Belize Territorial Volunteers make first patrol to the Colombia Forest Reserve

The Belize Territorial Volunteer (BTV) is a group of concerned Belizeans who have decided that enough is enough when it comes to taking care of our borders. The group is concern about the continuous plundering of our natural resources by Guatemalans. BTV believes that if they expose these crimes against our country and environment that the government and other Belizeans will take some action to prevent such plundering of our resources.

On Thursday April 19th a group of ten BTV headed out into the Colombia Forest to observe what is happening in the forest especially the areas along the Belize Guatemala border. On the three day expedition the volunteers observed that the Xateros continue to come into our country and now not only are they taking Xate but they have also moved into the logging business. The volunteers have observed where they had cut several hardwoods especially Rosewood, Mahogany and Cedar.

Of major concern to the BTV is the apparent new clearing that may be taking place soon. BTV had found a number of parcels of land that has been marked off apparently parcelled off for future clearing and would like to call on the government to urgently investigate this matter. BTV looks forward to hearing from the government very soon. The contact person for the BTV group is Valentino Tzub of San Jose village.

Contact Valentino Tzub 702 2972 or Wil Maheia 610-0978

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