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Today's Belize News: May 4, 2012 #437108
05/04/12 07:38 AM
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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

Capt. Hillyboo's Fishing Report, May 3, 2012
We have had beautiful weather all week long, especially in the mornings. It has been very calm with a light breeze picking up in the afternoons, which is very much welcomed, since it has been mostly hot and humid lately; but at least it is good fishing weather. This weekend, we are hosting our annual dorado fishing rodeo fishing competition. It has always had good participation and it has some attractive cash prices to go with it as well!! If anybody is interested in fishing it, u can contact me through my email, [email protected] Or call my cell number 011-501-6657106 for more info. I won it a couple of years ago!!! ...

The San Pedro Sun

Mother’s Day Special to Grand Cayman with Tropic Air

Marine Mammal Surveys 2012: Sperm whales in Belize
The Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute in the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries & Sustainable Development completed marine mammal aerial surveys along the entire coast of Belize. Nicole Auil Gomez led manatee surveys on April 3rd - 4th, and cetacean (dolphin and whale) surveys on April 13. The Oceanic Society carried out the surveys for the Turneffe Atoll on April 10th – 11th, led by Dr. Holly Edwards. Eighteen national manatee surveys have been carried out since 1977, and the last count was done in 2007. The surveys provide information on distribution and relative abundance, which are applied to management strategies, including the national Coastal Zone Management Plan. The coastline, all rivers, large lagoons, and a sample of cayes were surveyed using standard protocol. A total of 507 manatees were sighted, with 10% of them being calves. This is the highest count recorded for Belize, still known globally to have the greatest number of the endangered Antillean manatee. Some key areas were in and around the Belize River; the river itself had 25 manatees; the Turneffe Atoll had 14 manatees, Placencia Lagoon had 31 individuals, and the Southern Lagoon (Gales Point) had a remarkable 52 animals. The count is a minimum population size, as for every animal seen, others present are missed.

Juventus Sugar Boys are local football tournament champs!
The Juventus Sugar Boys are the football champions for the San Pedro Belize Water Taxi tournament. The competition came to an end on Sunday, April 29th after Juventus Sugar Boys faced off Tuff E Nuff at the Saca Chispa Field before a large multitude of spectators. At the end of 90 minutes, Juventus Sugar Boys edged Tuff E Nuff in a score of four to three. For winning the tournament, Juventus takes the first place title that comes along with a trophy, 18 individual medals and $1,000 in cash. Tuff E Nuff settle for second place and also gets a trophy, 18 individual medals and $500 in cash.

Belize and Guatemala agree on date of Simultaneous Referenda
Belize and Guatemala has agreed on a date of a simultaneous referendum that will decided whether Guatemala’s long term territorial claim over Belize will go to the International Court of Justice. The date for the referenda is set for the 6th of October, 2013. The announcement was made on Friday April 27th via a press release from the Government of Belize following a meeting at the Headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC, USA. According to the release it states that “delegations from Belize and Guatemala, headed by their respective Foreign Ministers, Wilfred Elrington and Harold Caballeros, met with OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, to determine the date on which the simultaneous single issue referenda.” The referenda that will take place in both countries is in compliance with the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala to submit Guatemala’s Territorial, Insular and Maritime claim to the International Court of Justice located in The Hague, Netherlands.

Minister Heredia calls BWS land deal “shady”
On March 5th The San Pedro Sun broke the story on our website at that the Government of Belize (GOB) had sold Belize Sewer Authority’s (BWSL) land located on Laguna Drive in San Pedro Town for 1% of its estimated value. The story was later printed in Vol. 22 #10 dated March 8, 2012 where it was reported that there had been no official comment from the Area Representative of Belize Rural South Hon. Manuel Heredia regarding the land sale. The prime land, with parcel number 01193 and valued at $250,000, was sold to 19 year old Alyssa Tun of a Juventus Street address in Orange Walk Town who paid $2,530 for the property. Last week however, Heredia told The SP Sun that the land deal is “wrong” and “shady“. “I personally feel that it shouldn’t have been done in the first place. It is wrong,” said Heredia adding that “it is my understanding that they are working out something and I am sure that at the end of the day they will cancel the title and give it back to BWSL and make a commitment with the person that bought it.” Heredia said that if the GOB wanted to get rid of the land, the most appropriate thing would have been to give it to the community. When asked if he (Heredia) had spoken to the Minister of Natural Resources (Hon. Gaspar Vega), Heredia said he had been unable to do so and hoped to bring up the matter when they meet during another Cabinet meeting.

Ambergris Today

Belmopan Brothers Drown in River
The shocking news took San Pedro residents by surprise as one of the victims, known to everybody as Ozzi, was a one-time resident of Ambergris Caye and a very good friend to many islanders. Twenty six year old Osbourne Grant and brother thirty two year old Allyson Thimbriel Jr. drowned on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, shortly after they decided to take a swim in the river after a day of work at a farm in the Valley of Peace. The river’s current proved to be too strong and both brothers were swept away.

Costa Maya Festival Dates Announced to Celebrate Maya 2012
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival has set the dates for their Maya 2012 themed celebrations for August 2 to the 5, 2012. With this, preparations have started for yet another year of cultural and high-energy presentations from across the Mundo Maya countries along the Americas.

Zelly Lisbey Celebrates Quinceaños "Under the Sea"
With an "Under the Sea" themed Quinceaños Party, including the appearances of Sebastian the crab, Ursula and an underwater scene, Zelly Lisbey celebrated her 15th Birthday in grand style at the R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium on Saturday, April 28, 2012. Following a celebratory mass at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, Zelly invited her family and friends to celebrate with her in an enchanted underwater-themed party.

Misc Belizean Sources

Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012 Nominations
These are the wonderful final nominations for the Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012. Every primary school in San Pedro was invited to nominate students that they felt could represent them as Kindness Ambassadors. With the fantastic support and assistance of Mr. Gustavo Ramirez, the Guidance Counsellor at San Pedro High School, along with students, the heart warming nominations made by primary schools, were narrowed down to the final four. This was done anonymously and on a scoring basis. Now it is up to the public to decide. Every vote will count. So please read these nominations and vote for the one you think best represents the sort of kindness you believe is at the heart of the San Pedro community...

Mothers Day Special to Grand Cayman with Tropic Air and Cayman Air
Treat someone special to somewhere fantastically special this Mothers Day – Grand Cayman with Tropic Air and Cayman Air see link for details, OR CALL RESERVATIONS 226 2012

VIDEO: Mama Vilma Family Home fundraiser at Wayo's, San Pedro, Belize
This weekend the Mama Vilma Family Home held a beach fundraiser at Wayo's Beernet. The motive: to generate much needed funds for the organization.

Great New Amenities for Budget Travelers in Belize
Great new amenities at Pedro's Hotel in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize provide the budget minded traveler even more value. High Season 2012 is in full swing on Ambergris Caye Belize, and Pedro’s Hotel in San Pedro Town has made significant improvements and upgrades to continue its leadership as the best hotel value in Belize. In addition to Pedro’s already free amenities, such as its on-site concierge desk, swimming pool, sea kayaks, WiFi, air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, and Huge flat screen TVs in Pedro’s Sports Bar for sports, Nintendo Wii, or movies, all of the 32 rooms in the hotel have been renovated to include: • Wood Panelling in all rooms to provide better sound-proofing to all guests • Bed-side tables handmade on site from local Belizean Hard woods • Reading Lamps throughout all room • Flat screen TV’s in all rooms (only hotel in Belize that can say this) According to Cindy Vigna, hotel manager, “In order to be responsive to guest feedback, we are very excited to be able to offer this level of value to all guests who choose to stay at Pedro’s Hotel. We think the best way to thank our previous guests is to listen to their comments and act upon their suggestions. We are always striving to provide the best service and value to the guests who choose to stay with us.”

UB's Wellness Fair pictures
The University of Belize has pictures from the Wellness Fair up. Looks like they had food and fun in abundance.

Dr Awe Spreads the Archaeological Word
Dr. Jaime Awe is back from presenting many of his papers about Belize. If you've seen him give a presentation, then you know how great he is at it. One presentation really soulds interesting: 'Cave Ritual Among the Early Preclassic Maya of Western Belize.' "Dr Jaime Awe is definitely no stranger to the great outdoors and seems a man always on the lookout for adventure whether in the jungle, a cave, and even in front of a microphone with a crowd listening intently on his every word. He recently returned from just such an adventure where he presented not one, or two, or three, but four papers, in three different seminars... We congratulate Dr Awe on representing not only the Institute of Archaeology but also Maya archaeology in general."

The Remaining Full Moon Concert
The Remaining concert is just 2 days away! The SISE House of Culture is having a free concert at Midas Saturday night. Mistah Geeh will be mixing, and The Remaining will be jamming. One of the nicest pools in Cayo, along with a great bar - the Ice Bar - are located at Midas.

Interning Stories From All Around Cayo
Central Farm, the Belize Botanic Gardens, the Belize Zoo, the Friends of Conservation and Development, the King's Children's Home, and the San Antonio Women's Group. These are some of the places that had volunteers for 2 weeks via the Creation Care Study Program in Belize. Their individual stories are worth a read. "When you study abroad with CCSP Belize, all of the weeks are full of awesomeness, but two of them in particular are unique: internships. Students get the opportunity to intern at a local Belizean organization for these weeks while staying at the home of a local Belizean family. These are consistently some of the best experiences of the semester, and this time around was no exception. Here are some thoughts from our seven very own Belizean interns."

Ka'ana in Hospitality Design
The owner's of Ka'ana were interviewed by Hospitality Design about their new private pool villas. The unique villas are quite luxurious, and utilize many different type of local woods in their design. They explain what they created quite well. “With the villas, we challenged ourselves to create a truly world-class product that could sit alongside these great destinations and really put Ka'ana on par with the best of the best, and our own favorite resorts around the world. We wanted to make sure to embrace the local environment and culture but maintain the modern feeling that is present throughout the resort. We love the contrast of providing luxury amenities to guests while they are surrounded by the raw Belizean jungle. After a hike across rivers and exploring caves it's great to return to something clean and lush.”

Burns Avenue and Welcome Center Pictures
Burns Avenue is alomost finished. It's looking good. The Welcome Center is coming along nicely, and there's already one shop open in the finished building next to the market. The latest entry in the Mural Project is done. Can't wait to see the next ones. And...Greedy's is hiring.

Caye Caulker can now qualify as a location to train Dive Instructors!
Caye Caulker Dive Masters are excited to hear that they now have a fully qualified Dive Instructor’s Instructor and Trainer living here on the island! Chip Peterson of Belize Dive Services traveled to Florida last week for some intense training to qualify him for the privilege to be able to train Dive Masters up to Dive Instructor. Previously for potential Caye Caulker DI’s had to leave the island to train in either Belize City or even Honduras so that the Scuba Dive Instructor (SDI) can take them through the heavy course work that is entailed to Instruct. The fact that there is now a source of training and qualifying on the island allows far more of our Belizean Caye Caulker Dive Masters to move up the proverbial ladder to achieve the high standards that they are all capable of! In addition to this, now Caye Caulker can too attract the tourist that also wants to study to be a Dive Instructor. This in turn brings additional revenue to the island as hotels and restaurants benefit from the increase tourism! Congratulations Chip – Caye Caulker thanks you!

Channel 7

Last night we showed you the gas station surveillance footage of the Shelton Pinky Tillett execution. We know that police are looking for the person who drove the silver Nissan Pathfinder that the shooter was a passenger in. But - though we commented on the truck at the top of the screen that seemed to leave at the same time as the Pathfinder - police don't have to look for the driver of that vehicle. He happens to be a resident who lives nearby and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He called us today to say he was simply turning out of the street that runs alongside the gas station - and had no clue what was happening. So while that truck is out of the picture of probable suspects - the silver Pathfinder continues to elude police - and has not been tracked down yet.

Last week, they took to the picket line demanding that the CEO Jeff Locke step down, and now the Belize Energy Workers Union has fired another salvo at BEL's Management. This time the Union says it's a communication breakdown - all because - the Union claims - Management did not inform them who the Human Resources Manager was. Now, if you know anything about companies - you'll know that the Human Resource Manager is basically in charge of all staff - which means union members. And, so, for a Union not to know who's in charge of human resources - well, it's like a sick person not knowing who's the doctor. It's what you might call a major SNAFU and in a letter to the CEO, the Union says, quote, "It is incredible that a modern, supposedly progressive company promotes a person to the post of Manager, Human Resources, since 1 January 2012, and for four months does not inform its employees or the union that must conduct official business with this person's office…"End quote. It is a big deal because under the union agreement, the Human Resources Manager is the liaison for: calling or requesting union meetings and receiving and sending messages between the Company and the Union. And so the union concludes, quote: "Management expects the Union to follow proper protocols in its dealings with the Company but acts contrary to its own expectations when it so chooses," End quote.

Very regularly - in this portion of the news - we have stories about youths who have gone astray - dropped out of school, and fallen into a life of crime or anti-social behavior. But tonight's story is about at-risk youths who could have fallen, but didn't. And for a few dozen, the reason they are holding on is the Youth Apprenticeship Programme. The programme is still in its nascence and is only just seeing the graduation of its second intake. But it has already put 57 youths in the work place. 38 of them graduated today and 7news was there. Here's the story:.. Dianne Finnegan - Coordinator, Youth Apprenticeship Programme "The importance of the programme is basically to showcase the fact that young people out there have a lot of talent. With all that is happening within the society with crime and violence and the fact that young people are being labeled as worthless (they don't want anything for themselves). What they are looking for are opportunities."

On Monday, we told you about the Sunday double murder in Belmopan which reportedly escalated from a fight at the National Agricultural Showgrounds. Well tonight, police have confirmed to our newsroom that 18 year-old Emmanuel Polanco, a resident 25 miles Hummingbird Highway was charged for double murder of 22 year-old Javier Larios, and his cousin 23 year-old Moses Orellano at showgrounds. 19 year-old Francisco Polanco was charged with grievous harm, which police say he committed earlier that night against Larios. As we reported, at 2:00 am on Sunday, police found Larios with a stab wound to the center of his chest at the showgrounds. He was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after. Not far from him, they found Orellano dead under a cargo truck; he had also been stabbed to the chest.

38 year old Belize city resident, Kevin Kelly, known as Boco-T, died in police custody a week ago - and, still, his body is in the KHMH morgue tonight awaiting a post mortem. It is an extraordinary delay - and the family says it is a cruel one. No reason has been given, but the Police Press Officer today told us that quote, "definitely tomorrow it will be done." Because of this, his family has had to delay the funeral for this father of three - and tonight, they still have not been able to set a date. Kelly died in the custody of San Pedro Police last Thursday - which happened to be his mother's birthday. Police say he may have broken his beck when he jumped a fence as he was fleeing from the officers. Only the post mortem can confirm the cause of death.

The stop order is still in effect for the river-side restaurant project spearheaded by former Mayor turned Investor Zenaida Moya. New Mayor Darrell Bradley today confirmed to us that the Local Building Authority did not meet as planned yesterday - and that's because it has 10 members and it was difficult coordinating everyone's schedule. So the stop order remains in effect - but according to other media sources - the authority will meet tomorrow and lift the stop order because the project has received all required approvals.

An aerial survey of Belize's coastline conducted a month ago has confirmed that Belize's manatee population is on the increase. A total of 507 manatees were sighted; 10% of them were calves. According to a release from the Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute, "this is the highest count recorded for Belize, still known globally to have the greatest number of the endangered Antillean manatee." The Southern Lagoon at Gales Point had an impressive 52 manatee. An aerial survey was also conducted for dolphins and whales in mid April. They searched an area between 17 and 50 miles from the coast, looking for rough-tooth dolphins, killer whales, pilot whales, and sperm whales which have been sighted in Belize's waters. The observers made two rare sightings of sperm whale sightings at the southern end of the barrier reef, swimming southward towards Honduras. Other species spotted during the surveys were 33 dolphins, 11 turtles, and four crocodiles. In other, related news, Manatee Researcher Jamal Galves has been recognized for his work with manatees in Belize. Galves was selected for the inaugural 2012-2013 class of "Caribbean Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders." He now gets to participate in a two-year training programme. And that's not all, the talented Galves received an award of $30,000 Belize dollars from the Conservation Leadership Programme for a project called "Ameliorating Threats to the Manatee in the Heart of Belize." The project will see a threat assessment carried out in the Belize River mouth area, where most of the manatee deaths and injuries are observed.

If you've watched any local TV or listened to any radio in the last two years - you should know Berne Velasquez. He's a tireless self-promoter - and now he's been able to parlay his local celebrity into his.. It's a B-Movie called Jurassic Attack, but Berne has made the A-list - and when Monica Bodden visited the set yesterday - he gave her a tour:.. Monica Bodden reporting Its day three now - as the team of Hollywood producers get ready to shoot another scene for the film called Jurassic Attack. Deep in the bushes of the rock quarry at mile 21 - cast members move swiftly into position - It was lights, camera and then action, holding an AR-15 riffle -weighing 6lbs and dressed fully in comaflauge gear- Belize's very own Berne Valasquez plays one of the leading roles of a military guy named Tank. Berne Velasquez - Actor "Jurassic Attack is like the biggest job I've ever gotten, the biggest movie that ever came to Belize. Pretty much for me, it's a great opportunity. I am just embracing it well, I am playing the role of Tank, and he is like this real super tough guy commanding an army. I am just here grateful doing what I do best."

50 year-old Jose Herman Ochaeta was convicted yesterday of attempted murder in the Western Session of the Supreme Court. It was alleged that on May 28, 2007 he went to his in-laws' family home, and stabbed three of them. His victims were 85 year-old Ignacio Lucero Sr.; his wife, 65 year-old Hilda Lucero; and his daughter, 45 year-old Evangelina Lucero - Uck. According the witness testimonies, on that day, Ochaetagot into a fight with Ignacio Lucero's two sons, one of whom was Ochaeta's son-in-law, Ignacio Lucero Jr. Ochaeta went home, armed himself with a machete and a knife, and went to the Lucero family home on Bella Vista Street in San Ignacio Town at around 5:30 p.m. He then attacked Ignacio Lucero Sr. and stabbed him in the left arm, and when the Lucero's wife and daughter heard him cry out, they rushed out to defend him.

25 year-old Charles Mervin Leslie Jr., who is currently on remand at prison for attempted murder, was arraigned in Magistrate's court for another attempted murder charge today. He allegedly stabbed a fellow inmate on Monday of last week. Viewers may remember 21 year-old Woodrow Reyes Jr., who is currently on remand after he was arrested and charged along with a Kent Lynch, Errol Lynch, Leroy Gomez, Virginie Alvarez, Yvette Lynch, and Allison Major for a stolen shotgun and an unlicensed shotgun. Kent Lynch eventually pleaded guilty, but Reyes and the others were all remanded because they were present at the time when the police conducted the search. While at the prison, Reyes was allegedly targeted, without any prior provocation, by Leslie. According to police, Reyes told them that Leslie stabbed him in the neck at around 10 a.m. on last week Monday. As a result, police charged Leslie with attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, and wounding.

The National Drug Abuse Control Council is hosting the 5th meeting of the directors of regional National Drug Councils. This annual regional gathering invites 20 directors of Drug Councils of both member of states and associated member of states of Caricom to discuss the Caribbean strategies to reduce the demand and supply of illicit drugs. For Belize, one of the focuses has to be the abuse of that legal drug alcohol. Esner Vellos of the Drug Council explains:.. Esner Vellos, Director NDACC "At this point one of the issues that we are addressing is the consumption of alcohol. In 2011 when we compile our data we found out that the highest number of consumption of illicit and licit drugs is alcohol. Therefore the National Drug Abuse Control Council is making sure that we will be able to design programs that will be able to target the consumption of alcohol." "In terms of at what age range or who are the ones that are consuming alcohol - we have found out that it's our young people. Therefore we are doing different kinds of programs in our high schools and primary schools so that we will be able to target and reduce the initiation of consumption of alcohol through the insight program."

In recent years, the number of persons charged with human trafficking has increased, but Belize has recorded only 2 successful human trafficking convictions, and both of them occurred earlier this year. Now, with some international prodding, the Judiciary is preparing itself to hear human trafficking cases. Today, the Supreme Court Judges embarked on a two-day training in which they have received international help to educate themselves about human trafficking and Belize's legislation on it. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, spoke about what the training had to offer. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin - Chief Justice of Belize "Well, this is intended to be a judicial colloquium at the instance of the International Office for Migration. The whole intention is that judges could be sensitized on anti-trafficking efforts here in Belize, and also to be familiarized with what is taking place in the international arena against what is taking place locally - more specifically - to be brought in line with all the legislation that is here at present in Belize, and what is intended in the very near future.

A new art show at the Image Factor promises to take art lovers to the Dark Side. The artist is Winsom Winsom - the Canadian who has relocated to the Cayo District. And she's come from up in the hills with a visual deliberation on mortality and the afterlife. Her show at the image factory is opening up tomorrow, but she gave is a preview today:.. Winsom Winsom, Artist "Jumping the Big Boa is a dreamt show - I had dreams on different parts of it. The symbol that's used throughout the artwork was dreamt and slowly it got developed into a deeper meaning." Jules Vasquez reporting In her latest show Jumping the Big Boa Winsom Winsom is going to the other side. Winsom Winsom, Artist "To the other world; to death and to life because they are inter-connected. Most people are afraid of talking about death or even planning their funeral or even speaking about death if you ask them. I've been fascinated with it from when I was around 4 years old and wonder what it would be like. As a got older I found out that nobody wanted to talk about it. Adults and parents would say 'oh be quite, you don't talk about that' but I feel that death is part of life and we need to talk about."

Tonight's I am Belize Profile is about Abdul Nunez Marin, a youth Director whose path in life took a turn when he was saved by the mentorship of a high school teacher. He tells us how that led him to be a mentor:..

Miss Y Contestants Practice
The contestants for the annual Miss Y pageant are between the ages of 60 and 80 years old. They are called "seenagers" as in "senior teenagers" - and on Saturday night, 6 of them will take the stage at the Birds Isle where they will vie for the title of the next Miss Y. It's the 18th annual pageant and the women are all excited to show off their casual wear, and evening gowns. Today 7news we were at rehearsals - and got a small preview:.. Joyce Flowers, Trainer "They are rehearsing. We are going through the entire program that they will be involved in, so that they get a feel of Bird's Isle, and learn that there are people out there who'll be watching them, so that they can get used to it. It has been good. They are good women. They learn quite well, and we are quite happy with them. It's a good thing for senior women; it helps you to bring out what you have inside, what you didn't even realize you could do, and it is fun. It's for a worthy cause." Monica Bodden "The tickets are sold where? Where can we purchase tickets for the show?" Joyce Flowers, Trainer "Tickets can be purchased at the YMCA Office, at the corner of St. Thomas Street and Freetown Road. The prices are $20 for reserve, $15 general admission, and $5 for children. We will be selling tickets on Saturday morning also. I want to urge the public to come out. Get your tickets early because they are going. Come out and have clean fun, supporting the 'Y'. Everybody can benefit from the 'Y', from the small babies, to the seniors who are 90+ years old." The youngest contestant is 60 year old Rosalind Joseph and the oldest, 74 year old Roslyn Hall.

Teryl and The Moon
You may know Teryl Godoy as "The Man at Work", the tireless street painter known for his renderings of a crumbling but quaint city. But what you might not know is that Terryl Godoy is also an accomplished reggae singer. On Friday, he's taking his talents to the stage at the House Of Culture in his first Reggae Concert. He told us about it today:.. Terryl Godoy - Performing Artist "The time couldn't come better than now since we just came off a lot of serious crimes. Belize is sad; we want to put a little bit of happiness in Belize again. So I decided to bring the reggae bus out to the people. In fact, they were even on the news asking where the reggae bus is. Well, we'll bring it out in the concert, and the bus and Lemoth, the driver, will be there themselves to show the people that bus is still alive. You should go because the concert is free. There is no cost, and the only thing that we would request is that well, we have our CD and DVD, so if you really want to express sincerely, you can give your support in purchasing the DVD, T-shirts, CD, and other things that we have there like the drinks, food and so on. It's going to be a very beautiful event, and the venue is the House of Culture. And like I said, you don't have to pay anything." The concert starts at 7:00 on Friday night from the House of Culture.

Channel 5

Apprenticeship Program Graduates get 2nd Chance at Life
There have been no reported murders in the country and the activities that headline the news are positive reminders that there are those individuals who are trying to develop their lives without the grip of a gun or the dark confines of a prison cell. In an effort to keep at-risk youths occupied and employable, [...]

Restore Belize targets socioeconomic issues in gang areas
The Apprenticeship program is but one on the frontline of combating the malaise and the social ills that are affecting youths across the country and in particular in Belize City. The national effort is headed by Restore Belize which is tasked with sustaining the peace between rivaling gangs within the Old Capital. And despite the [...]

Students’ Tough Tour from Hotspots to the Prison
There is yet another program within a pilot level that caught our cameras this morning. It was not devised in a boardroom, but a classroom. A local teacher had an idea of her own to have her students tour the system that catches the criminal and follow them all the way to the police station, [...]

McAfee said he contacted National Security Minister to prevent dispute
The estate of the founder of McAfee Antivirus and investor, John McAfee was busted by GSU earlier this week. Sixty-six year old McAfee has been living in Belize for some time now in Orange Walk town and claims that he has been politically victimized. This further led to a GSU raid on Labor Day this [...]

P.U.C. makes initial decision for B.E.L. annual review
The Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.) issued a press release earlier today stating that an initial decision regarding the 2012 Annual Review Proceeding for Belize Electricity Limited (B.E.L.) was taken on Wednesday. In mid-January a proposal to lower electricity rates by six point one percent was tabled in the House of Representatives following a decision by [...]

Bomb threat at City Hall
Just after lunch this afternoon at around one-thirty p.m., business was halted at Belize City Hall and the staff and administrators were queued off to Mirab near the Tourism Village. The bomb threat at the City Hall came as no surprise to the staff because over the past two days, there have been four threats [...]

Former mayor reinvents herself as a restaurateur; but is it kosher?
One person who no longer needs to worry about issues at City Hall is former Mayor, Zenaida Moya, who has taken a leave from public life to become, a restaurateur. While her departure from politics comes after two consecutive terms as head of local government in the Old Capital, her legacy at City Hall is [...]

Family of accident victim blames driver for taking his life
A tragic accident that occurred on Saturday, April twenty-eighth, has the family of Rafael Torres reeling with agony and anger. The twenty five year old butcher was riding his bicycle home when he was knocked down by a truck at the Western Highway roundabout entrance to Belize City. His sister, who asked to speak about [...]

Beltraide gets into the magazine business
Invest Belize Magazine; it is a new publication, the first of its kind that will be published in October of this year. Beltraide partnered with Idea Lab Studios to create a high level business and investment magazine that will be used to promote Belize as an investment destination. The magazine will be distributed internationally, where [...]

Charles Leslie Jr. in Court for violent crimes in and out of prison
In court today, twenty-four year old Charles Mervin Leslie Jr., a George Street Gang associate appeared for the attempted murder and wounding of another remanded inmate. According to twenty-one year old Woodrow Reyes, on the morning of Monday April twenty-third, he was stabbed in the neck whilst he was on remand in prison. It is [...]

He stabbed 3 members of the Uck Family
On Wednesday, fifty-year old Jose Hernan Ochaeta, a resident of Cayo was convicted on one of three counts of attempted murder in the stabbing of eighty five year old Ignacio Lucero Senior, Hilda Lucero and thirty-six year old Evangelina Lucero Uck. The jury, who deliberated for over an hour, unanimously announced that Ochaeta was found [...]

Suspects detained for double murder in Belmopan
Police has just sent a press release to our newsroom indicating that two suspects detained for the weekend’s double murder at the Agricultural Trade Show grounds in the Capital. Cousins—twenty-two year old Javier Larios and twenty-three year old Moses Orellano’s lifeless bodies were discovered on Sunday at the fair after they apparently were involved in [...]

Cancer Month is being celebrated in Belize by spreading awareness
Cancer Month is currently being celebrated countrywide by activists and survivors of the various forms of the debilitating illness through a series of activities leading up to the annual Cancer Walk. Among other events to be held during the month of May is a first-of-its-kind symposium where the topic of prostate and testicular cancers will [...]

Caribbean’s strategies to reduce the demand and supply of illicit drugs
The National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) along with the Ministry of Health started the first day of an annual regional gathering. Twenty directors of member states of Caricom gathered to discuss the Caribbean’s strategies to reduce the demand and supply of illicit drugs through numerous countries plan. Esner Vellos, the Director of NDACC, breaks [...]

Marie Sharp taking Belize’s Hot Sauce to South Korea
Pioneer businesswoman Marie Sharp, proprietor of Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Limited, the Belizean company behind her world famous pepper sauce, has been invited to attend the second largest food expo in Asia. Sharp is seizing an opportunity to expand the distribution of her products to Japan, South Korea and mainland China. On Friday, Sharp travels [...]

Winsom Winsom Jumps the Big Boa; Art before Afterlife
The art world in Belize has its own flavor and the taste on each palate is different to those who delve into the rich juices offered by our culinary artisans. The Image Factory has a storehouse full of unusual artists whose images come fresh as clockwork oranges. Winsom Winsom’s “Jumping the Big Boa” is an [...]

Healthy Living joins HANDS International for free healthcare
A Medical Mission by Health and Development Services International Incorporated has returned with its second mission to Belize. HANDS International has offered free medical services in Belize City and Belize district Rural from April thirtieth to May fourth. Healthy Living was there to lend a helping hand with Hands International.   Marleni Cuellar, Reporting For [...]


A Cayo-based university has assisted a primary school in the same district with some much needed computer accessories. Fem Cruz reporting… “Galen University in Central Farm has donated six CPA computer monitors to the Cayo Christian Academy in Onta...

Drugs and other substances have increasingly become a plague on the Belizean society and economy over the years. Today, the people who offer help to kick the habits, gathered to engage in the fifth annual meeting of directors for drug councils from throughout the Caribbean. ...

The Stann Creek-based Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods is headed for the 2012 Seoul Food Trade Show. The announcement that the company was chosen to attend this year’s event was made via a press release emailed to our News Centre this morning. Marie Sharp’s, which is a ...

The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute and the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development have completed a marine mammal aerial survey of the entire coast of Belize. Led by consultant Nicole Auil Gomez, the surveys were conducted last month. She gave...

A woman who endured and survived a horrendous stabbing one week ago is relieved tonight that the man who allegedly committed the act is finally facing the music. The attack has left twenty-one year old Lillian Lemoth of Cotton Tree Village fearful for her life because the suspect...

Over thirty young men and women graduated this morning from the second intake of the Youth Apprenticeship Program. It is a government initiative focused on providing training for young people from ages sixteen to twenty-nine, who are single mothers, school dropouts or have been trouble...


Mother clears up rumors surrounding Labor Day drownings
In our newscast last night we established the facts (according to eye witnesses) of what exactly transpired at the ...

Coroner’s contract re-negotiation causing a corpse backlog
Over the past few days, reports have surfaced that families who have lost a loved one have had to delay funeral arr...

Youth Apprenticeship Program holds graduation ceremony
Today at the Princess Hotel, Queens Room, the second graduation for the youth apprenticeship program took place. Th...

BAHA investigates claim of shipment of contaminated beans
The Jamaica Observer had published an article reporting that the Jamaican government had seized an imported shipmen...

Seen-agers prep for Miss Y pageant
Who said that pageantry is only for the young? The YWCA’s biggest fundraiser event kicks off again; the annual Miss...

Sugar production company setting up shop in Belize
Earlier this year Plus News received information that a large scale sugar production company was expressing interes...

Medical mission takes trip to Belize
A team of 23 doctors and medical interns from Ketterling College in Ohio have been in the country since Sunday (APR...

Consultation on Agriculture Health and Food Safety held
A National Consultation on setting priorities in Agricultural Health and Food Safety was held today (May 3) at the ...

Woman carrying drugs to bribe cops
Police were on mobile patrol in Santa Elena Town on Tuesday May 1 when they stopped and searched a black Nissan Alt...

Community meeting tonight on proposed farmers market
We also want to remind concerned resident of Belmopan and residents of the Mountain View area, about tonight's meet...

Police investigates separate chopping incidents
Police visited the K.H.M.H on Tuesday night around 8:30pm where they saw Glenn Staine, a 30year old, Belize City re......

The Guardian

Physical Therapist uses Weed in His Trade
On Monday, April 23, Police Constable Lawrence Martinez, a resident of Mile 15 Hattieville Village; Prison Officer Clement Martinez Jr., a resident of #4 King Street,\; UB student Christine Goff, resident of Cuello’s Alley; Physical Therapist, Harold Zuniga and son, Felix Zuniga of #85 Amara Avenue, all appeared in the Belize City Magistrate Court to answer to two counts of drug trafficking and one count of pipe possession. Shortly after 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 21, police visited the house where they conducted a search on the residence. During the search, police found a black plastic bag in a kitchen cabinet. Inside the bag, they found a container which contained cannabis. A further search of the kitchen cabinet led to the discovery of a second bag containing more cannabis. It was found inside a drawers. The first bag had 154 grams and the second contained 63 grams of cannabis. A 3 ½ inch pipe was also found. Harold Zuniga was not at home at the time but he was charged as the owner of the house. In court, Harold Zuniga pled guilty to the drug trafficking charge. He told the Senior Magistrate that he uses the drugs as ingredients for his acupuncture work. When he understood that the charge suggested he had the drugs to supply to someone else, he changed his plea to not guilty. All five defendants pled not guilty to all charges. Bail was granted to all five persons in the sum of $7,000 plus one surety of the same amount or two sureties of $3,500. All met bail except the police officer because he was taken into custody at the Queen Street Police Station and is expected to receive additional charges. The accused are due back in court on June 7.

Restore Belize - Gang Truce behind the scenes
Since the beginning of the year, there has been an escalation of violence in Belize City, much of which has been attributed to gang violence. That violence came to a major point on April 20th, when George Street Gang leader Shelton “Pinky” Tillett was killed and shortly thereafter during the same weekend, Arthur Young met a similar fate at the hands of the police. The last spate of violence sent Belize City into a near talespin with everyone thinking that the streets would run red with blood. Thankfully, due largely to the efforts of the Belize Police Department and the little heard of Restore Belize Program, that was not the case. The police is the center wall and Restore Belize is the mediating factor. While the work of the police is obvious by the number of checkpoints and overall increase of man power that is evident on the street, the work of Restore Belize is not as evident. In an effort to give the media a better appreciation of what the program does, in particular as it relates to the fragile gang truce, a breakfast was organized on Wednesday May 2nd to appraise us of the work being done. According to Director of Restore Belize, Marydelene Vasquez, the organization has been laboring in obscurity all in an effort to ensure that the truce is maintained.

Referendum Date Set
Following a meeting between delegations from Belize’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Guatemalan counterparts, a date was finalized for referenda to be held in both countries.

Over 500 Volunteers to clean-up Belize City
Belize and many other countries around the globe celebrate Labour Day on May 1. It is an annual holiday held to celebrate the economic and social contributions of the working class. Traditionally in Belize, it is a day to relax and spend time with family. However, that tradition is being changed by a recent initiative of the Belize City Council. For Labour Day 2012, Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Belize City Council launched the “Labour for Belize” campaign. It encourages residents of Belize City to take a couple hours out of their holiday and participate in a community project. That would mean labouring on the date specifically set for rest. Who would do such a thing? On Tuesday, May 1, over five hundred people joined the council in cleanup projects across the city.

Demonstrate Against Crime? Close the Pawn Shops!!
Gilroy Usher, PUP Standard Bearer for Port Loyola, led a little over a dozen people in a march against crime across Belize City on Wednesday, May 2. City residents have been shaken by the recent spike in crime and violence. It has become obvious that law enforcement officials cannot stop crime on their own. Reclaiming the city will take a unified effort; everyone must play a part. Some in the community have started sports teams and programs in order to give young people constructive things to do. Then, there are others like Gilroy Usher, who has used the situation to push their face in front of cameras and generate needed publicity. His demonstration was a complete waste of time. If Usher is serious about stopping crime then he should close down his pawn shops.

Belize Minister John Saldivar and his Government should be commended for standing up for Football in Belize
As a former national football player in Belize who is passionate about this sport, I would like to take this opportunity to commend the former Minister of Sport and now the Minister for National Security Honorable John Saldivar and his Government for the stand they took against the Football Federation of Belize (F.F.B.) to reform the league and make sure that there is accountability and transparency in the election of the league’s officers. For almost fourteen years now, this league has been under the control of one President, Bertie Chimillio. The quality of football has not improved compared to the good old days and Belize has not advanced to the World Cup to compete among other countries in the world. Yet, the league’s President insisted that he was doing his best and it would only be a matter of time before our country accomplished its goals and objectives while the Belize people were becoming impatient. Despite calls from some football players - present and past - that the President be removed and be replaced by an able and capable administrator, all those calls fell to deaf ears. The President even said that FIFA is an association by itself and their problems must be resolved under the rules and regulation made by them. It got to the point where the Belize Governments both PUP and UDP, were afraid to challenge the president of the league to explain the reasons for the lack of productivity over the years. FIFA even threatened the Belize government to expel Belize from the organization if they continued to meddle into the affairs of the organization.

Minister of Public Service meets with Heads of Department
The first in a series of meetings planned by Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries, Hon. Senator Charles Gibson took place today at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. The objective of the meeting was to meet with public service stakeholders including middle management – Administrative Officers, Finance Officers, and technical officers/deputy directors, etc. Hon. Gibson stressed, in no uncertain terms, that he and his Ministry have a vision for the public service, and starting with this meeting: they will gather feedback and ideas on public officers' vision, will be listening to their views and will get some direction in terms of prioritizing issues.

Prime Minister meets with Civil Society in Response to Crime
The Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow, today convened a meeting with civil society to apprise them of the government’s response to the recent increase in gang-related crime and the heightened tensions in Belize City. In the meeting, the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, the Director of RESTORE Belize, and CEO in the Office of the Prime Minister presented the latest update on the current police operations to ensure citizen security and the way forward for maintaining peace. The Government then requested the cooperation and support from civil society to promote peace and to address the underlying social conditions which make our Belizean communities vulnerable to crime. The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Francis Fonseca and other representatives of the Opposition participated in the meeting as well as representatives from the religious community, the business community, the Crime Control Council, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. All expressed concern for the current levels of insecurity and all agreed that we need to unite as one nation to tackle crime and to resolve the social conditions which make communities vulnerable. The Government of Belize was also represented by the Ministers of the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Anthony Martinez and Minister of State with responsibility for the Gang Truce and CYDP the Hon. Mark King, CEO in the Ministry of National Security, and the Police Department.

OAS Congratulates Belize on Peaceful Elections with Massive Turnout
The Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the Organization of American States (OAS) today presented a report to the Permanent Council on the national and municipal elections held on March 7, 2012 in Belize, highlighting the massive turnout on a day in which more than 73% of registered voters took part, as well as the peaceful environment in which it took place.

GOB and UN sign Development Assistance Framework
The 2nd United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) was signed by Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Belize’s Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs and United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Belize, Roberto Valent, at a brief ceremony in Belize City. The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2013-2016 was developed through a consultative and collaborative effort of the United Nations System (UNS) in Belize, Government of Belize (GoB) institutions, Civil Society and Development Partners. The Belize UNDAF constitutes the framework of reference for the collaborative actions of the entire UN system in Belize and is anchored to the National Development vision and priorities of the Government of Belize as outlined in Horizon 2030, as well as in other national sector plans, policies and strategies. The development of the UNDAF was guided by the Common Country Assessment (CCA), a comprehensive analysis, which should be read in conjunction with the UNDAF. The analysis was premised on a human rights framework that places the achievement of equity in development at the forefront of the UNDAF strategy. The CCA and UNDAF are the result of extensive and meaningful consultations and engagement between a variety of development partners and stakeholders, with a special focus on actively engaging the Government, Civil Society, international partners and UN Resident and Non-resident Agencies.

Life behind bars for Emmerson Eaghan
On Friday April 27th, 22-year-old Emmerson Eaghan was sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice Adolph Lucas. During mitigation, Eaghan called no character witnesses on his behalf; the only mitigation plea was made by Eaghan’s attorney, Simeon Sampson. At the conclusion of this, Justice Lucas imposed the sentence which took effect from Monday, April 23, when Eaghan was found guilty. A jury had deliberated for 2 hours and 22 minutes and unanimously agreed that Eaghan was guilty of the crime of murder 35-year-old Dennis Emmanuel Nembhard, who was shot and killed on June 1, 2009 as he walked home between Flamboyant and Oleander Streets in the Saint Martins’s de Porres area of Belize City. Eaghan’s conviction came after a statement by a witness, who was later killed was admitted into evidence in the trial. That witness was Shelmadine Sanchez who was gunned down on August 13, 2010.

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Man accused of Aggravated Assault of 10-year-old-girl
On Wednesday, May 2nd, 33-year-old Lord’s bank resident Augustine Bejerano appeared in Magistrate’s Court where he was charged with aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a 10-year-old girl. The girl reported to police that on Sunday, April 15, Bejerano, touched her inappropriately. In court Bejerano appeared in Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer where he was unrepresented. He was read the single charge and when asked how he pleaded, he said “Not guilty.” The police court prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds of the prevalence of the crime, the young and sensitive age of the alleged victim, and if he is granted bail, there is a strong possibility that he will interfere with the victim. For the safety of the child, he asked the court to consider not offering bail to the accused. The Senior Magistrate upheld the objection to bail and remanded Bejerano into custody at the Belize Central Prison until June 8, when bail may be consider on his behalf.

Boco T dies from Injuries sustained during Escape Attempt
38-year-old Kevin Kelly, also known as “Boco T,” died on Thursday, April 26, after injuring himself in an attempt to escape from San Pedro Police. Kelly was detained for robbery earlier that night. According to reports, he robbed 24-year-old Philippa Lamb of a gold chain and her purse. Police in the area responded quickly to the incident and arrested Kelly. He was taken to the San Pedro Police Station. As he was in the process of being locked in a cell, Kelly escaped and was immediately pursued by police. According to police reports, Kelly jumped a fence while being pursued by police and landed on his head. The impact of the fall was severe and he struggled to remain conscious. Kelly was handcuffed and taken back to the police station where he was detained in a holding cell. While in the cell he fainted and officers noticed he was struggling to breathe. They called in Dr. Javier Zuniga for assistance but Kelly never regained consciousness. He was pronounced dead at 11:48 p.m. Police continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding Kelly’s death.

Bus Conductor charged for slapping Teenage Girl
35-year-old Felipe Kotch, a bus conductor of Benque Viejo Del Carmen, appeared in the Magistrates’ Court on Friday, April 27, to answer to a charge of harm upon a 17-year-old minor. A 17-year-old girl reported to police that on Thursday, April 26, she was walking on St. Jude Street when Kotch walked up to her and slapped her to the right side of the face for no apparent reason. She told her relatives about the incident and the matter was reported to police. Kotch was later arrested and charged with harm. In court, he was represented by Lionel Welch. Kotch pled not guilty to the charge and Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer granted bail at $1,000 plus a surety of the same amount. Kotch is due back in court on June 20.

Chain Snatcher ends up in Court
Francis Petillo, 26, was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, May 2nd, before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. He was charged with one count of robbery and one count of damage to property. Petillo was charged after 20-year-old Robin Erazo reported to police that her $1,200 gold chain was snatched from around her neck on Monday, April 30th. Erazo told police that she was walking on Miller Street in the Saint Martin’s de Porres Area in Belize City when she was approached by a dark complexioned man who grabbed her gold chain from around her neck. She refused to give up that easily and struggled with the attacker for possession of the chain and it broke with her ending up with a piece of the chain and the attacker with the other. As a result police arrested and charged Petillo. He was offered bail in the sum of $5,000 plus two sureties of $2,500. He is due back in court on June 26.

Five Years for Burglary
Lionel McCleary appeared in Magistrate’s Court on Monday, April 30th, where he was sentenced to 5 years for burglarizing the home of 27-year-old Lennox Stevens. McCleary was caught hiding inside the attic of Stevens’ attic on October 15th, 2011. When he appeared in Magistrate’s Court, he was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he received the sentence. Stevens, who was not at home at the time of the burglary, testified that his home was burglarized sometime between October 14 and 17, 2011. A police officer also testified that at around 12:00 noon, he was passing by Stevens’ home when he saw a bicycle parked beside the house. The officer then got off his bicycle and made checks and realized that the home was burglarized. He made further checks inside the home where he found McCleary inside the attic of the house. It appeared that it was McCleary’s second trip inside Stevens’ home. During the burglary he made off with a silver chain and 2 DVD players.

Ibrahim Smith charged with Attempted Murder of Desmond Gonzalez
On Monday, April 30, 20-year-old Ibrahim Smith appeared before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith to answer to charges of wounding, the use of deadly means of harm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder upon 22-year-old Desmond Gonzalez. On Friday afternoon, April 27, there was a broad daylight shooting on M&M Street located in the Gungulung area of Belize City. A little after 1p.m. on Friday, Desmond Gonzales was walking on M&M’s Street along with a friend when a white Honda Civic car drove up beside them and a gunman exited the vehicle from the passenger’s side. The man fired several shots at Gonzalez. Residents of the area reported hearing as many as five shots. Gonzalez suffered from gunshot wounds to the left arm. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and was treated for his injuries. Police investigations led to the arrest of Smith, who Gonzalez was able to positively identify as his shooter. Gonzalez told police that he has known Smith for more than fifteen years. Smith was unrepresented in court and no plea was taken since the matter is an indictable offense. He will be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until his next court appearance on June 11. Smith was previously charged with the manslaughter of 17-year-old Shenelle Reyes. Reyes was killed with a shotgun in November of 2010.

Belize Rural Primary Girls and Wesley Upper School Boys are National Basketball Champions
The Annual National Primary Schools Basketball Championship was played on Friday, April 27, 2012, at the YWCA (girls) and Rogers Stadium (boys) Basketball Courts here in Belize City. In the female championship game, Belize Rural Primary School, representing the Belize District, defeated Louisiana Government School representing the Orange Walk District by the score of 20-2 to capture the national title in its first trip to the big dance. The top scorer for Belize Rural Primary School was Kristy Terry, who scored 12 points, while Yazel Sutherland and Jennifer Torres scored a point each for Louisiana Government School. In the consolation game for the Bronze Medal, Faith Nazarene, representing the Cayo District, won over Holy Family Roman Catholic from Hopkins Village representing the Stann Creek District by the score of 8-7. The top scorer for Faith Nazarene was Janilee Parchue with 6 points and the top scorer for Holy Family was Stariette Requena with 4 points. In the first female game in the semi-final round, Belize Primary School won handily over Holy Family Roman Catholic by the score of 14-4. The top scorer for Belize Primary School was Kristy Terry with 6 points, while the top scorers for Holy Family Roman Catholic were Olga Gamboa and Rushelle Ramos with 2 points each.

FFB hold Certification Course for “Grassroots” Football Coaches
The Football Federation of Belize concluded its six-day certification course for coaches in “Grassroots” football at the FFB headquarters in the City of Belmopan on April 24, 2012. The certification course ,facilitated by Lenny Lake, FIFA Instructor of St. Kitts and Nevis, had the participation of 26 persons from around the country representing the seven Football districts. The course, which was both theory and practical, was enjoyed by the participants who are now eager to commence training and impart their knowledge in their respective districts. The FFB has pledged its full support to the coaches and is adamant in ensuring that the knowledge gained from this course is put to positive use. Coaches certified by district are as listed in the table.

Police United square off against Placencia Assassins for Football Supremacy
The 2012 Premier League of Belize Football Competition is fast coming to an end. The semi-final round was completed on Saturday April 28, with the two winners advancing to the championship series, which is scheduled to commence on Saturday May 5 at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. On Saturday April 28, at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the visiting Placencia Assassins advanced to the championship series when it eliminated the defending champions the Belize Defence Force by the score of 4-2 in penalties. The game ended in a 2-2 draw and as a result went into overtime and then finally to the penalties to determine the winner. The 1st goal of the game was scored by Dellon Torres in the 14th minute of play to give the visiting Placencia Assassins an early lead. The Placencia Assassins took that lead well into the closing minutes of the game when Daniel Jimenez scored the equalizing goal for the Belize Defence Force in the 80th minute of play.

Belize City Primary Schools Softball Competition opens
The 2011-2012 Belize City Primary Schools Softball competition opened on Monday April 30, 2012, with two games at Rogers Stadium. This year’s Primary Schools Softball Competition will feature 9 schools in both the girls and boys competition. The schools participating in the girls’ competition are: Wesley Upper, Buttonwood Bay Nazarene, Holy Redeemer, Muslim Community, Unity Presbyterian, St. Luke Methodist, Calvary Temple, Salvation Army and St. Martin De Porres. Meanwhile, the schools in the boys competition includes Wesley Upper, Buttonwood Bay Nazarene, Holy Redeemer, St. Mary’s, St. John’s Primary, St. Luke Methodist, Calvary Temple, St. Martin De Porres and Salvation Army School. The regular Belize City competition is scheduled to end on Wednesday May 23, with the semi-finals scheduled to be played on Friday, May 25 and Monday, May 28, with the championship games on Wednesday, May 30. The District final is scheduled for Friday, June 2, and the National Primary Schools Softball Championship set for Friday, June 8, 2012. In the first female game played, Salvation Army School defeated St. Luke Methodist School by the score of 17-2. The winning pitcher was Shanell Rowland and the losing pitcher was Misty Williams.

Telemedia maintains lead in Belize City Senior Female competition
Telemedia (6-0) continued on its winning path in the on-going 78th Belize City Senior Female Softball Competition at Rogers Stadium when it picked up two more wins on Monday, April 30 and Friday, April 27, 2012. On Monday April 30, Telemedia disposed of Orchid Blazers (1-4) in quick fashion when it exploded for 8 runs in the top of the 2nd inning. Telemedia sent 12 batters to the plate in that inning where it collected 7 hits including first baseman Earline Belisle’s 3-run triple that broke the game wide open. In the top of the 3rd inning, Telemedia scored a single run, and in the 4th inning it scored 6 runs on 6 hits including pitcher Mary Flowers’ run producing double and centre fielder Lydia Cacho’s single. Cacho has now collected at least a hit in all games that Telemedia has played so far. The potent bats of Telemedia pounded the combined pitching of Orchid Blazers’ starter and loser Nicole Arnold and relief pitcher Ashley Lucas for 15 hits, which included 2 extra base hits.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Casting for Miss Lobster Fest 2012

“Women of Caye Caulker” Documentary set to film soon!
Local Hicaquena, Wendy Auxillou, is launching a documentary project to record the narratives of 20 influential women of Caye Caulker. With adequate funding, the project is set to begin filming in July. To help fund the project, please click on the link below. The minimum funding is $1 (US). There are wonderful rewards for different levels of funding. INTRODUCTION: The women of Caye Caulker who were instrumental in shaping the history of this tiny Belizean island of my childhood, when the population totaled less than 400 inhabitants about 40 years ago are now dying off, and their stories have never been told. These heroic women endured hardships and innumerable challenges in this harsh frontier environment, and persevered. My own mother is now 80 years old, yet her own story of being the most educated woman on this tiny island village where there was no electricity until the 1990′s has never been told. She persevered, despite the deep-rooted poverty and lack of educational opportunities, and went on to become the first local principal of the elementary school. This is her story, and the story of all the other Hicaquena women whose sacrifices have never been recorded … until now. WHO ARE WE DOCUMENTING? We will be documenting the lives of 20 women of Caye Caulker Village in Belize, from their earliest history on the island until now. Many of the women are now in their 80′s. Their stories are dying off along with them, and a rich history of struggle, entrepreneurship and endurance in the face of adversity is being lost along with them. This must be preserved.


Puerto Cortes & Omoa, Honduras and Turtle Eggs...Seriously?
I told my taxi driver that I was going to Puerto Cortes and he dropped me off at the right van. Easy. I boarded, we waited until it was filled and took off for our destination. I guess I chose the local bus. Rather than the one hour the internet had promised, we stopped OFTEN and it took almost two hours. Oh well. You pay your fare to the conductor on the van...only $55 lempira. Or just under $3usd. Puerto Cortes is not the Riviera of Honduras as touts. It is a HUGE industrial port. Massive ships were being unloaded and the small city looked...well...a bit depressing. Dani and Cesar picked me up in their super vehicle and it was off to Omoa. Omoa is a small beach town distinctive for its old Spanish fort dating back to the 1750s, its Garifuna population and the hordes of people that arrive from the inland San Pedro Sula each weekend. It is situated on a very pretty bay of crystal clear water surrounded by perputually haze covered mountains. Here is the bay during the week... My friends had set up shop at Roli's...a hostel, campground, small hotel and gorgeous garden about 200 feet from the ocean. Roli is a Swiss gentleman with a pretty big chunk of land. And the prices are cheap, cheap, cheap. (19 lempira = $1 USD) If you prefer staying right on the ocean, the nicest looking hotel is Sueno Del Mar. Owned by a Canadian couple, it has a huge airy lobby, a beachfront deck and sitting area and nice garden in the back.

Packing Guide For A Beach Holiday
Summer is the best time of the year to plan for a beach holiday. But in the excitement of going on a holiday we tend to pack excess luggage which is not even required or some people will forget to pack essential stuff required on a beach holiday. But if you make a list of all the small to big things required will help being more organized and let you enjoy your holiday stress and hassle free. So let’s go through a list of some necessary stuff you must pack for your summery beach vacation: Must Have A Sunscreen Lotion: It is not only required on a holiday but all the time you are out in sun. Carry a big pack of sunscreen lotion with SPF which suits your skin type. As on a beach you need to re-apply it quite often. After-Sun Gel: If you are on a beach in-spite of applying sun block if you get some amount of sun burn, in that case after sun gel will comes hand. After application it gives you the cooling effect and heals your burn. A big Beach bag: When you head to a beach from your hotel a large beach bag with ample amount of space and compartments will comes in much need. In this you can carry all the essential items you want to carry along with you to the beach like a towel, spare clothes, your lotions and other essentials. Carry a rough and tuff bag like canvas bags which can carry lot of items. Also carry one waterproof bag with you it will protect things like your cell phones, camera, wallet from water. Your favorite Swimsuits: A beach holiday means wearing sexy clothes. Carry casual, comfortable clothes along with you. Girls should pack at least two pair of their favorite bikinis. So that one pair is always dry. Men don’t forget to take their favorite pair of jeans, shorts and pajamas. If kids are along with you then don’t forget to pack their swim nappies. ...

International Sources

Anti-Virus Founder John McAfee Forcefully Arrested in Belize
John McAfee, founder of the deeply frustrating McAfee Antivirus, has become the target of a Belize Gang Suppression Unit. He's explained that the GSU raided his research facility, killed his dog, took his passport, handcuffed him and arrested him on a bogus weapons charge. McAffe lives in Belize, and seems to be generous within its community. In 2009, for instance, he donated a $1.2 million boat to the Belize coastguard. But in a story that sounds like it belongs on a budget TV show, McAfee suspects he's a victim because he didn't donate money to a crooked politician. Belize news channel News 5 has a statement from McAfee: "On Monday at six o'clock, I was awakened by the sound of a bullhorn, a megaphone. I went outside and saw about thirty GSU in full uniform, full dressed, automatic weapons, storming through the property and drive way... "They began, with sledge hammers, to break the doors of the buildings-none of them were locked, but they just went and broke them in any case... They confiscated my passport... handcuffed me and everyone and for fourteen hours outside in the sun, I sat handcuffed without food or water... "They murdered my dog in cold blood... I was arrested on a bogus charge of having an illegal firearm... They confiscated my passport and claimed they didn't have it. The entire day was an incredible nightmare." Turns out, McAfee's physical security isn't quite as strong as his digital counterpart. Understandably, McAfee is seeking legal advice.

Nursing students in Belize
Nursing students from University of Windsor joined with ProWorld to provide hands-on health care to Belizeans. We focused on rural outreach clinics in which we provided basic screening, assessments and health education, and we were able to work alongside a Belizean nurse to provide community members with home visits to provide basic care to those unable to attend the clinics. Our clinics were set up in the following manner: we had an intake station, where we collected chief complaints, signs and symptoms, history, height and weight; an assessment station, where we checked blood pressure, blood sugar testing, assessment focusing on chief complaint (for example, congestive cough, respiratory assessment, constipation, GI assessment) and vital signs were taken here as well. From there, we provided a suggested diagnosis and treatment as we are not yet RNs and "diagnosing" is out of the scope of our practice. If there were any questions or concerns we had regarding our assessments, a Belizean doctor was on-site to provide additional expertise and knowledge. We also had a pharmacy - from the clinic, the suggested treatment was reviewed based on the assessment and medication was provided accordingly. Instructions regarding medication use, dosage, and frequency were provided to the client in written and verbal form. Medications were dosed according to weight for pediatric patients. Pamphlets were provided alongside health teaching to each client (i.e. hypertension, nutrition, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, stress reduction, and physical activity). Throughout four days of rural outreach clinics, approximately 260 Belizean citizens were assisted. In Santa Familia we saw about 55 citizens; in San Antonio, about 85 citizens; in Bullet Tree, about 100 citizens, and in La Gracia, we saw about 20 citizens. We found the further away the village was from a hospital, the more resistant it seemed people were to receiving care.

Ronan and Colin Hannan's Ka'ana Belize Resort
As soon as Ronan Hannan became a certified accountant, he decided it was the wrong career for him. In 2002, after three years at the Dublin branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hannan took a two-year trip around the world to figure out another option. In South Africa, he met up with his younger brother, Colin, who had just started working in real estate development. There, they hatched an idea: to build a hotel that would provide adventure and luxury. “I wanted to get out of the corporate world,” says Ronan, 36. “Traveling as a backpacker, you gain a lot of cultural experience. But you want to be able to have a nice meal and not have to share a bunk bed with 10 other people.” The brothers settled on Belize as the hotel’s location and moved there in 2006. “We really wanted to find a place that wasn’t exploding in growth,” says Colin, 29. Using their savings and investments from friends and family, they developed the concept for a 17-room, 16-acre boutique resort called Ka’ana Belize, which offers five-star comforts as well as ziplining and jaguar tracking. The biggest challenge when they opened, in late 2007, was attracting visitors. “We were in an unknown part of Belize and had no experience in the market,” says Ronan. By the end of 2009, their revenue had grown to $500,000. That number nearly tripled in 2011. Now the Hannans plan to build a “lifestyle brand” around the Ka’ana concept, possibly including furniture and clothing lines. Colin says they underestimated the demand for high-end adventure: “I’ve never seen so many private jets coming in to do Mayan ruins.” Ronan and Colin’s Best Advice 1. Don’t focus on the money: If the idea and the research are good enough, you should be able to come up with a great business plan that will succeed in raising investment. Don’t think about the money—focus on nailing the idea. 2. Alienate people: A properly defined product should drive away some potential consumers. Otherwise you’re not making a strong and cohesive enough statement. Being bland to everyone is no use—cause a stir.

Central America Seeks to Buffer Effects of Crisis in Europe
The economic crisis plaguing many countries in the European Union has forced Central America to look at preventive measures to mitigate the effects in this region, which could include a decline in tourism, migrant remittances, exports and investment. The search for new markets and proposals for reforms to increase tax collection and impose exchange controls are some of the actions being taken in this region, made up of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, with the aim of strengthening the local economies and counteracting external shocks. "This region needs to look more within itself and towards its neighbours, because the agro-export economic model based on products like coffee, sugar and cardamom is not working," Jonathan Menkos, an expert with the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (ICEFI), told IPS. Menkos added that "these countries must diversify their production and exports and invest in security, justice, education, health and nutrition, besides coming up with a strategic plan for investment in economic infrastructure."

Belize: Happy Locals and Diverse Cultures
Walk down any street or narrow village lane in tiny Belize (only about the size of the U.S. state of Rhode Island) and you’ll hear any one of a half dozen or more languages—pretty remarkable in a country that’s less-populated than many U.S. cities (320,000 inhabitants). But this little country is far more diverse than most U.S. cities. (Happier, too, I’d say, judging from the infectious smiles.) And most of its population is not just bi-lingual, but tri-lingual. English is the official language of the country, formerly known as the colony of British Honduras. In 1980 it won its independence from Great Britain and has appeared on maps as Belize (or Belice in the Spanish language) ever since. Spanish is another language you’ll often hear, thanks to the country’s borders with Mexico and Guatemala. Most Belizeans speak both English and Spanish. Some Belizeans speak Mayan. The Maya were the original inhabitants of this part of the world, and they’re still here in large numbers. (If you think Belize is just a Caribbean diving and snorkeling destination, think again. The traditional Maya communities and ancient archaeological sites that have been uncovered in its dense, lush jungles should be on the “must-see” lists of any travelers to Belize.

Community Disaster Response Team Training
You may remember back in February I went to a Belize Red Cross meeting. I met Lily Bowman, Director General for the Belize Red Cross and several other members who came from the mainland to talk to us about starting back up a branch of the Red Cross on Ambergris Caye. Well you will be happy to know that we now have a branch office of the Red Cross here on the island and now we need more volunteers. The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross is looking for 12 – 15 people to form a Community Disaster Response Team. The training date information will be coming soon. If you or someone you know would make a good CDRT (Community Disaster Response Team) please email me at [email protected] Your help in getting the word out and working together to create a prepared and Safe Ambergris Caye for residents and tourists is much appreciated. Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT): Following a disaster there is always a period when the emergency services and first responders will be unable to react. This may be due to the size of the area affected, communication problems or impassable roads. The Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) is designed to complement and strengthen the existing role of NEMO within the community by helping to increase its capacity. The Red Cross trains and equips Community Disaster Response Teams (CDRT) in each community to enable them to carry out emergency first response when a disaster occurs.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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