years of coaching has come of age and has demonstrated both the willingness and the ability to shoulder the responsibility of putting together a product that readers and advertisers alike look forward to getting each week. Notwithstanding this change, the wife, Nyani, will continue to be the foundation of the STAR as Albert Nigel steps in to fill the void. He has, over the past weeks, been introduced to the major stakeholders in the business and is now ready to truly demonstrate his capabilities. While the transision has been in the making for several months, the departure could not come about in the absence of an unshakable understading of the purpose of the STAR within the community combined with the firm commitment of none diviation from that purpose. The change also includes the relocation of the office to the Hoffman Complex, Apartment #5 on the Western Highway, across from Tropigas Store, in Santa Elena. The email address and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

This Week's Stories:

  • Arrested Burglar Caught On Camera
  • Retired Educator Honored
  • Two Boys Busted With Gun And Bullets Sent To Jail
  • Editorial: The Son Steps In
  • Should Gentle Go ... Should Gentle Stay
  • A Missing Pistol And Bullets
  • End Of April Is Agric Show Time
  • Update On The Municpal Development Project In San Ignacio
  • Healthy lifestyle Tips
  • Elections & Boundaries Commission Chairman Resigns
  • The Book- The Economic History Of Belize
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

The San Pedro Sun

UNICEF official meet with SPTC and visit areas in need
On Tuesday April 17th, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) received the visit of two officials from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The team of two, headed by the UNICEF Country Representative Christine Norton met in private with Mayor Daniel “Danny” Guerrero. After the meeting, the Mayor took the UNICEF representatives to tour the San Mateo community and other deprived areas of San Pedro Town. The main purpose of the visit is to reiterate UNICEF’s available support to the newly elected councils across the country including the SPTC. It also serves to look at ways that UNICEF can assist some of the initiatives within the community that target children and falls under the organization’s program dealing with the monitoring of children’s rights in Belize. Speaking at a joint briefing to the media, Mayor Guerrero explained that the council is happy to have received the visit of UNICEF representatives. “As I have been saying, a number of our youth in our community is going the wrong direction… the children play a major role in any society, in any community, and in the country, so we are happy for the visit, which comes at a perfect timing when we are doing a lot of positive things in our town,” said Mayor Guerrero. The Mayor said that issues such as children being on the streets late at night to early morning, children using obscene words and even selling drugs, are some of the things he hopes can be addressed by the council with the support of other organization such as UNICEF.

We CAN Have Our Conch and Eat it too!
One of the prettiest gifts from our Caribbean Sea is the Queen Conch. Her curvaceous pink shell swells with a polished pride that merits her regal name. Whether you simply admire her for her calcified abode that is synonymous with island life or you prefer to eat her fried, in soup or a tangy ceviche, this royal mollusc is in dire need of our help. This week we report on a decision made by the Ministry of Fisheries to close the conch season a full two months before its traditional June 30th closing. Now internationally listed as an endangered species, it is surprising that we are allowed to gather this delicacy of the sea at all. With the fine line of sustainable harvest in the balance, it is essential that we look at all the angles of why this ornate snail is endangered.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Book- The Economic History Of Belize
This 214 pages paperback book, written by Barbara and Victor Bulmer-Thomas, is the first economic history of Belize covering the period from the 17th century to post-independence. It is a new title in the Belize Collection The book starts with the myth about Peter Wallace, widely believed to have been the first British settler, which is shown to be false. It explores the economic system established by the first settlers in the late 17th century that was almost exclusively centred on the export of logwood. This logwood economy operated outside the British imperial system until the Treaty of Paris in 1763, when Belize became a British settlement. In the next century the economy became more diversified through both the export of mahogany as well as the entrepot trade with Central America.

VIDEO: Diving Belize with Vianey
Today we dive with Vianey here on the Belize Barrier Reef. Island Divers Belize, San Pedro

Chaa Creek makes USA Today's top 10 list for eco-lodges
Congratulations to Chaa Creek! They represented Belize in USA Today's top 10 list of eco-lodges. “If you’d like more than 24 hours to celebrate Sunday’s Earth Day, maybe it’s time for an eco vacation. A growing number of lodges adhere to green values, offering nature adventures in a sustainable setting. But you don’t have to rough it. You’re not sleeping on a straw mat on a dirt floor. There are opportunities to stay in very comfortable accommodations”

Green Walk Green Belize Clean Up
The Houses of Culture from Cayo did the Green Walk yesterday in celebration of Earth Day. Looks like they had fun, and cleaned up the highway. Happy Earth Day! "Museum of Belize & House's of Culture (NICH) join the green initiative and clean mile 13 to 14 on the Western Highway, great team work and effort from our staff"

The Belize Tourism Expo is Next Week
We're betting that Cayo will be one of the most talked about destinations at BETEX, which is next week, from Wednesday, April 25th, to Friday, April 27th. It's the big tourism exposition held every other year to bring together international travel agents and Belizean businesses. The BTIA organizes the event, and gives quite a few informational presentations about Belize.

This Belizean delicacy is about to come into season.


445 Grams Of Cannabis Found Strapped On Passengers Leg, He Is Charged For Drug Trafficking
Last night we told you about the two men that were detained by Corozal Police here in Orange Walk after several packs of marijuana were found strapped on the leg of one of the individuals. Today Corozal Police released the name of the individual that was charged for drug trafficking. He is 18 year old Warren Davis of an Antelope Street address in Belize City. A search of Davis’ person led police to the discovery of 445 grams of cannabis which was strapped on his right leg. Based on the discovery Corozal Police arrested and charged the 18 year old for drug trafficking. As mentioned last night around 3:00 yesterday afternoon Davis and another individual boarded a Tilletts bus in Corozal en route to Orange Walk. Information to police was that one of the men had drugs in his possession and as a result police pursued the bus which was intercepted here in Orange Walk during a checkpoint setup at the entrance of Trail Farm Village by authorities. Davis is scheduled to appear before the Corozal Magistrates Court on Monday.

Plane Crash Lands In San Victor No One Found In The Area
On yesterdays newscast we were the first to report on the aircraft that crash landed approximately two miles West of San Victor Village in the Corozal District. At that time information was hard to come by but tonight we have the story in its entirety. Hipolito Novelo and Cameraman Kenric Simpson have the details. At around 1:00 yesterday afternoon this 210N single engine Cessna plane crashed landed into a feeder road just two miles from San Victor Village. Authorities did not get wind of the situation until 3 hours after which is when they arrived at the scene. Soon after, a throng of BDF and personnel from the Anti Drugs Unit were dispatched to the area, indicating that the situation was serious. The plane is the first of its kind in Belize. It can fly at a velocity of 185 knots for about 6 hours straight and its worth over $205,000. Based on their investigations authorities have traced the plane to Ecuador and have determined that its registration number HCCHZ is not the original. As you can observe on your screen the right wing of the plane was smashed, the windows were shattered, the right door was broken, the propellers were jammed with pieces of cane and the retractable gears were destroyed.

Corozal Residents Step Up To The Fight Against Crime
Corozal Town is considered one of the safest communities in the nation. Over the past weeks; however, the peacefulness of the community has been put into jeopardy due to a wave of burglaries which has raised concern among residents. A few days ago Minister of National Security John Saldivar indicated that the lack of resources has contributed tremendously to the increase in crime in the district and that Government was looking into obtaining additional equipment and police force for the department. But Corozal residents are not willing to wait around until Government makes its move and last night they took matters into their own hands by holding a meeting at the town hall. So, what was the outcome? Janine Ayuso has the story. The business community, private sector and residents of Corozal Town met at the town hall last night to voice their concerns on the pressing issue of increased crime. The meeting was brought together by a newly formed organization called ’Citizens for a Better Corozal Coalition’. Crime prevention and solutions were at the height of the discussion which resulted in a piercing wave of distress and high alert on the broadening issue.

OWTC Sanitation Workers Receive New Working Gear
This afternoon Councilor Neri Ramirez in charge of Garbage Collection, Staff Relations and Special Events, handed over 12 uniforms to the garbage collecting sanitation workers. For the workers the action proves that the council is serious about working with everyone and ensuring that all employees receive the necessary equipment in order to get the work done. Neri Ramirez, OW Town Councilor “As you saw we gave each staff a uniform of the sanitation crew for two reasons, one we want them to look professional and at the same time we want to protect our workers with their health issues as well. A total of 12 uniforms were issued today and with all the rubber boots, the gloves and the entire mask and everything are almost $2000.00 the entire set.” Eduardo Hernandez, Employee “We feel good, we feel comfortable with the uniform and we look familiar now to the town council and I think everybody will look at the town council as they unite and everything and together they are working and then every will say and cement that yes now them workers are in uniform and they look good that they don’t have to mess up their clothes.” According to Councilor Ramirez, by next month, another group of workers that fall under the Sanitation Department will receive new uniforms and gears. Ramirez also shared the there will be a change in the garbage collecting schedule.

BSCFA Assists Trial Farm Government School
The Trial Farm Government School falls under one of the six schools to receive a grant of $1666.67 from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association’s social program which falls under the Fair-trade Agreement. This morning during official ceremonies the check was handed over to the school by the Vice Chairman of the BSCFA Committee of Management, Alfredo Ortega. School principal Nazira Romero says, that the money has been earmarked for the schools feeding program which is presently catering to 30 students. “What we did is to put our application some months ago for assistance for enclose our feeding area, we have a feeding program here at Trial Farm School and it is not enclose and so we thought it would be best to enclose it when we heard the opportunity was there for us to apply we did an estimate and we did applied for this grant and it is going to be done shortly.” The school has been fortunate to receive assistance from the BSCFA on several occasions and looks forward to continue benefiting from the social program.


Ministers meet to discuss weekend violence
Minister of National Security John Saldivar has confirmed that there were only 4 murders this past weekend. Minister Saldivar, speaking after a lengthy meeting at the ITVETT compound, which included Prime Minsiter Dean Barrrow, said that he is satisfied with the containment efforts that were carried out to stem the bloody violence which started on [...]

Mexican concert pianist to perform in Belize
If classical music is your way of unwinding after a long week’s work, then you will be delighted in free piano concerts, courtesy the Mexican Embassy. Public Relations Officer for the Embassy, Marcelino Miranda, told Love News that the concerts, two to be exact, are scheduled for Belize City and Belmopan. The first concert again [...]

PAHO offers help with tuberculosis
Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB, is not known to be on the rise in Belize. But the Pan American Health Organization is renewing its support to the countries throughout the Central American region in their fight against the disease. Today, a conference ended in Belize with representatives giving tuberculosis priority. PAHO’s Representative in Belize, Gerardo [...]

Earthquake strikes near Belize-Guatemala border
A magnitude five-point-one on the Richter scale earthquake struck near the Belize-Guatemala border on Sunday evening. According to the United States geological service, the epicenter of the quake, which struck at 6:20 pm Sunday, Belize Time, was at a depth of thirty five and a half miles underground. Reports from around the region say that [...]

Ministers meet to discuss weekend violence
Minister of National Security John Saldivar has confirmed that there were only 4 murders this past weekend. Minister Saldivar, speaking after a lengthy meeting at the ITVETT compound, which included Prime Minsiter Dean Barrrow, said that he is satisfied with the containment efforts that were carried out to stem the bloody violence which started on Friday afternoon. Measures to continue the containment and return the city to normalcy will be announced at a press conference on Monday.

Murder in Belmopan
The bloodshed and wanton violence that have overshadowed Belize City this weekend, moved to the nation’s capital early on Sunday morning. And the weapon of choice was a machete. The victim of this morning’s murder in Belmopan has been identified as Louis Valladarez, 28. Reports are that Valladarez was fatally wounded during a misunderstanding in the San Martin area of Belmopan. According to information received, Valladarez got into an arcument with a group of men. They allegedly three missiles – stones – at each other and a couple of them left and returned later armed with a machete, which was used to chop up Valladarez. Valladarez was wounded to the top of the head, left side of the face and behind the neck. He was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital; but succumbed to his injuries around 4:30 am. Police in Belmopan have detained one person as their investigation continues.

PG teen dies, investigation underway
A young Toledo girl is dead and the circumstances of her demise remains, as they say, under police investigation. The deceased, a sixteen year old girl is from the village of Jalacte. Information received says that the teenage girl was at home on Thursday with her common law husband Jose Cho, 19, when around 5:30 in the evening, she began vomiting. Three hours later, Cho tried desperately to locate a vehicle to take his common law wife to the Punta Gorda hospital; but was unsuccessful. The girl’s condition worsened when around 11:30 on Thursday night, she began bleeding from her nose. By midnight she was dead. Her body now lies at the morgue at the Punta Gorda hospital and a post mortem examination is pending.

A frightening discovery was made of a gun in the book bag of a male student was on Friday morning. The boy, whose name cannot be released because he is only 17 years old, is from Western Paradise village at Mile 8 on the Western Highway. When police on mobile patrol initially searched the boy, they did not find anything illegal. But when they opened up his school bag, they found a black and silver pen gun. As a result of the discovery, the boy was arrested and charged for the crime “Kept firearm without a gun license.”

Double murder in Belize City
Police are investigating the murder of two people last night in Belize City. The victims have been identified as thirty one year old Shelton August, also known as Shelton “Pinky” Tillett and twenty three year old Kamille Andrews. Reports are that Tillett and Andrews were shot dead last night at a service station on the Northern Highway. According to police report, Tillett and Andrews were shot dead inside of a Ford Ranger pickup truck at the Esso Gas Station on the Northern Highway just after eleven o’clock last night. Tillett sustained gunshot wounds to the center of his chest, left side of the ches, right arm and neck. Andrews sustained gunshot wounds to the left arm, left arm pit, right breast and right rib cage. Initial investigations revealed that at eleven o’clock, both August and Andrews arrived at the gas station in the vehicle where Tillett exited and went inside the store and upon returning to the vehicle, a man with a dread hat and a mask over his face armed with a handgun, exited a Silver pathfinder and fired several shots at Tillett and Andrews, fatally wounding the, Tillett and Andrews’ bodies have been taken to the morgue at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they away a post mortem examination. As a result of the double murder and Friday afternoon’s murder on Orange Street, authorities have dramatically increased the presence of police and Belize Defence Force personnel on the streets of Belize City. According to a short statement from the Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, the Ministry of National Security intends to do all in its powers to ensure the safety of the citizens and visitors in the city of Belize. According to Inspector Yearwood, the increased police and BDF presence on the streets of Belize City will, quote: “remain in place until the situation in Belize City is brought back to normal,” end of quote.

Small plane crash lands in rural Corozal
The Phillip Goldson International airport is the nation’s premier port of entry for air passengers. But in recent years, certain visitors to the jewel have been using the nation’s highways and back roads as landing strip for their planes. Another such incident happened in Thursday in the Corozal district. Our Orange Walk Bureau Chief Manuela Ayuso Cantun has the story.

Body found on Hattieville roadside is identified
On Thursday we told you about the body of a man that was found on the side of the Boom-Hattieville road. Tonight, an identity has been attached to that gruesome discovery. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Myles Gillett went back to the crime scene and file the following report.

Man shot on Orange Street; dies on Regent Street West
Tonight, another Belize City family is mourning after a young man was gunned down on the mean streets of the old capital. It’s a terrible story to tell, especially when the victim is a close family member of one of our staff. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo reports.


Biking, birding, fire, and a fall
If you've been reading our blog for awhile, you know that we usually do some bird-watching on Sunday morning. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we ride our bikes. We'd been mostly walking lately, so this morning we decided to ride, since we can get farther north past more of the golf-cart traffic that way. Although we didn't see many new birds, we ended up riding farther north than we ever have before and had a great time doing it. We started off riding north on the beach from our condo. It was a gorgeous day after a cold front came through last night, whisking the humidity away (so rare for here) and bringing a great breeze and cooler temperatures along with it. Once we got up to Indigo condominiums, we shifted onto the road since we have some favorite birding spots up in that area. The beach offers mainly shorebirds, where the road provides a better variety, from various wood-warblers to flycatchers to Plain Chacalacas. We stopped a few times along the way to check out birds, like these:

Late night Health Care in Belize aka my crazy Friday night Sci Fi experience
Friday night turned into a total real life sci fi movie for me within a matter of minutes. Around 10pm I decided to use some of my Glorious Belize coconut massage oil that I had added some small vanilla pod pieces to scent it. This was not the first time I had used it but this time around I had a severe allergic reaction. My upper body started to tingle and I noticed the veins in my arms were puffing up and going all weird looking. I kept asking Paul if I was crazy or could he see it too and that I needed to get to a doctor right away. He called Dr Daniel Gonzalez at Ambergris Hope clinic who said come right over. The cab ride felt like it was taking forever compared to normal. I just breathed deep and focused in remaining as Zen as I could. We finally finally got to Dr Dan’s and he was in the clinic waiting for us. He showed us into a room and proceeded to get details and examined me. He said my vital signs were normal, thankfully. When I showed him my arms and the bizarre movement of my veins, he agreed I was having an allergic reaction to vanilla. Next we moved to a different room and he gave me a shot cortisone in the butt to reduce the swelling and calm things down. After the shot settled Dr Dan noticed I was a bit more agitated and said I needed to just relax, he gave me a prescription and sent us on our way back home and said everything would be fine. The next day I was chatting on the coconut phone with Dr Al as he has been checking in on me daily regarding my boosting immune system and taunting me with his visits to Tim Horton’s and what he is ordering for breakfast. I told him what happened and right away he started looking it up. He said that he found 2 studies where fresh Vanilla pod can actually be poisonous to ones system – a freak reaction. Later that day Dr Al came back with a new report that I had mild anaphylaxis. He had also called poison control for further research and that they thought it could be latex allergy. Ardently its in the plant the pod and the oil leached it out, not exactly common. Its the pods which are black and have the seeds in them during the curing process latex is leached out. Some was absorbed thru the rash I had on my hand and voila mild anaphylaxis, tingling, dizzy feeling racy. His next recommendation aside from taking the meds Dr Dan had given me and resting was to keep eating good stuff. Go to chemical and then McD’s order the quaretrion con queso, big chocolate shake and large fries every day for a week. Lots of fluids and salt so suggest energy drinks like Gatorade.

A Weather Shift, Early Morning Groceries and A New Strange Fruit
I woke up early this morning to thunder rumbling. Way too was still dark. The weather was definitely changing and I was expecting there to be rain when dawn broke. But no...the wind has shifted. Blowing from the lagoon side, it is a cooler, cloudless blue day. The humidity is incredibly low. 55%! And the sea is perfectly flat. Mata Rocks Hotel pretty in white and purple. If you haven't checked out their beach bar, the Squirrel's Nest, try it. Great evening spot for a cocktail. Happy Hour is 6-7pm each day and there is always a nice little crowd. I headed over to Marina's Store, probably the busiest supermarket on the island. Though it can be a bit crowded...the aisles are very tight, the food turnover is high and the prices are cheap. Marina's sells mostly local food, the basics and lots of beers. No matter what time of day, you'll see some guys sitting out front drinking a few stouts. And you'll encounter a good sized dog pack that seems to hang out here. Marina's also sells coffee and breakfast items early in the morning. The johnny cakes are cheap and tasty. This stuff is gone by 8am. On my way home, I spotted two mysterious fruits at a veggie stand. The teenaged boy manning the booth didn't speak any English but I'm pretty sure he was telling me to try the big prickly green one and not the little waxy one (on the left).

International Sources

Climate change efforts by Guyana and Belize highlighted in film series
The efforts of Guyana and Belize in restoring and sustaining their mangrove reserves along the coast, to aid in protecting against natural disasters were recognised in ‘Living Shorelines’, one of three films launched by the British High Commission and CARIBSAVE as part of global efforts to raise public awareness on the importance of climate change adaptation and, its relevance to the Caribbean people. CARIBSAVE is a non-profit regional organisation formed in 2008 by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and the University of Oxford to address the socioeconomic impacts and challenges of climate change in the Caribbean Basin, especially on the tourism sector. The three films were shown on Tuesday, under the theme “Partnership for Resilience”. They were produced by CARIBSAVE and several regional organisations.

Central America focuses on MICE travel facilities
Central America is becoming an increasingly popular host destination for major events as the region continues to improve its conference and meetings infrastructure. Meanwhile, several major international events will be taking place in the region during 2012: Belize will host the “Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX)” from April 25th-27th. The event, organised by the Belize Tourism Industry Association, is aimed at tourism professionals from around the world and will showcase Belize’s main tourist destinations, hotels, operators and other tourism suppliers. It is an ideal opportunity to make new contacts with local providers and get to know the destination better.

New initiative enables travelers to calculate carbon footprint and contribute to high-impact carbon reduction programs
United Continental Holdings, Inc. announced its enhanced carbon offset program in celebration of Earth Day, providing customers the opportunity to calculate and offset the carbon footprint associated with their air travel and cargo shipments. While United and Continental each had a similar initiative, this new program focuses on offset projects that go beyond climate change and provide social and economic benefits in communities United serves. Through its partnership with Sustainable Travel International (STI), a non-profit organization, United offers customers a choice of three carbon reduction projects in communities it serves: forest conservation near San Francisco, wind power in Texas, biodiversity preservation in Belize: Forest Conservation in California - The 23,780-acre Garcia River Forest, located in the Redwood region. The forestland was purchased by The Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting America's most vital landscapes and waterways, and was established as California's first non-profit working forest.

Visit Belize: Lighthouse Reef Atoll Pics, Video
Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll Tracing its way along Belize’s White Sand coast, Lighthouse Reef forms an integral section of the longest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere. Its crown aquatic jewel, Blue Hole National Monument, attracts legions of wetsuit-clad admirers the World over, but the reef is also endowed with plenty other coral formations, aquatic walls, and dive sites. Just 50 miles southeast of Belize City, the physical mass of Lighthouse Reef is meager: only 30 miles long and eight miles wide, and some of the country’s most impressive dives are to be had within this atoll. Most divers first stop at Blue Hole National Monument. The monument was formed from 15,000-anni caverns that collapsed, creating a 1,000-foot-wide sinkhole.

10 great places to check into an eco lodge
If you'd like more than 24 hours to celebrate Sunday's Earth Day, maybe it's time for an eco vacation. A growing number of lodges adhere to green values, offering nature adventures in a sustainable setting, says Irene Lane , founder of the eco-travel agency But you don't have to rough it, she says. "You're not sleeping on a straw mat on a dirt floor. There are opportunities to stay in very comfortable accommodations." She shares some favorite lodges with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY. Unless noted, prices are per-person per-night, and many include meals and activities. The Lodge at Chaa Creek Belize What started as a butterfly breeding center has expanded to a full rainforest lodge. "They've got some phenomenal multi-day packages. You can go horseback riding and hiking. It's a nature, wildlife-active vacation in an extremely comfortable setting," Lane says. From $150.

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