A ceremony to mark the completion of a Rotary park equipment project was held yesterday in Punta Gorda.

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The ceremony was held at the Hopeville Park where the playground equipment brought from Alberta, Canada were permanently set up. After the opening prayer by Hopeville resident Pastor Samuel Chi, and singing of the National Anthem of Belize and Canada, the welcome address was given by Deborah Borland.

Opening remarks were given by Hopeville resident Eustace Usher, former Mayor of Punta Gorda Floyd Lino, newly elected Mayor Anthony Fuentes as well as representatives of Rotary and Interact youths of Alberta, Canada and Rotary Punta Gorda. Rotarian and leader of Rotary Interact Club of Alberta Canada is Mandy Kenworthy.

Mandy Kenworthy – Rotarian

“We have a playground that is from Smokey Lake, Alberta in Canada it is a playground that was taken down. A new playground was put up because of the cold in Canada, the metal doesn’t work very well with our students, unfortunately they freeze through the metal. The playground was taken down in pieces and then stored and moved to Belize, put up with the help of the Rotarians in Belize and the Rotarians in Canada as well as the students.”

The completion of setting up the park playground equipment marked the reality of a needy meaningful project and happy experience for the inhabitants and especially the children and their families of the area as commented by Punta Gorda Rotary President Olive Woodye.

Olive Woodeye – President, Rotary Club Toledo

“This event is a happy one. At this time I must make mention of the Rotary and Interact Club of Alberta, Canada for their overwhelming support, especially the Interact Club who has made an impact on the young people in our community. The Hopeville community is grateful for their new playground.”

The ceremony was also marked by vote of thanks by Kyle Millar and joyful moments of gratitude shared publicly and personally by residents of Hopeville, Rotarians of Punta Gorda and Canada and Rotary Interact representatives from Smokey Lake, Alberta Canada.