It has always been very difficult to stay connected to "civilization" in Arenal village. I remember we've been the first family with a phone in Arenal 8 years ago. We used an old huge monster-cell phone with external antenna to connect with an old non-digital BTL number. For approximately 4 years now we could (with the help of a high and big external antenna) connect to Smart and since then had a regular phone connection and later we even had cell phone connection in the village to the Smart phone network.

Some time ago Tigo, the Guatemalan phone company brought a 3G Internet network to Melchor and from this moment smart had no more signal in Melchor. For 2 or 3 weeks now we have the 3G Internet in Arenal too (still Guatemalan provider) but since that day we have no more Smart connection and all phones of the Smart company do not receive the Smart signal anymore. People say that Tigo now block the Smart signal.

Could this be possible and is there any way to fight this extremely rude behavior? We're no longer connected to Belize phone service even if being Belizeans and a Belizean village? Does anyone have an idea what to do? Thank you.
Does it now always have to be that way that companies with egoistic goals and just behind more money do not care about people and follow their rude goals while at the same time doing harm to "the people"?

Again another beautiful day in paradise - just smile and be happy :-)