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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of National Security's planned operations in Belize City
As a result of the various murders and shootings which occurred in Belize City over the weekend and into the early portion of this week, the Ministry of National Security, on Tuesday April 24th issued the following release, outlining their short term solution for restoring some level of peace in the City. The Ministry of National Security wishes to inform the general public of the details of their planned operations in Belize City. With effect from 4pm, 23 April, 2012 the following measures have been taken: Static and roving vehicle check points were established throughout the City and at Hattieville and mile 4 on the Western highway, Boom junction and at the Manatee lookout area on the Northern highway. Members from the Criminal Intelligence Unit are assigned to these areas in order to assist in the Identification of known gang members and their affiliates.

Water and Sanitation - a Key Theme in Observing Earth Day 2012
The University of Belize in Toledo hosted a fair in observance of Earth Day 2012, under the customized theme "Humanity Owes Ecology an Apology!" on Friday April 20th. Booths at the fair included organizations like Tide, Plenty Belize, Belize Red Cross, Fisheries Department, Sustainable Harvest International, the Ya'axche Conservation Trust, as well as a joint UNDP / Government of Belize booth. University students exhibited group projects illustrating the theme, while primary school students of the Toledo District participated in a "Trash Fashion Competition", as well as poster and poetry competitions. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project "Applying MDG Acceleration Framework: Addressing Governance Bottlenecks to Achieve Water and Sanitation Coverage in Belize", being implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development (MLLGRD) / National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), was highlighted at the fair. The project is geared to contribute to poverty elimination by investing in people and aims at enabling improved good governance practices at national and local and non-state institutions like the Ministry responsible for rural development and local government, and the local water boards.

Hon Manuel Heredia donates funds for SPTC Mother's Day party
Plans are ongoing for the annual Mother's Day celebration hosted by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). As part of the coordination and planning, on Thursday April 19th the SPTC received a donation from the Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia to help finance the event. A donation of $5,000 was handed over during a short ceremony at the SPTC office. Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel 'Danny' Guerrero received the donation and expressed gratitude for the generous gift. "It is something that I was not expecting and I must say how grateful I am. The money will go straight to help us with our Mother's Day event," said Mayor Guerrero. According to Mayor Guerrero, the event which is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th at the Saca Chispa Field will be different from previous years. The SPTC has already begun work on a new bathroom facility at the old field which will be ready for the Mother's Day event.

SPTC ends tour of schools and government offices
Members of the San Pedro Town Council led by Mayor Daniel Guerrero were busy during the week of April 16th through April 20th visiting with 20 different institutions. The visits and meetings are part of the council commitment to foster a better relationship with the schools, government offices and other institutions and to also promote civic pride within the community. The members of the council had the opportunity to address the gatherings. The Mayor was clear in his messages to the different institution "we want to see a cleaner San Pedro� we need to ensure that garbage is placed into its proper place. By educating people we believe that a lot can be achieved." In speaking at the different locations, Mayor Guerrero offered council assistance in an effort to improve the work standards and environments.

Kiryani Pou is Miss Chiquitita 2012-2013
Miss Chiquitita took place this past Saturday, April 21st at the Old Football Field (Saca Chispas). On stage vying for the crown and title of Miss Chiquitita were six adorable young ladies aged six through eight. Elizabeth Grace Sanchez, Tjaunie Ack, Kiryani Pou, Aylen Tang, Ayanna Staine and Yari Flores put on quite a show, working hard to win the hearts of the judges. Enrique de Leon, Maria Jefferies, Patricia Greif, Manuel Ancona and Susana Haros had the difficult task of choosing from the equally deserving candidates. After their introductory dance number, each young lady took to the stage in their swimsuits, modeling for the crowd. Applause was loud and very encouraging for all six girls, and they were excited to come onstage once again and present their talent competition. Dancing is certainly a popular activity, and each young lady had their interpretations. Elizabeth Grace performed a touching ballet with the theme of anti-bullying, while Kiryani's presentation was against offshore oil drilling. Tjaunie, Ayanna, Aylen and Yari each had their modern interpretations of popular songs, bringing confidence, energy and talent onstage.

Toledo 6th Annual Cacao Festival Is Here!
There is no substitute for clean fun with the convenience of activities centered in the heart of one of Belize's most cultured and historically rich districts - Toledo. Belizeans and visitors are invited to enjoy the unique cultural diversity that the Toledo District offers through the 6th Annual Toledo Cacao Festival being held this year from May 18th - 20th. This grand event is being organized by the Toledo Chocolate Growers Association (TCGA) and BTIA Toledo in conjunction with other partners. The Toledo Cacao Festival was first celebrated in 2006 with the purpose of bringing together a diverse range of stakeholders from the community to showcase Toledo's history and culture. The stakeholders involved are comprised of cacao farmers, artisans, performers, restaurants, tourism and transportation providers among others. Roberto Coh from BTIA Toledo says, "The Festival raises funds for Punta Gorda's community projects that include assistance to chocolate farmers and the upgrading of schools and parks."

Ambergris Today

A Sanpedrano Fisherman's Party
What's going on here? You mean Sanpedranos did not take their wives along when they are having a party? Of course they did when they went to a dance or some social event. But this was an end of fishing trip party when the crew of a lobster fishing boat came into town, delivered their eight or nine hundred pounds of lobster tails to the fishing cooperative and then went to Marino's Club or Skin Diver's Club to celebrate a successful fishing trip and to relax from the pressures of everyday diving, of course.

Video Pick: Morgan Freeman Assists San Mateo Project
The San Mateo Empowerment Project (SMEP) a partnership between students at the University of Mississippi and the community of San Mateo, Ambergris Caye, Belize, to replace miles of plank bridges with essential roadways. The SMEP put together this great video to raise awareness of the hard work being done to uplift this community on Ambergris Caye and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the video was narrated by A-List Hollywood celebrity Morgan Freeman. We understand he is from Mississippi and was glad to lend a helping hand to the SMEP. Thank you Mr. Freeman!

Joris Hendrik Presents Eco-Friendly Fashion for Earth Day
Remember Belize's eco-friendly fashion designer Joris Hendrik and is one-of-a-kind "recycled clothes"? Well Joris has never stopped creating these unique and fashionable designs and as a tribute to Mother Nature he presented yet another fashion project in commemoration of Earth Day, April 22, 2012. This year, for the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, Joris Hendrik organized and headed a personal environmental awareness project. He held a photo shoot in the Cayo District at an undisclosed location with the central theme being "mourning for Mother Nature's slow degradation".

Misc Belizean Sources

Cayo's Downtown Mural Project
Check out how great the next downtown mural is coming. Jose and the crew are doing an amazing job on the latest mural. They also made a movie screen area for the Cayo Outdoor Theatre.

Coca Cola Spelling Bee: Cayo District Finals
The Benque House of Culture has some pictures from the Cayo District Finals of the Coca Cola Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all the participants!

Meluchi's Neon Party with Mistah Geeh and Cloud 9
Mistah Geeh started the party, and then Cloud 9 took it from there. Another great party at Meluchi's!

ERIs Earth Day pictures
The Environmental Research Institute has some great pictures of the Earth Day Fair that was held at the University of Belize.

The Belize Zoo's Newest Living Room
The Belize Zoo has created a really nice living room for Lizzie the Neotropical River Otter. The rescued 'water dog' has a new pond to play in. "Come see the newest animal on display at the Zoo, Lizzie the Neotropical River Otter!! Lizzie has been a resident of the Zoo for well over a year, living behind the scenes, after being rescued as a young orphan last January. She finally has a 5 star home out in the main, and loves every inch of her fabulous new pond. There is very little data on Lizzie's species, locally called the "water dog," but from observing and interacting with her for so long, we can tell that otters are quick, intelligent, astoundingly energetic little carnivores, who LOVE attention and company."

Belize Audubon Society Green Walk pictures
The Belize Audubon Society also particpated in a Green Walk in celebration of Earth Day. They cleaned up a section of the Western Highway. Teamwork at its finest. Thanks, BAS!

Channel 7

So far there has been no retaliation between George Street and Taylor's Alley after both their bosses were killed this weekend. But as the communities of Taylor's Alley and George street get ready to bury their leaders - gun violence continues to plague the city. A man was shot just after 5:00 this evening - and again, it happened on a busy, much trafficked street at rush hour. Several shots rang out on Freetown Road at its junction with Kelly Street. A gunman rode out of Lancaster Street and shot Jermaine Garnett, known as Horse of Caesar Ridge Road. The extent of his injuries is not known at this time - but he was rushed to the KHMH. Garnett's wife was buying in the Freetown drug store when Garnett - who was parked - was shot. The proprietor of the drug store told us more about the shooting:.. Raul Asevedo, Owner - Freetown Drug Store "About 5 minutes after she was here she yelled that her husband got shot and she ran out. I didn't see anything. I went outside and saw the crowd out there. She was crying because she knew that her husband got shot."

And so while Belize City remains tense, strangely, so does Corozal. That northern town has seen a number of armed robberies and burglaries in the last few weeks and last night it witnessed a murder - which is rare for the quiet municipality. Last night, at around 8:30, an 18 year-old young was killed in a shooting on the San Antonio Road. Aidan Perez's death was particularly senseless because he wasn't even involved an argument which led to the shooting. He was hanging out with his family and friends when a gunman rode up and fired gunshots at the crowd, and he was hit under the left armpit. He fell on the ground - out of the view of fleeing relatives and friends - and no one saw him until it was too late. His grieving family spoke to us today and told us about the events that led to the shooting. Here's what we found out today: Daniel Ortiz reporting 18 year-old Aidan Perez was shot at this spot in an escalated argument which started on the street. The young man was not involved in an altercation between his cousin and a group of young men from another village. Still, he was caught in barrage of bullets not meant for him, and he was fatally injured.

Murder convictions are rare in the Supreme Court - most times witnesses recant their sworn statements, fail to appear, and in a few disturbing cases, are killed before they can testify. And that's just what happened to Shelmadine "Shelly" Sanchez who was killed in August of 2010 - she was the main witness in a murder trial, and, police believe, that is why she was killed. But her eyewitness evidence lived on in the Supreme Court yesterday and it led to the conviction of 22 year-old Emerson Eagan for murder. It happened in the court room of Justice Adolph Lucas where a jury of 12 found Eagan guilty of the 2009 killing of 35 year-old Dennis "Colored" Nembhard. In the trial which started last week, Crown Counsel Chrisophe Rodriguez got Shelmadine Sanchez's written statement admitted into evidence. In her statement, she told police that on June 1, 2009 sometime after 7 p.m., she was walking home on Oleander St. with Nembhard and 2 other companions. She said that Nembhard walked in front into a nearby yard, and that's when she saw Eagan, who was unmasked. According to Sanchez, she saw Eagan pull out a gun and shoot Nembhard from behind.

Yesterday we focused mainly on the gang related incidents which happened over the weekend, but what we did not report was the apparently gang related murder of a man in Belmopan City. Early Sunday morning, Luis Valladarez, a 28 year old artist in the San Martin Area in Belmopan was with friends at the Parke de las Americas. Reports are that around 2 a.m. he got into an argument with a group of men in the area. He walked away, leaving in the direction of Belmopan when the men returned. They accosted him and were armed with a machete. The fight picked up where it left off, and a struggle ensued. He was attacked at the steps of Chan Store, and he received chop wounds to the top of his head, left side of the face and behind the neck. He was then rushed to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment, but later succumbed to his injuries. Apparently, before he died at 4:30 that same morning, he identified one of his attackers as Leonardo Sacareas- who is allegedly affiliated with a nearby gang. Police then detained Sacareas, and this morning he was arraigned in court. According to PLUS TV, Valladarez was known as a painter, and even played a major role in the beautification of Chan Store which is the establishment in front of which he was killed.

On the news last night, Police Minister John Saldivar spoke about the stepped up police operations that have been launched in the wake of the weekend's seismic criminal events. His presentation sounded to us kind of like Returning Again to the Same Solution and so, Saldivar and Commissioner David Henderson took out the media yesterday evening to show them the Static and roving vehicle check points and what they are calling a security corridor along Central American Boulevard and Princess Margret Drive. Sounds impressive, but how did it look on the ground? Monica Bodden was out last night observing - and she has this report:.. You may have noticed a boost in police presence on the ground in the city. Well that is because there are roughly 7 checkpoints around town and at least 2-3 armed officers deployed in every area of interest. This should be continued for at least 2 weeks. David Henderson - Acting Commissioner of Police "We have at least 7 different check points within the city and then we have personnel deploy at all the noted areas or areas of interest where the gangs are likely to operate." Monica Bodden "These checks points will be going on for the rest of the week?"

Exactly a week ago, 7News told you about the shooting of the Wesley Junior College student, 20 year-old Anthony Leslie, who was walking home from school. Today, his alleged shooter was brought to Magistrate's Court. 19 year-old Lloyd Leslie Jr., an unemployed resident of Belize City, who has no relation to the victim, appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer. He was charged with the April 16, 2012 attempted murder of Anthony Leslie, in addition to use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm. Lloyd Leslie Jr. was also charged with two counts of attempted robbery upon Anthony Leslie and 25-year-old Karen Flores, another student. In court, no plea was taken from Leslie Jr., because the matters are all being dealt with on indictment, and due to the nature of the offenses, bail was denied. Lloyd Leslie Jr. was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until June 7.

As we told you earlier, Corozal district has seen a recent spike in burglaries, and as a result, the communities in the town and villages have attempted to come together to form neighborhood watches. This didn't stop a brazen thief from trying to steal ten thousand dollars' worth of cables and wires from a fledging business, Kuylen's (Quee-Lyn's) Gas Service last week. Today, we spoke with the owner of the business place. He told us that the same man tried to burglarize the place twice before - and on the third time, the owner's shot him. Here's what he told us: Voice of Joshua Kuylen, owner of Kuylen's Gas Service "I made a report to the police station that a man was in my yard cutting my wires. I fired some shot at the man but he got away." "On Saturday I took a spin just to see If I see anybody and the same man was in the yard again. I fired two shots in the air and then I went. In the afternoon about 5 o' clock I came again and decide to talk a walk in the orchard at the back of the yard. I saw the man there sitting down behind a tree; he got up and threw a machete at me. I dodge it and then fired two shots at him. The bullet caught him in his hip and exit through his back."

On Friday 19 year old Orlando Reyes known as "Bam" died at the entrance to Mike's club after being shot on Orange Street and tonight this legendary Belize City good time spot is making bad news again after an attempted arson last night. At around 10, 54 year old Glenford Diamond - who is the bartender at Mike's club, went to feed his cat and saw two men going up the stairs of the wooden building - one with a gallon in his hand and the other with a sprite bottle in his hand. Both men were sprinkling the contents of the containers unto the building. One of the men then lit a match and threw it at the building causing the front portion of the building to catch fire. The men then ordered Diamond to go back into the building while one of them reached for his pants waist as it he had a weapon. Fire officials were called shortly after and responded quickly where they managed to put out the fire. Here's their side of the story:.. Benisford Matura, Operations Officer - BNFS "Last night we got a call at our watch room at approximately 10:06pm at both fire stations. We went to the location and found approximately two spot fires on the exterior walls of the club. We got into operation and extinguish it quite a few minutes. There were no major damages to the building."

Superintendent Alvan Gentle is the officer in charge at San Ignacio - but, after a short and successful stint - his time may soon be up - because he's made a lot of well-connected enemies with his by-the-nooks-no nonsense approach to crime fighting. Gentle has been cracking down on public drinking, night spots open after hours, heck, he's even stopped folks form washing their washing vehicles in the Macal river. And don't even ask about opening up on Sunday - because, by the books, all stores have to close by ten AM on the Sabbath. It's powerful stuff - this by the books business - and it has made him some powerful, well connected enemies - who are reportedly pushing for him to be sent back to headquarters. In a remarkable and candid interview he gave to PLUS TV last week, Gentle says it appears vindictive: Superintendent Alvan Gentle "I was told unofficially so to speak by the Commissioner of Police that I was being recall back to Belmopan. I am a police officer and I am transferrable but at the same if that's the case then I believe it is vindictive for what reason I don't know. There have been some unscrupulous business people that are saying that they will see to it that Mr. Gentle is transferred from here because of them being dealt with because of infractions where the law is concern."

The last time we told you about Katarina Ishim, she was undergoing surgery to remove a massive tumor the size of a watermelon. This tumor covered her face and threatened her life, but required a special procedure in Tennessee. Well, one surgery has been completed, and the prognosis is good. Although she lost her nose and her eye after an entire 40 hours of surgery, Ishim is healing. Ishim should be back cancer-free with her family in Belize in 5-6 months, and we will continue to follow the story.

When Arthur young was killed by the police on Sunday night at the entrance to Vista Del Mar - it ended the life of a legendary street figure. At 38, Young had lived longer than anyone expected him to. After all, he had been in the streets since the 90's in the days of George Junie Balls Mckenzie. Most of the gangsters from that time are either dead or retired from the life. But, despite his criminal history, and multitudes of enemies, Arthur young was a genius at re-invention and a master at survival. He was also reputed to be a ruthless, fearless killer - who genuinely inspired fear in many from other gangs. And, he also knew how to pick his spots media-wise, meaning, over the years he gave a few interviews - which gangsters hardly ever do. But he lived by his own playbook - and that was apparent over the years - as the police repeatedly adjusted their operations to keep up with him. Tonight, we look back at some of his public life - which is really his criminal history - to see the many changes he went through and put police through over the years:..

Channel 5

Gang Truce Dying with Leaders; South Side Gangster shot in Chest
The gang warfare is not letting up in the city. Just after five this evening, a well known affiliate from the South Side Gang (SSG) was shot on a main thoroughfare. Jermaine 'Horse" Garnett was shot while he sat inside a Landcruiser, which was parked in front of the Freetown Drug Store. According to his [...]

Arthur Young's shooting death still suspicious
Few specifics are confirmed on the killing of Arthur Young, the reputed leader of the Taylor's Alley Gang who was the suspect for the Friday night of George Street boss, Shelton "Pinky" Tillett. Police are tight lipped saying only that he was shot in the pan of a vehicle when he attempted to disarm an [...]

Corozal Teen shot to death
While the circumstances in the killing of Arthur Young are under investigation, in Corozal a gunman opened fire on an eighteen year old in the presence of many persons. Aidan Perez was shot multiple times at around eight o’clock on Monday night following an argument. His cousin was also injured, but has survived. News Five's [...]

Under Siege: Security Ministry brings B.D.F. to protect Belize City Streets
Following the weekend's reign of terror, the Ministry of National Security has taken the following measures to bring some normalcy to the streets in the old capital. Vehicle check points have been established throughout the City, on the highways, at Belcan and Bel China Bridges as well as lookout points at the approach to the [...]

Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding?
Tonight’s question is: Do you agree with the government that the gang truce is holding? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected].

1st Murder Conviction for 2012
There is a murder conviction to report tonight. A man accused of murdering his neighbor in 2009, was convicted late Monday evening in the Supreme Court. Emmerson Eaghan was on trial for fatally shooting thirty-five year old Dennis Nembhard on Flamboyant Street in June 2009. The guilty verdict was announced at around twenty minutes after [...]

19 year old charged for shooting Wesley student
A Wesley Junior College student was shot while walking home from school on the night of April sixteenth. The shooting is believed to have occurred because twenty year old Anthony Leslie defended himself and fellow student, twenty-five year old Karen Flores, during an armed holdup. Today, a nineteen year old unemployed man was read five [...]

2 men tried to set Mike's Club ablaze
On Monday night, there was an arson attempt at Mike's Club on Regent Street West. The bartender, fifty-four year old Glenford Diamond was working at around ten o’clock and went outside to feed his cat when he saw two men; one going up the stairs with a gallon and the other with a soft drink [...]

Superintendent Alvan Gentle, a victim of politicians
There is mounting opposition in Cayo to the transfer of Commanding Officer of the San Ignacio Police. A citizens' group wants to rescind the immediate and untimely" transfer of Superintendent Alvan Gentle. A press release was issued today by the group following an emergency meeting of the Peoples Coalition of Cayo, The JPs Association of [...]

Girl with tumor recovering in the U.S.A.
Almost two weeks after her life-saving surgery in Knoxville, Tennessee, twelve year old Catarina Ishim is on her way to recovery. It has been almost two weeks since she completed about forty hours of surgery, where doctors removed an enormous cancerous tumor from her face. While that is just the first round, she has a [...]

The Bonds of Book Week 2012
Bet on Books… that

Michael Gordon: Homeless, MBE, Sculptor, Painter
Michael Gordon was discovered, so to speak, more than a decade ago. Gordon is a unique personality, eccentric at best but at art, he is a genius. Gordon turns anything that he touches into a masterpiece; be it on canvas, wood or paper. In 2001, he was bestowed with an MBE. But this gifted artist [...]

KTV Latino closer to crowning a champion
The showdown is here. Only four of five participants will perform tonight in the last round of competition in KTV Latino at the Bliss Institute. After weeks of battling to stay in the race, only four have survived and are moving on to compete for the grand prize of ten thousand dollars. It's all happening [...]


Tuesday, April 24 - POLICE NEWS
Police are investigating an apparent arson in Belize City. Police report that sometime around 10 o'clock last night they responded to reports that Mike's Club on Regent Street West was on fire. Police say they saw minor damages to the building. 54-year-old barte...

Activities in connection with Book Week continue today in Belize City. Activities are ongoing at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Montserrat Casa d' Mund - President, Belize Book Industry Association "One of our aims is to promote rea...

Today commissioners and leaders of Girl Guide groups from throughout the Caribbean paid a quick visit to Belize during a Caribbean cruise to check on the vibrancy of the organization in the country. Chairperson of the Caribbean Link of Guiding, Dr. Oluwakemi Banks told Love News ...

The Bar Association of Belize is strongly opposing the proposed elevation of Supreme Court judge Samuel Longole Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals. According to reports reaching Love News, the Bar recently passed a resolution opposing the appointment which is expected to be mad...

Manuela Ayuso Cantun reporting� " A 17 year old is dead following a shooting incident in Corozal Town last night. Aidan Perez was fatally wounded in a fight when he received a gunshot wound to his left armpit. According to Corozal Police, Perez and a group of his frien...


17 Year Old Shot To Death In Corozal
The level of crime in Corozal Town escalated last night as Corozal Police recorded its third murder for the year. The victim is 17 year old Aiden Perez, an unemployed resident of San Antonio Village in the Corozal District. The senseless murder unfolded shortly after 8:30 last night on Mahogany Street in the Hall's Layout Area when a known gun man approached Perez and his friends and fired several shots at them. When police arrived at the scene they observed Perez's body lying face up with an apparent gunshot wound to his left armpit. Perez was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Perez's cousin, 21 year old Kareem Jones, was also shot in the left leg and groin area. Reporter Hipolito Novelo and cameraman Kenric Simpson travelled up north and found out that the senseless murder stemmed from a gang rivalry. The life of 17 year old Aiden Perez, who is no stranger to the law, was cut short last night after he was fatally wounded during an altercation.

Soon To Come Cenote Falls Shopping Center
DHS Holdings CEO, Micheal Rohling, recently announced the first phase development of the Cenote Falls Shopping Center on a 40-acre parcel of land in the Northern region of Belize. According to Rohling over one hundred million dollars from Belize migrates over the Mexican Border which will give the new hotel, casino and shopping center an advantage at offering retail options in the country. A recent press release by the company stated that since April 18th DHS Holding had secured financing from Clipper Exploration Ltd to the sum of $250,000.00 to be used in securing the parcel of land known as Cenote Falls. The company's attorney, Emil Arguellas, has been instructed by Charlie Barrett, President of DHS Holding, Co., to make the first payment in the amount of US$150,000.00 in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the purchase agreement. Cenote Falls will act as the first stop coming in from Mexico to Belize.

52 Year Old Pleads Guilty To Theft - He Is Sentenced To Two Years Imprisonment
This morning 52 year old Roy Louis, Belizean unemployed of the Stann Creek District, appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where he was charged for theft. When Louis appeared before Magistrate Clive Lino he pled guilty to the charge of theft and was sentenced to two years in prison. The charge is as a result of an incident that played out around 5:00 on Saturday evening. Reports are that 27 year old Joshua Kuylen, owner of Kuylen Gas Company located along the Santa Elena Road in Corozal, was at his business establishment when he saw an individual hiding behind a tree located within the compound. Kuylen told police he called out to the individual who came out from his hiding spot with a machete in hand. At instance Kuylen pulled out his licence 9mm pistol and fired two shots at the person injuring him on the leg. The individual; however, managed to escape from the area. But he did not reach very far because a search of the area led police to the detention of Louis who was found suffering from 2 gunshot wounds to the leg.

Perenco Oil Company Digs For Black Gold In O/W
Belize is a small Central American country that has always been dependent on imported oil but over the last few years oil exploration companies have invested their time and efforts to locate crude oil within the country. One such company is Perenco Limited which is an Anglo-French-owned; Guatemalan based multinational oil and Gas Company that is currently under operations. The Company's activities are well known as work is constantly in progress in the northern region. Here in Orange Walk the company is getting ready to drill for black gold approximately two miles out of the Village of Chan Pine Ridge. And there is where the first part of our story starts today. Perenco Belize Limited holds two licenses for oil exploration onshore and offshore. The first, Block-A, covers 3,250 square kilometres of land and sea in the Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize Districts and the second, Block-B, mostly-offshore, covers 1,170 square kilometres. Here in Orange Walk the oil company is getting ready to drill for black gold in the Chan Pine Ridge Area. Today we visited the area located about a quarter mile before the Village of Chan Pine Ridge where a 1500 hoarse powered drilling rig was being erected to explore for crude oil.

Fire Leaves Family Homeless
Last night we told about a family who was left without a home after their residence was burnt down to ashes on Friday morning. Pedro Gilharry along with his wife and daughter left their home en route to Orange Walk Town but when they returned home at around 11:30am they found their house and its contents completely engulfed in flames. They say about fifteen to twenty minutes the house burnt down and we have our stove, TV, everything burnt up, all our sheets we have nowhere to sleep. Three of us live here. I work I do carving and all my tools are burnt up so I can't do anything right now so I wish I can get some help. Well, I am staying at my mom's house on the floor and right now a bad situation happens to me and sometimes I don't know what to do and I just finish with a month and it is burnt up now."

Chapels School Receives Much Needed Donation
Over the past days the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has donated more than $8,000 to primary schools across the Orange Walk District. The money comes from the Social Program which forms part of the agreement made between Fair Trade and the BSCFA and yesterday another primary school benefited from those funds. Chapels School held their official ceremonies welcoming representatives of the BSCFA and proudly received a donation of $1,666.67. The newly allocated finance will be put towards a new pre-school mural and playground. "We applied this year about the mural that we need for the pre-school. The name of our pre-school is Eden Pre-School Centre so with that in mind we said that we needed a mural and a playground there so we need a fence so we applied and the response was positive. If you have noted our playground which is for the primary is not in good shape we have done two renovations and it is a little expensive and at that time the community assisted us and we will do a little on that but at this time we believe that the pre-school needs a playground that is suitable for them and their size and we believe that the items should be at their level."

The Old Capital Placed Under Tight Security
And the Ministry of National Security is confident that by enhancing their security forces on the ground, the crime wave will diminish in the Old Capital. This evening the Ministry sent out a press release detailing the 7 planned operations that they have undertaken in order to combat crime in Belize City. Will the plan work? Well, that's left to be seen. In the release the Ministry states that they have established static and roving vehicle check points throughout the City, Hattieville, mile 4 on the Western highway, Boom junction and at the Manatee lookout area on the Northern highway. Members from the Criminal Intelligence Unit were also assigned to these areas in order to assist in the identification of known gang members and their affiliates. (2) Vehicle check points have been established at the Belcan and Bel China Bridges with security forces lookout points at the arrival to the Swing Bridge. Motor cycles were also assigned to the personnel working at the lookout points in order to intercept and interdict criminal element operating in those areas. (3) A security corridor was established along the Central American Boulevard and Princess Margret Drive from the Esso Depot to the UB Campus in Button Wood Bay. ATV's were assigned to the security teams along the Security Corridor in order to ensure that students and workers can move freely to and from their place of business in those areas. (4) Over 40 Belize Defense Force Soldiers were sworn in as Special Constables to allow them to carry out their functions during this operation. (5) In the various "Hot Spots", stop and search operations at key areas were established. Key choke point areas are being manned especially in the vicinity of George Street, Taylors Alley, Rocky Road and May Flower areas. (6) Static and roving foot and vehicle patrols were established in and around the various zones where criminal activities are known to occur. (7). Conscious Youth Development Program (CYDP) operations continue in the various problem areas.

Orange Walk Women's Groups Receive Training In Business Management
Soy Sauce production in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts started two years ago through the Ministry of Agriculture Central Farm Agro Processing Unit in collaboration with Taiwan's Agricultural Mission. The project saw the formation of 8 women's group who underwent training on the handling, cooking, fermenting and processing of the soy product. This past Saturday and Sunday members of the 8 women's group participated in a workshop that reflected on the groups aim to form a cooperative. The training focused on business aspects such as roles and responsibilities of the executive body and management and accounting procedures. "We have a small training for the soy sauce group since they are trying to see how they could venture off into selling soy sauce as another product of Belize. What we want to do here today is equip the ladies on what are the roles of a committee. Later the women will b interested in becoming a cooperative but one of the requirements before they become a cooperative is to go through some trainings and this is just part one the trainings that they will go through. We are teaching them some business concepts and the roles of an executive committee and the responsibility of the members within a cooperative and the more often they train the better they get equipped when they become a cooperative.

People's United Party Ready To Work With GOB To Reduce Crime
Over the weekend the streets of Belize City was painted with blood as it saw four murders- that of 19 year old Orlando Reyes, Shelton Pinky Tillett, the leader of the George Street Gang and Kamille Foreman Andrews who were both shot on Friday night and Peter Flowers who was fatally wounded on Sunday night. The weekend also witnessed the death of notorious street figure Arthur Young considered to be the leader of the Taylors Alley gang. The killings shook the old Capital, left residents fearing for their lives and forced Government to hold a press conference where the weekend crimes were addressed. But when the media walked out of the Biltmore Plaza they were left with more questions than answers especially when it came to the death of Arthur Young who, according to the Commissioner of Police David Henderson, was wanted for the weekend murder of Pinkey Tillett and was fatally injured during a struggle with police officers for their gun. Despite the pressing issues the press conference lasted a mere 32 minutes and barely any questions were answered when it came to the weekend murders. Minister of National Security John Saldivar talked about his so called "new operation" to combat crime which includes an increase of police presence on the streets of Belize City, a recent meeting with the gang leaders and the ever popular gang truce, which according to the Minister, is still holding. Belizeans; though, were left with one question on their mind, how those measures will result in a reduction of crime? That question is still left to be answered.


Dangriga youth battles cancer, seeks public assistance
While Catarina Ishim continues her remarkable recovery� another Belizean youth, also from southern Belize is hoping for a similar miracle. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Brian Castillo today traveled to Dangriga to bring you this inspiring story.

Suspected arson at Mike's Club
Mike's Club at 17 Regent Street West has been around for a number of decades, and in one night, it could have gone down with the scratching of one match stick. But while someone attempted to do so, it didn't. [VO starts here.] At around ten on Monday night, the club's bartender, fifty-four year old Glenford Diamond closed the business and retired for the night. But about an hour later, flames were observed emanating from the front portion of the building. Diamond told police that he went to feed his cat and upon exiting the club, he saw two men emptying the contents of bottles they held onto the front portion of the building. Diamond then saw one of the men light a match and start a blaze before ordering him to return inside and motioned to his pants waist as if reaching for a weapon. Diamond complied and slipped inside and alerted the police. The fire was addressed before it could cause any real damage and aside from a scorched front portion of the building, nothing else was burnt and business was back to normal when we visited the establishment today. So far, police have not made any arrests.

Girl Guide leaders meet in Belize City
Today commissioners and leaders of Girl Guide groups from throughout the Caribbean paid a quick visit to Belize during a Caribbean cruise to check on the vibrancy of the organization in the country. Chairperson of the Caribbean Link of Guiding, Dr. Oluwakemi Banks told Love News that while the organization has held together for the fifty-four years of its existence, there must be new and innovative ways of bolstering its strength. Meanwhile, on the local front, President of the Girl Guides Association of Belize, Dr. Gilda Lewis, says that the weakness in holding the organization together lies in the lack of leaders. If you fit the bill and would like to become a Girl Guide leader, then you can reach their office at 227 6179. There are about 700 Girl Guide members currently in Belize.

Book week being observed in Belize
Activities in connection with Book Week continue today in Belize City. Activities are ongoing at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Montserrat Casa d' Mund is the President of the Belize Book Industry Association. International Book and Copyright Day was observed on Monday. Book week 2012 bears the theme, "Bet on Books".

Catarina Ishim recovering well following surgery
Eleven year old Catarina Ishim continues to recover from a marathon surgery she underwent earlier this week to remove a huge tumor from her face. The update tonight is that doctors believe that the eleven year old girl from southern Belize is on the road to a remarkable recovery. We have this story as reported by NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee WBIR Channel Ten. Love News will continue to monitor the progress of Catarina Ishim's recovery.

Bar Association opposes elevation of Supreme Court Justice
The Bar Association of Belize is strongly opposing the proposed elevation of Supreme Court judge Samuel Longole Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals. According to reports reaching Love News, the Bar recently passed a resolution opposing the appointment which is expected to be made in the coming weeks. President of the Bar Association Andrew Marshalleck says that the habitual excessive delay in delivering timely judgments is the primary reason why the proposed appointment is being rejected. Marshalleck says that it is the view of the Bar Association that given particular challenges facing the Belize Court of Appeals, the addition of Justice Awich to the bench of the high court will not help. The Bar Association president believes that despite their opposition, the appointment will be effected; but they have communicated their opinion to both the Leader of the Opposition and to the Prime Minister. The proposed elevation of Justice Awich to the Belize Court of Appeals is expected to take place the middle of next month.

Weekend violence produces multiple murders
A spate of weekend violence has resulted in multiple homicides. Love TV's Marion Ali reports.

BETEX to be held this week
The annual showcase event known as Belize Tourism Expo takes place later this week in Belize City. Final preparations are being made for the big event. Love News spoke with the Executive Director of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, Efren Perez about BETEX 2012. The showcase event will be held at the Princess Hotel in Belize City.

Youths follow hoop dreams to the U.S.
And while the university athletes came back with gold and bronze medals � a group of aspiring basketballers traveled to the United States at the weekend in pursuit of their hoop dreams. Love TV's Ava Diaz Sosa reports from the Philip Goldson International Airport.

University of Belize wins gold in regional games
The University of Belize is tonight celebrating the recent successful visit to Guatemala by athletes of the institution. Love TV's Natalie Novelo explains.

Belize City man freed of murder charge
28-year-old Denvoy Domingo, charged with the murder of 27-year-old Jermaine Smart aka Jerry was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Herbert Lord. After the prosecution closed its case having called three witnesses, Domingo's attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley submitted that Domingo did not have a case to answer to because the evidence was insufficient. Bradley submitted that there is no evidence that Smart is dead, that he died from harm, that the harm was unlawful and that it was Domingo who caused the harm. Justice Lord upheld the submission and he directed the jury of five men and seven women to find Domingo not guilty of murder and the alternative charge of manslaughter. Smart, a resident of Fuller's Alley was shot and killed on Cemetery Road near to his home on August 29, 2007. He was standing in front of a Chinese shop when two persons rode by on bicycles and one of them fired several shots at him. Crown Counsel Trienna Yong represented the prosecution.

Staff development training for Toledo teachers
A staff development program for teachers in two secondary schools in the Toledo district was on Friday in Punta Gorda. Our Toledo Bureau Chief Paul Mahung has the details.

Earthquake in Guatemala shakes Belize
A moderate earthquake struck close to the Belize-Guatemala border on Sunday evening. According to reports, the quake measured five-point-one on the Richter. According to the United States geological service, the epicenter of the quake, which struck at six-twenty yesterday evening, was at a depth of thirty five and a half miles underground. Reports from around the region say that the quake was felt as far north as Chetumal, Mexico, and as far south as San Salvador, El Salvador. So far, there have been no reports of injuries from last evening's earthquake.

PUP concerned about crime; offers hand of assistance
The Opposition People's Untied Party has issued a press release regarding the crime satiation in Belie City. The release states, and we quote: "The People's United Party is extremely concerned at the tepid response of the Government and the Minister of National Security to the elevated levels of violence currently occurring in Belize City, which has blanketed the City and surrounding communities with fear, placed citizens under siege, and put at risk the lives of residents. This state of affairs can only be categorized as severe and urgent. The PUP reminds the Government that the Constitution of Belize guarantees all Belizeans, the protection of the state which has a duty and an obligation to ensure safety and security. The response of Government falls short of providing any hope or calming the fears of residents so they will feel safe and secure in their homes and communities," end of quote. The PUP release ends by saying that the PUP is prepared to work, as a matter of urgency, with Government and civil society partners to chart a way forward which will reflect the multidimensional and holistic approach needed at this time.

Murder in Belmopan
The weekend violence was not limited to the old capital. In Belmopan a man was also killed over the weekend. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

Man injured in shooting near his home
Forty year old Larry Sutherland, remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial after he was wounded in a shooting incident on Saturday night. Police reports say that Sutherland was on Racoon Street Extension along with friends around nine o'clock on Saturday night, when three dark complexion men rode up on separate bicycles and fired several shots at him. Sutherland was shot n the centre of his back with the bullet exiting his abdomen. Police investigations continue.

Minister Saldivar outlines new crime fighting measures
Minister of National Security John Saldivar this morning hosted a Press Conference in Belize City to update the nation on the weekend violence. Flanked by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Housing Minister Michael Finnegan, Human Development Minister Anthony Martinez and Junior Minister Mark King, Saldivar explained since the middle of last week, there has been increased police presence on the streets of Belize City. According to Saldivar, since January, there have been thirty shooting incidents, nineteen of them resulting in murder, with the majority of them resulting from ongoing gang rivalries. That violence in the city in the last 72 hours resulted in three people being killed. Minister Saldivar announced that an additional eighty police officers are being deployed in Belize City to help bring things back under control. Minister Saldivar says his government will do all in its power to return the city to normalcy so that, quote: "we will again live in a tranquil haven," end of quote. During the question and answer period, Minister Saldivar told reporters that he could not go into specifics about other measures being implemented to stem the crime wave in Belize City, he is confident that things will work out. Even as the Ministerial press conference was getting started at the Biltmore, news was being received of another broad daylight shooting incident. The victim has been identified as forty year old Corrington Bowden. The incident happened on Freetown road. Reports are that Bowden was standing in front of a boutique on Freetown Road when he was approached by a man on a bicycle who fired a single shot hitting him in the face. Bowden was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital where he is listed in a stable condition. Police investigations continue.

Robert Mariano seeks to clear his name
When the police department announced the capture and subsequent death of Arthur Young on Sunday night, the official press release said he was being harbored at a house in the Vista del Mar area of Ladyville. The statement issued by police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood named the owner of the house as cyclist and sports enthusiast Robert Mariano. Subsequent to the naming of Mariano in the official release, Commissioner of Police David Henderson further stated the same thing at a mid-morning press conference hosted by the Minister of National Security. Shortly after, the man named by police as the owner of the house, called the RSV News Centre to clarify the issue. Mariano told Love TV's Patrick Jones that not only was his name erroneously used by the police; the decision to do so has not put him and his family in danger. Mariano told Love News that the commissioner of police had given an undertaking to inform the media of the error of publishing his name in their press release. But up to news time, that retraction had not yet arrived at the News Centre.

Mystery surrounds the death of Arthur Young
The circumstance surrounding the death of well known Belize City street figure Arthur Young remains shrouded in controversy. The police department announced today that Young, who was wanted in connection with Friday night's double-murder, was apprehended at a house in Ladyville. But before he could reach Belize City, Young was dead. Minister of National Security John Saldivar provided some details at a mid-morning press conference at the Biltmore hotel.

Murder on Cesar Ridge Road
The weekend's other murder happened on Cesar Ridge Road in Belize City. The victim has been identified as twenty six year old stevedore Peter Flowers Junior. According to police reports, Flowers was shot a total of twenty one times, sustaining gunshot wounds to the head and body. According to police reports, Flowers was walking on Cesar Ridge road when he was approached from behind by a black Toyota Camry. Police say that the occupants of the vehicle opened fire on Flowers fatally wounding him. Police investigations continue.


Well-known south-side figure shot
Today at around 5:15pm well-known southside figure Jermaine Garnett of Yarbra Area was in his car on Freetown Road ...

Catarina Ishim in recovery after tumour removal surgery
We have received the latest progress report on Catarina Ishim the young girl from Toledo who received a life-saving...

OIC Gentle given directive to vacate his San Ignacio office
Last week plus news ran a series of stories on the rumored transfer of Officer in Command Alvan Gentle. In January ...

Belize celebrates Book Week
The Belize Book Industry Association celebrates book week. The Belize Book Industry Association is this week celebr...

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Game plan to pacify crime in Belize City
The Ministry of National Security has put a release informing the general Public of the details of their planned op...

Recruitment for international mission outreach
Operation Mobilization (OM) is a Christian organization with a mandate to take the gospel to all nations especially...

Armed confrontation leaves Corozal youth dead
Police responded to a report of gunfire on Mahogany Street, in the Hall's Layout area in Corozal last night (April ...

Arson at Mike's Club in Belize City
Mike's Club is in the news again. It was the site where Orlando Reyes died at the doorway and caused a dangerous do...

Guatemala hit by 4.1 earthquake
A 4.1 magnitude earthquake occurred on Sunday, April 22, a little


Peter Flowers, 26, executed at corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Gill Street
He was shot as many as 21 times... Peter Flowers, 26, a resident of Caesar Ridge Road, was shot and killed at the corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Gill Street.

Kolbe's prison contract up for review - 2011 audit ongoing
Prisoners at Kolbe cost taxpayers $13.50 per head... CEO says prison population now 1,292; 150 remanded on murder charges... The Kolbe Foundation, an organization founded by Rotarians in Belize, has been managing the Belize Central Prison since 2002. Minister of National Security John Saldivar told Amandala on Thursday that the Kolbe contract with the Government of Belize is up for review and they will soon be undertaking a comprehensive exercise, to review both the terms and conditions of the contract, and the prison regulations.

Orlando "Bam" Reyes, 19, murdered on Orange Street
The mother of yet another Belize City youth is mourning the death of her only son and making arrangements to bury him. Orlando "Bam" Reyes, 19, of Tigris Street, was shot and killed on Friday April 20. He is now in the Karl Heusner Morgue awaiting an autopsy. He was killed around 3:00 p.m. - shot in his chest, abdomen and hand.

Jury acquits Denvoy Domingo of Jermaine Smart's murder
3 witnesses could not provide enough evidence to convict Domingo... Denvoy Domingo, 28, a resident of Mayflower Street charged with the murder of Jermaine Smart, 27, A.K.A. "Jerry," was acquitted of the charge today in the court of Justice Herbert Lord.

More police for Old Capital in crime "crisis"
"80 more police" to patrol murder-ridden Belize City; Minister of National Security says truce will continue... The Old Capital remained on edge this past weekend, as an already tense atmosphere became more so following five reported deaths beginning on Friday, part of a greater epidemic of seventeen murders reported since the start of this month.

City's 2 top dons shot dead in 48 hours
City reels: Pinky, Arthur killed! Citizens of the old capital are still nervous tonight over repercussions they believe might erupt from the unprecedented killing of two of the city's major gang figures - boss of the George Street gang, Shelton "Pinky" Tillett, at the hands of Taylor's Alley gang leader, Arthur Young, according to police, and the death of Arthur Young himself, at the hands of the police.

1st Annual Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation bike ride - April 28
Just over a decade ago, a young Belizean teenager burst on the cycling scene at age 13, proceeding to win all the major junior races until, at age 15, there were no more challenges for him in the junior ranks of cycling in Belize; so he started racing with the seniors. His name was Ariel Rosado, and at age 16 he then "surprised the Belizean cycling community by beating a field of 51 senior cyclists including foreigners to win the 2000 KREM New Year's Cycling Classic. He went on to win every major cycling race in Belize except the Elite Cross Country Classic."

Draw games in Premier League semifinals game 1
Placencia Assassins 0:0 BDF; F.C. Belize 2:2 Police United... It was a scoreless affair down at the Placencia Football Field between visiting North Zone winners Belize Defence Force (BDF) and the home standing South Zone 2nd place team Placencia Assassins. BDF was reportedly without the services of Deon McCaulay who is said to be out of the country.

Alarming border incursions inside Toledo reserve
Belize Territorial Volunteers say Guats have apparently marked out their plots of land... A group of ten concerned Belizeans going by the name Belize Territorial Volunteers made their way on their first border monitoring expedition on Thursday, April 19, and returned on Saturday, April 21, reporting a range of illegal incursions inside the Columbia River Forest Reserve by persons believed to be Guatemalans.

Generic "Tylenol" for sale? Ministry of Health investigates
Earlier this week, co-host of the Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes (WUB) on KREM Radio and Television, Sharon Marin, ignited questions over pharmaceutical controls in Belize when she mentioned on the show that she had gone out to buy the popular brand "Tylenol" (trade name for the drug known as acetaminophen, a pain reliever) and was instead given what appears to be a generic version marketed as "Tlemol."

EDITORIAL: Gang violence escalates
On Friday night the Maximum Leader of the George Street gang was ambushed and killed at a Northside Belize City gas station. As the news spread late Friday night and early Saturday morning, a hush fell over the old capital, because most adults residents believed that this sensational murder marked the end of the gang truce, of sorts, which had been in place in Belize City since September last year.

The Reporter

Cenote Falls Shopping Center coming to Corozal
Name brand companies like McDonald's, Abercrombie & Fitch and Nike will be invited to set up franchises in the new Cenote Falls Shopping Center, which DHS Holding Company of Nashville, Tennessee, announced it will set up in the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. But the 40-acre tract of land being cleared for the Shopping Center is not in the Corozal Free Zone; it is located across the highway from the Zone, just west of the Belize Border Management offices at the Belize-Mexico Border, as is shown on a Google map on the company's website. Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Erwin Contreras told The Reporter that as far as he knew, the project was in its very preliminary stages, and he had yet to received any prospectus. He admitted the two casinos immediately outside the CFZ do have Export Processing Zone (EPZ) status, but the Ministry of Economic Development could not act on its own and grant EPZ status for the Shopping Center. He said the issue would have to be discussed in Cabinet. The same was true for DHS Holding's application for an online gaming license.

Bar opposed to Awich promotion
The Belize Bar Association is opposing the proposed appointment of Mr. Justice Samuel LungoleAwich, Supreme Court Judge, to the Belize Court of Appeal, and invited its members to discuss and pass a resolution to this effect at a "Special Meeting" at the Best Western Biltmore Hotel on Thursday, April 19. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has put forward Awich's name to be appointed a Justice on the Belize Court of Appeal. But the Bar Association of Belize in its draft resolution to its members notes that Awich is up for retirement on May 15, 2012, when he will turn 65. According to the draft resolution, the Government of Belize is proposing to appoint Awich on a two year contract to replace Appeal Justice Alleyne, who has resigned. Awich's appointment would take effect from May 16, 2012, the day after he retires. This is not the first time the Bar Association has gone up against Awich.

St. Ignatius weekend collection jacked
A pair of brazen armed robbers walked on to St. Ignatius Parish compound on Basra Street around 11:00 Monday morning, April 16, and walked out with a money bag containing the offering that the church had collected during Saturday night and Sunday morning Mass. A senior citizen employed by the Parish office told The Reporter he had just sat down at a table to relax, before going to the bank to deposit the cash. He said he'd hung his head down and when he looked up at the sound of a click, he found himself looking into the barrel of a gun. He said he caught a glimpse of the money bag he had left on the table being taken out out, in the hands of another man. Both robbers calmly walked through the sliding door and disappeared. The Parish employee said the deposit bag contained ,ore than $1700 in cash and three cheques.

Salvadoran man accused of crushing foe by driving over him
Belmopan Police were called out to a gruesome murder scene on Tul Street around 5 Saturday morning, April 14, where they came across the lifeless body of Guatemalan Rudy BarrillasMarroquin, 24, of Tulum Street, Belmopan. Marroquin was lying face down with head and body injuries. On visiting the Western Regional Hospital, they found PedoroTeul, 25, businessman, suffering from abrasions to both his hands, his face and chest, face and forehead. The Police are saying that a third person, Salvadoran Roberto Galdamez, 34, used a blue van he was driving to run them down. Galdamez was mad at Marroquin and Teul for not giving back a handgun which he had asked them to hide for him. When Gandamez saw the two men on a motorbike, emerging from a field where apparently they had hidden the gun, he allegedly gunned his van and hit both men as they tried to flee.

Special Constable accused of stealing inside station house
Police Special Constable John Myvett pleaded not guilty to a charge of theft when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer in the Magistrate's Court on Monday, April 16. Frazer granted Myvett bail of $1,000 and adjourned his case to June 4. Myvett's charge arose from an incident which unfolded at the Eastern Division Police Station in the early hours of Saturday, April 14. Ronel Rivero, 33, a resident of Belmopan, accused Myvett of stealing $800 from him. Rivero was in Belize City partying with friends on the weekend and missed the last bus to Belmopan. When he realized it was too late for him to travel, Rivero decided that his safest bet would be to stay at the police station until he was ready to take his bus home. So around 4:30 a.m., he checked himself into the Queen Street Police Station. According to Rivero, an on-duty police sergeant checked him to make sure he did not have anything illegal on him. Rivero showed the seargean the money he had on him and settled in for a few hours of respite from the cruel streets of Belize City.

Belize's Rebecca Stirm wins again on Mission Catwalk
Belizean fashion designer Rebecca Stirm won for a second time on episode four of the Caribbean fashion designer reality series Mission Catwalk with a design inspired by a selection from Cinderella Hats. Stirm had placed second on last week's episode after winning on the episode of the series which aired on Tuesday, April 3. "When I saw the hats I immediately knew which one I wanted to work with. The ladylike peach hat had caught my eye. In my original sketch for the piece, I had planned on doing a soft summer dress. After looking around a bit though, and realizing that everyone else was doing dresses, I chose to do a blouse and pants," Stirm said. Her decision won her points from judge Novia McDonald-Whyte, Lifestyle editor at the Jamaica Observer, who commented that the pant's pleating and subtle ankle details were "genius." Rebecca, who found material for her episode 2 design in the curtain section of Pablos', again went outside the box and chose fabric from the upholstery department for her pants: "a stronger material with a lot of body and shape." Her peach-colored, satin blouse had a feminine appeal with an overlay of white lace to tone down the color. She also made the white tailored belt and added a gold jewelry and a yellow purse to complete the ensemble. Milliner Marcellas James, the owner of Cinderella Hats, found the "exquisitely detailed" design, "unusual and unexpected. International menswear designer Carlton Brown thought the accessories "too much" but was pleased with the overall look which he described as "amazing." "Stylish, on trend and creative" was how the host and executive producer Keneea Linton-George described Rebecca's interpretation.

Thirty hours of non-stop surgery to remove 10-lb tumor from girl's face
Eleven year old Catarina Ishim of San Pablo village in the Stann Creek district has received a new lease on life, after surviving nearly 20 hours of surgery to remove a large, cancerous tumor bigger from her face. The tumorous growth, was as big as her head and impeded her speech and her eating. The procedure was performed at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee by a team of specialists which included Dr.John Little, ear, nose and throad surgeon specialist and Dr.Kathleen Herbig, plastic surgeon. Dr. Rick Glover was the co-ordinating pediatrician. Catarina will spend the next several days recovering. Her surgery was a volunteer effort by the many people involved. . Dr. John Little, an ear, nose an throat surgeon at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital led the team of doctors, surgeons and nurses who removed the tumor. One doctor spent 11 hours cutting off most of the blood supply to the tumor on Thursday. Dr Little then began fine-tune cutting early Friday morning. Seven hours later, he had removed the tumor and its roots, now grown to the size of a small melon weighing almost 10 pounds. Dr. Little said Caterina's case had affected him personally.

Former Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez on the stomp
Former Ombudsman Paul Rodriguez, a relentless fighter for human rights, began his own, very personal campaign to stem the flow of semi-official propaganda to include gay rights among the tenets of universal human rights. He is seen here in front of Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic primary School with his poster which rejects bogus gay rights. Mr. Rodriguez garnered a lot of public attention and support for his original approach to explain the issue. His poster says: Human Rights, Yes. Gay rights - BOGUS.

Wrong order, Cuthkelvin tells Customs!
The six 40-foot containers that have been sitting at the Belize Customs compound on Caesar Ridge Road for several weeks now will go unclaimed, The Reporter learned on Wednesday, April 18. The chemicals inside the containers have been tested abroad and were found to be methylamine hydrochloride, a banned substance used for making crystal meth, the most toxic and deadly of the recreation drugs. Vernon Cuthklevin, a director of a company called Belize Garden Consortium, told Customs that he had imported a cheap fertilizer, titanium dioxide and ammonium sulfate. He insists that he did not order methylamine hydroxide from the company in China which shipped the containers to Belize in February.

Ernest Meighan wins Weekend Warriors Cross Country
The 2001 Cross Country champion Ernest "Jawmeighan" Meighan of the Santino's team won the Weekend Warriors Cross Country cycle race for Category "A" Masters riders, while Perry Gibson of the AAA Loans won the 50-mile race for B/C class riders on Sunday, April 15. Meighan rode the 70 miles from La Loma Luz hospital in Santa Elena to the Hattieville roundabout, through the Hattieville Boom bypass road on to the Northern Highway to finish in front of the offices of the M&M Engineering Ltd on the Northern Highway in three hours, 56 minutes and 59 seconds to win a trophy. Meighan had entered the city trailing on the wheel of the "Flying Scotsman" Liam Stewart of the M&M Engineering team, but after they turned at the first roundabout, Meighan out-sprinted Stewart at the finish, Stewart picked up the second place trophy. When the first chase group entered the city, Barney Brown of the Scotiabank team edged out Luigi Urbina of the C-ray team in the sprint for third place.


A Look Around Town: Some Changes and MORE Gorgeous Weather
I am starting to sound like a skipping record but yesterday was another low humidity, perfectly blue skies, cool northerly wind beauty. I walked into town and stumbled upon this... One of the ex-mayor's self congratulatory tombstones wrecked in the Central Park. What the heck??? But let's back up a bit...first I had to walk into town. (No more taxis during the day...I'm trying.) The sea was flat. Looked like another beauty for diving or stand-up paddle boarding...a sport that seems to be catching on more and more in Ambergris Caye. The Xanadu dock. It was lunch time and a work crew was resting on the beach. They are putting in a much needed seawall at Coconut's Hotel. Their beach has been getting smaller and smaller. The seawall is being built about 15 feet from the beach. It was lunch time at the RC School, probably one of the schools with the most students. Mangos are coming into season in Belize and kids (and adults alike) love the less ripe slices served with salt and pepper. I like to wait for the ripe mangos to arrive later in the taste buds haven't become accustomed to fruit and salt yet. Cut me some slack...I'm trying!

BETEX Opening Night is Belize's tourism event of the year
The BETEX Opening Night is Belize's tourism event of the year. BETEX registered delegates, members of the local and international press, and special invited guests will enjoy an evening filled with cultural food displays, live performances and lots of entertainment. Belize's key tourism stakeholders that are BETEX registered Exhibitors will welcome and mingle with international wholesalers and travel agents for a vibrant evening of networking, fun and dance. The BETEX 2012 Welcome Reception and Opening Ceremony is sponsored by the Belize Tourism Board and will be held on April 25, from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at The House of Culture in Belize City. The night's Maya 2012 theme will honor Belize's Maya heritage and celebrate the Maya civilization that flourished in Belize and the region from around 1800 BC to 1600 AD.

Infant II School Trip - The Belize River
The highlight of a child's year as a 6 year old attending the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School is their school trip. For those who are unaware of the process for these activities, the Government schools are heavily under funded and for many of the children's necessities (including their holiday celebrations and excursions) come very much fall on the parents. PTA committees are set up for each class to offer assistance by raising funds through a variety of events such as food sales and raffles- thus has been the process for raising the funds for this specific trip. The Belize River, once a location for the logging industry, now a tourist attraction in its own right as the lush forest that fringes the river holds dense flora and fauna. Such was the choice of Infant II for Friday's school outing - a decision that had been made some months ago by the parents and one that did not disappoint. The morning was a sultry hot morning with little to now wind as the entire class was accompanied each by a parent (and may be even an additional child) for the 7am departure at the water taxi. There was definitely excitement in the air as this particular excursion is one attraction not undertaken by many of the Caye Caulker residence and therefore eagerly awaited. After an a minor mix up with boats, we were off at a slightly later than anticipated 7.30am to Belize City. There was a small change of boat in Belize City (plus a quick toilet break for those who required it) and we were off to our destination - the mouth of the Belize River itself.

International Sources

Five Places to Live in Belize; Two to Avoid
Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat-especially if you're looking for real value-there are many places deserving of your attention. Places where you can live the laid-back, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams. So if you're thinking of moving to Belize, where should be front and center on your expat hit list? Where to Live in Belize In no particular order, check out: Corozal-in northern Belize near the border with Mexico. This may be your low-cost option if you're looking for waterfront property. Not technically on the Caribbean, but instead on the pretty Bay of Chetumal, you'll find prices for just about everything�from real estate to local grocery items�will be less in Corozal. The islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Placencia. The Cayo district. Corozal.

Belize Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
The Mutual Evaluation Report (MER) of Belize summarises the anti-money laundering /combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) measures in place in Belize at the time of the on-site visit (April 12th to 23rd 2010). The Report sets out Belize's level of compliance with the FATF 40 + 9 Recommendations which are contained in Table 1 of the Report.

Fire Storm: Field Researchers and Their Subjects Endure Nature's Tempestuous Power [Slide Show]
Cave-riddled hills jut steeply from the flat pine savanna of Runaway Creek Nature Reserve in Belize. Tapirs, jaguars and wild pigs call the forest-blanketed hillsides home. The territory also encompasses the range of a group of spider monkeys whose lives University of Calgary anthropologist Mary Pavelka and graduate students Kayla Hartwell and Jane Champion have chronicled for four years. The team has amassed a detailed record that goes beyond the animals' daily comings and goings to include measuring stress hormones and the parasites that inhabit their intestinal tracts. Years in the jungle confers exposure to the natural cycles that inevitably beset any forested ecosystem, opening a broader panorama on the dynamics of the animals' lives. In October 2010 Hurricane Richard ravaged the jungle, uprooting countless trees and stripping foliage. The destruction, which left humans and monkeys disoriented, caused the researchers to switch gears and track the recovery of the forest as well as forge new trails through the most afflicted areas to see how the monkeys fared.

Belize's Spa future looks bright and sunny
When you think of amazing spa experiences Belize is probably not what first pops in your mind when dreaming of being pampered. Although Belize is not yet famous world-class spas but we predict in the coming years, more and more visitors and vacation home-owners will take full advantage of the growing spa presence here. Picture this: As the boys go out to sea to bang the flats for permit and bonefish, the girls are getting pampered at the spa. Then again, winding down in the spa after a day of chasing bonefish doesn't sound bad either. Here are a few spa retreats my friends and I have really enjoyed when in need of a deep tissue massage or a mud bath. Can't make it to the spa? There are a few select masseuses who will come to your resort room for your very own balcony massage, but for now, let me fill you in on the best resort spas Belize has to offer. Chaa Creek, Cayo Espanto, Maruba, Ka'ana

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Cayo Espanto
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