KayDan's Ceviche Stall and Neri's Tacos (Almost)

I had heard about a relatively new stall that was serving ceviche only. Specialty is a good thing, right? And it is not that far out of the way at all. It is on a street that every resident of San Pedro travels on weekly, if not daily.

KayDan's Ceviche Stall is located next to Giovanni's Signs and just south of Carts Belize. You might also know this house as our Area Representative Manuel Heredia's. It is on block south of Skybox Sports Bar (the old Chon Saan). Just ask any town resident where the rep's house is...we love to give directions.

The ceviche place is on the right and Almond Tree Deli is on the left.

I chose conch and it takes about 5 minutes to prepare since each portion is cut and assembled while you wait. Alba, the owner, got to chopping and I wandered around the block.

Just diagonal to her shop is the famous Neri's Tacos. Everyone in town loves them.

Back across the street to KayDan's. My ceviche was ready.

Big chunks of conch...lots of cilantro and the habanero option. Me thinks that every classic local ceviche plate should have this INSANELY hot pepper in an onion cup.

Needless to say...this was very good ceviche.

Alba makes her ceviche fresh when you walk in...she also does catering. Having a party? She has been known to make ceviche from 50 at what I think is a way-too-reasonable price. Want to have a ceviche night at your bar? Order it from KayDan's. Slightly salt, acidic, spicy ceviche definitely makes people drink more. Ceviche and Belikin is a great combination.


Someone needs to organize a ceviche competition in this town. Maybe for Lobsterfest? A tasting table? As usual, I'm loving my own idea.


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