Residents of Melchor and Benque Viejo heard a resounding boom and felt the earth shake on at 10:30 on Monday night. Some said it was a missile from the Zetas, other said the Guatemalan Military had shot down a plane - well it was neither: Guatemalan authorities have concluded that it was a meteorite.

According to reports coming out of Guatemala, several residents of the border town reported that they saw a great cosmic light flying across the night sky which was followed by a loud thunder.

Melchor's Municipal Firefighters Association corroborated the eyewitness accounts via twitter saying that the landing of the meteorite was followed by tremors.

The meteorite sighting has also been confirmed by Space Command North America.

According to the Prensa Libre, Residents took to the streets in search of the remains of the meteorite but nothing was found, and no damage was reported.

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