While the primary school students have learned a lot from their teachers, a local environmental group is bent on teaching the Ministry of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries a lesson in court. On May second, OCEANA Belize sent a letter sent to Charles Gibson, the Minister of Public Service & Elections and Boundaries. OCEANA’s Vice President for Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd said that by now the minister should be able to tell OCEANA which eighty thousand and forty-seven signatures of the over twenty thousand petitioners were disqualified under the vetting process. Matura Shepherd said; “Surely you and your Government do not want to be seen as attempting to frustrate our democratic right under our governance system, nor to be denying us our right to information in a process which we initiated and have all rights to pursue.” So last Friday May fourth, OCEANA filed a suit against the Government of Belize challenging its disqualification of the eight thousand plus signatures of Belizean voters who signed the petition calling on G.O.B. to hold a national referendum which would have permitted all Belizeans to vote on whether to allow or disallow offshore exploration and drilling in Belize. The disqualification represents close to forty percent of all signatures, which were collected by the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage.

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