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The San Pedro Sun

BTB Announces New Board Of Directors
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce the appointment of its new Board of Directors. On April 4, 2012, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism and Culture selected the ten member board, re-appointing three members from the last board and selecting six new board members. Serving the board as an ex-officio member is our newly appointed CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Mrs. Tracy Panton. “The successful and sustainable development of our industry is dependent upon robust leadership and direction,” said the Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. “I strongly believe the new Board of Directors will be able to ensure positive growth in our tourism industry over the next year.” Drawn from discipline and expertise, these board members understand their key role in the continued development and achievements of the BTB, translating to an overall economic growth for the Belize Tourism Industry. The new Board Chair, Ian Lizarraga, says he is honored to be serving the industry in this new capacity.

Trafficking in Persons: The Scale of the Challenge
On May 3rd and May 4th, 2012 the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) facilitated a two day colloquium for the Judges of the Supreme Court of Belize on the issue of trafficking in persons. The two day colloquium had the following objectives: To broaden the knowledge of the Supreme Court Judges on the manifestations and currents trends with regards to the crime of trafficking in persons in Belize. To provide a greater appreciation of the relationship between trafficking in persons and other forms of organized crime. To introduce the Judges of the Supreme Court to the proposed revision of the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Act. To strengthen the understanding of the nature, causes and consequences of trafficking in persons. To present the various approaches to the investigation of trafficking in persons to provide an appreciation of the challenges for adjudication of trafficking in persons offences To strengthen the understanding of the vulnerabilities of victims of trafficking in person crimes and the role of the judiciary in protecting vulnerable witnesses To assess the role of the judiciary in protection of vulnerable persons from trafficking in person crimes.

Ambergris Today

Painting Positive Messages With School Children
Dorian’s Angels took part in painting the 5-a-side court at the San Pedro RC School as part of the Quality Child Friendly School Initiative that the school launched earlier this year. During the Parent/Student – Teacher activities the community, especially parents of the school children, are encouraged to participate in these monthly session with their children.

Flashbacks: Sandy Beaches And Backyards In San Pedro
One of the things Sanpedranos really enjoyed was the privilege of being bare footed all the time. Ninety nine percent of Sanpedranos went about their day without shoes. But that was only possible because all our beaches and all our streets were covered with six inches of soft white sand. Here you are looking at a property right on the beach and it was covered with white sand. Behind the fence is Front Street, now Barrier Reef Drive and it was totally covered with white sand. Across the street you find properties like Coral Beach Hotel on the other side of Barrier Reef Drive and it too was covered with white sand. What a pleasure it was to have our white sandy beaches and streets and yards. It was a pleasure until we got a very windy day and a stinging sand storm.

The Very First Ones In San Pedro (Part 5)
FIRST VEHICLE: Caribena Fishing Cooperative was registered and founded in the year 1963. When it commenced the exportation of rock frozen lobster to the United States, it needed a vehicle to haul the cargo from the processing plant to the main pier and with that Caribeña brought the very first vehicle to the Island. It was a green army type land rover jeep and it was the very first vehicle to start killing the grass on the sand/grass streets of San Pedro... FIRST SPEEDBOAT: Vernon Hammon, a U.S. citizen who retired in San Pedro, was about to inaugurate a resort known as the Reef Colony Club. Well obviously he needed transportation to communicate between San Pedro and Belize City and for that he used a speed boat. It was a small boat, about 18 feet long with a 40 horse power outboard engine so it moved really fast by the standards of the 1950’s... FIRST MAYOR: This does not go too far back, only as far back as 1984 but for any recent comer to San Pedro, it is probably unknown to them. Our first mayor, Mr. Gilberto, “Chico” Gomez was automatically promoted from village council chairman to mayor when San Pedro obtained its township status in 1984.

SPHS Business Fair 2012
Saturday, May 5, 2012, San Pedro High School held its annual Business Fair at the R. Angel Auditorium. The Juniors and Seniors greeted all their customers with open arms and tried their best to impress, sell and represent their businesses. Just like in the business world today, there were many competitors and excellent marketing teams. All the students went all out this year in decorating their booths and winning the judges eye. Congratulations to the Business Committee for another successful and fun business fair.

Rumors Dismissed of Belize Prime Minister’s Ailing Health
The Belize Press Office sent out a press release on Friday, May 4, 2012, informing the general public that Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize, is in very good health and is presently in Miami accompanying his wife for medical treatment. It had come to the Office’s attention that mischievous rumors had been circulating to the contrary regarding his health.

Super Perigee Moon Shines Over Belize
And so, island residents were treated with a spectacular display of Mother Nature, as the Super Moon made for a glorious evening as it rose above the coral reef horizon and shone very bright above La Isla Bonita. We are sure it gave for spectacular views elsewhere around the world but nothing beats a tropical moonrise in paradise. Here are a few great snapshots of the Super Moon in all its glory.

Possible Power Outages in Belize as Workers Plan Strike
There is a high possibility that we might be left in the dark as the grievances filed by the Belize Energy Workers Union (BEWU) against the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) are a standstill. Members of the BEWU have staged demonstrations against their employer since, according to the union, they have been unable to meet with management to discuss a number of relevant issues. On Friday, May 4, 2012, the Belize Energy Workers Union met with the media to give an update on the situations which includes the termination of three employees without due process, apprentice linesman whose status it believes is dubious, and to save the positions held by plant operators who were assigned to BELs Gast Turbine.

Misc Belizean Sources

Cayo Outdoor Theatre presents RASH
"Scratch it and it spreads" is the tagline for the movie RASH, which the Cayo Outdoor Theatre will be showing tonight on the newly painted movie wall in downtown Cayo. How perfect that it's all about art, and will be shown on the same wall as the latest mural from the Mural Project. "RASH conveys the commitment, ideals and beliefs demonstrated in a thriving alternative art practice. These artists bang away at the community conscience by sticking this artwork right in the public eye. The spirit of rebellion is being channelled into street art and these visual conversations are spreading across the walls of Melbourne. RASH offers a rare insight into graffiti artists’ world view."

Univeristy of Belize's Marketing Expo pictures
Games, pastries, smoothies, dips, drinks, arts and crafts, Divine wine, that is. Looks like they had fun at UB's Marketing Expo.

SuperMoon Concert: Mistah Geeh & The Remaining
One more round of thanks to the SISE House of Culture for the Full Moon Concert with Mistah Geeh and the Remaining. It was an amazing show at Midas, and the pool really hit the spot for some. Xunan was there to take pictures for the HoC, and she got some good ones. You can see why Midas is the perfect spot for cultural nights.

Win a Photo Shoot from Will Moreno
One of Belize's amazing photographers, Will Moreno, who's photos we run all the time, is having a competition to win a photo shoot. You'll recognize some of the pictures on the flier from a recent photo shoot with Joris Hendrik. Entry is very easy: just email him a picture at [email protected], and have your friends like the picture once it's on FB. The contest will go through June 30th.

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (May 05, 2012)
Lucky Two 5.00 Each (5 Balls) 64 ­51 ­60 ­27 ­3­ Straight Line 100.00 Each (5 Balls) 64 ­51 ­60 ­27 ­3­ Mini X 50.00 Each (9 Balls) 64 ­51 ­60 ­27 ­3 ­15 ­74 ­17 ­16­ Lucky Three 25.00 Each (10 Balls) 64 ­51 ­60 ­27 ­3 ­15 ­74 ­17 ­16 ­37­ Four Corners 50.00 Each (11 Balls) 64 ­51 ­60 ­27 ­3 ­15 ­74 ­17 ­16 ­37 ­2­

Channel 7

There were no murders recorded this weekend in Belize City - but that is more luck than anything else - because six men were shot. The gunplay started on Friday night around 9:00 pm when there were two - almost simultaneous - shootings in different parts of the city. Just before 9:00, a gunman on bicycle rode past a Game Shop on Bocotora Street and opened fire, hitting three men. 25 year old Glenford Young, was shot to the leg and groin area, 22 year old Kyle Domingo was shot to the foot, and 34 year old Lloyd Bowen was shot to the left arm. Young was the most seriously injured and is in stable condition - the others have been released. Police have a known suspect - but have not arrested that person yet. And then five minutes later, shots rang out a few blocks away on Euphrates Avenue. 27 year old Honduran labourer Edwin Mejia was walking home when a man on bike rode past and fired several shots in his direction. Mejia has been treated and released. He was hit to the left hand. The violence continued on Saturday at 11:30 in the morning. Two gunmen - coming from opposite directions - rode up to a group of men at the corner of Kut and Fairweather Streets and opened fire. 35 year old Adrian Paredes - known as Beetlejuice was shot to his right foot and inner thigh.

And while those multiple shootings are disturbing - our next story is about a bizarre homicide. An 81 year old man from the Stann Creek District, Manuel Teck Cucul is being held by police pending charges for killing his 82 year old common law wife, Maria Chen. It happened in the San Pablo Village near Mango Creek. According to reports, the couple got into a violent fight. Maria Chen reportedly punched Teck-Cucul in the face and then broke his hand. Teck-Cucul then took a knife and sliced her across the throat - severing her windpipe. The octogenarian died shortly after, Teck-Cucul was brought to the KHMH for treatment - and today police were waiting for him to be discharged so that they could take him into custody where he is expected to face a murder charge.

This afternoon at 1:30 - the Labour Commissioner called BEL Management and the Belize Energy Workers Union Executive to have what's called a pre-mediation meeting. This came about after BEL asked for his intervention - when attempts to talk with the Union were going nowhere. Things reached a flashpoint this weekend when - according to reports - BEL linesmen who were on call - turned off their radios. This did not cause any catastrophic outages - but it surely underscored the need for urgent intervention. And so today's meeting was held in that context. It started at 1:30 and went on for four and a half, almost five hours. A press briefing was held about half an hour ago - and here's what they said about the progress made:.. Dawn Sampson - Nunez - Corporate Secretary, BEL "We just a few minutes ago we concluded a meeting between representatives of the BEWU and BEL. The meeting was called by the labour commissioner. It was a very successful meeting." Marvin Mora, President BEWU "The agreement has been made between all the parties involved that the labour commissioner will be the one that will speak on the mediation for a long as the mediation process goes on. The union just like the management is committed that this process works for the benefit of all."

7News has confirmed that 47 year-old Andy Avilez is being held tonight by police after he was caught in the act of trying to rob a taximan yesterday. According to police, Walter Lopez, a 26 year-old Guatemalan taxi driver, reported that at about 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, he was driving on Cemetery Road along with a female passenger, when Avilez got in and asked to be taken to several places including the Municipal Airstrip. When they arrived in the area, he asked to Lopez to stop in a dark area, but he exercised his caution and stopped in well-lit area. That didn't stop Avilez, who produced a gun and robbed them of $10.00. He then forced them to drive to the Pound Yard area, and this is where Lopez saw a police mobile and shouted for help. Avilez tried to run, but the police officers quickly detained him, and it was discovered that he had used a plastic handgun to rob the taximan. He has since been charged, and it is expected that he will be brought to court at the earliest convenience.

On Friday night we reported on 31 year old Lincoln Wells - a Belize City man who was badly burnt in a car accident. The accident happened very early on Friday morning outside Orange Walk town where Wells - who was driving his Volkswagen Jetta- crashed into the San Estevan/Orange Walk bridge. His vehicle burst into flames and Wells was seriously burnt. He was transferred to the KHMH intensive care unit and was listed in a critical condition with 2nd and 3rd degree burns of 45% over his entire body. His chances of survival were slim and on Saturday morning around 6 o'clock Wells succumbed to those injuries at the KHMH.

There was a fire in Belize City around 6:00 this morning. It happened on East Canal where a two story wooden structure was flattened. Tonight, both the tenant downstairs and the owner upstairs are pointing fingers at each other. Monica Bodden got both sides of the story: Winston Soberanis - Home Owner "I got the news about 15 minutes to 6 this morning from a young man who was working out. He told me that my house was on fire. He lone he his bike and when I came here I saw the place on fire. The fire started at this window here." Monica Bodden "It was on the bottom part of the house?" Winston Soberanis - Home Owner "Yes, downstairs. It looks like the young lady left her kids and went over at her mother's house. It seems that the kids were playing with matches. That was how the fire started." Monica Bodden "So the fire started on the lower flat of the house?"

The last time we heard from OCEANA was a week before the election - when the Conservation watchdog announced the quite remarkable turnout of its do-it-yourself referendum. Well, since then, The Barrow Administration has agreed to hold a referendum at some unfixed date in the future. But, OCEANA is not waiting around. On Friday it filed suit against the Government of Belize challenging the disqualification of 8,042 signatures of persons who had signed a petition triggering a referendum. That is almost half the signatures collected. No date for a hearing has been set.

On May of 2011, 7News told you about the 39 year-old Elvis "Hooligan" Bevans and Jermaine "Horse" Garnett who the Gang Suppression Unit arrested. During those two busts, they confiscated a 9mm handgun with 19 live rounds, a Remington 700 rifle with scope, and 65 live rounds of .225 of ammunition. As a result, they ended up charging only Bevans with firearms offenses. Well Tonight, Bevans is spending the first night of a 5-year sentence in prison after he was convicted on those charges in the Magistrate Court this afternoon. In his trial, 2 officers from the Gang Suppression Unit testified that on May 22, 2011, at around 11:45 a.m., they were on Central American Boulevard when they spotted a Ford Van, which Bevans was driving. According to them, he was acting suspiciously. They followed Bevans until he got to an alley on the corner of Neal Pen and Kraal Roads. When Bevans got out of the vehicle they searched him and found a chrome and black 9mm handgun with an extended magazine containing 19 live rounds. The firearm was tucked in his pants waist. As a result, they charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition, and keeping a prohibited material. In his defense, Bevans told the court that on that day, he received a call from a friend who told him to pick up the firearm from an open lot at the corner of Caesar Ridge Road and Central American Boulevard, and he was to take it to the alley, and leave it there for the police to find. He said that when the police asked him when they searched him, he declared the firearm in his possession, and instead of waiting for him to place it at the decided spot, they arrested and charged him.

Last week, we told you about Woodrow Reyes Jr., who was stabbed in prison. Well today, he was released after the firearms charges were withdrawn against him. Reyes was brought before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and the prosecutor informed him that the 2 counts of handling stolen goods, 2 counts of keeping an unlicensed firearm, and 1 count of keeping unlicensed ammunition have all been withdrawn. He was charged jointly with these charges with 6 other people, but we understand from a very reliable source that the charges were withdrawn against him due to directions from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. With that, after more than 2 weeks in prison - and one stab wound to the neck, Reyes was able to walk out of court free of charges. As we reported, on April 23, Reyes was stabbed by fellow inmate, Charles Mervin Leslie Jr., who was later charged for attempted murder.

21 year-old Sherman Rodney, a resident of Doris Brooks Street, who is well-known to the courts, is in jail tonight after he was arraigned for robbery this morning. According to police, Diana Bell reported that on last week Thursday, at around 8:20 a.m., she was on Dolphin Street when man rode up on bicycle and grabbed her 350-dollar gold chain from around her neck. According to Bell, the man didn't stop there; he then shoved his hand into her purse and grabbed her $500 Samsung cellular phone, after which, he rode off. Police investigation led them to Rodney and he was charged with robbery. Rodney pleaded not guilty to the charge, but he couldn't be granted bail because the prosecutor made several objections. According to the prosecutor, the police believe that Rodney knows the complainant, and as a result, they think that he can interfere with the case if he should be granted bail. The prosecutor also cited the prevalence and serious nature of the crime as additional reasons for his objection to bail. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith upheld those objections and remanded Rodney to prison. He will be brought back on his next court date, which is set for June 13.

As you saw at the top of the newscast - six people were shot in Belize city this weekend - and we didn't mention that shots were also sprayed at a home on Banak Street. But, the gang truce continues - even though they've gotten a pay cut. According to senior government sources - government pays as many as 879 persons weekly, not only in the gang truce - which employs 200 - but also in the poverty alleviation programme. That poverty alleviation started back in 2010 and was supposed to run for one year - but it's now in its third year. The gang truce programme was supposed to run for three months - and is now entering its eighth month. And it seems Government can no longer sustain the heavy wage bill - so it has ordered the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation - which is led by Boots Martinez to make some cuts. And for the gang truce that means that going forward, participants will only be paid for four days of work per week - and they will only be expected to work those four days. As we understand it, those in the poverty alleviation programme have gotten their pay cut by two days per week.

The KHMH has appointed a new Director of Medical Services. Mr. Adrian Coye is Belize's first Cardio-thoracic Surgeon specialist. He has been working in Belize since September of 2010, and has since established a sustainable Vascular Access Service, pioneered a sustainable Cardiac Pacemaker and Defibrillator service, and has worked toward the establishment of a modern Cardiothoracic Service, including Open-Heart Surgery that is slated to start at the KHMH in the second half of 2012. Coye's new post became effective on Tuesday May 1st - though he was already acting in that capacity.

Today marked the second round of this year's PSE examinations, so 7000 plus students are sighing with relief after completing what, statistically, has proven to be one of the most challenging subject areas. That subject is Mathematics, and the students expressed mixed feelings about the way the examination went. Many found the math problem solving portion to be very difficult, but others said they breezed through it. We caught up with them after the exam, and they told us where they stumbled and how they prepared for the difficulties. Robin Schaffer "What exams did you have today?" Student - St. Martin De Porres "Social Studies and Math." Robin Schaffer "Alright, and were they hard? Student - St. Martin De Porres "Not really, it was just challenging. You just needed to put the effort and believe in yourself." Robin Schaffer "Did you prepare a lot for it beforehand?" Student - Saint Martin De Porres "No." Robin Schaffer "Which one was harder for you, Social Studies or Math?" Student - Saint Martin De Porres "Math, I just need to keep on studying, and do my best." Robin Schaffer "Do you think you did well?" Student - Saint Martin De Porres "Yes. I think so." Robin Schaffer "Did you find that the math may have been harder? I know that math usually has the lowest grades overall. Did you find that math was really challenging this year?" Indira Mayorga - St. Joseph School "Not really, it was challenging, yes, but it was good."

Channel 5

Elderly Couple Fight ends in Murder
A domestic dispute between an elderly couple has ended fatally for one after the man allegedly stabbed his common-law-wife, eighty-two year old, Maria Chen to death. Reports are that the victim and her husband, eighty-one year old Manuel Teck Cucul, were at their home in San Pablo Village, Toledo when a quarrel escalated into a [...]

Wild West; 6 shootings in Belize City
If you stayed in Belize City over the weekend, you would probably wonder if you were hearing the sounds of fireworks or maybe you already knew you lived in our version of the Wild West. After countless shots were heard across town, six persons in total were injured during several shooting incidents. Two of the [...]

3 persons shot on Bocotora Street
The second shooting occurred a short while after and in this case, three persons were injured. Just before nine on Friday night, three men—twenty-five year old Glenford Young, twenty-two year old Kyle Domingo and thirty-four year old Lloyd Bowen—were socializing at a game room on Bocotora Street near the Michael Finnegan Market. A bicycle bandit, [...]

Random shootings continued through Sunday
Two days later, on Sunday, gunshots rang out once again in separate incidents in the City and two persons fell victim. The first was a broad daylight shooting at the corner of Kut Avenue and Fairweather Street where Adrian Parades was socializing with friends when he was shot. And later that same day, twenty-nine year [...]

Fire burns a million dollars in logwood business
A fire that was started to clear a plot of land on the Western Highway has resulted in major losses to a nearby company. The manager of the Pine Lumber Company got the news on Saturday afternoon that a bush fire near his log yard was out of control and spreading quickly. A combination of [...]

K.H.M.H. has enough spaces in Morgue; but Police and Pathologist at Rigamortis
There have been numerous reports that families are unable to bury their loved ones because the postmortem examinations required by the police department have been, to say the least, at a deathly pace. The only forensic specialist in the country which is hired by the Ministry of National Security is Dr. Mario Estradabran. According to [...]

Graveyard Book is gone with fired City Council Employee
After those bodies leave the morgue, then the families can finally have a funeral service followed by a burial in the cemetery. And that’s where our next story takes place—inside the Lord Ridge Cemetery—as that final resting stop also has its bout with controversy. A disgruntled man called the airwaves today about his dismissal from [...]

Primary School Students confident about P.S.E.
A record number of students, seven thousand one hundred and seventy-six, have signed up for the 2012 Primary School Examination. Thirty-six high schools are being used to host students from two hundred and seventy-four primary schools across the country. Today was the second and final day for the standard six students who sat the exam. [...]

OCEANA files lawsuit against Elections and Boundaries
While the primary school students have learned a lot from their teachers, a local environmental group is bent on teaching the Ministry of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries a lesson in court. On May second, OCEANA Belize sent a letter sent to Charles Gibson, the Minister of Public Service & Elections and Boundaries. OCEANA’s [...]

Mena Group gets back Wood Depot assets
In the Supreme Court this morning, the assets of what was formerly known as the Wood Depot Company were returned to the Mena family of Belmopan. The Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin determined that the company was not after all going to go on the auction block and ended the receivership. First Caribbean placed the company [...]

Another man convicted of firearm and ammo offences
And while the Supreme Court case is good news for the Mena group, on the ground floor which houses the Magistrate Court, the rooms continued to process a regular share of gun and ammunition charges. A Belize City barber was convicted this evening of Kept Prohibited Material, Kept Unlicensed Firearm and Kept Unlicensed Ammunition. Elvis [...]

Stabbed in jail, but freed of firearm offences
Meanwhile, another man who was remanded for a firearm offence got good news in court today. Twenty-one year old Woodrow Reyes of Partridge Street was remanded for two counts of Kept Firearm without a Gun License, one count of kept ammunition without a gun license and two counts of handling stolen Goods. While in prison, he was [...]

Labour Commissioner mediating B.E.L. and Union
The Belize Electricity Workers Union (B.E.W.U.) has been at odds with the Belize Electricity Limited (B.E.L.) and both groups have exhausted the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It appeared that rolling blackouts and strikes are on the horizon. Sensing that options have been decimated by the tension, B.E.L. had written to Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams for intervention. [...]

K.H.M.H. gets a new Medical Services Director
One place the light won’t go out soon is the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (K.H.M.H.), which has just announced the appointment of a new Director of Medical Services. The person who intends to bring his own electrical spark to the K.H.M.H. is Dr. Adrian Coye, a Cardiothoracic Surgeon specialist. His appointment is effective as of [...]

B.T.B. organized with new board members
The K.H.M.H. may have one more experienced person on its staff but the Belize Tourism Board has several new bo ard of directors. The new B.T.B. board comprises of new and former members representing different regions of the country. As we reported previously, Tracy Panton has returned to the industry and moved up as Chief [...]

Christopher Glancy ordained as Auxiliary Bishop
The new appointments at the K.H.M.H. and the B.T.B. could only be outdone by an appointment that truly comes from the top. Bishop Christopher Glancy was ordained to the Roman Catholic Diocese on Saturday. The ceremony, which was attended by several bishops as well as a large congregation, had all the bells and whistles. For [...]

KTV Latino Finals; who will be 2012 Champ?
Every week you can hear divine notes of music on this station. KTV Latino Season Three winds down this Tuesday night live from the Bliss. Who will be the champion from the worthy four? That will be revealed at the grand finale show that will feature performances from the finalists, hosts, judges and other invited [...]

Football, softball and cycling ups on Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley. Welcome to this issue of Sports Monday.   The championship series for the 2012 Premier League of Belize title got underway inside the Michael Ashcroft Stadium Saturday night to a full house as the Placencia Assassins hosted Police United in what turned out to be a competitive and entertaining confrontation. [...]


Monday, May 7, POLICE NEWS
A traffic mishap on Saturday night in the Cayo district has left a man hospitalized in Belize City. Reports received by our News Centre indicate that the traffic incident happened at the Macaw Bank Junction on the Cristo Rey/San Antonio Road around seven thirty of Saturday night....

A public lecture on Cancer is set to take place tonight in Belize City. The two hour long forum will be held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and organizers say it is open to the public but men in particular should attend. Ivorine Bulwer is the Clinical Director ...

The Ministry of Education has set aside two weeks to focus on a number of activities leading up to teachers’ day. It is observed under the theme “Together we achieve quality education for all”. Deputy Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Y...

An official ceremony for the presentation of the MAPFRE Foundation Environmental award was held recently in Madrid, Spain. Among the recipients is Belize’s Celia Mahung, the Executive Director of the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment. Mahung is the president ...

New directors have been appointed for the Belize Tourism Board. According to a statement issued today, BTB announced that the new Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is Tracy Panton. She replaces Lindsay Garbutt and in her new appointment will ser...

As Education Week kicks off, Standard six students all around the country of Belize sat the second half of the PSE Examinations today. Lisa Clare from the Ministry of education told Love News that this year has seen an increase in students sitting the exam. Lisa Clare &...

A major fire in the on Saturday afternoon in the Cayo district has left nearly a million dollars worth of damage in its wake. The incident happened at the Pine Lumber Saw Mill in Georgeville village. According to a statement issued this afternoon by the company, officials were al...

A domestic dispute between an elderly couple has ended in tragedy for one. The man is now facing a charge of murder after he allegedly stabbed his common-law wife to death. The incident happened sometime after five last Friday evening at the couple’s home in San Pablo...

Two weeks after the Belize Energy Workers Union staged a public protest in front of the Belize Electricity Limited, over employment and other issues a meeting ended a few minutes ago between the two parties. Labour Commissioner, Ivan Williams, mediated the meeting between BEL and...


Aiden Perez's Accused Murderer Hands Himself Over to Authorities
He was on the run for eight days but on Wednesday May 2nd, 28 year old Jorge Ivan Tun got tired of being a fugitive and handed himself over to Corozal authorities. Tun, who is accused of the April 23rd murder of 18 year old Aiden Perez, was accompanied to the Corozal Police Station by his lawyer. He was immediately arrested and charged for Perez’s murder and for grievous harm against Kareem Jones and remanded to the Hattiville Prison until his next court date. On the night of Tuesday April 23rd Aiden Perez, his cousin Kareem Jones and a group of friends were hanging out at the residence of one Raymond Jones located on Mahogany Street in the Halls Layout Area of Corozal Town, when an argument ensued between Kareem Jones and one Sergio Tun who was in the company of a group of young men. All indications are that after a fight broke out between the two groups, Sergio Tun went looking for backup. That’s when Ivan Tun, brother to Sergio Tun, rode up to Jones’ house, pulled out a 9mm pistol, and fired several shots at the group. As a result Kareem Jones was hit on the left leg and groin area while Perez received a gunshot wound to the heart, ribs and leg. He died on the way to the Corozal Community Hospital.

Family Of Missing Person Fears The Worst
Tonight the family of a 32 year old tour guide from the Village of Placencia in the Stann Creek District is asking for the public’s assistance in locating him. Normandi Hernandez, A.K.A Rican, was last seen on April 3rd 2012 in Placencia Village at around midday as he boarded a Tropic Air flight to Corozal Town. That’s more than a month ago and tonight his family fears the worst. Hernandez is described as being of Hispanic decent; 5FT. 8 inches in height, medium built, weighs 175lbs and has long straight hair in corn row style. Hernandez also has the faces of his three children tattooed on his chest. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Normandi Hernandez is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Vehicle Goes Up in Flames With Driver Inside
A man from Belize City is lucky to be alive tonight after his vehicle rammed into the San Estevan Bridge and caught fire with him inside as he was coming into Orange Walk Town. The incident happened around 1:00 this morning and in order to free 31 year old Lincoln Wells from the flames, the fire department had to be involved. By the time the flames were put out and Wells was freed, he had received 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 45 percent of his body and the front portion of the vehicle was completely charred. Here is how the scene of the accident looked like this morning. Thirty one year old Lincoln Wells of Belize City became the victim of a dreadful traffic accident that nearly cost him his life at around 1 o’clock this morning. Wells was travelling from Belize City into Orange Walk Town through the San Estevan by-pass when upon reaching the San Estevan Bridge near the Orange Walk Police Station; he lost control of his 1999 black four door Volks Wagon and collided into this iron portion of the bridge. As a result of the collision, the vehicle was flung into the air and landed further into the bridge- right here to be exact, with its two rear wheels on the ground and two front wheels in the air. Daniel Pott was hanging near the Banquitas Amphitheatre at the time of the accident. He told us that Well’s was trapped inside the vehicle which burst into flames, minutes after it rammed into the bridge.

P.C Roger Espejo Receives Officer Of The Month Award
Police Officer Roger Briceno was enlisted in the Belize Police Force on the 13th of October 1994. It is now 17 years that PC Briceno has been serving the country of Belize, especially the community of Orange Walk. He obtained regulation number 325 and has been posted in police stations in Orange Walk Town, August Pine Ridge Village and Corozal Town. In March of 2009, Briceno was injured while apprehending a murder suspect. Today, Briceno’s hard work was applauded as he was awarded the title of Police Officer for the Month of April. This afternoon as he received his award, the proud cop told us why he decided to become a police officer. Roger Briceno, Police Officer of the Month April “I wanted to have a- do a change in my community and that was the reason why I joined this department.” Hipolito Novelo, Reporter ” How many years do you have of being a police officer?” Roger Briceno, Police Officer of the Month April “Seventeen years.” Hipolito Novelo Reporter “I know the job is a dangerous job and I understand that you suffered from a shot. Now talk to us about that experience.”

21 Year Old Charged For Double Murder In Belmopan
An 18 year old man is tonight behind bars after he was charged for the double murder that took place on Sunday April 29th at the Agricultural showground’s in Belmopan. Yesterday when 18 year old Emmanuel Polanco of a Hummingbird Highway address appeared before the Belize City Magistrates Court, he was charged for the murder of twenty-two year old Javier Larios and twenty-three year old Moses Orellano. Nineteen year old Francisco Polanco was charged for grievous harm committed against Larios. As you may recall, around 2:00 Sunday morning Belmopan police visited the Agricultural Showground’s where they found Larios suffering from a stab wound to the center of the chest. He was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he died while under going treatment. Not far from Larios police found Orellano’s dead body under a cargo truck with multiple stab wounds to the chest. Reports are that the cousins were involved in a fight which resulted in their deaths.

Hickatee Season Closed
For some Belizeans dinning on wild meat is a common practice and for some a cultural tradition. But with the growing awareness of wildlife conservation in Belize, the education of population decline and habitat destruction for some animals is alarming. One such animal is the Central American River Turtle commonly known to Belizeans as the Hickatee. In conservation efforts the fisheries department has marked the month of May as a closed season for Hickatee hunting. All restaurants, food vending establishments and the general public are informed that the sale and purchase of Hickatee from May 1st to May 31st is prohibited under the Fisheries Law. Fishing for Hickatee in the following areas are prohibited. The Belize River: from Beaver Dam Creek to Laboring Creek. New River: from Irish Creek to Water Bank. Rio Bravo: upstream from Dos Bocas Dam, including Booth’s River. Cox and Mucklehany Lagoons and Headwaters of Mussel Creek. Northern and Southern Lagoons and tributaries (Manatee lagoons and Manatee River) and Sibun River: between Ferguson Bank and Sibun Bar. Any persons caught in the act of committing the offence of Hickatee fishing will be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $2,000.00 or imprisonment not exceeding a year or both. If any one plays witness to the illegal fishing activity of Hickatee fishing, you are asked to contact the Fisheries Department Enforcement Section at 224-4552 or 223-2623.

U.S Anthropologist To Hold Workshop On Maya Calendar
Calendars across the world are being filled with activities portraying the Maya Culture. The fever spread out right after the Maya end of the world prediction. According to many scholars and believers, the Maya predicted that on December 21st of this year the world will come to an end. But there are those who pay no heed to the prediction. In order to shed some light to the prediction, U.S anthropologist Doctor Bruce Love is in the country this weekend and will be hosting a one day workshop in Yo Creek Village about the topic. Love has dedicated most of his life learning how to read Maya hieroglyphics and the Maya calendar. Bruce Love, PhD. Anthropologist. “Tomorrow I’m giving a workshop on the hieroglyphics and the calendar. Everyone wants to know about 2012 so I am going to a lecture about the Maya calendar and also little bit on how to read hieroglyphs.” Hipolito Novelo Reporter “And this is for invited guest only?” Bruce Love, PhD. Anthropologist. “It is for invited guest only for reasons of space.” Hipolito Novelo Reporter “And what are some of the basic things that you will be teaching them.” Bruce Love, PhD. Anthropologist. “Well a basic thing will be an introduction to the Maya Culture- the Ancient Maya Culture. The contemporary Maya today really want to learn more and more about their ancient past but it’s not taught in the school and they are not getting the information. They don’t have the books. So, I'm finding that there is a great thirst and a great hunger for this kind of knowledge among the Maya people. So that’s what I am here for.”

Creating Awareness For Cancer
The month of May is observed as Cancer Month which is celebrated by activists and survivors of the debilitating illness, through a series of activities. Spreading the awareness of the disease is the Orange Walk Cancer Group which has prepared a month long itinerary. The first activity of the month will be a church service scheduled for this Saturday at the Adventist Church starting at 10:45am. Other events scheduled for the month includes a radio talk show, training service, message training and a candle light service. These activities will all lead up to the final event which will be a symposium in Belize City on May 31st. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the month long activities to extend the awareness and appreciation for those affected by the terminal illness.


Fire destroys two storey home
Early morning fire in Belize City leave families homeless. Early this morning at around 5:45am a fire broke out at ...

Students sit second part of PSE
It was part two today of the annual Primary School Examination (PSE) examination. PlusNews was at the gate when the...

Literacy program launched in Belmopan
Belize recently celebrated Book Week which is geared toward getting Belizeans more interested in reading. One local...

Church service kicks of Lupus Awareness month
May is Lupus awareness month and activities got underway with a service held at the Belmopan Nazarene Church. Arlet...

Self defense class aims to empower women
Women are classified as the weaker sex, but there is one lady who has been working steadily on changing that paradi...

Wood Depot returned to the Mena family
Information reaching PlusNews is that the assets of The Wood Depot Company Limited have been returned to management...

Plans for new Belmopan market hits another roadblock
The Belmopan City Council finds itself at yet another crossroad. Last week Thursday (May 3) residents of Mountain V...

Gunman opens fire in game shop, 3 injured
Police are looking for answers to another shooting that took place at a game room in Belize City. On May 4 at about...

Late night shooting leaves man hospitalized On Saturday May 5 at around 10:19pm CIB visited the KHMH where they saw 29 year old Frank Vasquez a Belizean Mechan...

PM Barrow dispels rumours of ill health
In an earlier release, the Office of the Prime Minister had made a statement to the general public that PM Dean Bar...

Pine Lumber Co. suffers great loss in fire
Police are investigating a report of a fire that occurred on Saturday, May 5 just before 3pm at the eastern side of...

Man attacked with machete in Corozal
Kenny Matus, a 23year old cane cutter of San Narciso Village in the Corozal District received chop wounds to his fo...

La Popular tortilla factory robbed
La Popular tortilla factory which is located on Vernon street was robbed on Friday morning around 5:30am. But inter...


Massive – the coconut diving dog!
For anybody that has spent anytime down the famous Split, they are likely to have bumped into it’s infamous canine customer, Massive!! Massive can be found most days at the Split, many occasions he brings his friends but he will guaranteed to be there, with or without company. This special character is famous for his desire to swim in the water at the split – whether it is hot or even on the coldest day of the year, Massive still loves to jump into even the fastest moving areas of the split. His favorite game is to play ‘fetch’ with coconut husks. On many instances he will drop a coconut husk right next to you and then point himself towards the water. For those that are unfamiliar of this routine, soon they will get the message and the repetitive game of to and fro becomes a small ‘spectacle’ for any onlooker. And yes, Massive does have a very loving home and owner – Tom Brown – but from an early age, Tom realized that this extremely charismatic dog required a little more than the family home – the Split – and therefore Massive leaves the house early every day, only to return home for dinner at sunset – It only happens on Caye Caulker!!!!

Supermoon Photo Shots Over Belize
There was lots of hype about viewing the supermoon which was to appear during the nights of May 5th and 6th. What is a supermoon? A supermoon, also known as a "perigee moon" occurs when the moon's elliptical orbit is closest to the earth. During this time the moon should appear both brighter and bigger. The term "supermoon" is not an astronomical one, but one that was originated in astrology. The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Saturday night the moon was about 221,802 miles from the earth which makes the moon about 15,300 miles closer than average, therefore making the moon seem about 14% brighter. The last supermoon was on March 19, 2011 and was about 240 miles closer to the earth than this year's. So Saturday night I decided I would try and get some photo shots of this supermoon phenomenon. The sky was pretty clear with a few rolling clouds. The clouds actually made for some nice pictures, but still not as clear as I would have liked for them to be. The shots below I took as the clouds were rolling around.

International Sources

Aguila confirms CONCACAF Champions League berth with title win
Aguila won its 15th Salvadoran league title on Sunday, beating Apertura champion Metapan 2-1 to claim the Clausura crown and reaffirm its place in next season's CONCACAF Champions League. The club already had been assured of a place in the 24-team field along with Metapan and FAS, guaranteed a spot when El Salvador was awarded a third berth - the place normally reserved for Belize which was disqualified because of the lack of an appropriate stadium.

Belize: Happy Locals and Diverse Cultures
Walk down any street or narrow village lane in tiny Belize (only about the size of the U.S. state of Rhode Island) and you’ll hear any one of a half dozen or more languages—pretty remarkable in a country that’s less-populated than many U.S. cities (320,000 inhabitants). But this little country is far more diverse than most U.S. cities. (Happier, too, I’d say, judging from the infectious smiles.) And most of its population is not just bi-lingual, but tri-lingual. English is the official language of the country, formerly known as the colony of British Honduras. In 1980 it won its independence from Great Britain and has appeared on maps as Belize (or Belice in the Spanish language) ever since. Spanish is another language you’ll often hear, thanks to the country’s borders with Mexico and Guatemala. Most Belizeans speak both English and Spanish. Some Belizeans speak Mayan. The Maya were the original inhabitants of this part of the world, and they’re still here in large numbers. (If you think Belize is just a Caribbean diving and snorkeling destination, think again. The traditional Maya communities and ancient archaeological sites that have been uncovered in its dense, lush jungles should be on the “must-see” lists of any travelers to Belize.

Optio WG-2 Belize Adventure Video
Cayo is shown all over the new Pentax commercial for their Optio WG-2 waterproof camera. The Hawkesworth bridge is the first landmark they show, and from there they go all over Cayo and Mountain Pine Ridge. A well done commercial.

What Can YOU Do to Reduce Plastic Consumption
This is a PSA that has been broadcasted in Hawaii that educates the general public in very simple actions that they can implement in their daily lives to reduce Plastic Consumption.

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