As you saw at the top of the newscast - six people were shot in Belize city this weekend - and we didn't mention that shots were also sprayed at a home on Banak Street.
But, the gang truce continues - even though they've gotten a pay cut.

According to senior government sources - government pays as many as 879 persons weekly, not only in the gang truce - which employs 200 - but also in the poverty alleviation programme.

That poverty alleviation started back in 2010 and was supposed to run for one year - but it's now in its third year.

The gang truce programme was supposed to run for three months - and is now entering its eighth month.

And it seems Government can no longer sustain the heavy wage bill - so it has ordered the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation - which is led by Boots Martinez to make some cuts.

And for the gang truce that means that going forward, participants will only be paid for four days of work per week - and they will only be expected to work those four days.

As we understand it, those in the poverty alleviation programme have gotten their pay cut by two days per week.

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