From time to time, counterfeit currency Belizean currency pops up all over the place - usually hundred dollars bills.

Today, to make sure that as few as possible are scammed, the British Company that prints the currency had an orientation session for those working in the banking sector about the various security features embedded in the notes.

The regional manager for De La Rue printing told us more:

Matt West - Caribbean Regional Manager, De La Rue
"The Central Bank of Belize has very good data on the level of counterfeiting in Belize, and the volumes are extremely low in terms of counterfeits and the number of incidents. So in other words, the security features in your bank notes are working, and the level of sophistication is very low. So in other words, the counterfeit bank notes are not very good, so they are not sophisticated. Users in Belize need to know the key security features in their bank notes. So first and foremost, they need the watermarks, so the sleeping giants on the $2, $5, $10, and $20, and the jaguar on the $50 and $100. Underneath the watermark, there will be a denominational lecture type. So, the words underneath the watermarks will say 2, 5, 10, 20 etc. And also, look for the security thread. That is to the left of the bank note where it is an embedded thread, which is produced while making the paper. So, these are very important security features."

Under Belize law, counterfeiters are sentenced to ten years in prison...

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