In an effort to limit the impact of unwanted breeding on the population of dogs and cats in the streets of the Old Capital, the Belize Humane Society and Animal Shelter (BHSAS) has introduced a subsidized spay and neuter program in Belize City.

Under the program, BHSAS will pay 1/3 of the cost of spaying and neutering anyone’s dogs and cats at the Animal Medical Center (AMC) located off Victoria Street near Freetown Road. The animal’s owner would only be liable for the remainder of the normal costs of these operations at this leading veterinary practice.

While the program has been initially implemented with the AMC, BHSAS intends to expand the scheme to include other vets in Belize City in the near future.
The public should call AMC on 223-3781 to make the appointments, or for answers to any other questions about this program.

Background Information
Animal Medical Centre (AMC) is a leading veterinary practice in Belize City founded in 1998 by the late Michael De Shield. It is located on Cor. Castle & Lancaster Streets off Victoria Street in Belize City.

Belize Humane Society and Animal Shelter (BHSAS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1996. Its mission is to: Stabilize Belize City's free-roaming pet population Improve the quality of life for the pets and citizens of Belize City; Contribute to a safer and healthier environment, and Educate the public on responsible pet care. Since 2006, it has operated an animal shelter on land leased from the Belize City Council. However in April 2012, the shelter was closed so that BHSAS can focus on providing help more directly to the people and animals of Belize City.

Contact Person: Phyllis Reyes